「K」 Episode 10

K Project Munakata Reisi suppressing Suoh Mikoto

Munakata and Mikoto’s eventual battle.
「K」 Episode 10: Kaleidoscope

「K」 is back for another round of fabulous bishounen action. With some back story to back things up, this episode is slow and boring but pleasing to the eyes as usual.

Kusanagi Izumo microphone Kamamoto Rikio K Anime Anna Awashima seri bowing

With Mikoto’s escape, the red clan attacks the island and acts like a bunch of terrorists. Well, it’s no surprise that they are violent because of the nature of their clan. The characters are all doing their parts; Fushimi is being as badass as ever, Seri is being scolded by the “evil” Munakata and well, and Izumo being the leader that he is. That comprises of the first nine minutes of the video; nothing but talking and random bullying. Not exactly the best usage of time.

Kushina Anna cute


K-Project Suoh Kushina Anna

Fushimi Saruhiko k-project


Yata Misaki red clan


Kushina Anna always follows around Mikoto as if she were his kid. She also loves Mikoto’s red color and… God, nothing is even happening. I mean, this is really shallow for substance; the studio is just trying to fill in the time with some conversation that seems to convey something but actually doesn’t.

What a boss.

Suoh Mikoto smoke K-Project Munakata and Mikoto


K-Project neko Sword of Damocles Colorless

The most interesting part of this episode, and that’s not saying much by the way, is Munakata and Mikoto’s secret meeting. Although they don’t like each other, some kind of deeper friendship is apparent nonetheless. Mikoto isn’t in the best shape and Munakata has to deal with the situation in one way or another even if it means taking drastic measures. For how cruel Munakata is some of the time, he is righteous at moments that are important. Still, I wonder why Mikoto is even doing this in the first place. He knows that he will put all his friends in trouble with his actions and he’s supposed to value them right?


Episodes like these, actually no, in almost every part of 「K」 there are just moments where nothing is happening. The plot hasn’t gone very far at all in these last ten episodes. Most of the time there are shallow amounts of content which wastes the time away. In each episode, I struggle with things to talk about and whenever that happens, I know there’s a problem. The visuals, however, are stunning and consistent throughout and every episode has been very nice to look at. At least next episode we get to see a new Sword of Damocles that will hopefully shake things up a bit.

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