「K」 Episode 11

K-Project Silver King Isana Yashiro or Adolph K. Weismann
The Silver King...

The Silver King reveals himself.
「K」 Episode 11: Adolph K. Weismann

「K」 manages to surprise me this time with a curveball and some random revelations. Although unexplained, there is actually some plot to work with this time around which I welcome openly.

Kushina Anna K

From last episode’s takeover, we get a slow start that doesn’t have much other than a bit of foreshadowing. They’ve made things obvious by showing that random people are acting strangely.

Suoh Mikoto K-Project Yata Misaki


Munakata Reisi Mikoto vs Munakata

As Fushimi and Misaki begin their battle, Isana, Neko and Yatogami face the Red King, Mikoto who wants nothing other than Isana’s head. Even though Yatogami is capable of laying waste to his subordinates, Mikoto doesn’t even have to lift a finger to make Yatogami succumb to his power.


Munakata Reisi Sword of Damocles

Finally, the crucial part of the episode starts when Kukuri stabs Isana with that face of hers. Clearly, she’s not herself and Yatogami should have realized as soon as she stabbed Isana. The mysterious apparition-like creature shows up again and travels into Isana’s mind in order to take control of his body like before. As for why it failed to do so… who knows. Not even that… what happened to the stab? Isn’t he supposed to be bleeding? Oh well.


The revelation of Isana being the Silver King actually surprised me. At first, I thought they would be, at best, brothers. So what about the person on the airship? Maybe, the Silver King moves around between bodies and actually doesn’t have a physical one? Although shocking, this revelation must be properly foreshadowed and explained to fit what has happened in the past for it to not be an ass-pull. We’ll have to see next time whether or not the writers can make this coherent enough. Still, if this had happened seven episodes ago, I may have had more hope for this anime. I like that it’s developing but it’s too late to be pulling out something like this.

「K」 has been disappointing so far and this episode doesn’t necessarily change that. Had this been done earlier, things might have been different. As it stands, I can’t say that this anime has gained any more appreciation from me. Also, other than the ending part, this episode is really a lot of wasted time. But if people have come this far, they are not expecting anything from the story anymore. They now watch this anime for the visual and audio goodness. If 「K」 manages to pull a comprehensible story from this, maybe it’ll move up a bit in my books. For now, it’ll remain as one of those shows which greatly sacrifice storytelling for visual and audio quality.

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