「K」 Episode 12

K-Project Silver King Isana Yashiro hugged by Neko
He's here.

We’re nearing the end…
「K」 Episode 12: “Adolf K. Weismann”

As the Red and Blue Clan duke it out, the newly revealed Silver King, Isana Yashiro must now save all his allies by preventing the Colorless King from attaining his/her/its goal.

Silver King and the Colorless King:

K-Project silver king weismann Fushimi Saruhiko

Munakata Reisi and Suoh Mikoto


Isana Yashiro silver king

Apparently, when the inviolable Silver King’s inviolable powers conflicts with the Colorless King’s ability to interfere with other kings, the contradiction in their powers allowed the Silver King to swap bodies. This revelation isn’t all that surprising considering Munakata has said that the Colorless King has an unpredictable power which may tip the power balance between the Kings. So far, the explanation is fairly solid.

While Isana entices us with some techno babble Yatogami shows up to try and stop the war of attrition. But Fushimi isn’t going to let that happen and neither is Misaki. All I hope for is a satisfying conclusion to their fight but it looks like that will never come.

Munakata vs Mikoto:

Kamamoto Rikio Yatogami Kuroh Kushina Anna K-Project Awashima and Neko

Awashima Seri


Suoh Mikoto Munakata Reisi

Isana wants the help of Kusanagi and Awashima to stop the needless fighting. While all the dull interactions are happening, Munakata and Mikoto battle it out like kings. Punch after punch, explosion after explosion, the visual effects never seem to stop amazing me. While appealing, the fight is incredibly short. Not only that, the fight between Misaki and Fushimi from before are repeats of what happened in their last battle. Oh well, GoHands has a budget to save.

Lieutenant and Weismann:

So the stern Gold King is the lieutenant from before. To create the feeling of suspense and uncertainty, Isana’s plan of stopping all of this almost catastrophic occurrence. Is this supposed to make me feel like something incredible or unexpected will happen? Well, at least I hope that it will because this interaction between him and the Lieutenant is really plain.

Awashima Seri

Isana’s motivational speech to Neko and all the other students serves nothing more than a bunch of cliche lines.  The biggest problem I have with these moments is just how generic and unemotional any of these scenes actually are. I don’t mind that they are trying to extract emotional responses from me but it has the opposite effect when done improperly.


At least some of the explanation was done properly even though the dialogue is as shallow as usual. Next episode is the last episode which will entail the conclusion of Munakata and Mikoto’s fight. This episode is better than a lot of other ones in this anime but that’s not saying much. At least we will be able to see some flashy action in the last episode.

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