「K」 Episode 13 (FINALE)

K-Project Munakata vs Mikoto EPISODE 13 KING
The End of the Visual Beast.

The not-as-bad ending.
「K」 Episode 13 (FINALE): KING

While the rest of the series fail to impress me, this episode does a decent job of wrapping up this anime for the season.

Conflict and Commitment:

Munakata Reisi K Suoh Mikoto

Munakata Reisi sword

By killing him.

Yatogami Kuroh K-Project silver king

As Mikoto and Munakata duke it out, Yatogami commits himself to the Silver King’s cause. Somehow, Shiro manages to capture the Colorless King into his body or soul. How? Well, it’s all speculation up to this point but we can probably attribute it to the powers of the First King. Still, even with his powers, he is barely able to contain the volatile seventh king.

Loneliness of a King:

Kushina Anna neko

The loneliness of a King eh? It’s certainly true that Kings are on a different level from “normal” people. Just like how similar people group up in any situation, Kings look towards other Kings for comfort. After all, being so different from everyone else will create a sense of alienation. Perhaps, that is why Munakata wishes to help Suoh and also why he wants to be closer to him.

In the end, Weismann made a misjudgment in his research. Instead of everyone being happy, those who stand at the top remain isolated from the rest of the group. That goes double for Weismann; he literally took off into the air for half a century. Is it because he has nothing left in his world that he wishes to be separated from it forever? Now that he has these people surrounding them, will he be happy?


Isana Yashiro and Munakata death K-Project anime

Isana yashiro


Munakata Reisi tense


Munakata Reisi kills Suoh Mikoto

Epic music and then… silence and an explosion. 「K」 doesn’t do a good job with trying to evoke sympathy or empathy from me. Kukuri’s tears and her forgetting Isana doesn’t make me feel sad about the situation at all. Anyways, with Shiro dead (for now) and Mikoto’s Sword of Damocles dangling perilously, Munakata has no choice but to kill his friend or risk another Kagutsu Crater.

Suoh Mikoto’s Last Words:

Suoh Mikoto death

What are Mikoto’s last words? With the look on his face is he saying goodbye to Munakata as a friend? Is he reconciling their relationship?


Kushina Anna

Munakata Reisi badass


The Blue King lives but Anna and the rest of the Red Clan can only mourn their King’s death. With Isana Yashiro dead as well, Neko and Kuroh are both in despair. However, the notion that he is the Immortal King remains as he will eventually be found somewhere.

Yatogami Kuroh Kushina Anna

The final farewell to Mikoto is fairly well done. The background music is as fitting as it could have been and the red orbs flowing into the sky is an amazing way to portray Toro Nagashi in the world of 「K」. This scene above all else is beautiful with the visuals that 「K」 has given us this season. The last part is the saving grace of the anime when it comes to emotional appeal; I felt that Mikoto’s departure actually meant something.

Closing Thoughts:

「K」 has been all over the place; it’s direct first episode made me think that it has a story that complements the visuals. However, as the episodes went by I became more and more unimpressed by 「K」’s storytelling. Some say that if 「K」 had two season that it would do much better. To some extent, I agree. Nonetheless, I believe that a fluent story could have been done with 13 episodes. It’s just that 「K」 decided to waste numerous episodes with bland, uninteresting, and non-developing elements.

With these last few episodes we have seen a resurgence of 「K」’s story. Hopefully, the studio will carry the story on to a fuller extent in the confirmed sequel like they did with the last few episodes. The visuals were astounding and the soundtrack is fantastic and somewhat unique. There is still potential left because there are still many unexplored Kings remaining. Let’s hope for a better sequel.

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