「K」 Episode 5

K Project Fushimi Saruhiko fights Yata Misaki

K-Project: #05 Knife


Let’s be honest, why are you watching 「K」? For the story? (I hope not) Of course, it’s for the incredible visuals and the awesome cast. Although I hoped for a plot since the first episode, it did not have enough substance to keep me entertained. The only thought that keeps me going is the PV which shows some incredible fighting sequences. I always grin like an idiot and have a feeling of excitement glee when I watch the PV. Finally, the time has come for some ACTION.

K-Project Seri and Fushimi

Shiro has always been a mysterious—- WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THAT GUY? LET’S GO STRAIGHT TO THE ACTION. Okay, okay, I’ll bore you with some details about Shiro… Basically, he’s been a person who’s elusive enough for you to not see again if you don’t pay attention. Clearly, killing one of the Red Clan’s members is something foolish because now he’s not only targeted by them, but also the Blue Clan. While Yata Misaki has trouble talking to girls, Fushimi Saruhiko decides to check the school system for info…. OK ENOUGH.. LET’S GET TO IT.

From episode three we know that Fushimi betrayed the Red Clan and is now working for the Blue Clan. Fushimi seems to be completely enthralled by Yata, or Misaki as Fushimi likes to call him that. How fitting that it’s Miyano Mamoru playing the role of the devilish character.

Fushimi Saruhiko K Anime


Fushimia Saruhiko vs Yata Misaki

Yata is no doubt pissed off by his attitude and decides to fight. AND IS THE VISUALS AWESOME. Sure, I waited… three… long… episodes… But this does make up for the time lost even though it’s only a few minutes long. The reflections on objects and the sparks that fly add a great amount of detail to an already visually captivating anime. Can I mention that the physics in this anime is actually fairy accurate as well? This is still one of the smaller fights of this series so look forward for more action goodness soon. Apparently, Fushimi has the powers of two colors which is overpowered as hell but hey, who really cares about how he got it.


IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT AWASHIMA SERI HAS TO COME AND STOP THE FIGHT. Dammit, I wanted to see more but I can see them bleeding money already. Okay, let’s get back to the story *sigh*. Shiro, like the elusive person he is, disappears from the school system records and even the memory of his friend, Yukizome Kukuri. Well, at least they tried to add a twist but will it pay off? I doubt it. It’s related to his multiple personality disorder I’m sure. Anyways, the action in this episode is great like I expected but the story lacks as usual. But we’re all watching for the visuals so we might as well count this as an AWESOME EPISODE.

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