「K」 Episode 6

K Project Totsuka Tatara death

More back-story.
「K」 Episode 6: #06 Karma

「K」 is back for some more back-storytelling but it doesn’t do a great job of giving me interest in what’s happening.


K Anime Awashima Seri

Wat. That’s Awashima?

Isana Yashiro has been noted by Yukizome Kukuri to be someone who would disappear on a moment’s notice since the beginning. This time around, people have truly forgotten about him. He is never on any pictures, except the one showed as proof but even then, who knows where that came from. Bit by bit, Isana Yashiro begins to realize that he is not who he thinks he is. This memory loss makes for at least some plot to work with but it’s very weak. The premise of “people forgetting about the main character” is not very unique. The follow up has been mainly Yatogami Kuroh chasing him and trying to find out if he’s “evil” or not and even consisted of random gags along the way. Is this supposed to be central to the story or what? It’s unclear as to whether the writer even wants to expand on this concept because we are already at the half-way point and nothing much has been conveyed.

The friendly atmosphere that once surrounded Homura was mainly supplied by Tatara Totsuka. Even though the moments with his friends are nice and the writer undoubtedly tries to make us feel emotional, I somehow feel detached from all this. Is a few minutes of friendly attitude and an ordinary death with some ordinary lines supposed to make me feel sad about his death? Certainly, there is not enough build-up or enough character to convince me that the death of Tatara Totsuka is a  sorrowful one.

Well, at least Yatogami Kuroh smacks some sense into Isana Yashiro. Seriously, this is too typical for me to even care that much. Yatogami turns and says something along the lines of “don’t give up” and yep, that’s right, he’s now convinced. Moreover, for the ending, shouldn’t they have showed some scenes with Tatara Totsuka instead of reusing the pictures to make his death at least A BIT more depressing?

Overall, nothing worthy to note in this episode. It’s not a waste of time but people could go without this episode. However, next episode will depict the fight between Munakata Reisi and Yatogami Kuroh which is going to be absolutely wonderful to watch. We will have something to sink our teeth into next time around but for now, we’ll have to make do with this lackluster episode.

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