「K」 Episode 7

K-Project Isana Yashiro
Colorless King.

A much needed revelation and an amazing battle.
K-Project Episode 7: Key

Who exactly is Isana Yashiro? What about his past? What are Neko’s powers and how are they related to Isana? Finally, the plot begins to move along and we unravel some of the mystery surrounding this anime.

K Awashima Seri

Awashima Seri sword


Sword of Damocles

Munakata Reisi K

Badass Munakata.

Yatogami slapped by Reisi Munakata vs Yatogami K Anime

K-Project anime


The confrontation with the Blue Clan is something I would not expect had I not seen the PV. Nonetheless, whatever this episode lacks in terms of the length of combat it makes up for with its animation quality (just like in episode 5). Anyways, somehow, Neko manages to help Isana Yashiro escape while Munakata Reisi faces off against Yatogami Kuroh. Clearly, getting slapped in the face and getting utterly destroyed by Munakata is not really ideal. Munakata is ruthless. I mean, really, look at how he acts a lot of the time. Arrogant and full of himself although not exactly openly. Oh and, apparently the colorless king is the weakest one. I wonder which color is the “strongest”? The colorless king does, however, possess the ability to tip the balance of power. As Munakata likes his power, he will keep the soon-to-be colorless king in check.

Yatogami punches Munakata


Anyways, Isana comes back to save Kuroh… with his own Sword of Damocles?!?! Okay, I know that Isana is mysterious and all with the potential to become the colorless king so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I can accept this and, at the very least, this show is finally revealing things although it’s really late. Although the other swords of Damocles has a color to them, this one is pure white with just an outline and filled with white. Although “not as powerful” it seems powerful enough to hold Munakata back.

K-Project neko

The best part of this episode, aside from the short fight which I enjoy greatly, is the revelation of Neko’s powers. I have to say, this one caught me off guard. Originally I thought Isana would just have bipolar disorder or something but it’s actually Neko’s power which can manipulate memories that’s affected Isana. So… is Isana really evil and did he commit the murder?… Well, we don’t know. We do know that he got kicked off by that dude from episode three in the blimp. However, we still don’t know if it’s Isana who murdered Totsuka.

Story-wise, this episode is probably the best so far. If this had happened since the beginning, I would probably have more respect for this anime. It’s such a waste to have beautiful animations to cushion the awkward and dragged on storytelling. Next episode seems to have something to do with the story as well. You might be wondering why I am so concerned about the story. After all, didn’t I say that I’m watching for the animations? Well, what else is there to criticize and ponder? It’s hard to write about animations alone as I’m no expert. Anyways, I had fun with this episode and I hope to see more episodes following in this episode’s direction.

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