「K」 Episode 8

K Project Adolph K Weismann
Blowing up his own airship.

The plot rolls along and the Silver King reappears.                                                                                                      K-Project Episode 8: Adolph K. Weismann

Once again, 「K」 tries to add more plot but is it really coherent and well-paced enough for us to appreciate it or is it just a downside overall?

K-Project Isana Yashiro

Isana Yashiro, Yatogami Kuroh and Neko are all on the run as the Blue Clan, led by Munakata constantly pursues them and tries to catch them for murdering Totsuka. I find the beginning part of the episode as cliche as it could have gotten but not as bad as it could have gotten. When Yashiro starts talking about how the school is his home regardless of whether it’s made up of fake memories or not alarms rang in my head as I thought “Agh, another bunch of cliche dialogue incoming.” Still, when he started talking it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. However, that’s not saying much.

Munakata Reisi

Calm and collected.

Awashima Seri Munakata Reisi K anime

So, with over five minutes of nothing really happening, Munakata finally receives a call from Yashiro in which he requests to see the Silver King who kicked him off the airship last episode. At first, I thought that Munakata would never agree but as the conversation proceeded, he agrees to the absurd request on the condition that all three will turn themselves in. Really? That’s not going to happen and you know it Munakata.

Yatogami Kuroh

The Blue Clan sends out a massive amount of troops to try and apprehend the Silver King. At this point, we’ll all be wondering, “Why did Munakata even agree to this?” The airship has been traveling a certain way for decades but suddenly changed paths when Totsuka was murdered. In this way, Munakata wants to find out the truth behind. Well, at least they are trying to put together a plot for we didn’t have one for six episodes. But at this point, I only see this as a desperate attempt to incorporate some kind of story. Ass-pull? Maybe.

K-Project Neko

Jacking a helicopter is totally the way to go if they want to get up there. What’s this? The airship blows up?… What the… What is happening? Are they trying to make this suspenseful or something? Sorry, if you like this episode by all means, keep your opinion. However, I find this episode insipid and doesn’t offer much. The story is all over the place and half the time I’m wondering if some of the time used in the anime is even necessary. However, I am glad they are going in the right direction but I’m afraid things are going to be far too rushed because, after all, it is eight episodes in and they are really just starting to have the story develop.

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