「K」 Episode 9

K-Project Kushina Anna grabs Suoh Mikoto's Hand

Weismann’s past and Mikoto’s escape.
K-Project Episode 9: Knell

While we get a brief look at the Silver King’s past, Mikoto escapes his containing facility and finds the person who murdered his dear friend Totsuka.

K-Project adolph weismann

Technical terms aside, the Sword of Damocles was once applied to mice in lab experiments. They react to the slate or an ancient artifact of some sort. The mice gain improved skills and are capable of conforming as a group almost like human beings. Still, the power is unstable as it was shown before. Still, nothing is really said of how it works but I’m fine with that. Also, the way the Silver King loses his sister and goes on the airship is very random. Nothing is explained and I can’t really infer anything from it that doesn’t feel incredibly contrived.

Honestly, I find the students’ interaction and their failed remembrances of Shiro to be unnecessary and a complete waste of time.

Gold King

Munakata Reisi

Munakata meets up with the Gold King in order to see if Weismann is truly dead. Planetary bombardment?… Okay, so apparently to portray their power, the studio decided to hurl planets? But I guess it’s kind of interesting at least. Even Munakata realizes the Gold King’s power and is wary of it.

Mikoto Suoh


Anna Kushina K Kusanagi Izumo

Wait what? Mikoto knows who killed Totsuka? And what’s up with the almost Bleach-like voices as well as the floating ghost? Definitely, I didn’t expect that. Apparently, this person or thing, can suck the powers of the Kings. Also, it’s not Isana at all because the person who’s doing this is on the island. Apparently, the mask is important in all of this. This might be some interesting foreshadowing of what’s to come. But by the looks of things, who knows if Mikoto and Isana will even meet.

K-Project seri


Suoh Mikoto red


Fushimi Saruhiko Kushina Anna

As usual, the fight scenes are absolutely amazing. The colours, the lighting, the effects, and the soundtrack are all incredible. This battle, or minor inconvenience for Mikoto, portrays just how much power Kings have over others. Really, they have incredible destructive power and it’s no surprise that only Munakata and other kings can stand up to him. Even if Totsuka says his powers aren’t meant for destruction, he’s still going to avenge his death one way or the other even if it will lead to destruction.

Even if the story feels contrived, I enjoyed this episode more than I did with the other “story” related episodes. The flashy fight scene did help out but I found the history of the Sword of Damocles to be intriguing. Next episode has some interaction between Munakata and Mikoto. It makes me wonder if they were old friends because, although Munakata despises him, he also has a liking towards him almost like an old friend.

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