「K」Episode 3

K-Project Episode 3 Yatogami Kuroh
Yeah, that's not creepy at all.

「K」Episode 3: More information and clarifications.
#03 Kitchen

It’s story time! This time around 「K」 does away with its action sequences, like last episode, and focuses on the story and developments instead. Although I find the pacing odd, at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Munakata Reisi and Suoh Mikoto

Awashima Seri

Dat ass.

The Red King, Suoh Mikoto, is pushing the limit of “The Sword of Damocles“; his weismann level is too high (power usage?) and if he were to draw more power out of the “Dresden Slates” then the sword will fall and cause a huge crater. On the first episode, the sword which Suoh abuses is crumbling. Although Munakata is harsh towards Suoh, he seems to have a history with him before their bitter struggle.

Kushina Anna

Fushimi Saruhiko K


Fushimi is also a mysterious character who has a troubling background; he betrayed the Red Clan who is supposed to be an incredibly tight-nit group. Is it because he wants to fight someone in his clan? Why did the Blue Clan even accept him in the first place?

K-Project silver king

The Prime Minister of Japan is also under the pressure of the “Kings”. With seven kings each holding power unimaginable to ordinary people, conflict will no doubt arise between them. What’s even more disturbing is the person who’s dancing in an air-ship or vehicle of some sort. Not only is he dancing with someone who has a freaky mask on, he also has stalker-like pictures of Isana Yashiro.

Of course, Yatogami Kuroh’s attitude towards Isana is awkward to say the least; he threatens to kill him and then proceeds to cook for them. After that, he tries to kill him again but decides not to because of his master’s words. Sure, the video showed proof that he is “evil” but he tried to kill Isana before the video even started on the first episode. And by the looks of last episode, I don’t think Kuroh is exactly the brightest person.

At least this episode is more informative than the last. They are setting up the episode for future ones but I’m afraid that there will be no time to resolve the conflict for the “Kings” altogether. Only two real kings have been properly introduced and the rest are in the shadows. Clearly, one cour does not seem enough for a proper resolution so there will probably be a second season or at least some OVAs. This episode is worthwhile for the whole series in the long run but perhaps the first episode twisted my expectations. Nonetheless, in future episodes I’m sure we’ll see some amazing fight scenes where 「K」 truly shines.

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