Akame ga Kill! Episode 1 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) – Kill the…

Akame ga Kill
Kill the Kill.

Killing, torturing, and more.
Akame ga Kill! Episode 1 Review.
“Kill the temptation.”

Death, tragedy, blood, pain, misery, despair, corruption… these are some of the things you’ll see through these twenty-four episodes. The question is, how well will it do those things? Will it be dark for the sake of being dark? Will it just kill characters off for shock value and not much else? Will there be even any moral conflict? Well, after reading up to the latest chapters of the manga, I’ll give a few of my thoughts.


Akame ga Kill! Episode 1 Impressions


akame night raid Mein pumpkin sniper

Leone Lionelle hot


Schere Akame Sheele


This guy

Onee-san sure knows what she’s talking about.



Those are high-tier boobs.
You gotta pay up.

If something is too good to be true…

Still not skeptical enough.


And this bitch wasn’t lying either…


Honest prime minister empire evil

Guess what this guy’s name is?
It’s, “Honest.”



Akame ga Kill Schere

Apologies for staining your floor like that.
Your floor probably isn’t so happy.



Akame anime



Well that was a weird way to go. Admitting his sins like that…

Sound assets aren’t horrible, but they need work.

Akame ga kill deadly stare


How realistic. Kappa

Akame blood

It’ll go all over your hair and dfjadpfadsjfasopdjfpasfjaspdof

Tatsumi stabbed by Akame's sword

Well, it is “Akame ga Kill” not “Tatsumi ga Kill.”

Akame guarding those boobs mang.


Ieyasu tortured

Can he even see the entrance?


Aria crazy sadistic

Well, that was kind of strangely executed.

Tatsumi kills aria

Murdering little girls all day.


Torturing, death, killing, rape, more torture, uhhh… bad stuff?

Her pet from now on.
You jelly?

The boobs are waiting, Tatsumi.
Stand up.

Bulat and tatsumi

Thanks, Bulat. I know it will.

Akame ga Kill! Episode 1 Review

This episode adapts the whole first chapter of the manga, which is around 80 pages, very faithfully. Manga readers like me probably couldn’t be more happy, right? Well, not exactly. I’m still having difficulty putting my finger on it, but there’s just something unsatisfying about this episode. Though, the first chapter of the manga is really not that impressive in the first place. The part where the little girl, Aria, goes all sadistic in this episode is done in the exact same way as it is done in the manga. Her posture and expression is exactly the same. However, even though it works well in the manga because it’s a single picture, it doesn’t really work out as well in anime format since we’re looking at those single frames with slight adjustments for those 20 seconds.¬†The sound effects (not the voice acting) during this scene also doesn’t help. No, seriously. Watch this part again and listen to the sound effects. There’s this high pitch whirring sound and when it switches to Sayo it makes this impact sound which doesn’t quite fit.¬†With how this scene is executed, I wouldn’t blame anyone who thinks that it’s more silly than dreadful. This may sound like I’m just nit-picking unnecessarily, but these things are not so insignificant to the overall experience especially when it comes to moments like this. It makes me a bit worried for what will happen later on because lackluster execution for the more despairing parts can ruin this anime.

Some people also seem to be getting the wrong idea. You’re not supposed to feel absolutely terrible for Sayo. You’re not supposed to be shocked at the revelation that the family is sadistic. Sayo was barely developed, and the “twist,” if you can even call it that, is not a surprise at all. The point of this episode is not emotional impact. It’s to let the audience understand that this society in which they live in is really screwed up. This episode is used to build up the dark tone of the show more than anything else. Think of it like an introduction to this corrupt society. On that note, let’s discuss the manga. (Obviously, I will not spoil anything.)¬†When it comes to darker shows like this, it worries me that all it’ll use is a lot of death and bad people to convey such a tone. The show would then become more black and white than it would be the case in real world, which is a valid complaint some people could have towards what happens in this episode. The question is, does the manga continue to do this to portray how atrocious this society is? Yes and no. There are definitely some moments in the manga, such as when you learn a bit more of some people’s pasts, that make you feel the unfairness and brutality of the world.¬†However, one of the biggest problems I have with the manga is¬†how it portrays most of the targets of Night Raid to be “bad” and only bad. I understand that those¬†are people whose hearts were¬†blackened by the power that they possess, but surely they are, or at least they were not completely evil. The manga never delves into why they ended up¬†the way they did. It barely¬†touches upon how society, the people around them, and so on affected them in negative ways that made them into people Akame and the others have to now kill. We only see the end result of them being evil, and not their transformation to become evil.

So then, I must ask, what is the point of portraying this? If this title is trying to tackle themes surrounding corruption, greed, righteousness, and so on, it will hardly be enough to have the targets be such shallow characters. When it only addresses the results instead of the means through which these targets turn malicious, these themes cannot be developed thoroughly. That’s not to say that all of the antagonists are like this. Later on, I’ll discuss this and a dilemma about those antagonists. Saying anything else would be spoiling things. Even then, the ways in which Akame ga Kill tackles the darker themes are by no means profound and sophisticated. There is far more depth in the¬†ideas it tries to expand upon than what this title will portray, so keep that in mind. After all, it’s¬†a shounen manga/anime’s attempt at delving into these subject matter. Don’t expect too much from it in terms of depth. It is, however, still entertaining and some of the characters can be quite endearing. (Although that brings up the trouble of being attached to characters when the author is prone to killing people off which I’ll address later down the line.) Just¬†please, please, do not think that this anime will be fantastic because of the hype. You will almost certainly be disappointed. There are notable moments that are well done, but overall it’s fairly average. There will be a lot of subjects I can critique in the future such as shock value, the aforementioned dilemma, delivery of backstory, darker subject matter, and plenty of other things, so I’ll be happy to discuss¬†them when the opportunities arise.¬†Until then, enjoy the killing.

Akame ga Kill Anime Wallpaper Jaegers Esdeath


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  • Michael

    I for one cannot wait for the General’s entrance.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’ll be pretty badass.

  • sweN

    I pretty agree with you. I don’t except much from this anime because, as you said, it is only a shounen. Don’t get the wrong idea, it is not pejorative. It will be only entertaining and not awesome/fantastic or whatever you want.
    I could criticize the manga, because it is far from perfect, maybe later…

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      The manga is still pretty entertaining when it gets rolling. Hopefully, the anime will be the same.

  • niknasr

    I did say before THIS IS SHOUNEN!! so, that in itself means plenty already.. Well, thank you for pointing out what I as a manga reader felt off while watching this episode, it did follow the first chapter quite close, so close that I should be happy and really grateful towards White Fox and yes without a doubt I am, but there are certain aspects that White Fox should adjust and change in order to bring the mood of “kill the darkness” there.. I’m not the one who like to questioned the choice of seiyuu but Tatsumi’s voice seemed a little out of place for certain scene, especially during the little scene of his killing and the death of his friends.. His voice just didn’t seem too strong to attract me to feel the despair he felt for his friends and the voice when he killed that b*tch didn’t seem fill with enough hatred, I certainly didn’t blame the little comedy scene after that, but they really should nailed it in that short amount of time during tragic event.. but overall it was a satisfying first episode..

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, Tatsumi’s voice could definitely use some work.

  • Yatogami

    All I can say is that I haven’t read the manga at all and did not even know of its existence prior to this show. So when the lady of the mansion got cut in half that was DEFINITELY a surprise “OH SHIT” went through my head about 6 times followed by a little twinge of anger toward the Night Raid for the senseless killing, but that was all because of my ignorance ( I know they’re the main characters in the story but still). Then the truth came out and I didn’t really feel all that bad about the entire household being slaughtered like that and was even happy when Tatsumi swung the final blow on the little sadistic child. This is just my perspective from someone who hasn’t read anything about this manga/anime at all. Another great addition to this summer season :D

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I was a bit surprised when I read that part in the manga too. I just don’t think the anime executed this episode all that well. Hmm… I’ll have to see more episodes to find out if it’s more of the source material at fault than the adaptation is.

      I’ll check out Sabagebu soon.

  • MgMaster

    Well,I’m already disappointed to be honest. But that’s only because I expected something else. I didn’t see “shounen” added to the the genre tags,but it’s presented as one.

    “Death, tragedy, blood, pain, misery, despair, corruption‚Ķ these are some of the things you‚Äôll see through these twenty-four episodes. The question is, how well will it do those things?”

    With all that,the way everything is presented doesn’t give the show a dark tone at all if you ask me. Like,what’s with all the silly,comedy moments right before or after someone is cut in half? Not to mention that the way people are killed is way too flashy for me to take it seriously.

    Oh well,it might be still moderately entertaining so I’m gonna stick with it for a few more episodes.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen psychological horror type of show. This is a shounen horror type of show without the psychological element. There’ll be big differences.

      I honestly don’t think the anime did a good job portraying the dark tone. The more I think about it, the less of a good job I think they did with this episode. I’m still not 100% sure why this is so. I’m certain there is much more than what I mentioned.

      • MgMaster

        So,I guess it’s time to put on the “Entrav goggles” and not take it seriously? :D

  • EvilNemesis

    So I guess the subs and you are using the “old” names and not the official romanization of the names?

    I swear Japan should stop trying to speak English/German/French/Insert any language other than Japanese.

    There’s also… Leone… I don’t know exactly what it is but I feel quite disappointed by her anime character design.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. All the different ways of doing the names is confusing me so much.

  • Zerriet

    From what i understand, both the anime and manga suffer from an average-above average start, but gets extremely good later on. So hopefully the anime is able to capitalize on this

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Extremely good? That’s a bit of a stretch to say the very least.

      • Zerriet

        Just watched the episode, I think it kind of suffers from what I like to call kill la kill syndrome where there were some moments in episode where the atmosphere was undermined by the comedy. But overall, I found it to be decent to say the very least. It might need a few more episodes to build the world further but it does grab your attention immediately, especially with the action ( credits to white Fox for less censorship). The scene with the loli saddist also kinda complimented the premise so points for that as well.

  • James Du

    Holy crap, the Kuudere tingles I got from Akame.

    I now know why so many people hype this show.

  • Sean O’Sullivan

    When it comes to depth and complexity, I totally understand what you’re getting at, but I don’t entirely feel the manga is completely black and white. Without dropping any spoilers, I feel the Jaegars as characters are a fantastic example of characters that aren’t really black or white. They’re on the supposed ‘bad’ team and have done bad things, but are very likable. I feel that they’re the closest thing we’ll get to depth and complexity in the series, which is fine by me. Compared to other shounens, I’d say it’s pretty good.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, and that’s the “dilemma” I’m talking about. Remember though, I’m talking about the direct assassination targets and not them. The assassination targets are really black and white. It’s fine if it’s not profound though. I just don’t want people to get the wrong idea from what others have said about the manga is all.

  • mamarracho sin frontera

    alguien sabe como se llama la banda sonora q suena en el min “1:42” y “20:24”?

  • Daniel McAdams

    I’m rather surprised there was no comedic “Esdeath best girl” review. I mean, without even reading the manga I know her and the Jaegers are just there to make me feel bad for some of the antagonists and they are all going to meet terrible ends, but STILL.