Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10 – Disappointing

Aldnoah Zero Inaho
Calm down there.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10 Review.
“Before the War / Til Going to be a Storm”
“Arashi ni Naru Made”

Now that we’ve almost reached the end of the season and the halfway point for this anime, it’s time to take a closer look at arguably the most significant part of the anime… and how it’s disappointing. It’s not the mecha action that’s most significant. It’s not the macroscopic impact of the war between Vers and Earth either. It’s the various characters’ internal turmoil and the struggles of the characters that have been the center of Aldnoah.Zero for these ten episodes.


Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10 Impressions

That’s right.
Prostrate on the ground while the autism holds strong.

Proper CPR. IT’S NOT.

Princess Asseylum


Magbaredge Darzana

You think Inaho can even giggle?
You think this is a fucking game, woman?

Inaho and Asseylum CPR

Kaizuka Inaho sweating

Holy fuck, he’s sweating.
This is serious business.

Kaizuka Inaho kisses Asseylum Vers Allsuia

More kisses than you gave Slaine.

Aldnoah Asseylum Anime


Vers Allusia Asseylum

She came.

This is camouflaged NTR to the extreme, guys.

Fucking rat indeed.

A fucking rat.

What did you fucking expect?
Come on.


Why yes she did.
She came and came again.

Mostly Slaine though.


Areash Rayet


Inaho and Rayet

Rayet: “What da fuck are you doin-“
Inaho: “IT’S TIME…”

Aldnoah Rayet Inaho


Motherfucker, are you not autistic enough to do the autism tango?



Areash Rayet points gun at Inaho

Bitch, do we need to tango again?

I wonder how you feel about that good luck charm after being strangled by it?

Belly button paradise indeed.

Marito Kouichirou PTSD

Yeah, yeah.
Fuck off and cry off the screen.


Delicious propaganda.

OP as fuck.

Viscountess Orlane


What a wonderful PowerPoint presentation.

This guy…
I don’t like his sleazy looking face.


Let justice be done.
Though the autism never falls.

More times than you kissed Slaine.

Wiser words have never been said.

Eddelrittuo is not pleased.


Holy shit.
You know you could have shot his dick off, right?

Not that it’ll make a differenc-

That’s pretty cool of you though.
Nice sense of honor…

Aldnoah Zero Slaine Troyard




Ah, nothing feels more cathartic than strangling the person you think is responsible for your misfortunes that you don’t think you deserve. After all, you feel justified in your actions. Finally, retribution has fallen upon the one that deserves it. How fantastic… except the situation is not quite so simple in Rayet’s case. Most human beings want to be accepted by others. It’s a natural instinct since we are social creatures, and Rayet is no exception. So for her to be so harshly discarded by the people who she thought were her own was probably a blow to her own identity. No doubt she thought of herself as a Martian before all this happened, but because they’ve betrayed her, she doesn’t want to be identified as that any longer. At the same time, she cannot say that she’s an Earthling. Now, you may ask, “Can’t she just identify herself as a human being or maybe just as herself?” Of course she can, but that doesn’t mean she will. In this instance, she yearns for the identity that the princess has after being accepted as a Martian princess even to Earthlings without much of a hassle. To Rayet, it seems that Asseylum obtained it so easily while she even had her father vanish before her eyes while ending up with nothing which further strengthens her resentment towards Asseylum. Rayet thinks that this imbalance is completely unfair and that she’ll be the one to straighten things out. After all, it’s easy to pin the blame on some easily identifiable thing or person without really looking at the deeper underlying problems that caused this war in the first place. It’s clearly an extremely childish way of looking at her own misfortunes. Her act of vengeance is to satisfy her own internal turmoil temporarily. Eventually she’ll realize that the war, and her father’s death is more complex than the princess simply going to Earth. Asseylum’s descent is only the straw that broke the camel’s back. To irritate Rayet even further, Asseylum even sympathizes with her and completely forgives her. Asseylum does what Rayet could not. Asseylum doesn’t seek retribution like her which shows Rayet an even starker contrast between her and the princess. Lines such as, “Why are you being kind to me?” aren’t only directed at Asseylum; Rayet is angry at herself for not being able to think the same way. She’s jealous that someone is able to do so flawlessly something she could not. Seeing the stupidity of her actions and her own temperament, she almost ends her own life. Perhaps now that she’s seen forgiveness, she’ll also find it in herself to forgive.

As for Count Saazbaum… He’s literally the bully that would justify his actions by stating that he was bullied before which gives him the right to bully others now. To put it in context, he too seeks retribution against the crown for falsely leading them into a war in which he lost his loved one. Now he himself falsely leads the Orbital Knights into another war by saying that the princess is dead. So, is he killing all those people on Earth to help the Martians overthrow the emperor with the Earth’s resources now that the Hyper Gate is down? But then isn’t he causing a huge number of innocent people to die? Shouldn’t he just seek an alliance with Earth and try to overthrow the emperor with their help? I mean, unless Earthlings were the cause of the Hyper Gate explosion, his animosity towards Earthlings doesn’t really make sense especially after the fact that he realized that it was just nonsensical propaganda that got him into the war in the first place. I’m guessing that he thinks the means will justify the end and that eventually he’ll deliver proper punishment to the emperor, but it feels like he’s pointing his weapon in the wrong direction. We can assume that he wants Earth for its resources, and by taking it over, he can also gain the trust of the emperor while plotting to kill him later on leaving him with both Earth and his vengeance fulfilled. It’s just that he’s causing exactly what happened to him to other people to satisfy this end. He’s becoming the very emperor that he hated. While this could very much be intentional, if no further character development happens for Saazbaum and he just dies by the end of this first half, then it’ll be an unsuitable amount of character development for it being intentional.

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10 Review

I have to admit. Aldnoah.Zero has been disappointing for me. Now, before you lambaste my “shit taste,” just remember that we are nearing the halfway point, and things tend to pick up quite a bit for 2-cour anime in the second half. I also had fairly high expectations given the people behind this anime which is probably why I am more disappointed than I would have been otherwise. Also, keep in mind that I have not thought very deeply about the reasons behind why I feel this way as I’m still trying to sort through them, so my opinions may change by the time the anime is over. Nevertheless, let’s go over some problems that this anime has. The first is the pacing. While things did start off explosively and developed the premise quickly, the episodes following that became a mix of monster of the week and internal conflicts within the characters that barely moved the overarching story by any significant amount. The major happenings amount to these things: 1. Earth being invaded again by Vers. 2. Asseylum joins Earth in an attempt to stop the war. 3. Slaine finding that out and trying to make things right only ending up being tortured. 4. War continues regardless. 5. Saazbaum’s intentions being revealed. Sure, there are other things that happened like Rayet almost killing Asseylum, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those things ended up being filler portions that hold little importance in the grand scheme of things. Moreover, almost every single episode there are numerous smaller conversations between characters that I quickly forget about. I’m not even going to get started about Marito and how much time screen time he’s wasted regarding his past that barely developed his character or anything meaningful. All of this and more end up making the story very, very slow. Honestly, I look back on these ten episodes and wondered what I even watched.

That’s not to say that having screen time trying to develop internal conflicts instead of developing the overarching story more is a bad thing. It’s just that the anime’s writing isn’t good when it comes to this either. Take Rayet’s dialogue or just the entire exchange between Rayet and the others for example. We’ve heard those cliche lines over and over again. Not only that, but I can’t sympathize with Rayet that much since she’s gotten hardly any screen time. I don’t know anything about her father. I don’t know the difficulties that she’s faced. I don’t even know anything about her. Instead, we see her suddenly turn crazy and kill Asseylum out of hate that is hardly touched upon aside from cliche dialogue. If this were real life, I could definitely sympathize, but this is an anime. It has to try harder than just throwing out a family member’s death without much development. I did the analysis in the impressions to prove that I understand her struggles so that one can’t just say, “Well, you didn’t look deep enough.” Heck, even if I didn’t my argument still holds since the execution is mediocre at the very best. Then, there’s Inaho. I seriously don’t understand the love for this character. Okay, his autism is kind of adorable, but this guy is as bland as it gets. Other than being overpowered enough to take far more advanced mechs down and his autism, what else has he offered? His unsmiling face? Oh wait, that’s his autism. It’s like the writers behind this wanted to try something different so instead of the typical male protagonist filled with angst they wrote a character on the complete opposite side of the spectrum to create Inaho, the Ultimate Autist. (Alright, since just about everyone is taking this more seriously than I am, I’ll just delete it like this. Again, don’t take the captions seriously. It never ever is, and if you can’t handle it, then click the button at the top. Apologies for the usage here. Now that I’ve read this part over a bit more with your perspectives, I do think I’m more in the wrong than I originally thought. I’ll avoid making such statements in the future. Hopefully you’ll treat it as an insensitive mistake and not an actual insult.) As for Slaine, I think I’ll at least wait until this season finishes before judging since he’s about to make an incredibly important decision which will no doubt change his character for better or worse. The same holds true for Asseylum.

The other side characters are also written poorly. Jumping back and forth between Marito, Magbaredge, and the Orbital Knights that die almost in the same episode that they’re introduced makes me think that this anime has way more side characters than the writing can handle. I still don’t care about any of them or any of the crew either. Why? Because I don’t even know what purpose they serve in the show other than being people necessary to pilot the ship. The key for side characters is to have a certain small set of defined personalities that the show emphasizes above all else. It could be extreme bravery, the willingness to sacrifice for friends, being a joker, being someone who’s very serious, and so on. Setting a few of these characteristics on side characters early on and developing those characteristics is often a successful formula when it comes to writing side characters. That, and adding small nuances here and there such as having the joker be awesomely serious at times. It may be difficult for the show to develop the side characters too much by expanding upon their backstory, so I won’t ask for that. The problem with Aldnoah Zero’s side characters is that there are too many and the show doesn’t concentrate its efforts properly. Inaho’s friends have pretty much been ignored the whole time, Marito is the PTSD man, Magbaredge hates Marito, Cruhteo is fucking dead after being an asshole, and… It’s a mess as you can see. I’m sorry, but I’m simply not enjoying this anime nearly as much as I did in the first episode. The cliffhangers are even ones that get easily resolved in the next episode serving only to make you anticipate the next instead of being significant plot points as well. If I were more sadistic then maybe I would have enjoyed seeing Slaine being smacked over and over again as that was pretty much one of the biggest highlights of this entire season. No, seriously. Think about it. Not much significant really occurred this season. I’ll leave the other problems that I have with this anime for the season finale. Just to clarify, I’m not saying that this anime is absolutely horrendous. It’s just mediocre at best. But hey, at least the soundtracks are nice.

Aldnoah Zero Anime Wallpaper Heaven's Fall


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  • Lame

    How lame it is, you picked Mahouka but trashing with this shit, saying autism, playing with that word, is it funny as fk dude ? looks like you are racist bastard also, since the beginning i always the one who read your review as reference but I’ve lost my faith on you, “The other side characters are also written poorly”, nope the review is written poorly by poor racist guy who loves to play with autism-word, root in hell bastard !

    • Entrav

      So instead of addressing my actual points, you focus solely on this one point that’s admittedly not funny for you and many others. I have said many times that the captions are not meant to be taken seriously. I only use the word “autism” three times in my written review with 1900 words. In this section alone: “Okay, his autism is kind of adorable, but this guy is as bland as it gets. Other than being overpowered enough to take far more advanced mechs down and his autism, what else has he offered? His unsmiling face? Oh wait, that’s his autism.”

      Why do I have a skip to the written portion button on top? It’s for that kind of thing. You guys need to take a stupid dumb joke as it is. A stupid dumb joke. If you actually think I’m somehow talking shit about people in real life who has autism you need to take a step back and not be so clouded in your judgment about one word. Racism? Where do I even make racist comments? Please, point it out for me.

      • Lame

        i cant believe it, you said Stupid Dumb Joke ? “You guys need to take a stupid dumb joke as it is” , OMG… autism for you is just a joke ? that’s why you can play with that word as much as you want

        • Entrav

          Did you even read my comment? “If you actually think I’m somehow talking shit about people in real life who has autism you need to take a step back and not be so clouded in your judgment about one word.”

          I had an autistic kid in my high school. There was an autistic person in my apartment complex as well. You know, sometimes it’s good to not take things so seriously and joke about things we would otherwise talk seriously about given a certain context.

    • Yatogami

      Lulz “root in hell” smh

  • Anon

    I agree with a couple of the points that you made (ex: poor dialogue/writting and everything about Rayet), but could you please not make fun of Inaho and his ‘autism?’ Seriously, not only is it extremely insulting and rude, but it also takes away a lot of the credibility and value of this episode review. I don’t blame you for being disappointed and upset at Inaho’s blandness and how this show has developed so far, but you’ve really crossed the line with those autism comments.

    • Entrav

      If it’s insulting and rude, then I apologize and I’ll avoid using such words in the future for the written section, but I won’t stop making fun of Inaho in the captions. It’s a joke and people should treat it as such. (If you can’t handle it like many others, feel free to skip it by clicking the button at the top.)

    • TurriPi

      But, he autisms the hell out of the show.

    • Bam

      Are you the same Anon from psgels?

  • Cyrion

    Your use of the word autism is so insensitive and disgusting, I’ve lost most of my respect for you as a reviewer

    • Entrav

      I use it three times as a joke in the written portion of a 1900 word review. If you take it seriously in the captions, then I have to say that those are not meant to be taken seriously at all as they are just random comments for fun. If you lose respect for me, fine, but I ask you to take a step back and not let one word cloud your judgment when I am clearly joking.

      • Summer

        Enjoy your Joke then

  • Summer

    Wow……….. seriously ?? dude, if you dont have something to say, dont say at all, dont review it at all, dont be an asshole by saying Autism and playing with that word, DISGUSTING

    • Entrav

      You make it sound like I’m playing with the word in the sense that I make fun of people with autism in real life. I’m not. That should be clear given the context. If it looks like I am, I’ve crossed out that line in the written portion, and I apologize. I’ll avoid making such comments in the future. I hope you can take a step back and look at it like a joke in very bad taste instead of an actual insult.

  • Entrav

    Just a note, the captions are never meant to be taken seriously. If you can’t turn your brain off and take whatever comes, then click the button at the top and skip to the written section.

    I hold my own opinion about using the word in a way that’s not too serious, but it seems that this opinion is not held by the vast majority of you. For that, I apologize. A joke in very poor taste is a joke in very poor taste. I’ll avoid using such words in the future, and I hope you don’t think that I’m actually talking shit about people with autism in real life.

  • Zerriet

    I am glad that you posted that apology comment. As much as I am ok with you using that word since it was used as a figure of speech rather than insulting a group of people, I can see why people are upset about it and it kinda hurts your professionalism even though you explicitly seperated the written section. The aggressors need to take a step back, but it’s good that you won’t use such controversial terms in the future.

    Anyways, concerning the main topic. You mentioned some really valid points but there were certainly more positives than negatives in this episode. Firstly I can sympathize with Rayet since I personally feel she had gotten the correct amount of screentime. Yes some may argue that it feels slightly forced but in all honesty, if she were to get too much screen time, she would end up feeling dragged much like Marito. Speaking about Marito, I am glad that both he and the captain are slowly exiting their 1 dimensional personalities since Marito is finally facing his trauma rather than lamenting about it and the captain is coming to understand his situation rather than constantly hate. The princess is also having her character more fleshed out since she is coming to realise that not everything is happy as she thought out to be. Yes her lines are somewhat cliche, but I felt her conversation with Inaho is kinda heartwarming since you must realise that in the end, they are Still kids thrown into a harsh environment

    As for the count, I am not too bothered by what happened this episode since I treat the loss of his wife as a catalyst for his real motive to rebel against the empire. I am certainly looking forward to what happens next. Overall, yes this show can certainly be improved a lot more but I think it’s above average. Not fantastic but good enough to stand out. it is also a good thing that it is a 2 cour show and hasn’t devolved into a needless harem (cough infinite stratos)

    • Entrav

      Commenting randomly with friends and bullshitting on /a/ doesn’t help. >.> Yeah, I’ll just avoid writing that kind of thing in the future. It’s definitely my fault that I wrote it in the written portion, and even if I think I’m right (which I don’t) it’s still better to avoid it so we can discuss on what actually matters. I definitely agree that it hurts my professionalism. I let that slip through in the written portion which is no doubt not good.

      Ah yes, you could very well be right about Rayet getting more screen time. She could very well end up like Marito. I still think that if done well, Rayet should get more screen time or at least more build up for this development. Just a bit would have helped a great deal. As for Marito, I’m waiting to see just how dealing with his PTSD will actually affect the show. Won’t he just go back to being a normal soldier? I’m not sure how significant that really will be in the end anyways.

      My standards have slightly changed when saying how an anime is “average.” “Average” implies relativity to other shows, but I’ve been using the word “mediocre” more often because it’s a bit more absolute than relative. I think compared to all the other anime, this one is a bit above average since the writing in a lot of other anime aren’t that good either. However, to me the writing is still mediocre among other things which is why I say that it’s “mediocre at best.” I don’t know if that makes any sense, haha.

      • Zerriet

        One possibility could be that the writers are intentionally keeping it slow so that what happens later feels more natural rather than rushed, thus explaining the slower pace for a mecha series compared to something like valvrave. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that they explore the internal conflicts within each character since it kind of makes things a little more realistic rather than everyone being an Inaho. And speaking about Inaho, his personality is still as plain as cardboard but I feel something interesting concerning him would surface later

        • Entrav

          2-cour anime have tendencies to be slow during the first half since they have to meet a certain amount of episodes. It’s not like they can make it 17. If they choose to do 2 seasons then they pretty much have to do 22-26 episodes unless they want to make OVAs and things like that but that would probably disrupt things too much.

          Even so, if you’re going to make a 2-cour original anime, then you should plan it as such. It’s not as excusable as adaptations since they have total control over the length. If the second season paces everything very well, then it’s not as much of a problem. However, if things are way too fast in the next season… This season being too slow will be a serious criticism. That, or if it’s too slow.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Inaho “changes” in some way. I’m guessing he’ll probably have more emotions when he’s around Asseylum or something and actually show some emotions. Misguided people will actually say that this is “character development” when in fact it’d be a bit silly to call it such since he went from completely one dimensional to having a tiny bit of depth. It still wouldn’t help his character that much. In fact, we don’t even know why he’s so emotionless to begin with. Unless he was somehow experimented upon, it’s strange that someone would act the way he does.

          • Zerriet

            hm, I agree with both your points. Whether the pacing of the second season is good or Inaho getting actual development without it being surface level, only time can tell

  • jose gonzalez

    I have the feeling that this show should be centered in Slaine instead of Inaho, The only reason i care about Inaho it’s because Asseylum is with him (poor Slaine) especially because in this episode (and the one before this) is where they look like developing the most beyond their original personalities. Marito is facing his traumas, and so is Rayet, the princess is realizing and confronting the effects of her own actions (in a cliche way but fuck it), Slaine is given an opportunity to act more “freely” than before being ablo to support earth, if he wants to, wich would create situations with Inaho and the princess (i don’t know how good this would be because at the beggining I loved the idea of some inner action against the Orbital knights’ plans… but Crutheo died the moment he could have helped),our MC was sweating… and developed the ability to use tp… maybe?.
    i don’t like Inaho.

    • Entrav

      Inaho just doesn’t add that much to the anime. Slaine has the potential to, but we’ll have to wait and see if that actually turns out to be the case. It just feels like Inaho is the one who responds the most perfectly to every single situation… and that’s pretty much it. Not a lot else going in with him that makes him a more dynamic and interesting character really.

  • Stein

    With all my respect for you, i do believe you are a good writer who always emphasize the importance of professionalism in your work, however a good writer will not use insensitive word like that, you can pick better words next time, funny ones, Gary stu, walking statue, etc.
    I dont want to add more drama although im a bit “different” from average people, and i envy with you all =) , watching anime is the only thing that can make me happy and i was shocked when reading this as well, please whatever you reason is, stop using Autist-Autism word, it’s not a joke, it doesnt, it wasnt supposed, it wont be

    One of your active readers

    • Entrav

      Very much taken into consideration. Thank you for your balanced comment. I will definitely avoid using such words in this manner in the future. Apologies for my insensitivity.

  • Lim Cheng Yi

    I know what u mean…

    Initially i was excited about this anime, it looks awesome, and it felt like fucking finally, an anime where people with superior tech are overwhelming those with crap tech.

    The first battle with inaho was awesome, it show how ingenuity could turn the tides of battle, it had that epic feeling to it. Subsequently though, each battle had a monster of the week feeling to it. Oh look, a martian with superior tech, that’s okay, inaho to the rescue.

    As for character development, was there any? Honestly though, i cant remember at all… yes, finally we have some in this episode, but to me, it felt too late, marito have been just emoing for the past few episodes, talking about how much life suck, and when it comes to battle, he freeze, and rather than showing us that he is working towards being better, we keep seeing him freeze, it’s irritating.

    Poor slaine, this anime should have focus on him instead of our gary su inaho.

    • Entrav

      I totally agree. It took way too long for Marito to make any meaningful progress with the amount of screen time he’s had. It felt more like a drag than anything else. Hopefully the second season will pick up the pace more and surprise us.

      • Lim Cheng Yi

        which is why i had dropped it 2 episodes ago, it had promise and now…? I will just glance through the episode and just read blog post like yours or moesuck, it no longer feels like it deserve my time to actually sit through and watch.
        Which is a pity, i know that both of us had hope in this, and we both were hoping that this isnt gonna be another Gargantia but for all the things that we talk about that anime, it had one thing that went right, even without uro twist in it, it feel alright in a slice of life anime sort of way, this…? This just feels like wasted premise..

  • Andrew Garval

    damn much hate in the comments. You are a great reviewer just try to tone down the jokes that involve disease, people are really sensitive when it come to that.

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much! Yeah, it was very careless of me. A good lesson nevertheless.

  • nobody special

    Now I’ve been reading your reviews for quite a while and didn’t feel a particular need to comment until this “word” popped up and everybody got all world war 3 on the our butt about it so I say this clearly it was a bad pun which everyone including the commenters below and above me have made once in their lives and covered their tracks or laughed it off but for you to chastise this guy for man ng a pun like that should see that you’ve done it as well and take it with a grain of salt and try not to give this guy so much flak for using one word which you feel is inappropriate but I digress the episode itself was fine and aside from the MC it’s pretty enjoyable now for raylet she’ll definitely get redemption at some point in all of this and I hope she does because you have a o see that anger and resentment clearly clouded her judgment and she does to me have some redemmable qualities I do like in which I do hope she gets the chance to explore more in the second act

  • nobody special

    Also quick note disregard the broken sentences it was hastily made in a rush but again I did enjoy your review this week

    • Entrav

      Thank you.

  • Guest

    Wow some of you people are ridiculous. Criticizing his character claiming he thinks that autism isn’t a serious disorder and a tragic one? You don’t know how the author feels about it, you don’t know, all you have is some satire. You are trying way to hard to actually be over-sensitive to the word autism and all it implies. Whether or not it is FUNNY is one thing, but leave the personal judgement and attacks out of it. It’s a shame that the hyper-sensitive public has imposed this PC censorship on writers.

    • Entrav

      “Criticizing his character claiming he thinks that autism isn’t a serious disorder and a tragic one? You don’t know how the author feels about it, you don’t know, all you have is some satire.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t really mind if people comment that they find it inappropriate in a serious review, but it’s disheartening that they would then throw out a bunch of insults doing exactly what they think is unjustified to the other person. Well, I’m not actually insulting but they may see it that way.

  • Anonymous

    Are people honestly taking honest offense to the word “autism” being used in a blatantly comical way?

    • Entrav

      I didn’t think there’d be a backlash like this either. ;__;

  • RAptor

    The captions are spot on!

    I can see why people are upset over Entrav’s usage of ‘autism’, even though he obviously meant it in a comical kind of way. For those of you who take the captions seriously, come on.. For me, as long as the author is not insulting people with autism(and other genetically related illnesses), I’m fine with it.

    Entrav, just write your reviews like you always do. Keep up the good work!

    • Entrav

      I did let it slip in the written portion so… that was my fault. The captions will still be nonsensical bullshit for those who enjoy it though! I do enjoy writing random things and having some fun every week.

      Thank you for your support!

  • niknasr

    Spot-on review.. Marito and Rayet problems really got dragged on and and it didn’t really add anything significant to the anime besides as a way to prolong it.. Well, I’m not gonna comment on the autism part, because clearly you already settled it.. I also dare to say that Tatsuya is a far far better character than Inaho in terms of being an unemotional STU character..

    • Casey Lee

      They may dragged on the some areas but I don’t think it will be insignificant to the whole story. The point of character development in “war” story is always have been how to show the audience why A did B and will do C. It is cliche but I don’t think even Aldnoah can survive without it. Also I would not want to compare Inaho to Tatsuya. It is like comparing Orange to Apple. IMHO both are severely undeveloped character which is bad.

      • niknasr

        Hm, character development is good and all but I wished they invest it on the main characters instead of side characters, and using 9 episodes for it too.. Well, I really hope I’m wrong in the ‘insignificant’ part, but we already reached halfway point in this 2 split-cour anime, It will take a lot to turn things around, but nevertheless I’m still finding myself enjoying it even, maybe because I never been in this anime hype train and just watching it like other anime.. As for Tatsuya, instead of character development, I think the hint towards his past and what’s more to come from his abilities is more fitting as I found myself extremely interested in knowing both of it than watching his character developed.. Well, he is TATSUYA STU afer all..

    • Entrav


  • TotallyTodders

    Could someone please explain how the use of the word autism is insensitive? Because it isn’t, really. Its comedy. Mel Brooks made Blazing Saddles, arguably one of THE most racist films ever produced. He doesn’t actually hate Black people, Chinese people or the Irish. Its a joke. Its comedy. If you can’t handle it I suggest you skip the captions section and stop being a pussbag about it. On a side note, as someone with an AUTISTIC LITTLE BROTHER, I can confirm that Inaho is blatantly Autistic. The way he reacts to events unfolding around him and that subtle face movements indicate his emotions are all I need to confirm that. Not only that but the ability he has to calculate and plan on the fly showcases classic high-functioning autism. Entrav wasn’t in the wrong here, he included a comedic section in his review. You’re all either far too sensitive to be on the internet or you just can’t grasp the concept of a joke.

  • Ian Anthony

    Pretty surprising on your reaction about Aldnoah. I just made my Sunday a holy Aldnoah day. And led my classmates to this hype train. But people have different tastes xD I must admit though, taking out Rayet out of the story would be more better.

    As for Inaho, I always love how he teaches me science.

    • Ian Anthony

      Another another note, I’m even more surprised about the comments down below. Now I know its really really wrong to make fun of autism. But…. yeah different people different tastes, if you *insert_other_people_here* doesn’t like about it, you could politely remark about it or comment, and not bitch about it.

      Now I’m not taking sides or anything I just find it funny why humans do this. I really don’t understand what people get for trashtalking something just because the author made a mistake (in the eyes of others of course, since you’re right when you believe it and others support it).

      But then again, I like satirical comedy and dark comedy so its in my wide taste.

    • Entrav

      It’s not that I’m not enjoying the show at all. I still wake up every Saturday (Saturday for me since I live in Canada) and I watch this show first. It’s just it had such a strong start and the staff was pretty awesome too. Oh well. I’ll still watch it until the end obviously and I’ll still enjoy it. Just not as much as I would have liked.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Reading all the comments, this looks like a SJW raid to me. There are some well made statements, but it’s hard to take all of them seriously when others blatantly insult the reviewer. You will not get your point across by behaving in such an immature manner. It will only make you sound like a hypocrite (which I’m sure you’re not) and with all the recent fiascoes (think gamergate) SJW credibility is already quite low.

    Rather than
    feeling offended (I don’t pay too much attention to overused memes), I just think the autism joke is
    getting a bit old. That’s all. Cheer up Entrav! I’m sure you have dozens of fresh HQ jokes ready.

    For anybody pointing out to the Mahouka reviews, check other websites as well. You’ll find that Reddit and even RandomC share some of Entrav’s humor and overall opinions on the series.

    Ok, back to the regular rant.

    Nobody can deny the visual and audio quality of this anime, but the plot is a bit weak. That’s why I agree with your points. If it weren’t for all the big names involved in the project, I think I would’ve enjoyed this as a popcorn anime just like SAO 2. But seeing all the people who contributed, my expectations were high.

    They almost hinted at greatness with the princess being strangled only to disappoint. If they would’ve had a flashback episode this week, explaining the motives and traumas of some of the characters in more detail, it would’ve been perfect. Yet, for some reason they decided to skip it, leaving us with only bits and pieces of what could’ve been great character development. Heck, even having the princess in a coma, thus leaving the Terrans in a state of helplessness, made more sense and it would’ve been a great build-up, adding to the drama.

    Overall, Aldonah is still an enjoyable show, just not what I was really expecting. If I were to point out one thing I like about it, the Slaine Pain Train would be it. He’s the most fleshed out character in the series and he’s quickly becoming a great anti-hero.

    That being said, great review as always and don’t let a minor misstep like this bring you down. Cheers!

    • Entrav

      Don’t worry. I’ll come up with a few more names for Inaho when the finale comes around. It was indeed getting old anyways.

      Exactly, it felt like the princess being strangled is a huge wasted opportunity. All it led to was a cliffhanger that resolved itself with some minor character development that hardly even matters. It always feels like it has this potential, uses it a little bit, and then fails to deliver all the rest which perhaps makes me even more disappointed than I would be normally since it had promise initially.

      Thank you for your support as usual! :)

  • Heron Lim Shi Shun

    Well, I am sad that you find it disappointing, Entravity. Between all the things it did different from the usual mech stuff from Sunrise, I must say this is a good change of pace.

    • Entrav

      Hopefully, it’ll get better in the second half.

  • y u no

    i think the problem why you said the recent episode is “dissapointing” is that after the third episode the writer for the episodes wasn’t urobutcher anymore… but the boku no pico guy (i don’t know his name) instead…..

    indeed, the show really looks promising at it’s start….. especially the first and second episode where the BGM makes the episode more interesting….. but after the 6th episode, i feel that the show started to lose it’s quality….

    and i think that i don’t have the right to comment on the way you use “autism” word, because sometimes i unconciously use it in daily conversation LOL (all credit goes to 4chan)

    but what made me sad here is that while you indeed give review for SAO II & Mahouka, you only write the first impression for Aldnoah, then after about 2 and half a month you showed up with such review…. it’s quite unfair for the show i think…… i’m sure that after the 3rd episode (the final one written by urobutcher) you still think there are good or even great moment in episode between that and now…… i know that you’re possibly quite busy, but still…

    well….. que sera-sera

    • Entrav

      LOL. “boku no pico guy.” Haha, that made me laugh.

      It’s not that I didn’t want to review Aldnoah.Zero. It’s just that I didn’t have that much to contribute to the discussion of the show. Honestly, I had trouble finding out what to talk about until now since nothing too significant happened that I can analyze and critique that much. I mean, in this review I compiled a lot of what happened in previous episodes as well and not just this one, so it would have been impossible to do early on and wouldn’t have been as thorough. I’d like to keep all my serious reviews above 1,000 words, so reviewing every other week or something like that is impossible. Though, I do agree that I should have done another review in the middle, but my excuse for this is that my No Game No Life Review took up all of my time. That video actually took me a really long time to make. (The Mahouka and SAO II don’t take as long to write. I mean, length-wise it’s pretty clear not to mention I actually have to analyze things.)

      The other important thing is that this is a show that has 24 episodes and is, well, not just for fun like my SAO II and Mahouka reviews. As such, I often like to take a step back and wait until some more episodes have aired before I make more judgments. Otherwise, a lot of it will just be pure speculation which I find to be a shallow form to “review” something.

  • Kei

    I’m autistic, and I’m not even offended.
    How can anyone get so mad over something so small?

    • Entrav

      I was really surprised too. D:

  • Casey Lee


    Anyway people on comment section are taking these too seriously. Learn to take jokes people.

    While I hate the slow pace and filler during last few episodes, I still adapt the wait and see mentality since I know Gen will eventually deliver.
    It’s good to see how the writer set up the board nicely in last few episodes, especially with Slaine and Ass-Princess.

    Actually war needs catalyst from both side, the development from Vers side is at least acceptable so far even though I still wish they develop it better in future story, since it is still third way to finish line. Moving to half season, the earth still stuck at defensive battle and rely on diplomatic vehicle to reach truce, something we learn at real world (Ukraine/Palestine) does not work that awesome unless both side exhausted all their resources. To end a war, cliche format demands Earth protagonist to have their “reason” and “means” of countering the war state.
    From how the story set up so far, I anticipate Earth will lose the war by the end of the season to make Inaho realize it is impossible to end the war only by defending at Russia. Killing of several character that have been developed during few last episode is a good start for giving him proper resolve he needs to start his war.

    Now how about Slaine and his new Mecha?
    Well I actually cannot really forecast which side he will be taking next. Standard moves by writer would let Slaine join Russia battle in Earth side, but I cannot really expect good story would develop from there. Additionally Inaho has declare Slaine as enemy, something that I don’t think would change without good catalyst, at least not until the end of first season. Now what I expect the “awesome” writer to do?

    Slaine take his mecha. Slaughter both sides and take the girl <3. Actually forgot that scenario, cannot see how story develop from there tho.

    • Entrav

      Interesting speculations. I haven’t thought too much about what’ll happen next, so I won’t say anything inane.

      • Casey Lee

        And sure the writer took the most glorious speculation. Did he stalk this page a lot?

  • sweN

    Calm down people, no need to insult Entrav. You have to take it as a joke…

    To me, Inaho and Tatsuya are alike (but Tatsuya is older). Both are always calm, no matter the situation, it is pretty hilarious but finally they are inconsistent. We don’t know anything about Inaho, except he is badass and can destroy all martians’ mecha with a trainer mecha (LOL).
    Moreover, I currently feel the same. At the beginning, I was very optimistic about Aldnoah, the pace was pretty fast, the characters was ok. But now, pleaseeeeee ! Since the very beginning, Marito has been haunted by his past and we always see again and again the same situation. It’s pretty annoying. And why did Rayet try to kill the Princess (and want to kill Martians) ? WHY ?! We want to know.

    To conclude, action is ok (and the OST OBVIOUSLY), but it lacks character development and the script is too cliché.

    I hope that the second season will be better (the SS is confirmed ?) because this anime could be a very great one.

    • Entrav

      Yes, it was confirmed not too long ago. The initial confirmation came from a Japanese anime news site before it even aired, but apparently that was a rumor. Now it’s been actually officially confirmed.

  • Claziranon

    People need to chill the hell out. This is the internet.

    I think you should review this like how you review Mahouka. Just go all out crazy and have fun haha. Aldnoah.Zero is very shounen-like with Inaho being overpowered and all so it’d be fun to see you exaggerate his overpoweredness like how you do with ONE TRUE GOD TATSUYA.

    And ignore the hate, some of us here will always love your reviews <3 <3 <3

    • Entrav

      Except I view this anime to be a lot more serious so… I can’t really just do it to the same length especially in the written section. Though, I always have random fun with every show in the captions, and Aldnoah.Zero is no exception.

      Thank you for your support!

  • John Doe

    WTF mate, stop apologizing to these cunts who can’t take a obvious joke. You’ve made yourself look like faggot spaz, by actually responding to their imaginary hurt feelings over the internet. Now they know they can get a reaction out of you.

    • Entrav

      I wouldn’t really call it much of a reaction. If I started insulting them back, then I’d agree. Heck, I left this post for a few hours and I came back and literally every single comment was talking about it with 10+ thumbs up. I never ever had that kind of response before, so how else should I have acted? Even if I’m “right” in the usage of the word, I’m still not going to use it for the more serious portion of the review since it’s just a useless distraction that takes away from my main points that I actually want to discuss with other people. It’s not like I’m losing anything from omitting it. I’d rather take it out and avoid more unnecessary drama in the future. Besides, I can kind of understand their perspective about being unprofessional using that word in my review section. I do at the very least agree with that.

      If I just had it in the captions, then I wouldn’t have apologized as much as I did since the captions are meant to be nonsensical bullshit. It was misplaced in the review section though. It didn’t really contribute that much to the critique, and was more of a pure insult (to the character and writing of course) rather than logical critique.


    Where’s the freakin fall season preview yo?!
    No forgiveness for you untill you post that, then I might consider it ;-)

    • Entrav


      • SASUGA

        In the span of 4 weeks the hype train can leave the station, reach its destination, get dismantled, recycled, engineered into another train which then picks up more hype and comes passing through again and you’ll still miss it!! Chop chop m8!

  • Bam

    Although you might’ve gotten a little carried away I still expect most readers to at least infer from all of your posts that you aren’t genuinely a mean-spirited person, so this was clearly just a mistake of judgment (like you said) and not a premeditated attack on the autistic. Some of these claims are just kind of absurd and to me seem like coming from a history of personal grudges (you reviewed their favorite show too harshly maybe?) rather than ethical criticisms; in which case not cool at all.

    But you took the high road and apologized for it so now you shouldn’t worry and just move forward. I’m sure you’ve learned some things from this incident and you can use those lessons to make even better and more sophisticated reviews in the future.

    keep up the good work and get on with the fall season highlights already.

    • Entrav


      I’m working on the Fall preview as we speak. It’s going to take a while though, there are a lot of shows to preview.

  • Kemuel Sanchez

    God, Marito has been a major dissapointment. As much as he boast about “the past war” one would expect he’d be of use but that b*tch can’t get his sh*t together! I mean, the poor bastard he shot was dying! and if it were for him, “the only remaining veteran from the last war” then everyone would already be dead… Thank god for Inaho’s highly-functional-autism… oh wait… actually, don’t!

    I was left speechless with Inaho on this episode. he goes from hero-to-ZERO-STUPIDSHITHEAD the moment he:
    a. Lets Rayet take the gun (Ok, I’ll let that one pass since she had to give her “BOO HOO I NEED HUGS” speech)
    b. Lets Rayet fire to the princess repeteadly,
    c. Disarms her like a badass
    It is like the most stupid, foolish, thing he could do. I can’t even express how annoying it was! I mean, he SHOT SLAIN -The guy who saved his butt from getting FISTED BY A MECHA- but he decides to “trust” the bitch who just KILLED the princess that holds the fate of the world in her hands! If the were killed, who in vers would believe the earthlings didn’t do it?! Not to mention that the ship would move an inch without her!


  • Bakutay

    Bleh I found Marito to be the worst character in this anime. All he ever does is cry and every freaking episode just when you think he’s gonna help fight those aldnoah mechas with Inaho.. Nope, he sits inside his own mecha and cries all day. Goodness, you’re like what, 30? I know it’s a traumatic experience… But you should be the role model and show Inaho how to kick ass. Unfortunately it’s the other way around.

  • Flaiboy

    My god, dude! I leave for a few seasons and look what you’ve done to the place!

    Is it safe to come back? I mean, I won’t get run off site if I mention that I think Armin is really a girl, will I? #8^)

    • Entrav

      LOL. Well, you came back at an awkward time, haha.

      Nah, I think everyone knows that Armin is really a girl.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Really? Let me check hm….


      • Entrav

        Good lord- I mean, good Tatsuya.

  • nckeo

    LOL, hey, Slaine just got mid-season upgrade, from Sky Carrier that keep getting shot down to old boss ride, Tharsis (look flight capable), while Inaho refused to switch to Aerion by justifying more armors meant nothing as practically all Martian Cataphracts can one shot kill Terran Cataphracts with ease.

  • May

    Oh, I also can’t like Inaho and I always see him as a ‘typical’ main character, i don’t know why.. Now I know, he’s JUST the exact opposite of a typical main character as you said.
    And Marito also is the exact opposite of the ‘typical’ side character (like Mu La Flaga from Gundam Seed) and his connection with the female captain Magbaredge also is the exact opposite of the ‘typical’ female captain (like Ramias from Gundam Seed)..
    Although I enjoyed the turmoils of side characters, I still can’t like Inaho.. And feel poor for Slaine as I feel that Inaho will win the princess at the end. Oh anti-hero always lose the battle as always.. (but win the war in the sense of capturing audience’s heart).
    Thanks for your analytical post, it was amazing. And the snapshot also hilarious.

  • May

    Oh, one more thing. The Rayet – Asseylum connection is some sort similar but has exact opposite actions with Flay – Lacus connection in Gundam Seed. Oh, how this anime is somesort of similar but just the exact opposite of Gundam Seed.. Makes it feel typical eventho it tried not to be typical. Anyway, I enjoy both series.

  • Juuu

    You shouldn’t have to apologize for other people being offended by it. You clearly warned them about it and asked them to skip it. It’s their own damn fault for ignoring your warning and then bitching about it.
    Oh and the soundtrack isn’t nice…it’s amazing!

    • Entrav

      Well, I did warn about it now. Initially I didn’t have the text in that way at the very top. I just had “Skip to the written section by clicking here.” That isn’t really a warning. I’ll remember to put in a warning from now on about the captions.

      • Juuu

        Lols. Either way even though I don’t agree with some of your points, this review still made me laugh. Thanks for that.

        • Entrav

          Thanks for reading!

  • mk28v

    Firstly, that ain’t proper CPR. Missing the crunchy sounds for starters. Compressions way too slow, stopping way too long for unneccesary rescue breaths, turning down help – princess would be a cabbage by now. And a defibrillator will do precisely fuck all to a stopped heart, only adrenaline helping in that situation.

    Secondly, the autism thing – seriously? Humour is a great way of dealing with things, I work amidst all kinds of injury and death and if not for ‘inappropriate’ humour would have gone mad long ago.

    Autism can be funny. Deal with it.

    • Entrav

      Well shit, I should have done my research instead of trusting the interwebs.

  • MgMaster

    Oh geez,the hell is this? People,if everyone was as sensitive as some of you,then shows like Jerry Seinfield or The Bundys would’ve probably never existed. Let’s not even get to the part where some of you resort to personal attacks. Seriously, stop taking COMMENTS THAT YOU KNOW VERY WELL TO BE JOKES so seriously.

    Now about Aldnoah Zero…well,I decided to put it on-hold after 2 episodes since it seemed like a decent-to-good popcorn anime that’d be more enjoyable when marathoned,like a long action movie. Although I can see how the slow pace you talk about could be a problem and make prevent it from being too enjoyable as a good popcorn show too. When a show slow’s down,one usually expect’s some character development and/or world building episodes but if not even that happens,then the show is giving the audience too much time to think,to look for more depth and if there’s not much of that then it’s basically just wasting it’s time.

    Still,I hope it’ll at least be a decent popcorn show anyway,otherwise I might not even watch it since mecha isn’t exactly one of my preferred genres,although I still enjoy some of them(rarely for the mechas though :D).

  • Zerriet

    Review aside, wow did this just become your most commented review/article to date? If so congrats :D

    • Entrav

      Not even close. My Shingeki finale review has 234 comments. A few Valvrave reviews have more comments than this as well. Finale: 116. Episode 21: 113. Episode 20: 80. Episode 10: 83, and so on. Though, obviously those were exceptions since I was known for my crazy Valvrave reviews back then as they complemented my captions really well. Shingeki is… well, Shingeki, so no surprise there.

      Definitely surprising that this has this many comments though although it’s not for a good reason, haha.

      • Zerriet

        ah i see, i will send you a some pictures of the comment log plus some background as to what happened. Hopefully that will help fill in some gaps but yeah, i am grateful you actually took the time to read my contact form, with your busy schedule concerning this site and stuff :)

        • Entrav

          No problem. It’s not a bad change of pace.

          • Zerriet

            I have sent the mail to your Hotmail. Do take a look :D

          • Entrav

            Will do.

  • Jackwagon Panda

    I feel the same about the writing. I mean it’s Gen Urobutcher, who wrote Madoka Magica and Fate Zero. I guess I kinda got my hopes up, but I wouldn’t stop if I were you. At least, I don’t think he’ll make a haphazard ending when the anime finishes. And seriously, we get some form of character development after nine episodes? Finally. I really agree that the writing could do some work, so I do think that they need to up the ante during hiatus until season 2. Oh, and give Inaho a personality. His blank face and calm personality irritates me (though Gen himself did not create Inaho, someone else did). I enjoy AZ but it really needs to step it up and show some guts.

    • Entrav

      Well, obviously I’m going to watch until the end just to see what this show has to offer because of the people behind it. At the very least I think I’ll feel more positive about this show by the time it ends. I really don’t think it can get that much worse.

  • EvilNemesis

    Honestly I dropped this way back. There’s just something about recent Mechas being horrible in writing in general and I don’t like it.
    I haven’t read your written review, just skimmed over captions ( no time to read wall of text of things I don’t even watch ) but I’m not surprised how you find it lacking.

    As for the whole autism debacle, I’d like to point out that Egg-kun, if he were an actual real human being would totally be classified as having some form of autism. So, even though this could be classified as some form of poor taste in joke ( good ol’ Entrav spending too much time on /a/ ) It’s still hit the marks as far as I’m concerned.

    Back to anime…

    Maybe God-Bro Tomino lover of nee-san will save us with Gundam Reconguista? Time will tell.

    Between this and ZnK, the anime original were pretty underwhelming this season, actually worse than hitler.

    P.S. This last bit is a reference to the reference of Auschwitz that’s actually in SnK, so think before you go “m-muh 6 trillion” on me.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, both originals fell way below my expectations. *Sigh.


      • Alexandre Charron-trudel

        at this point, Aldnoah has ceased to allow my suspension of disbelief. There’s little discussion, if barely a mention in episode 11, that what the martians intend is nothing short of dragging earth, with nary a whimper, back into the age of the crusades, complete with the religiously motivated genocide and glorification of slaughter. What has boggled my mind the most, however, is the complete lack of tactical and strategic depth on the part of the UE. Or, put more simply: if you sustain 50% casualties within the first few seconds of a fight, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG and you might as well drag your general staff out into the street and have them shot.

        For a real life example, we can look at the 1991 Gulf War: the U.S had absolute technological superiority, but their victory ultimately came down to overwhelming numbers (a 1.5 to 1 advantage), and–most importantly–a severe lack of training and maintenance on the Iraqi side. Even with this, the coalition still suffered KIA and wounded in the hundreds (however, this was dwarfed by the 200:1 kill ratio of the Coalition, which saw the Iraqis off with at least 75,000 KIA and wounded).

        Despite this, the only casualties that the Vers empire has appeared to suffer, apart from the minor civil war between Saalzbaum and company, are the three orbital knights personally offed by Inaho. That’s right: 3, compared with the unparalleled massacre of UE forces. Where are the Vers infantry casualties that would be incurred in any prolonged action, much less the seizure of heavily fortified military bases? (since armor, much less individual armor, can’t hold ground for very long). For that matter, where are the UE infantry?

        There are too many questions left unanswered, the show feels rushed; it feels like they’re trying to get everything out of the way, as though this were all one giant prologue to whatever is coming next.

  • Chichiryuutei

    Guys you need to cool it! I’d hate for future post to lose their funnest because somebody can’t take a joke. While I understand that you may not like how a “word” is used don’t come here and try to do what you don’t do in real life and attack Entrav because he’s trying to create an interesting post.

    @Entravity:disqus please don’t change the way you post things. I come here every week to read your post, specially the captions which most of the times I find utterly hilarious. I know that you have never meant anyone harm and just like comedians are allowed to make fun of anyone you can and should make fun of whatever you want.

    Great review! Aldnoah hasn’t really deliberate but I hope it gets better in the future. I hope you’ll update your site to add the newest review for SAO2, A.Z and specially episode 24 (or should I say the 24th appearance of THE ONE TRUE GOD TATSUYA)! This is my 1st post on your site so please don’t change your way of reviewing and keep doing a great job!

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much for visiting my site every week to read my post! I greatly appreciate your support!


  • no_name_is_needed

    Will I be able to watch this shit (sorry if it isnt shit to u) on tge page orrrrrr what? Cause tgis looks like something I would watch. And it seems funn t in a weird sort of way……

  • no_name_is_needed

    Oh, an stop saying autism, cause i have that, and….yeah
    So, shut up

  • Killsqu8d

    Decent anime