Anime Review Weekly: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 1, Shirobako 1

Psycho Pass 2
It begins.

There are a lot of anime to follow this season.
Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 1 Review
Shirobako Episode 1 Review

Well, it’s been a long time since I did one of these. With so many anime airing that are worthwhile to talk about this season, I think I’ll be doing quite a few more of these weekly reviews. I simply don’t have the time to cover a lot of these shows, but there will be something special coming when the third or fourth week of the season comes around, so stay tuned until then. Anyways, let’s get right to it.


If you do not want to be spoiled for the other anime, stick to just that section and don’t scroll too much.
Comments are open to both shows so unless you don’t mind spoilers for the other show, avoid it.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 1 Review

Lacouse is going to be a plot point soon enough.

Would the vast majority of people even be able to accept a “machine” deciding their futures in the first place?

Dominator gun


Sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

Tsunemori Akane inspector

Akane’s got this badass vibe now.

Well, fuck you too.

So Kirito-kun (Yes, that’s actually his name) is selling drugs now.
Oh how the Stu has fallen.

Not listening to Akane.



You know what a romantic explosion embrace means.
That’s right. The lesbian scene is coming.

Never gets old.

And we’re not worried about you.
Just shut the fuck up.

Look, you have nice tits, but this isn’t a brothel. Let the pros do their job.

So Ginoza’s become the wise old man to replace Makishima when it comes to spouting random things.
With less pretentiousness of course.


Tougane Sakuya


Tsunemori Akane Dominator

Administering justice.

And he falls down the rooftop and dies.
Everyone’s efforts in vain.


Inspector Mika… You are…

Shimotsuki Mika inspector

a total fucking asshole.

Kamui Kirito


The dystopian world of Psycho-Pass monitored by the Sibyl System returns, and with it brings a calm and very skilled Tsunemori Akane. She’s grown quite a bit since the beginning of the first season. No doubt the whole ordeal with the Sybil System shook her foundational beliefs of what is right and wrong. With the decision that she made at the end of the previous season, she steeled her resolve to see the system through until the end judging it and herself all the meanwhile. Although seeing Akane act in such a professional manner is great, her partner is… kind of an asshole. It’s obvious that the anime is trying fairly hard to make her detestable right off the bat. Such a thing can really only be intentional. The way Shimotsuki Mika acts is similar to how Akane acted in the beginning of the first season in that she doesn’t agree with the methods her seniors use. It’s different in that Akane wanted to save lives at the beginning of the first season, and she still wants to now. Mika, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily want to save lives as much as she wants to strictly adhere to the system which creates an interesting contrast between the motivations of the two main characters. Throughout this second season, Akane’s values and actions will probably come more into question as the contrast between the two become starker and starker. I wouldn’t be surprised if a failure on Akane’s part to resolve things like she did in this episode serves as a catalyst for Mika to take action against Akane. Looking at it this way, Mika is quite the wild card this season as her actions could pull the story in a wide variety of different paths. Nevertheless, the one commonality that we will see in all these different paths will no doubt be Akane’s development to determine who she really is.

This first episode does a nice job of reintroducing us to the setting while laying down the potential points of conflict that will be touched upon as the season progresses. Already, we have an antagonist with the ability to maintain their hue while doing atrocities much like Makishima Shougo. Though, I doubt their motivations and personalities will be nearly as similar. It’s a solid start for those who like the series, but for those who didn’t like the first season for reasons such as finding the Sibyl System, or Dominators flawed, finding the quotes to be pretentious or other problems that one could have with the first season, you probably won’t like this season much either. While the pretentious quotes can easily be taken out, the setting and premise are all laid out, so if you have problems with the foundational aspects of the show, you’re probably not going to see “improvements” in that regard this season. Knowing this, the biggest problem I have right now is the amount of episodes. There are only ten left, and if it is to address Akane’s character development alongside Mika’s while also discussing themes surrounding right and wrong and introducing a new antagonist, it really has to make every episode count. This is especially the case for creating an antagonist that could stand toe to toe with Makishima Shougo who was very fascinating to watch. That said, the first season did have quite a few episodes in the monster of the week format, so that could be eliminated this season to allow for more time to portray more important plot points. Psycho-Pass can go deep, but I’m worried that it may try to do too much with too little time and end up portraying its themes as sloppily copy and pasted versions of the previous season’s themes. Can it deliver new themes while considerably developing its older ones? Can Akane and Mika’s character developments be properly realized? Will the antagonist be as compelling as the previous season’s? We’ll have to wait and see.

Shirobako Episode 1 Review

midori aoi shizuka misa ema donuts


I can’t imagine the amount of work it takes to color all that shit. Good lord.

The fuck is wrong with your mouth?
I agree though.
Donuts are all-season.



Shirobako Anime Miyamori Aoi




The constipation I have right now man…


Imai Midori

It’s also pretty amazing how there are people actually reading my stupidly retarded random bullshit.
Thanks for that.
I hope I’m not making it sound like you’re stupidly retarded for reading my random bullshit.

Heh, remember that episode of Psycho-Pass that had horrible animations? That was hilarious.

Are you sure you’re not homo?

I remember seeing a leaked document of the timeline, but I think this depends. It was a 2-cour anime, and they started airing it when they were halfway complete so…

Miyamori Aoi

Is this going to be like Pizza Hut of Code Geass or something?


I don’t know if any of you saw voice actors voice acting, but it’s pretty awesome how they make all the random sounds.
You know… especially when they scream in erotic ways and-


INB4 Urobutcher is randomly involved.
Don’t worry. The review of the finale of Aldnoah.Zero will come…
When it’s no longer relevant.

Most of you reading this review should have watched a decent amount of anime. After all, people usually don’t start following seasons week to week until they’ve watched at least a few dozen anime. Therefore, you must like anime quite a bit- “OKAY ENTRAV, ISN’T THAT THE MOST OBVIOUS FUCKING SHIT EVER? GET TO THE FUCKING POINT, YOU FAGGOT.” is probably what you’re thinking right now. Firstly, fuck you. Secondly, you’re probably interested in how anime is made, correct? Sure, you may not want to know the tiniest of details, but you have probably wondered how they draw all the frames, what key animators, directors, animation producers, general managers, and so on are responsible for. If you don’t know, you can’t attribute certain aspects of great works to anyone, and you certainly can’t begin chastising people for making a horrible adaptation of a manga, light novel or visual novel. There are resources out there for you to know some of the process, but what exactly the staff members do, and how the anime is made from beginning to end with the various intricacies is shrouded in mystery. Of course, each studio and anime is made in a somewhat different way depending on what happens during the anime creation process. Still, we’re probably going to be interested in the general idea so that we can get a feel for how anime is made. To help us on this path one kind person decided to translate the website pages for Shirobako to give us the flow of animation production and some terms and definitions.

Those documentaries that you see of “The making of…” whatever anime are great sources of information. It’s just that many of them are not subbed, so foreigners have no idea whether they like drawing cute girls doing cute things or if they’re lamenting the fact that they have to. Thankfully, Shirobako is here to give us an idea of how anime is made, and give us an idea it does. This whole episode is very focused on the staff surrounding anime as well as some of the difficulties that may come to pass during the creative process. There are no huge chunks of random slice of life moments, and the anime doesn’t have as much comedy as I expected going into it. Personally, I think that’s great. There are many, many other anime about cute girls doing cute things. There are very, very few anime about making anime. It’s not only breaking into new territory by having a more realistic perspective about making anime. It’s also uncharted territory that I’m genuinely interested in because it helps us understand the work that goes behind making any anime. I’m often a bit irritated at people who write short reviews that lambaste a certain show because even some of the crappiest shows have a lot of effort put in to them, and at least in my opinion, it’s disrespectful to not put in your own hard work when it comes to critiquing those anime. Hopefully, Shirobako will help illuminate this perspective so people can appreciate the amount of work that go behind each anime. So yes, if you’re interested in how anime is made, you absolutely must keep an eye on this as there are almost no other anime like this. If you don’t care that much and you want a slice of life comedy, you’re probably better off watching something else. I have always been interested in the anime creation process, so I’m very pleased that Shirobako has taken this route. I’m not sure if I can continue doing reviews of this as I doubt I’ll have much to comment on in the future, but I’ll be eagerly waiting for it every week nevertheless.

Shirobako Anime Wallpaper Psycho-Pass Season 2 Anime

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  • Arcmuse

    Yeah psycho pass Xd um….do i have to watch the reedit or can i just go and start watching the season if i finshed the first

    • Entrav

      If you finished the first season, then you can just watch this second season. The re-edit just summarizes what happens in the first season.

      • Arcmuse

        Thanks guys i was just wondering i only got half away though the rededit XD

    • NIX

      The reedit is just combined episodes with a few more new scenes added in between.

  • niknasr

    Yeah, I also felt the same way as you, Entrav.. there were many decent first episodes that demand a watch for the next episode like Kiseijuu, Madan, Grisaia, Sora, Amagi and this one Shirobako and a few others more.. Shame I didn’t watch the 1st season of Psycho Pass, I will catch it up to it sooner or later anyway.. Very interested in knowing what all of these anime can bring for the rest of the season..

    p/s: Fate/Stay deserve at least a post ;)

    • Entrav

      I’m just waiting to see which ones will be the hard hitters this season aside from the obvious ones (FSN, LH2). Should be a great season.

  • NIX

    I loved your captions Entravity! I would just like to add that although the way Shimotsuki acts is similar to how Akane acted in the beginning of the first season, she brings this sense of being arrogant. Past Akane although annoying, was still respectful to Ginoza when he was her senior and still treated the enforcers as humans. Although there are parallels, the two girls very much different , Akane grew from naivety but Shimotsuki will need to develop from her arrogant trust in sybil. I would hate if everyone thought Shimotsuki was a direct reflection of Akane, she’s not and hopefully she develops in another way.

    (I hope she changes soon, although I know it’s intentional she’s still mightily annoying)
    (I just bet she will need to mess up big time on something before she realizes her errors. sigh. We will still have to see her till then)

    • Entrav


      Ah yes, you’re right about that. She is very arrogant. It’s a different way of adhering to the system that brings more of a contrast than a parallel. No one really sees the parallel to be stronger than the contrast. It’s pretty clear that they’re different, but they’re still similar in some ways.

  • Bam

    So Psycho Pass 2 … it was alright. The episode was competent but felt a
    bit derivative. I’m not sure if I like the new crew as much as the old
    one, at least not yet. Kagari, Kogami and Masaoka all had their own distinct personality and
    charm that was clear from the 1st episode, while the new crew are either
    too bland or just rehashes of the old characters.

    The whole thing had a GITS:A feel to it, which is
    natural given Ubukata’s heavy involvement, but if I’m getting these
    type of action sequences I rather see Section 9 do it. The reveal at the
    end was the most interesting part of the episode honestly. Here’s hoping
    they switch gears a little bit. I like to think that they might throw Shinya back into the mix at an opportune moment, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • SASUGA

      Meh … I actually like the new Akane. I also have faith that Ubukata would do a better job then Urobutcher.

      • Bam

        Tow Ubukata is gifted, no doubt, but he also relies too heavily on genre
        conventions, that’s why many of his works feel already exhausted. He
        seems to have forgotten that this isn’t GITS: Arise. Akane is not Major
        Kusanagi and never will be, so they should stop throwing her in
        high-octane action sequences and build her character in different,
        fresher, direction.

    • Entrav

      You thought the old crew had their own distinct personalities and charm from the first episode? I didn’t really think so until way later, and even then it’s debatable whether they were really “good” characters. Urobutcher’s characterization in general isn’t really the greatest.

      • MgMaster

        Gen’s characterization may not be the best but it’d say it’s still pretty good. I liked what he did with nearly all of Fate/Zero’s characters considering that there were quite a few of them and let’s not forget about Requiem for the Phantom,where the focus was mostly on the main characters and it really showed.

        I wouldn’t consider Psycho Pass’s characters great either but they were still pretty good(well,Yayoi was rather pointless…). The fact the plot drives the characters(unfortunately) instead of the other way around could be why the characters seem weaker than they actually are. When you think about it,we learned about their beliefs,their impressions of the Sybil,some of their pasts & what drives them to make certain decisions,although this last part is what most likely feel’s rather forced since it feel’s like they do so because the plot call’s for it.

        • Entrav

          The characters in Fate/Zero definitely aren’t bad, but you have to remember that Kinoko Nasu was overlooking the development as well. Moreover, certain characters were in FSN, so Urobuchi could draw from that. I’m not discrediting his work in F/Z by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just that series like Suisei no Gargantia, and Aldnoah.Zero don’t have strong characters at all. Suisei no Gargantia being something he was very much responsible for.

          Requiem for the Phantom’s strength, at least to me, isn’t necessarily in how good the characters are. It’s about the portrayal of its various themes. It’s about what it means to be an assassin and other themes like that. For example, the ending can be looked at in different ways, and some hate it because they didn’t look deeply at it. They could have put in different characters, and it would have worked out just as well, if not even better.

          Honestly, the only character that stood out for me in the first season of Psycho-Pass is Makishima Shougo. His personality worked really well with what he was trying to accomplish and the nature of the system. Everyone else though… Well, I guess I won’t comment too much about that since I have to rewatch it to critique it properly, but I don’t remember them being nearly as interesting.

      • Bam

        Yeah I really think so. I’m not saying that they were fleshed out from the get-go or the best of characters, but they were a step above the new crew (judging merely on what we’ve seen so far).

        I’m not a strong believer in Urobutchi’s writing, and like I’ve said I find Ubukata to be competent, but I’m not yet sold on the new season and am wondering about what it can bring to the table that hasn’t been done better elsewhere.

        • Entrav

          If you comparing to this new crew then I agree. Comparisons aside though, I didn’t really think they had their own distinct personalities and charm from the getgo. Then again, I haven’t watched the first season since it first started airing so…

          • Bam

            So now that I have seen episode 02 I can speak a little more confidently about the characters. The characterization and general direction was handled much better then the premier and we got to see some of the crew flesh out a little bit. Now Akane’s tired and shambling home (or is it her mental state?) plus the reveal with the villain and his motivation seems to be some of the fresher concepts that the season has provided thus far. I still feel that they are retreading some familiar grounds with Tougane, but this might change in a bit, so I’ll reserve judgment.

            What I didn’t like about the episode was the handling of Kitazawa’s character, which went from a hotheaded yet sensible anarchist revolutionary to an unstable psychopath in such a short time. The interrogation scene was just too heavy-handed. Also given the events that transpired last season it’s incredibly naive for anyone to still think that the Sybil System is a fail-safe structure. ehhh … wave-cancellation helmets anyone? This is true for both Aoyanagi and Shimotsuki, as well as the entire MWPSB actually. Even without knowledge about the true nature of Sibyl they still have seen instances where the system was circumnavigated, so blind faith seems pretty unreasonable at this point.

            You would think hammering a women to death in the middle of the street would ruffle a few feathers and shake people’s faith in the system, but no, it was all cleanly swept under the rug, God is back in his heaven and all is all right with the world again.

            I was expecting this season to feature a society on the verge of breakdown, which would’ve made for a pretty good setting for the plot to thicken through the upheavals and then finish up with the establishment of the new order. Now that would be a more satisfying conclusion to the Sibyl System, since the ending of the last season was pretty anti-climactic.Also they just need to throw Kougami back into the mix soon, cuz I know they’re going to do it, so stop with the teasing already.I’ll give it over episode 5 or so when they assume that we are deeply caught up in the current drama and have almost forgotten about him. I think it’s going to be a satisfyingly big moment, Like when Snake looks at the camera and goes “missed me already?”.

            Also what city would install brain-wave scanners around every corner
            before they set up bunch of goddamn security cameras?! That would’ve saved them so much trouble.

          • Entrav

            I didn’t like how Kitazawa’s mind deteriorated so quickly either. It felt way too fast and almost uncalled for. Then again, maybe they’ll explain some other form of manipulation later on that causes this.

            I have no idea how they handled the ordeal with the helmets in the time gap between season one and two, but it is indeed silly for them to be so naive. Maybe there were gag orders or something along those lines. Then again, you’d think that they would be better off knowing what happened in the past so they can be more ready to react to uncertain events.

            I’ll give this second season some time since it’s only been two episodes. Nevertheless, I feel that it’s retreading the same ground without expanding upon the previous season much at all. Again, it could just be that this is setting things up for the movie which, from the looks of the cover (it’s pretty spoilerish), could move things in an interesting direction.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      I’m concerned this might turn into a Criminal of the Day style anime with a larger plot, which develops little by little each episode. While it is nice in Hollywood cop shows, it would ruin the potential of Psycho Pass.

      • Bam

        Given the short runtime of 13 episodes I doubt that they’ll have enough room to get sidetracked all that much. Read my last reply to Entrav for the episode 02 write-up of the events if you’re interested.

        • Entrav

          11 episodes actually. The movie will continue 2 years after this second season, so I’m thinking that this season will be more of a set-up for the movie more than anything else. I don’t want to spoil you, so I won’t show you the image, but the cover for the movie is a pretty good hint of what may happen in the future.

          • Bam

            Yes you’re right, it’s only 11 episode. I had that in mind too but still wrote 13 for some reason; I guess I’m too used to the common cour conventions.

            I have seen two very different posters that are both purportedly for the upcoming movie. One seemed as if they’re going with an adaptation of PP:Zero (or Genesis) which is a prequel story, while the other was a more ambiguous poster of a solo Akane that to me showcases further Ghost in the Shellification of the franchise. Given that few outlets have already reported that the movie is set 2 years after PP2 then I assume the latter is much more probable.

            I can make a few assumptions from the uniform, the background and the persistence of Dominators, but can’t really deduce too much from what I’ve seen so far. It’s still possible that we’re talking about different posters altogether tho.

  • Ian Porterfield

    You might want to look at both Grisaia and Fatestaynacht. Grisaia in particular is giving off STAPLER STAPLER vibes…

    • Entrav

      There’s not much for me to say about Fate/Stay Night right now. I’ll wait until later.

      I’ll do a review for Grisaia and FSN sooner or later. It’s just finding the right episode to discuss rather than waste a few hours and talk about nothing.

  • George Ivascu

    log horizon now this? why review sequels~ there are so many interesting stuff this season – parasyte is an example…

    • Entrav

      Why not review sequels? They tend to be the more interesting ones to review especially if the previous seasons were interesting. Kiseijuu is just beginning. There’s not really much for me to talk about.


    HOHOHO your captions killed Mika! It’s always a pleasure reading your stupidly retarded random AWESOME bullcrap! :D

    Akane was totally BOSS!
    I hope this season can become something awesome in 10 eps. In the meantime, let’s enjoy BOSS AKANE!
    Jeez I’m snagging internet in school on a Sunday. But it’s totally worth it! (And I need important docs for school so I really had no choice.)

    • Entrav

      Hopefully Akane won’t just be a badass and will actually undergo some form of meaningful development from this stage.

  • MgMaster

    Psycho Pass was my 2nd favorite anime last year and when I remember being both excited & worried when I heard about a sequel. When I heard it was only getting 11 episodes and that Gen’s not the staff,I became a bit more worried than excited as changing writers for a series hardly end’s up well.

    Now,while I thought the 1st episode was really good as a to re-introduce us to the world of Psycho Pass,I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the new members of the cast when compared to the old ones that we had initially but I’m willing to give them a chance although I’d rather the focus be on more on Akane,Ginoza and of course,Kougami(he’d better show up…).

    I mean yea sure, Mika’s most likely gonna grow from a naive & ignorant inspector to a mature & understanding one but we saw a similar growth with Akane & even Ginoza last season,two characters who were both more interesting and likeable even initially. So I can’t help but ask, was her addition to the cast really necessary?

    At any rate,I hope that starting next week PP2 start’s picking up as a sequel and not an attempt to go through a similar plotline with a villain that probably won’t be as compelling as Makishima and some character development for another less interesting & likeable character.

    Of course,all my complaints & worries are only because I really liked the 1st season and would love if this can deliver as good as that one did. But even if it doesn’t,it’ll be one of my favorite shows of the season.

    • Entrav

      The thing is though, Mika might grow up in a different way. She doesn’t have to take the same path as Akane at all. As for whether she’s necessary, only time will really tell. If she does end up taking the same path, her character would be quite useless unless she can create some change within Akane that would make her better as a character or something along those lines.

  • Zerriet

    For psycho pass 2 episode 1, I felt that it was a solid episode but I feel there is a sight concern, that being that it might be a rehash of season 1. Rika might become another Ginoza and that new villain might be another Makshima, so we will just have to see.

    Still not sure if I should watch Shirobako since Glasslip was a big dissapointment, might give it a try if i have the time

    • Entrav

      Yeah, that’s a problem I fear too. Hopefully it does try something new.

  • Sasha

    I miss Kougami already. Do we know if he’s going to show up? Because we kind of see his face in the opening (which is great be the way) but that doesn’t mean anything. From what I see of the 1st episode it feels like is time has passed but… aaah I want him back, he and Akane were such a great team.

  • Some1

    *sigh* I just really hope the second season will be a disappointment. I don’t think the 1st episode was bad it’s just that there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding the future episodes. Hopefully Mika gets some good plot development. I do get the feeling that something’s going to happen I Akane and Mika will take over as the head investigator and screw everything up.

    I’m also worried that their going to pull off something like Hamatora by ending the season with a cliffhanger and making you watch the next season in order to learn the whole story. Either that or the ending might be rushed. I mean, with all those new characters and a lot of backstory from the last season all put into 12 episodes sounds fishy.

    I also kind of miss the old Akane. I like her character development but she’s obviously pushing herself and she’s definitely going to hit some character development bumps along the road. I hope her smiles come back. Maybe some Kagaminess will slap her smile back.

    Anyways let’s hope this season doesn’t disappoint.

    • Entrav

      “I just really hope the second season will be a disappointment.” You mean “not be a disappointment,” right? Haha.

      Remember, a movie is coming out so what you’re saying about the cliffhanger could very well end up being the case.

  • Chaos

    And he falls down the rooftop and dies.
    Everyone’s efforts in vain.
    I laughed loud at this.
    Nice article. The article was interesting.

    • Entrav


  • OMA

    So judging from the Shirobako pictures you’ve posted here, it seems like people working on anime love donuts? ;-P