Anime Review Weekly: Sidonia no Kishi 4, Jojo Stardust Crusaders 5

Sidonia no Kishi anime

Getting more intense.
Sidonia no Kishi Episode 4
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode 5 Review

If you’re reading this and you either dropped Sidonia no Kishi or didn’t watch it, you should give episode 4 a shot before deciding to not watch it as it’s the one that best shows the potential that lies ahead for the anime. However, if you can’t handle the CGI then there’s nothing the show can do for you on that regard. I’ve also delayed Jojo for quite some time and I can’t any longer because the MANLY ADVENTURE OF MANLINESS is already underway.

If you do not want to be spoiled for the other anime, stick to just that section and don’t scroll too much.
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Sidonia no Kishi Episode 4 Review

Dat evasion.

A scary turn.

Oh shit.

Didn’t expect to see devastating in this way.

Love all the UI.

Are the people who hung on even alive after that? I can imagine some people died even if they held on.

Tanikaze Nagate launching

Truly the last hope.

Sidonia Gauna fires hyggs

An adaptive, and intelligent species. WELP. GOOD LUCK SIDONIA.

Hoshijiro Shizuka in trouble

She can’t die, right? RIGHT?!

Hoshijiro Shizuka ejects


Tsugumori mech


That glorious impact sound effect.

Knights of Sidonia gauna



Hoshijiro Shizuka drifting


If this episode did anything well it’s that it made me realize the gravity of the situation that humanity are in. The devastating of Akai’s team in the previous episode was expected, but the acceleration to get away from the Gauna is what really shook me to my senses and made me realize just how dangerous Gauna are and what sacrifices need to be made in order for humanity to survive just a bit longer. I was in complete awe of the depiction of the event. I mean, what other series tackles acceleration on a scale like this realistically? Travelling at super fast speeds and turning suddenly… Well, you know what happens when you’re in a car and it turns suddenly? This is what happens when you’re travelling at extremely fast speeds and try to make a turn like that. It’s realistic, and it’s devastating how quickly things can devolve in their world. Sidonia can’t wait for everyone to cling on. It’s do or die. It’s these harsh, but realistic decisions that I greatly appreciate. It brings a true sense of tension and intensity into the show if you haven’t already felt it earlier like me.

The threat of Gauna really does feel like an incredibly dangerous, mysterious, and impending force. The way it unrelentingly pursues Sidonia and adapts to the situations that its in makes it a great foe for humanity which in turn makes the conflicts all the more enjoyable and tense. Also, for once, it makes sense that a laser beam takes a while to hit its target. Though, that does mean that the communication between Sidonia and the other forces should also be delayed. Not to mention HQ shouldn’t have realized Tanikaze kills the Gauna right away, but hey, these nit-picks didn’t cross my mind while watching, and the show is better off without excessive devotion to realism anyways. All that matters is that it accentuates realism at certain parts to contribute to the story, level of tension, and so on. I don’t think I’ve commented on how good the sound is either. I don’t just mean the soundtracks. From the thrusters to the Hyggs particle cannon impacts, the sound assets this anime has are phenomenal. With Tanikaze and Hoshijiro now adrift, we can hope for some romantic suit hugging in the darkness of space next episode as well. Looking good.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode 5 Review

Polnareff Jean Pierre

Are you as fabulous?


Avdol Mohammed


Jojo Stardust Crusaders anime



Polnareff fabulous


He even warned you.





That just got dark.

Dio Brando Stardust Crusaders

Wtf you doing Dio? Are you trying to be a more hip version of Indiana Jones?

Confirmed FABULOUS stalker.

More like the lower half influences the head more often than it should.

Kujou Jotaro yare yare


FABULOUS POSES, BOMBASTIC DIALOGUE, FIGHTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY TACTICAL, AND MORE MANLINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE, JOJO IS BACK WITH MORE MANLY BATTLES OF PURE MANLINESS. It’s good to have it back for yet another lengthy adventure. This episode highlights very well one of the aspects that I greatly enjoy from the series and it’s that there are multiple characters who have important roles. This is even more apparent in this season as Jotaro hasn’t really gotten much action himself just yet. I’m also a sucker for random people joining the party and adventuring with the main characters as it makes for more interesting character dynamics a lot of the time. Having a former enemy becomes a valuable ally after letting the audience realize that the he has his own just reasons for doing what he does and that his stance is now aligned with the main characters’ is a tactic that the series has used since the beginning. Remember Stroheim? The greater the foe, the more awesome things become when that foe switches sides. For this series, this tactic has worked incredibly well as it gives some solid foundation for the major characters and makes them easily likable. What can I say? It’s hard to grow tired of the MANLY MOMENTS OF PURE MANLINESS and the AMAZINGLY TESTOSTERONE-BOOSTING COMMENTS FOR THINGS THAT ARE INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS. LET THE MANLY ADVENTURE CONTINUE!

Knights of Sidonia Anime Wallpaper Jojo Stardust Crusaders Anime Wallpaper


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  • Konoha23

    I yes you may not know this but they use hyggs in a lot of ways including communications, allowing them instantaneous ones, same goes for the detecting gauna is dead.

    • Entrav

      But the Gauna’s shot took some time to reach the group so it’s clearly not instantaneous. Unless, there are different varients of hyggs and the one they use for communication and so on are instantaneous?

      • Konoha23

        umm maybe i should re-watch the episode but i believe it depends on the distance. There is a certain range in which is near instantaneous, then not so much,…truthfully i am not sure they have explained it on the manga that well either XC. I guess we can say for the sake of the story is better if it is XD

  • niknasr

    Sidonia is marvelous, it rise high over my expectation.. I like where this show’s going..

    • Entrav

      Same here.

  • James Du

    While reading the manga and watching this, I always thought the Higgs beam was a particle beam. After all, the Higgs boson is a particle. A super massive particle, to boot.

    And you can’t see lasers, especially in space. But you can see particle beams.

    • Entrav

      Now that you mention it, I forgot that you can’t even see lasers. Particle beams would work and they do travel near the speed of light.

      • James Du

        No, particle beams do not need to travel at a very high fraction of C (the speed of light).

        A charged particle beam (as opposed to a neutral) particle beam would be governed by a variant of the inverse square law; and would need to travel pretty fast to have a useful range.

        However, the Higgs boson is a zero-charge, zero spin supermassive particle, so a 10% or even 1% C-fractional beam would probably maintain coherence (and therefore lethality/effectiveness) over extended ranges.

        Of course, the Higgs Boson is highly unstable and short-lived, but this anime seems to have ‘solved’ those problems.

        • Entrav

          I never said they needed to.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    The new guy is like a combination between Benimaru from KoF and Kanji from P4. Is this JoJo or is this Persona 4 the Manly Animation? They got the gang together, all that’s left is for JoJo to perform a fusion or visit the velvet room.

    • Entrav

      As long as he’s awesomely manly with fabulous poses, HE’S IN THE JOJO.

  • Drig

    I couldn’t get past the CG in the first episode of Sidonia. Will have to give it a 2nd chance looking at all the rave reviews its getting.

    On a totally unrelated note, I don’t get why I was put off by Sidonia’s animation but was drawn towards Ping Pong……..Crazy.

    Jojo’s been pretty great so far. I’m hoping it can go to the next level soon enough though.

    • Flaiboy

      I’m just the opposite: the animation in PP was a roadblock for me but I had no problem enjoying SnK from the get go. It’s always interesting for me to see how our personal preferences, sometimes unconsciously, enable us to make immediate decisions about what we like and what we don’t. You’re right, it’s crazy . . . and fascinating.

      I hope Sidonia keeps the quality up. This show is full of tired sci-fi cliches and yet the show engages my attention to the point where I don’t mind them; I just think they’re doing them well. This is the fastest 22 minutes for me this season.

    • Entrav

      I have a friend who can’t get past the CGI either. Ars Nova was already too much for him.

  • MgMaster

    Completely unrelated to these reviews since I don’t watch either of these two shows but I’m curios: Entrav,y u no watch Gokukoku no Brynhildr? Not your cup of tea?

    • Entrav

      I do watch Gokukoku no Brynhildr. In fact, I’m going to sleep right now so I can watch it tomorrow. >.>

      • MgMaster

        Oh,I see. I’m just surprised you didn’t blog about it up till now.

  • Bam

    **SIDONIA: I have been excited for KoS since the premiere and thought of the animation style to be one of the strengths. The framerate drops of the 1st two episodes were jarring but have improved a lot in the last few episodes. One of the best aspects of the animation is how closely it mimics traditional anime gesture, facial expressions and most importantly movement. It feels unlike any other CGI as if they drew key frames in the traditional style and overlayed the CGI on it.

    I’m a big fan of Tsutomu Nihei’s other works such as Biomega and Blame! but never read KoS. It’s interesting to see that even though the setting is almost completely different still ideas such as Kozlov (sentient bear-type) and the legendary Toha heavy industries (or Toa) making cameos here as well. Nihei was an architecture student and it’s famous for his sprawling mega-structures and they are very present in KoS. The heavy cellshading of certain scenes really brings his world to life.

    And as a Nihei fan let me warn you not to get too stuck on the minor details, as his work might be considered hard-fiction (nothing even remotely close to genre giants such as Arthur C. Clark, but pretty scientific for anime) but at the same time he is famous for leaving out a lot of stuff without any explanation. So don’t worry about EPR paradoxes and entanglements, recline back and just enjoy :-)

    **JOJO: The last two episodes of Jojo were a glorious return to form in my opinion. I’m loving the new animation style. Not that Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency were bad, far from it, but I’m loving the more dynamic fluid animation in contrast to last season’s rigidity.

    I never saw the OVAs so I’m experiencing this arc for the 1st time and am having truckloads of fun. I think it works better like this since I know the full story instead of jumping in SC without really knowing the Joestar family history with Dio. Let the manly screams begin!!

    • SASUGA

      Wow now that you say that I can totally see the architectural influence in KoS.

      And as for jojo I couldn’t agree more. It’s my 1st time too and lovin it! LET THE MANLY MANLINESS COMMENCE ! :D

    • SASUGA

      Wow now that you say that I can totally see the architectural influence in KoS.

      And as for jojo I couldn’t agree more. It’s my 1st time too and lovin it! LET THE MANLY MANLINESS COMMENCE ! :D