Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 10 – Kodaka’s ignorance

Boku wa tomodachi kodaka
The Harem Master.

Kodaka’s feigning ignorance.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 10 Review: “The Unfortunate King and the Serious Story”
“Zannen Ō to Waraenai Hanashi”

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 10 Impressions

From a laughable act of plagiarism into a feigned act of ignorance, Haganai delivers from different sides. Rika gets some more screentime, and we learn a bit more about her and Kodaka.

Mikazuki Yozora

Ah, plagiarism. How entertaining it was for my teacher in high-school to read out papers clearly copied off from random parts of the internet. One sentence was an indescribable piece of junk, and another is fluently written by a college graduate. Those were the times… Yozora certainly isn’t free from blame because plagiarism is a serious crime, but taking ideas and improving upon them is not. It’s just that… who would have thought she would copy the whole thing. It’s either Yozora’s underestimation of her peers or her lack of clear thinking that would cause this. The former would probably be the more likely, but she’s never really portrayed as a bright individual in the first place, more like manipulative, so who knows.

Dat wallpaper. Do want.

Shiguma Rika

Rika, on the other hand, is a genius. Finger print scanning? Voice recognition? Damn, that would be something to aim towards. Anyways, one can consider her to be the most intelligent character in the series not only from her abilities as an inventor, but her observation skills that are shown later in the episode. Personally, Rika’s character is one of the most likable in the second season once the anime replaced her original comic relief self with a more well-rounded character that she is now. While she may be introverted, she doesn’t hate company and just didn’t have the willpower to expose herself to others. However, with the Neighbor’s Club, all that changed and she became friends with everyone which, I suppose, makes her happy. This also makes me think that for her, it’s a world of firsts that Kodaka has given her, and that may be one of the reasons she has taken a liking to him.

Hasegawa Kodaka Hasegawa Kodaka

Kashiwazaki Sena

Oh gawd.

Takayama Maria

Kobato and Maria

Haha, I like how they copy each other.

That student’s description of Kobato drawing farther away the closer the students get to her reminds me of Kodaka. While he may not directly avoid others, it’s more like he’s hesitant to move closer. I also find the little insertion of Maria not liking the situation to be a nice touch. While the Kobato and Maria both fight with each other on the outside, they really are close to each other. Maria gave her the special key for her birthday, Kobato likes to keep her company. This relationship, while not focused on all too much, is a little part that makes a big difference.

Kodaka and Rika

You really should pick. The viewers are waiting.

Here’s what I meant by Rika having strong observation skills. Out of all the others, she’s the one who deduces Kodaka’s true feelings in a truly understanding way. So much so that Kodaka shouts out and rejects the words coming out of Rika’s mouth. Everyone should know that Kodaka isn’t really ignorant; he’s obviously feigning it. Why? It could be to protect himself so that everyone stays close to him and won’t leave him alone. It could also be that he doesn’t know who he should choose or, it could be some other reason. Whatever it may be, it remains to be seen as to whether he’ll pick his stance. However, if he does “choose,” there’s going to be a lot of drama. Maybe it’s time for things to take a more serious turn?

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