Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 11-12 (FINALE) – Sena’s confession and Rika’s fight with Kodaka

Haganai Neighbor's Club last episode
The Neighbor's Club

Confessions and the conclusion.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Review:
11: “Myself, The Stray Chicken”
12: I Have… Friends…”

As usual, I’m impressed with how Haganai cleverly puts in some drama midst all the gags. It’s always entertaining watching the Neighbor’s Club operate as that’s the prime reason why most people are watching. Still, there are still relationships to be met and drama to be delivered.

Haganai Rika Shiguma Rika Shiguma

Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai


Rika has thankfully gained a more prominent role this season and remains one of my favorite characters in the anime. Maybe its her genius mind or her perverted nature, whatever it may be, seeing her express herself almost always makes the episode much more interesting. Kodaka’s reluctance to read out some very yaoi-like inappropriate words while Rika secretly records every single word is something else.

Kashiwazaki Sena

Sena destroys Aoi


Personally, I don’t like Yozora all too much. However, her utter dominance against Yusa Aoi regarding the rules and shutting her down without a reference deserves some credit. While I may have demeaned Yozora’s intellect last time, I can’t downplay her on this one as it is fairly impressive. Moreover, Sena… Just… Too awesome. You can tell that her relationship with anyone outside of the Neighbor’s Club is completely different. Usually, she gets slapped around by Yozora, but this time, because the club is important to her, she gets authoritative easily. Entertaining? You bet.

Kashiwazaki Sena confession

So, Sena’s confession is just like that. Bam. In front of everyone, not discrete, and straight up. What courage, what determination……. And…… Kodaka just gets up, pretends he doesn’t hear anything and leaves. Really? I understand that he’s taken aback, but he just ditches everyone? Seriously, it’s starting to tick me off how irresponsible he really is. What’s worse is that he doesn’t even come back to the club for a whole week! Well, then again, Kodaka is thinking ahead as he’s trying to expand his harem right?

Hinata Hidaka president Hinata convincing Kodaka

So, he’s in the Neighbor’s Club that has no other boys in it, and he gets an offer to join the Student Council which also has no males. What is this, an all-girls-except-for-Kodaka school? Damn, Kodaka better not fall for Hinata who just showed up. That would be the biggest troll move of all time.
“Hey, you know what would be a great idea?”
“Yeah, what?”
“Have a harem around the main protagonist for two seasons, build relationships with them and then nullify everything by making him fall in love with someone else that’s not even relevant to the story!”

Yukimura Kusunoki Yukimura Haganai

Hasegawa Kodaka

Bro. Are you for real?

Rika Shiguma friends

But in all seriousness, Hinata is a nice, strong, sexy character that would be a great addition to the harem cast. If we do get another season, I hope to see more from her. But let’s be honest, the pinnacle of the last episode is undoubtedly the ultimate fight between Kodaka and Rika. Well, it was more like a one-sided massacre filled with sarcasm on the writer’s side. I mean, not in a harem? Where the hell do you think you are living, Kodaka? Real life? No, you’re in a harem. Well, I do understand that he can’t possibly give a happy ending to everyone. He will have to choose… I hope.

Haganai NEXT

I’m glad that Kodaka realizes what he has done and tries to regain his senses. Moreover, he understands, along with others although it may not be explicitly stated, that the Neighbor’s Club is what gave all the members the opportunity to create true friendship. In the end, everything is back to norm- Except, Yozora decides to go on her own little journey sending a text message that clearly indicates the fact that she wants to be found. But hey, this means it’s more likely for another season of awesomeness right?

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  • Andmeuths

    “What is this, an all-girls-except-for-Kodaka school?”

    Well, St Chronica’s apparently only made the transition from All-girls to Co-ed a few years before Kodaka came in…..

    It came up in the Light Novels, just after Yozora owned Yusa the first time round, and Kodaka decided to read the rulebook – and marvel at how relatively liberal the rules were compared to his previous schools. Which further added to his sense of undeserving inadequacy. Alas, the show skipped over this – and the absolutely side-splitting insane Friend Making Game chapter that came in between Yozora’s moment to Shine, and Sena’s confession.

    • Entrav

      God dammit, I totally forgot about that :X My bad. Well, even if there were other males, the harem must continue.

      Ah, too bad they skipped some good sounding parts. Hoping for a new season soon :)

      • Andmeuths

        Well, if there’s an OVA, it’ll either be on Hagani Connect (the latest LN released, after Volume 8, consisting of side stories) or, the Friend Making Game.

        The anime consumed four LN volumes in the first season, and another four in the second season. I think a new season would take two years to materialize, given that one volume is typically released every six months. You might want to check the LN out though – it really fleshes out the characters even more, especially in the later volumes. The anime really axed alot of things out – compressing one volume into three or even less episodes would have that effect.

        • Entrav

          I guess OVAs would be an alright substitution for the long time we might have to wait.

          2 years eh? I’ll definitely check out the LN then when I get the time. I haven’t really read anything, but that sounds great and I think I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • SmithCB

    The series seems to be popular, and I liked the finale. The last shot of Yozora showed her turning her head toward the camera as if she’s seen something. Money on the line that Sena has found her and that’s part of the first episode of the next season, whenever that is. Probably not before Fall ’14 at earliest.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, the finale isn’t that bad and certainly transitions itself well into the next season which will undoubtedly come…. one day.

      Someone probably found Yozora, but I’m not great at speculating.

      • lololololcaster

        YOu want me to spoil ? Its all in the LN.

        But I have to be honest, what happens after this is much more painful to me. Much more drama, and a dark cloud of tragedy on Yozora.

        This story takes such a horrible toll on her from here on.

      • lololololcaster

        But the story really gets much more interesting. Its just painful if you have any empathy for Yozora at all.

        There is a reason her background, family situation etc have not been shown.

        Its death by a thousand cuts for her.

      • lololololcaster

        But the story is *really good*. Its amazing how they take it from where they left off. The authors do a fantastic job. It becomes much more believable and full.