Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 4-5

Boku wa Tomodachi Haganai Rika
It's on.

Rika is amazing.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 4: “A Man is Among Them!”
“Kono Naka ni Hitori, Otoko ga Iru!”
5: “You Can’t Do Something Like That! ~My Ideal Reality Gets Screwed Up When I’m With You~”
“Sonna Asobi wa Ikemasen! ~Kimi ga Iru to Sekaikan ga Midareru~”

Episode 4

Kashiwazaki Sena bribe Hasegawa Kobato and Maria Boku wa Tomodachi

Yokoshima wonderland is like the Disney World of today as people embark on small adventures varying in intensity. The first thing many do when attending such a place is to go on the scariest rides first to test their friends’ audacity. What was the originally impatient fervor turns swiftly into whimpering as the Black Dragon climbs higher into the sky. Then, the drop.


While Rika’s exclamation may be the best part, her screaming random words (and the ability for the subbers to even be able to translate this) definitely makes this episode one of the best so far. Seriously, regardless of whether they made it up or not, the subs do make this scene extremely entertaining.

Haganai SenaxKodaka


Yozora and Sena

Well Kodaka and Sena shippers, you have got your scene in this episode when the two of them are mistaken to be Kobato’s parents. It’s nice seeing the two embarrassed over the idea, but not completely rejecting it either. Personally, I don’t have one coupling I prefer over another, but I care more about the chemistry between the two so long as they display potential to be engaging and unpredictable for the audience like a normal couple should, then I have no qualms with the pairing.


Yukimura’s gender has been concealed for a whole season and now it’s finally been revealed. Well, I would have liked her to actually be a man as it must be lonely for Kodaka to be the only male in the group. Still, her devotion to the manly cause will prove to be useful in her pursuit of manhood. Moreover, this has been part of Yozora’s plan all along and now that it has collapsed, another rival enters the fray.

Episode 5

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next

Kashiwazaki Sena Haganai



Otome games eh? I’m not even familiar with visual novels, so I have no affinity for such a genre. Still, it does show Yozora as a person even if the answers are quite limited. Her liking a delinquent is no surprise because she does like Kodaka. This anime does change its mood quickly even if it’s just by the means of Yozora playing a game. I wonder if her ending in the game will be relatable to how her relationship will end with Kodaka?

Shiguma Rika blonde hair

There’s one aspect of this season that I really, really approve of. It’s definitely Rika’s more involved role in the story. She might have played a perverted humor relief role last episode and still does, but now she is more prevalent as she may even be a romantic partner for Kodaka. Her constant appeals for attention and Kodaka’s reactions are more entertaining than the way he reacts to Sena or Yozora. I’m glad that Rika is playing a more meaningful role and I expect to see greater developments between the two of them.

Lastly, the secret is finally out with his past with the tomboy. This will open up some routes for further conflicts later on but for now, things are all for our amusement and maybe it’s better for it to remain that way. If it gets too dramatic too quickly, we may find it to contrived for our liking. Even so, I would like some kind of decision to be made by Kodaka in the ways of deciding who he likes.

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  • Christemo

    For the record, this is what Rikka says on the rollercoaster in the LN:

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk! God damn gravity you piece of shit…! You don’t care who it is as long as you can pull down on them, do you, you little bitch!! Gravity, you piggy bitch slut! Holy fucking shit what a god damn whore you are…! Hah, you’re Earth’s greedy little slut, you damn bitch in heat! Fuck you universal gravitation, you’re just Newtonian Mechanics’ dirty little whore! You’re just the crusty semen left over in that slutty apple’s pussy after that son of a bitch Isaac fucked its rotten juices! Special theory of relativity, you impotent phimosis piece of shit! Einstein, you old limp dick fuck! What, got something to say!? Then move that tiny little twig of yours faster! Cum faster than the speed of light! A pig that can’t fly through space-time is just a piece of shit that reeks of semen and can’t even last 5 seconds in his wet dreams! Fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking UNIVERRRRRRRRRSSSEE!!”

    • Entrav

      Haha, that’s pretty nice too, but it’s something else to see it animated :)