Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 7

Haganai Kobato queen of the night

Kodaka the harem king.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 7 Review: “As Long As There’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right?”
“Onii-chan dekedo Ai sae Areba Imōto ga Fuetemo Kankeinai yo ne”

Normally, a harem is a negative side to an anime that fuels sales in Japan and is put there merely for that purpose. However, if there is an anime that I find a harem somewhat acceptable, it has to be Haganai.


Haganai Rika tied

The way the different mails are composed certainly highlights each person’s different characteristics. It’s interesting that all of them, even Yukimura, are taking advantage of the situation and are asking out Kodaka on a date. What would a totally dense, but strangely awesome person do at this stage? Have everyone come along with him. I mean, you’ve got a lot of different personality types down if you have them all right?




Mikazuki Yozora Kashiwazaki Sena

At this stage, I’m convinced that Kodaka must be acting dense on purpose in order to expand his harem kingdom. Seriously, there’s no way he could miss all the different signals all the girls have been giving him. What’s a guy got to do when he can’t pick? Play the dumb role and everyone else has to stick along for the ride. Moreover, it’s interesting seeing Rika blush happily at Kodaka’s unintentional sentiment and Yozora’s failure in understanding fashion.

Fashion and Kobato’s Birthday!

Shiguma Rika


Hasegawa Kobato

Rika is dressed up nicely, and Yukimura is even presenting herself in a more feminine way. I couldn’t help chuckle at the sickly Yozora as she picks the mundane tracksuit. What a juxtaposition compared to her previous look. While a birthday party adds liveliness to the atmosphere often found in this series, two other troublemakers also make their appearance.

The Takayama Sisters





The verbal exchanges between Maria and Kobato are extremely funny. I have to give credit to Maria’s voice actor, Iguchi Yuka for the marvelous performance. Kobato isn’t behind as her cute demeanor as a jealous little sister also adds some entertainment value. But we can’t forget about the busty Kate can we? While burping randomly may be crude, I would still say that Kate has a gentler and refined side to her as we see from her caring towards her sister.

It’s fairly typical for a guy to walk in on a girl taking a bath in an anime, so I’m not too surprised by that. What I am surprised about is how easily she let’s things go. It’s probably the most subverted case I’ve seen, and it’s extremely refreshing. Still, she’s way too developed for a 16 year old. But anyways, I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Kodaka develop some more as they have potential much like how Kodaka and Rika does.

More Thoughts

Overall, a very enjoyable episode with a mishmash of adversarial angst, humorous bickering between the two littluns, and some hopeful progress between Kodaka and Maria. I would still love to see Rika and Kodaka together but with Kate’s unrefined side with his responsible side they may make a good couple.

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