Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 8-9 – Sena strikes back

Boku wa tomodachi yozora owned

It’s about damn time.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 8 Review: “My Childhood Friend Fights Too Much”
9 Review: “Stray Cat Overheat”

Episode 8

Kashiwazaki Sena lick

Yes, this is the first picture I am giving you all.

Kobato Queen of the night

Wow. Real.

Sometimes, Haganai manages to hit the right spot where slice-of-life style anime need to hit in order to be entertaining to watch. A mix of humor, surprise factor, and even some drama are centerpieces to creating a lively and enjoyable episode. The key here is that the mix isn’t too one sided on any of the factors. Haganai manages to balance them out in such a way as to not overwhelm the viewers with repeated uses of any one element. It may be that the mix made me interested in the anime in the first place, but it’s certainly kept me coming back for more.

Oh damn.

Sena and Yozora


Ah, Yozora finally gets told by Sena. It’s always nice to see Sena be serious for once and to smack Yozora in the face with the use of words that undermine her relationship with Kodaka. The battle between who is the winning girl has been going back and forth, and with the start of this season, Rika has also become a worthy candidate. While I’m not against Yozora, her attitude certainly needs to change before I accept her being anymore than a friend.

Episode 9

Yusa Aoi cool

Pegasus anime haganai


Kashiwazaki Sena cleavage

Sorry, boobs?

Kodaka and Kashiwazaki Sena

Even on paper. Alright guys, it’s set in stone now.

Yeah, there’s a movie going on and there’s another random character that has a distinct shortness and peculiarity, but it’s all about THE FLYING PEGASUS. I don’t know who decided to put that in, but give that person a promotion or at least something extra. It’s brilliant. Anyways, onto the more serious matter, it’s all about Sena and Kodaka this time around. If you think last episode is a slap across Yozora’s face, then this one must be as bad as seeing Kodaka and Sena kiss directly without her being able to do anything about it. With the way things are developing, and the fact that they are not only engaged, but also childhood friends, all these factors completely overwhelm anything Yozora have going on between her and Kodaka.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Takayama maria Mikazuki Yozora and Rika

What I wonder is if Kodaka’s opinion of Sena will change because he knows that she was an even earlier childhood friend? We all know that his relationship with Yozora did change, and it has been the backbone of whatever development or interaction they’ve had. Moreover, looking at where Sena and Kodaka talk during the episode (in a church), the writer is strongly urging this pairing and Yozora is completely powerless. This is especially the case since he doesn’t hold any sort of actual romantic affection towards any of the female leads. Since this is the case, any small factor would create quite a great amount of sway. Sadly, Rika doesn’t seem to hold any sort of special relationship with Kodaka and is even farther behind in the race. While I wouldn’t say the past isn’t important, you never really know where one’s heart goes as love is irrational and sometimes incredibly perplexing.

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