Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

Haganai NEXT
The amazing group returns.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (FIRST IMPRESSIONS): “My Youth is Wrong as I Expected”
“Yahari Ore no Seishun wa Machigatteiru”

It’s here. It’s been almost a year since the last season of this fun filled anime and the club is back once more with its various antics. Story? Plot? Yeah, it’s there. Kind of. What’s most important in this anime is the character interactions and their various personalities that make the show what it is. Onto the Neighbor’s Club!

The Neighbor’s Club

Kashiwazaki Sena

Mikazuki Yozora


Shiguma Rika Kusunoki Yukimura

Although the formation of the club originated with the club wanting to get more friends, it became a place where the people who looked for friends became friends with those friends. Nonetheless, with the aim to become popular, Kodaka, Sena and Yozora each use their alluring characters to truly stand out. Looking at how awkward they all are, it’s no surprise that they don’t have friends outside of the Neighbor’s Club. After all, weirdos mix with other weirdos.

Baiting Sena

Takayama Maria

What seems to be obvious bait for meat Sena is clearly the time for her to shine. Her noble blood will attract the attention of hundreds, no, thousands of people. She will no longer be alone after Yozora and Rika conspire to crush her very soul. Heaping is the trend here after all. We all know what that means, a makeover it is. Meat might be smart academically but she’s mentally challenged when it comes being social. I mean, this is something a five year old would fall fo-

The Ultimate Popular Girl @ A Midsummer night’s dream mega max heap!

Haganai Sena anime

“The Ultimate Popular Girl @ A Midsummer Night’s Dream Mega Max Heap!” That is an insane mishmash of words. Shakespeare would be proud to have his work portrayed in such a marvelous manner. Even though she herself is hesitant, Sena adheres to the words of her worst enemy.


HAHAHAHAHAHAA SHE. GOT. SPANKED HAHAHAHA. Oh, she starts crying after Yozora and Rika apologize. LOL. For what he says about Pegasus-san, Kodaka sure doesn’t take up the role of a responsible person. Way to go Kodaka! If we had a less tolerant person around, I doubt Sena would get made fun of all that much. We need our entertainment after all.

Stalking Yozora

Hasegawa Kobato



Tsundere Pegasus-san. We need more of this. Anyways, Kodaka walks into Sena’s room and… now her gazillion-wallpapers-of-Yozora is revealed in its full glory. This is not even a rivalry anymore; this is obsession. She… even bought the hair off of Yozora. I mean, it was used to imitate her. Watch out Kodaka, there is the chance that you’ll become her next target. Stay far away and adhere to her rules. You don’t want random naked pictures of you on the internet.


Kashiwazaki Sena meat


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next


Wow, Kodoka finally realizes just how humongous Sena’s chest is. Even a background cow noise plays. MEAT indeed. Sena may be not well adapted for social circumstances but she’s one of the best at school. Apparently. Still, what use are those academic skills for Kodaka when she can’t teach? None. There is the pro of staring at her MEAT. Nonetheless, even Sena herself doesn’t seem to realize her advantageous body part. More boobs and boobs and then A CONDOM. Yep, Stella is the boss.


Haganai Pegasus

Even with all the femininity being thrown around, this anime manages to stuff in some manly father and son (kind of) action. Okay, that sounds kind of wrong but it’s a conversation. Man to man. Hayato, or Kodaka’s father is very close to Pegasus-san. The reason, if you guys need a reminder, that Pegasus likes Kodaka is because he looks very similar to his father.

I guess we’ll see if Kodaka can keep the manly promise only between manly men. Wait, what is Sena doing? It looks like she’s mastu–


More Thoughts

Fun times are ahead for this season as Haganai will continue to bring out more surprises. Honestly, for me, there isn’t too much to analyze so I’ll try my best express the entertainment portrayed in the episode to the best of my ability. Whatever seriousness there are, I’ll be sure to analyze them when needed. For now, you can all stare at the busty nun in the preview.

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  • Sammy Lee

    I can’t believe you di this Anime, This was my first Rom Com ive ever watched! Memories… :) Ill read this review soon. Thanks for putting this up! Great! YES!

    • Entrav

      Anything prior to my Spring 2013 reviews are not up to par so just be warned.