Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 3 – Rivalry

chuunibyou ren rikka and shichimiya

Nothing like noses touching.
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 3 Review
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Season 2 Episode 3 Review
“Magical Devil Girl… In Pursuit”
“Tsuigeki no… Maō Mahō Shōjo”

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 3 Impressions

Takanashi Rikka sexy time


Takanashi Rikka contract

Yeah, contract. GO GO GO.



Shichimiya Satone smiling


Togashi Yuuta dark flame master pose


Rikka kicks Yuta


Rikka is lewd.

She wants your dragon. If you know what she means because I totally don’t.

Tch. Tests.

Dekomori Sanae foolish


Dekomori and Rikka






Tsuyuri Kumin


Dekomori Sanae and Takanashi Rikka

Transformations are overrated.
Removing clothing is the future of mahou shoujo.

Chuunibyou togashi yuuta magical girl




Impossible… She’s showing her powers already.

Isshiki Makoto bleeding

His hair sure grew back fast.


Tsuyuri Kumin mahou shoujo

Not bad. Too bad Makoto got destroyed.


Takanashi Rikka







She learned from the best.
She learned from ERU ERUFU.

Damn straight.

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai season 2


Dekomori Sanae and Rikka smacked

Works every time.

Uh-oh. Getting left behind.

Togashi Yuta and Satone


I know, right?



Nibutani Shinka

Well, they were basically dating.

The Rikka treatment.

Takanashi Rikka jealous


Togashi Kuzuha

Leave it to the imouto.

Yuuta and Shichimiya Satone



Takanashi Rikka handshake


Togashi Yuuta and Shichimiya



Chuunibyou ren shichimiya satone and yuuta


So lewd.

His snot?


Okay, bro.

Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai ren shichimiya satone

So pretty.

Takanashi Rikka nose

So lewd, right?


Uh-oh. New trouble?

chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai ren

Guys, don’t be mad that there’s no kiss even though his mouth is wide open.
This nose touching is more lewd.
Just look at it…

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 3 Review

Since a new character has been properly introduced in this episode, let’s talk about the addition of new characters to a show. More specifically, let’s talk about what the benefits and problems that adding a new character to a slice of life show such as this are. In Chuunibyou and plenty of other slice of life anime, the characters are the ones who make the story happen. They have no definitive goal to reach towards as set by the author and what happens in the show is mostly based on random interactions between the characters. These types of shows need unique and interesting characters to keep the show rolling more so than most other types of anime. Currently, the main characters in Chuunibyou have great chemistry with each other that make for some very entertaining character interactions. While it’d be nice to see more of Makoto as he is the only other male character of any importance, I can’t deny that the screen time used so far for various scenes between Dekomori, Nibutani, and Kumin have been joyous to watch. With such a solid cast, the antics basically write themselves. No, seriously. Just look at how spontaneous the development magnificent cosplaying is in the first bit of this episode. It’s because the characters complement and balance each other so well that almost any ridiculous thing can happen and it’d still be quite entertaining. This is a balance that many slice of life shows strive for and it is one that Chuunibyou has made and maintained very well. Troubles arise, however, when there is an attempt to introduce a new main character.

We have to first ask ourselves, “Why did they create Shichimiya Satone in the first place?” You could say that the writers want to create some kind of rival to Rikka who currently has none. (Priestess doesn’t count because she’s clearly far superior to everyone else) The rivalry between Mori Summer Nibutani and Dekomori has been very successful so perhaps having another character enter the fray to add another layer of conflict would be a good course of action. Moreover, it’s not just on the “chuunibyou” side that Rikka has to worry about because she can also be seen as a rival romantically. The director or someone in the staff responsible this season said that there will be no love triangle, but from this episode we can see that even though she may not be in love with Yuuta, there are some sparks flying back and forth that will most likely spur on the development between Rikka and Yuuta even more. After all, there’s nothing like a rival to spice things up when it comes to love. It could also be a desire to just create something different for the second season and the easiest way was to introduce a brand new character. But the problem comes when she is taking away screen time from the other characters who already have great chemistry with each other. It’s not really a question of how good will her moments with Yuuta and Rikka be, but is instead a question about will it be just as good or even better than the already entertaining moments created from the interactions of the original cast.

At the same time, the original cast can probably carry Satone’s weight if she does end up not contributing too much because it is that solid. Although, as of now, I’m seeing far more of the benefits that she can bring to the show because while adding a new character is risky, it does open up many, many possibilities. For example, what will Satone’s relationship with Dekomori be? Will Dekomori view her as her superior like how she views Rikka? Fighting over Dekomori may be a very intriguing new source of conflict. Nibutani is already viewing Satone as a rival of Rikka who aims to get Yuuta’s heart so seeing how their relationship ends up turning out will also be something that I’m interested in seeing. And while we haven’t seen too much of Satone, I get the feeling from how she’s acting towards Yuuta with the nose touching that she may be strangely more aware than some of us may suspect. I mean, I don’t think she’s just an airhead. She, like all the other people with chuunibyou in this show are aware that they have chuunibyou. That’s why I’m interested to see what she has in store for us. Is she purposefully doing it to spice the relationship between Yuuta and Rika up? Is there more to her than meets the eye? What role will she play from here on out? Only future episodes will tell.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren Wallpaper


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Yuuta’s transformation is almost complete. He now needs to make a new contract ufufufu

    • Random guy 16266162

      Dont say that! kyubey will hear you.

    • Entrav

      SOON… SOON…

  • Ian Porterfield
  • MgMaster

    Oh my,Mori Summer in that outfit in the final picture,truly a treat for the eyes!

    Can’t say much about Satone’s addition to the cast right now since she’s barely been introduced but I like the pacing for now: if anything,these 3 episodes felt like an intro and KyoAni did a good job with it.

  • GEODJO96

    So I have a new fave girl..

  • Andmeuths

    Satone was from the LN, and introduced in Volume 2….

    Satone was not created by Chuunibyou’s script writers, she was created by the original LN author, More properly speaking, the question should be why Chuunibyou’s directors and script writers decided to adapt her in.

    I think I don’t need to explain any further why the original author tried to write this character in. That being said, Satone is a very fun character in herself. The anime however is a very loose adaptation from the LN itself, but I think the inclusion of Satone is a natural catalyst for season 2 if you don’t treat Chuunibyou as a pure Slice of Life.

    The problem is, Chuunibyou is a hybrid Slice of Life/Romantic Comedy series, blending both elements admirably seamlessly. And while your arguments work if Chuunibyou was a Slice of Life series alone, I think the script writers are approaching it with an emphasis on the Romantic Comedy angle. And by that genre standards, Satone’s inclusion fulfill the requirement of some kind of romantic conflict, to drive the Romantic Comedy forward.

    Now, that’s not saying that they needed the Osanajimi to shake things up – Nibutani herself could have carried the conflict forward to a certain extent. But I think it’s clear that both Rikka and Yuuta are determined to take things slow. Unfortunately, Kyo-ani seems to believe that their audience (and certainly, going by the reactions of Episode 1 and 2, I think this view is understandable) demand progress in Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship, rather than a continuation of Chuunibyou Slice of Life hi-jinks alone.

    With Rikka and Yuuta’s characterization though, it’s very difficult to write in an anime-orginal natural way to push the relationship within a sane amount of time – it’s clear that Yuuta and Rikka are in it for the ultra-long haul, and therefore have decided to take things slowly – the kiss could wait till their University Freshmen…..but the audience does not want that.

    And so, believing the audience demands progress, and with a ready made LN character to shoe in, the natural result is to bring Satone Schimimiya in to push the relationship faster, by putting pressure on it, and bringing in a new character with the chemistry to appear to be a viable threat, to Rikka. Even if Yuuta made it clear to Satone of his loyalty, it’s not Yuuta who is dictating the pace of the central romance, it’s Rikka. By creating that “threat” in Rikka’s mind, the creators now have a believable mechanism to force Rikka to speed up the progress in the central romance of the story, out of her own accord.

    Next, the inclusion of Satone Schimiya in the anime is a necessity, if indeed, a third LN volume is released (and given the popularity of Chuunibyou, no doubt, it’s going to sell well). Satone is just too central at the end of the second volume that a third LN volume has to make her at least a supporting protagonist every bit on par with say, Nibutani at least. While the anime has diverged significantly far from the LN, having characters like Kumin who did not even exist in the LN in the first place, at some point, it has to still be tied to the LN, especially if further seasons and further LN volumes are published. If Chuunibyou get’s a third volume, and then a third season, they need to put in Satone at some point, in some way.

    Finally, the core of Chuunibyou’s fanbase have read the LN. Satone is very popular among that base, Excluding her out of the second season will alienate quite a few of Chuunibyou’s most dedicated fanbase.

    So, yes, Satone is potentially dangerous to the Slice of Life dynamics of Chuunibyou, But the problem is that Chuunibyou is also a Rom-Com, with a good part of the audience judging it on that basis. The thing is, her existence was alluded to very strongly in the first LN volume itself – clearly, the LN author was writing on the presumption that this was going to be a Rom-Com that focused on the post-confession stage of a relationship. This was one of the things that the anime perhaps should have adapted in the first season, but I doubt Kyo-ani had a second season in mind, unlike the LN author.

    On another note, since Satone’s existence in the anime time-line has been confirmed, I strongly suspect she was the girl that Yuuta tried to confess to in Middle School, that appeared in a flashback in the first season. If that’s the case, this scenario becomes even more poignant – perhaps Satone rejected Yuuta in Middle School, is repenting of her decision now, only to find Yuuta taken.

    P.s: It would make a very depressing fanfic, crossing Madoka Magica and Chuunibyou over. Just to clarify: I don’t disagree with your argument that Satone is problematic from Slice of Life standpoint. It’s just that I think it’s a very understandable decision, from the Rom-com standpoint.

    • Entrav

      The anime diverged pretty heavily from the anime, no?

      Well, my question is pretty much the same thing as why did the people behind Chuunibyou decide to adapt her in. The nuance doesn’t really matter in this case as everything I applied for my question can be applied to yours. And I pretty much address what you say about the romantic conflict. As I said, “The director or someone in the staff responsible this season said that there will be no love triangle, but from this episode we can see that even though she may not be in love with Yuuta, there are some sparks flying back and forth that will most likely spur on the development between Rikka and Yuuta even more. After all, there’s nothing like a rival to spice things up when it comes to love.” I’m not sure if you read that part or not before writing your comment, but a lot of your post is something I completely agree with and said myself.

      I’m purely laying out some of the problems that the anime may encounter if they do add Satone into the picture. In the last paragraph, I do say that I see more of the benefits than the problems because there is a ton of potential in adding a new character in. It is an understandable decision from both a slice of life and a Rom-Com standpoint. Though, understandable doesn’t mean that it won’t have its share of problems. I’m not saying that it already has these problems. I’m just laying out some of the potential problems. I very much support adding a new character because it does mean a whole new layer of interactions, and so on. My review is pretty much in accordance with what you said, but you kind of make it seem like all I am saying is that adding Satone in is problematic it which is not what I wrote (at least from my perspective).

  • Falezy

    “Manly drink” is called bruderszaft ( or Bruderschaft in German). Explanation how it works: you have two people refering to eachother as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sir, Madam, they do a pose like in a given screen, and drink bottoms up whatever alcoholic drink they have(wine, vodka, champagne etc.), after that they can use other person first name.

  • George Ivascu

    hello . Any chance u review chuu-2 again? been a wile..

    • Entrav

      I will probably review it again before it ends, but I don’t know when. There’s nothing really to talk about in recent episodes.

  • Lim Cheng Yi

    well, now that this show has ended, will you be doing a general review on this?

    • Entrav

      I’ll be honest and say that it’s very unlikely anytime soon. I didn’t even watch the past five or six episodes because I’ve been pretty busy overall. Really sorry. D:

      • Lim Cheng Yi

        it’s fine, how about a general overview on the upcoming animes?

        • Entrav

          Yep. I’ll do the spring preview. It just won’t be as detailed as the previous because I don’t have time to organize all the links, but all my opinions will still be there. It should be done in a week along with a special something else.