Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 11 – Hope

Danganronpa animation Kirigiri Kyouko noodles
Dem noodles.

The rules have changed.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 11 Review
Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei Episode 11 Review
“Dash Towards the Youthful Junk Food of Despair: Not Normal Arc”
“Shissō suru Seishun no Zetsubō Janku Fūdo: Hinichijō-hen”
(疾走する青春の絶望ジャンクフード 非日常編)

As Danganronpa draws to a close, we get teased more and more with the truth behind everything. One side says it will riddle the other side with despair while the opposing side says the opposite. One thing is for sure though, I have no damn clue what the heck is going on and this episode makes me even more excited to see what will be pulled out of the hat this time.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 11 Impressions

Daaaammnnn… Appearing beside Naegi all day every day from now on.

Dat typesetting.



Kirigiri on edge

It’s all your fault, you stupid bear.

Kirigiri Kyouko nervous

Togami Byakuya angry

Dude, chill your fucking balls.

Naegi Makoto trust

What a man.

Monokuma hint

Giving hints now eh?

So much betrayal it hurts.

Naegi Makoto scared

He’s obviously not going to die.

The trial itself is interesting in slightly different ways from how the previous trials were handled. Firstly, it does not abide by the faithful rules that Monokuma so speaks of as we learn later on. Secondly, the execution itself does not happen either. Moreover, even Kirigiri is behaving in a strange manner to protect herself from blame by targeting Naegi. But let’s focus on this scene in particular. Naegi is obviously incredibly confused as to why Kirigiri is behaving in such a way. He does know, however, that after all the struggles they have gone through, it’s not very likely that Kirigiri would blatantly kill someone as the mystery behind the school may still not be revealed. Also, since Kirigiri knows that Naegi didn’t do it and is still blaming him, then that must mean that the situation is a lot more complicated than it seems. Under normal circumstances, if they voted on the wrong person, they would all be executed. Therefore, Kirigiri would really gain nothing unless she is the actual killer which is already unlikely enough.

Teaching life before death. Real despair.

Naegi Makoto execution

Alter Ego hack



Monokuma confused

You okay dood?

Kirigiri Kyouko legs


Yeah, he should have said, “DEM FINE LEGS.”

Dat moe.

Naegi Makoto relieved


THIS MUSIC. Just get it on already. Pls.

How forgiving…

Kirigiri Kyouko execution

That’s not cool bro. What a stupid bear.

Naegi, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to stare at the pantsu and most importantly, DEM LEGS.

Whoops, forgot about that.

Not a big surprise.

I’m not certain whether Kirigiri had a hand in having Alter Ego hack the punishment system or not. Regardless, she did abandon him and feels guilty because of it which indicates to me that she didn’t know it would happen for sure. It does end up leading to some Naegi and Kirigiri interactions which I can always appreciate. I mean, DEM LEGS. I mean… she’s a damn Super Duper High School Detective! Wait, that has nothing to do with legs… Uhh… I was a bit caught off guard by my lack of anticipation of the fact that she would be the Super Duper High School Detective because that should have been the most obvious one because this is a mystery anime after all.


Ohhh yeaaaaahh…

Monokuma scared

Fucking hope, bitch.


Kirigiri Kyouko confident

Such confidence.

Asahina Aoi surprised

Alive?… Did they have an all out brawl or something?

Screw the Mukuro trial, this is something we’ve all been waiting for. The final mystery that will wrap up all the other mysteries in a conclusive manner, or so we think. Will all the mysteries be solved in the next two episodes with barely any clues for the audience? Well, I’m just absolutely clueless, but maybe some of you out there totally have this in the bag. Kirigiri style. It probably all goes back to the reason why it’s a TV show and the situation of the sixteen students itself as Monokuma hints at. I’ve taken some time to guess in the previous episode and any new guesses I put out there will probably be more humorous than what will be the actual case. I’m just waiting for something like the fact that the human race is captured by bears and they are forced to watch this game of death with sixteen high schoolers because they are the only hope of mankind remaining for some KUMA-reason.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 11 Review

It’s always great when an anime nears its end and picks up the pace with every passing episode until the eventual climax. Since the previous episode, I’ve been fairly anticipated in seeing how the mysteries will unravel. I am even more excited than I was last episode because every moment of despair, progression in the over-arching story and the regaining of hope will lead to the final revelations that will either make or break the show. From the start, I’ve been interested in how the main mystery will turn out and it’s safe to say that how great the anime will be is mainly put on that sole mystery. This episode does its job well of creating the necessary tension and hyping the anticipation of the climax. Let’s just hope that they can execute it well in these last two episodes. This is probably going to get pretty crazy, pretty quickly.

Danganronpa the animation kirigiri wallpaper


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  • Ian Anthony

    To answer your question in where Kirigiri had helped Alter Ego in hacking, Kirigiri did nothing of sort, Alter Ego infiltrated the system like what he said and while infiltrating embedded a virus on the system.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Ah okay, thanks for the clarification!

  • SHSL

    What turns out to be the best episode for anime viewers became the worst episode for gamers. Episode 11 wins the award of worst portrayal.

    Kirigiri never conduct any investigations at all and turn up late in the trial. This made her more cornered in the trial. And she threw the suspicions to Naegi with more grace in the game, but here she looks like a selfish bitch who just want to live.

    Naegi did not even say his gratitude to Alter Ego in the anime!!!

    Worst of all is Monokuma. The only interference he did in this case is to end the trial ahead of time, some of his lines in this episode are new. He is supposed to be seen as sadistic but neutral. The entire events are telecaster to the world and he had to stick to his rules so that the world will not suspect his involvement in the murders. But Monokuma in the anime speak too much.

    Trivia: There is a bad ending in the game jar is triggered if Naegi exposed that Kirigiri had the master key. Kirigiri goes splatter in Detention, the murder game ends, Fukawa passed away in the later days of unknown reasons. The rest of the 3 guys have kids with Asahina. The End.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Is the bad end for real? Like, for real? You must be trolling me with the second last sentence.

      As for the rest of your statements, I guess I’ll just say that it’s sometimes very beneficial to be an anime-only viewer. Naegi does say, “Alter Ego saved me” which is a pretty lame thanks to be honest. Otherwise, I didn’t really have any huge issues with the episode.

      • YuNiiKorn

        Bad Ending* In the game, when Naegi found out out Kirigiri’s lie, you can choose whether to Stay Quiet or Speak up. Of course in here he stood quiet. What SHSL said was true. Fukawa passed away in the later days of unknown reasons. The rest of the 3 guys have kids with Asahina. But I’ve been wondering what happened to Monobear since they aren’t killing each other.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Monokuma just let them have their sexy time because the show broadcasted to the rest of the world is not supposed to be 18+

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          We might see the Bad End in an OVA as for Monokuma well… in this alt ending the job is done. Despair won so he/she/it let them enjoy the rest of their lives in ignorance.

      • SHSL

        Togami’s the eldest btw

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Dat’s hawt.

      • Ian Anthony

        never did I encounter the bad ending, so this was really a bad ending xD


    Great episode and great review ! but somehow the animation and the scenery when monobear wants to punish someone never fails to make me laugh !……….(i’m such a bad person…..)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      D: I think Monokuma’s sadistic attitude is starting to seep into your soul. BE WARY.

  • Lodda

    Am I the only one here that think Monokuma is cute?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s only cute when you don’t consider its personality. For me at least.

  • NoReL

    “Naegi, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to stare at the pantsu and most importantly, DEM LEGS.”
    Thanks for the review.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      You’re welcome! :)

  • SHSL

    Seen the raws of the next episode. The mastermind will be revealed next episode. Expecting it to be in the finale for climax, oh well…

    If this series is as popular as Code Geass or K-On!, the mastermind will sure be part anime history and will be constant memes as well as being the only epitome of Despair.

    Hoping the anime won’t screw up the finale.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I hate to break it to you but the series is not nearly as popular as Code Geass or K-On! if you’re talking about just the anime. We’ll have to see how they deliver this though. It may turn out to be quite a memorable moment.

      • SHSL

        What I mean is, if K-On! was not popular or well-known, the world right now will not be influenced so much by Moe. Or their will be so many Geass parodies and such.

        Like how Gasai Yuno of Mirai Nikki has become the epitome of Yandere (over School Days sadly), the Mastermind of Danganronpa WILL become the epitome of Despair. If the anime produces it as well as the game.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Idk… We got to know Gasai Yuno during the whole season as she was the main heroine, but the mastermind we only get to see in the final 2 eps. I think a lot more screen time was needed for he/she/it to become a popular meme.

          On the other hand there will be one certain set of pictures in the final ep (please don’t spoil it guys) that will become a world class meme. I laugh till my ribs hurt every single time I see them.