Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 8 – RAWR

Danganronpa Sakura Oogami

What a badass.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 8 Review
Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei Episode 8 Review
“All All Apologies: (Not) Normal Arc”
“Ōru Ōru Aporojīzu: (Hi-)Nichijō-hen”
(オール・オール・アポロジーズ (非)日常編)

Every episode so far has had at least one person die and this episode is continuing the trend. Suspicions run rampant, feelings go out of control, and the group only gets smaller and smaller. You know what? Let’s just get down to it.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 8 Impressions

Oogami Sakura vs Monokuma



Fuck. You.

I just can’t forget about how she took that note from his PANTSU.


God dammit.

Well, it turns out that Oogami is the agent being used by Monokuma who is threatened with these “hostages.” As for why she’s doing this, it must have something to do with her relationship with everyone else. After going through the death game and seeing all that has happened so far and creating, what I assume to be, a strong bond between her and Asahina, she’s willing to fight for their freedom. At any point, Oogami knows more than anyone else at this point maybe aside from Kirigiri as we don’t know what else she may he hiding.

I bet this guy is totally dead.

Kirigiri Kyouko

So obsessed… I don’t want to guess anything too absurd so… let’s leave it at that.

Celestia Ludenberg and Yamada


At this point, we don’t really know anything of what has happened on the outside world. We’ve been stuck in this perspective with the students for the duration of the anime so far which makes us just as clueless as they are about their situation. “The Biggest and Baddest Despair-ridden Incident in Human History” sounds like something Monokuma would do, but that still doesn’t answer the question of why Hope Academy would confine students in the first place. Did Monokuma or the Mastermind behind everything threaten the school to close had they not done this? As for the confinement itself, I don’t think it was at this state in the beginning. Looking back at those pictures, everyone was still happy and alive probably without the despair Monokuma put upon them. Has he taken over and made the situation like this just because of his pleasure for seeing despair?

Assahina Aoi protecting


Oogami Sakura

Damn. I swear an alien is just going to come from inside the Monokuma or some crap.

Hagakure Yasuhiro

This guy is really fucking suspicious.

Togami Byakuya asshole


Togami Byakuya slapped


You tell him.

Alright, I didn’t like Togami for his attitude from before, but at least he was “right.” Now, he’s just acting like an asshole. “Who cares if Oogami dies?” Jesus, that’s not going to solve any problems. That’s just going to irritate the people who do care. He needs to be a bit more self aware of his words and stop provoking everyone as that’s not even helping the situation. It’s fine for him to point out some important facts in a strict manner, but lines like those are not helpful.

Asahina Aoi and Fukawa


Genocider Syo



Oogami Sakura angry


Sakura Oogami super sayian



Danganronpa Kirigiri Kyouko blush



Alter Ego

I bet the outside world has blown up by now.



But it’s locked and he had a restriction so…

Sakura Oogami death


Danganronpa investigation


Asahina Aoi crying

Shit is going to get real.

WELL. SHE’S PISSED. JESUS, GOKU WOULD BE PROUD. Well, she’s dead now… with a smile on her face?… Alright, I’m just going to say that I have absolutely no idea who did this. BUT WAIT A SECOND DIDN’T MONOKUMA MAKE A RULE ABOUT NOT BREAKING LOCKED DOORS. IT WAS LOCKED. Oh well, this screw up aside, I’m seriously clueless. Even though there are only a few people left, exactly who killed her? It doesn’t seem like anyone remaining could possibly take on the giant that is Oogami (unless she was somehow weakened by something) and it doesn’t seem likely that she committed suicide for she still had to settle a score with her and Monokuma. We barely got any investigation going this episode so it should be more clear next time around. Also, what about the extra student? Is he or she somehow involved? Monokuma is laughing like the evil bastard that he is so did he have something to do with it? Is there another agent?…

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 8 Review

It’s sad to see one of the better characters of the anime go. I mean, SUPER SAYIAN POWERS LIKE ISHIMARU?! Come on, that’s badass as hell. Anyways, pacing-wise, this episode is probably one of the best. Yes, the investigation is rushed in this episode, but we’ll undoubtedly get more of that next time around. Overall, however, I think most people who have complained about pacing issues in the past are probably going to like this episode. That, and the KIRIGIRI MOE is a welcoming sight. This anime has never really touched upon romance and rightfully so, but some “romantic-like” moments here and there are still quite welcome. Well, I personally like romance so that’s just my biased view. Anyways, pretty good episode, and from what I’ve heard, the next one should be one filled with emotion and “FEELS.” Looking forward to it.

Danganronpa Manga Wallpaper


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    That epic death! Reminds me of another one I saw in an anime long long ago.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Epic death indeed. Not sure what that anime is though D:

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Legend of the Galactic Heroes. A classic.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I wanted to watch it since a while ago, and I did watch for a few episodes but I didn’t continue. I will definitely watch it one day and maybe do an impossible review on this super long epic.

          I’m just trying to savor some of the better series out there as once I watch them, it’s not like I can unwatch them. In the meantime… TIME TO WATCH MORE HOUSE OF CARDS.

  • SHSL

    Gonna head out to queue for Animelo Summer soon so can’t give a detailed comment.

    But first of all, there are no locks on the door, a mis-portrayal by the anime. The only thing preventing the door from opening is the chair on the other side. If the door was locked in the first place, Naegi will be executed on the spot.

    Next, here’s another term for the incident mentioned that is more commonly known amongst the gamers : Mankind’s Most Despairingly Maleficent and Monstrous Malefaction. The biggest baddest thingy is a brand new translated term from UTW side, but same as “Monokuma”, I think majority of the community will stick to Mankind’s Most Despairingly Maleficent and Monstrous Malefaction.

    Finally, an episode that can’t be solved with evidence available. The last few evidence are crap vtw, as they need a lot of explanation to be useful.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      You’re going to Animelo Summer?! Jeez, tell me how it is afterwards.

      Yeah, I heard that it was misportrayed in the anime. Screwed it up :/

      These long names are pretty interesting on both sides. Well, we’ll have to see how they do everything next episode. No way they can leave the evidence like this.

  • NoReL

    As always, a great review and comments.
    The door thin kept me wondering for some time, but thanks to SHSL I see that it was a fuck-up from the anime makers.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks a lot! :)

      Yep, the studio must be facepalming right now.

  • zztop

    Some Pixiv funnies:
    Naegi goes postal on Byakuya! http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=37911269
    Felt this would be appropriate given how he’s been acting so far.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Totally. He’s being such a dickhead.

      Though, why is Kirigiri on the ground? Don’t tell me Togami tried to screw with her. Naegi will rip him to shreds. Nah, she’ll probably do that herself :)

  • Ian Anthony

    For now, there were lesser clues presented which will be near impossible to solve, hopefully they’ll show about… half of the next episode, the clues onto how to solve this predicament.

    As far as I remember from the game, they explained what a “Locked Room Mystery” is, I figured it might be a clue as well. These are the 4 types Kirigiri explained to us in the game. (I forgotten how she worded it, but I memorized the meaning.

    1. A locked room created after the murder occurred through outside tampering (like auto lock, an automated gun that will fire, a complex wire wounded to the lock, etc.)

    2. A locked room created after the murder occurred, after the culprit locked the room and is still hiding in the room, waiting for the opportunity for witnesses to arrive and blend in.

    3. A locked room created after the murder occurred, with a hidden door/passageway to the outside being used by the culprit.

    4. There was no locked room to begin with.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Locked room mysteries are common in detective type shows. I remember one that was in Hyouka which was quite interesting. They’ll definitely put out more clues though that’ll mean that the trial itself won’t have that much time to work with.

      • Ian Anthony

        I like solving locked room mysteries, like the ones used in Umineko and the Umineko dedicated seacats site, that features different scenarios.

        If the trial ends by the next episode, I’ll do another long post about it. Hoping that they’ll allocate the last few episode (excluding this one) to the final showdown.

  • Enkii

    Ok, so… from my point of view, either she killed herself – which is kinda not likely considering the blood flowing from her head – or either Hagakure or Genocider…

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, there are only so many people remaining. We can just guess a few random people and we may be right. Though, with this much evidence, it’s not like anyone would bet money on who it actually is.

  • Lodda

    Just found this suspicious:
    – The locker next to Oogami is opened
    – Why that monokuma holding knight figurine is the one that break
    – The only person that know about that poison bottle ( in this episode ) is Naegi, Oogami and Asahina. Togami and Fukawa didn’t present at 4F
    – ( If suicide ) Only suicide attempt able to make such sitting posture and smile. Just why she must lock the door.
    – Why Asahina know about those three meeting Oogami in Rec Room ( I just can’t state she wasn’t peeking , dunno why )

    • Ian Anthony

      Nice observation, those are some of the clues present in the game.

      The anime will probably discuss that.

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    I feel like there’s a lot to discuss about this episode, though without spoiling things it would be kind of difficult.

    What I think:
    I believe Alter Ego has something to do with the school thing, I just can’t see him so innocent, he needs to be in the problem somehow
    Kirigiri knows something that she’s not telling us, or something about her past.
    Finally, I believe that we won’t see another murder in a few episode, we are left with I believe are the most worthy to live, of course there is 1 or 2 who are just waiting to die, but just look at the survivors, they aren’t stupid unless Hagakure get involved.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Not sure if Alter Ego has that much to do with the school thing as it was created by Fujisaki so…

      As for the murders, I agree with you. It seems that the rest won’t be rushing to kill anyone anytime soon so the mysterious person will probably show up and stir something up. That, or more mysteries get unveiled.

      • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

        Now that I think about it … you’re right about Alter Ego.

        I believe the mystery guy is gonna appear as well, also … I just get the feeling .. that someone who is “dead” (like died) is still alive … idk why.

  • Lomie

    Best episode so far, considering the drama, the mystery, the storytelling and everything else. Man, this is getting better and better. May be it’s because there are so few of them left, the dynamics between the characters and their traits are getting really important.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s definitely because there are so few of them left. The scene has completely changed and so have their mindsets.