Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 10 – Mysteries

danganronpa monokuma angry
Sexy time?

One mystery after another.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 10 Review
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Instead of dealing with the regular murder and trial, the real mysteries behind everything seem to be opening up one by one (which really means it gets even more confusing). Certainly, I am clueless as to what will actually occur as a result of these new developments, but that won’t stop be from guessing wherever I can.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 10 Impressions

You have your glasses on don’t you?

OH MAN. Eye for an eye.

INB4 she remembers that she was a mass serial killer.

Togami bad breath


NAEGI. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Togami’s making a move on Kirigiri. Shit.

Naegi Makoto

Naegi, STAHP. You know you want to punch him in the face for getting keys to Kirigiri’s room.

He’s just nervous because he’s got what he’s been wanting this whole time.

Are you implying the SEXY TIME will happen?

Remember back to episode 8 where Kirigiri does say something along the lines of “I must have worked with dead bodies often.” This means that she really does have some degree of amnesia for she doesn’t really know exactly who she is herself. Togami’s suspicion about Kirigiri isn’t necessarily misplaced, but his method of dealing with people, mostly his high and mighty attitude, really annoys be at times. What’s really important, however, is Kirigiri’s remark about how the school may not be the place where the worst things happen. When I hear this and see hints of what may be going on, I think it may have something to do with what’s happening outside of the school. More on this later.


Fukawa Touko derp


Monobear smacked by fish

Get smacked, bitch.


Naegi, just make your move now. It’s time for some sexy time.

Well, close enough.

Monokuma sweating



I know right? The sexy time is right in front of him and yet…

Kirigiri Kyouko

Lookin’ up some porn.

So much for Togami’s claim that there were no stairs to go to the sixth floor. From the part when Alter Ego revealed points about the school and the principal, I found it to be fairly unlikely for the principal to be behind everything as this death game may not be as simple as it may appear at face value. The fact that Kirigiri knows that the procedure to get to the truth and even the truth it self may be twisted makes me appreciate just how much courage she has. Her previous frantic attitude about the principal when Alter Ego also verifies that she knows much more than what she’s currently willing to disclose to Naegi. But the real part begins here as the bigger picture slowly becomes uncovered.


Biggest twist, Kirigiri is the masked person. O SHI-

Kirigiri Kyouko

Bro, even she wants the sexy time.

The end.

Naegi’s dream made him remember why he’s staying there. It makes me think that maybe “Hope Academy” really is “Hope Academy” and not just Monokuma’s way to rub more salt in their wounds. What’s even more strange is the masked person’s appearance once again. We can guess that it’s Mukuro, but then Kirigiri suddenly appears? Is this part of his dream or was reality mixed in for even more confusion? It’s honestly no surprise that Monokuma, or the skeleton that they found, is actually a hollow robot. It may be Kirigiri’s doing, but for it to be lying in the middle of the gym just smells as bad as Fukawa’s breath (apparently).




Okay, so this is where things get even more confusing. I seriously don’t think Mukuro would just die like that as we haven’t even seen him/her face yet. It may be another “robot” which explains the explosion. Though, that doesn’t explain the blood. Just as mysterious as the body itself is the mystery of who is the killer. Yasuhiro, Naegi, Togami, Fukawa and Asahina are probably out of the question. I don’t think Kirigiri is responsible either because it doesn’t seem like she’d be willing to risk her execution when she’s getting closer to the truth. It’s either Mukuro, Mukuro committing suicide (though I think that’s very unlikely), or a planned execution by Monokuma and Mukuro because as things get even more crazy, Monokuma says that he wanted them to find the room. How did they find the room? By getting it from the body.

Danganronpa room

Welcome to the stalker room.

Am I watching Persona 4?

Asahina Aoi

Yep, your school life from before.



NOW CAN WE HAVE SEXY TIME? K I’m kind of hyper right now as you can tell so just don’t- SEXYYYYY TIIIMMEEEEEE

Kirigiri Kyouko


Wow, so this is a show broadcast to the rest of the world probably by some random organization that wants nothing more to spread despair throughout humanity. The question is, is the outside world the same as they know it or has it changed because of the disastrous event that Alter Ego talked about? Could it be that the students really are the hope of humanity in some disgusting way? There must be a reason why they’re not out of the death game because the government and the people cannot do so and not because they don’t want to. At this point, we can only make wild guesses as to why this is a show, but in the upcoming episodes, all will become… clear?…

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 10 Review

There’s nothing like pumping out revelation after revelation and this episode piques my curiosity a lot more than any other episode so far. I have always enjoyed pieces of the puzzle being put together for overarching stories that eventually make everything clear. The “oooooohhhhhhhh” moment is something glorious when one experiences it and a truly carefully crafted mystery can be extremely pleasant to finally understand. As it stands, I do enjoy what’s being shown, but I can’t say how good the overall foreshadowing is because we don’t know the truth behind it all. For these types of episodes, the most I can criticize is if it makes me interested enough to continue wanting more. To that extent, this episode has done a good job. However, we’ll still have to see how it all turns out before we make a final judgment call about the overall mystery.

Danganronpa Celestia picture


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  • Lodda

    Why didn’t Fukawa dead from that explosion? She’s so irritating

    • Ketsu

      I am also questioning why she did not die. Would have been a twist if she did though.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      No idea. Didn’t really question it when I watched it. I don’t find her that annoying probably because I’m kind of used to those characters.

  • SHSL

    At this point, any sort of hint will be ultra spoilers. So no comments sadly. But this episode was done really well, focusing on all the important points.

    Best execution next week, and best revelation the following week. Stay tuned to Despair TV.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Will do :)

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    She don’t like to snoo snoo. Also the only thing I can say that is borderline spolier-ish is that yes the fifth floor is the last one and those barred doors aren’t for floor 6. Go back to the first eps and you’ll understand where it leads. Feel free to remove this if you feel it’s too spolier-ish.

    Pretty well executed episode. And the first smart murder that occured with the murderer trying to cover his tracks by blowing the corpse up. Now then who do you think did it? :)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      No, thanks for telling me that. I didn’t really notice it back then. As for who did it… I have no clue. I guessed a bit and that’s what I’ll stick with.

  • Ian Anthony

    I’ll clarify one thing that the anime forgot to add, which will probably mislead alot of people.

    “There is no sixth floor.” The one Kirigiri opened is the staircase leading the the 2F of the Dormitories. There are 5 Floors for the Classrooms and 2 Floors for the Dormitories. It should have been pointed out in the first episode that there was a locked staircase in the 1F Dormitory.

    • SHSL

      And if there’s anything left out, the pickaxe Fukawa was supposed to bring over has the word “Crazy Diamond” on it.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        U’re spoling dude… I’m sure they would’ve pointed that out in the next ep or the final one.

        • Ian Anthony

          Upupupu that’s why I didn’t say anything about that, if they won’t point that in the next ep, I’ll go out into explaining everything.

        • SHSL

          I’m suspecting that they will begin the trial immediately next episode, as seen from the Monokuma announcement plus Kirigiri’s appearance.

          In the game, Kirigiri only reappeared after the investigations and right before the trial. The pick axe was only examined upon during the investigations. Plus there are several evidences in the gardens that could be easily picked up like they did in the rec room previous case. All these show that they will skipped the investigations in this case.

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    With the confusion, comes the truth, I think in the next episode things are gonna star to take form as I expect all the questions to be answered .. or at least some of them.

    I actually got my hands on the game itself and … may I say … everything is about to happen, shit is going down, secrets are going down.

    As for Naegi and Kirigiri, well … we can see some chemistry there but I doubt they include any kissing scenes though the game has a really nice scene at the end >:)

    Now … the wait.