Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 5 – Butter

Danganronpa Ishimaru Kiyoaka

Like butter.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 5 Review
Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei Episode 5 Review
“Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine: Not Normal Arc”
“Shūkan Shōnen Zetsubō Magajin: Hiichijō-hen”
(週刊少年ゼツボウマガジン 非日常編)

Sure enough, from last episodes’ clues and a slip of the tongue the surprise culprit is shown. While I did guess most of the clues right, as in, how everything worked out, there were far too many suspects to narrow down. Even so, from Genocider Sho to a somewhat interesting motive to an absolute brutal death and the wailing of Ishimaru, this episode does a decent job of closing the case up.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 5 Impressions

Typesetting ftw.

Yamada Hifumi

Dude. Shut up.

Naegi Makoto Multiple personalities


Fukawa Touko crazy


Genocider Sho


Genocider Sho long tongue

D: How did you grow your tongue? Mine is actually abnormally short.

Togami Byakuya loser


Genocider Syo scissors


Holy crap that tongue. Well, Genocider Sho still has her scissors with her so it’s obvious that she’s not the culprit. I guessed that something was off last episode, but of course it would have been far too simple if that were the case. However, seeing the alternate personality basically means that there’s one more player in the game, and that one more player is not just an ordinary “Super Duper High Schooler.” This brings another level of uncertainty into play that may be a significant factor in future cases. Still, I wonder if she’s going to commit the murder the same way again even after everyone knows of her procedure. Could someone else steal her scissors and use her exact methods to frame her? We’ll have to wait and see.


………………………………………… DUDE. WTF.

Togami Byakuya shocked

Bro I’m with you.

Fukawa Touko

D: Why is she so damn scary?

Well, it could have been a female, but now that she’s disclosed to be a male… It’s different.

Yep. Knew that.


Kirigiri Kyouko

Oowada Mondo panick

You lost.

And here’s the clue we’ve all been missing: Fujisaki is a guy. Yep. A guy. Just about no one could have guessed that which makes some things more clear even though it could have still been possible if he were a girl. In actuality, it would have been fitting for Genocider Sho to have killed him as, well, she finds it “hot” at least. Anyways, I did guess that it was possible that they switched the rooms around and the fact that it only said “lending” which didn’t have any restrictions on stealing, borrowing, or whatever. The problem is that there are still many suspects and the case gets solved in just a few careless words.

Ishimaru and Oowada

danganronpa-5-20 Naegi Makoto and Oowada Mondo danganronpa-5-22 Fujisaki Chihiro Mondo kills Fujisaki

Ouch. That’s it then. Ishimaru’s outburst for what he thinks to be a complete misunderstanding is sadly not going to settle things. Even if we take away the sauna scene and them fighting MAN TO MAN, they’d still have an attachment towards each other (no homo) because they are, in a way, friendly rivals. As everyone gets more familiar with each other and they build up their relationships, they will become biased like Ishimaru is in this case. Greater psychological factors will come into play as Danganronpa progresses as they get cornered more and more with what options they have left.

Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei



All of mankind?…

Oogami Sakura

Togami Byakuya pointing

So, are you going to kill someone now?

Oowada Mondo death

Mondo butter


Monobear butter



Almost like a malevolent God, Monokuma delivers both spoken lines that may note a deeper meaning and a brutal, brutal death for Oowada. We all understand that Monokuma just loves despair, but as for his background and how he’s even given the resources to do this will probably remain a mystery. Nonetheless, the focus isn’t on that, but on the group’s struggle to overcome this hopeless situation where friendship and morals are put on the line for survival. Seeing Oowada’s… buttery death and Monokuma using it for… Agh, that’s atrocious. It may not be cannibalism, but still… Ishimaru’s wails only serve to delight Monokuma more and permeate the room with fear and who could blame him? This is a game of despair after all. Even so, things are not even close to being over with one more person joining the fray soon. There are more tribulations ahead, and I can’t imagine anyone staying the same either mentally, physically, or both, after all of this is over.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 5 Review

If anything unsettled me this episode, it has to be the butter. What a disgusting display of a once biker gang leader. Not only that, he even eats- Forget it, let’s talk about this episode in its entirety. I did like this case a bit more than the previous because of Genocider and Togami as well as some more motives being fleshed out. I still find it annoying how I figured out the clues, but the fact remains that the slip of the tongue, that is highlighted by the anime itself, is the deciding factor that concludes the trial.

Personally, as a non-game watcher, I didn’t find the pacing to be abhorrent like a lot of others as I don’t know what they really missed. Purely anime speaking, I can see that it’s rushed, but it’s not so rushed to me that it feels terrible. Though, if it leads to important details being missed that will be necessary for events later on, that’ll be a problem. So far, I’ve generally been seeing people who play the game say it’s “a terrible adaptation” while people who haven’t are liking it at least a bit more than that. Could it be that the disparity between the game and the anime is making the anime seem worse than it’s supposed to be? Regardless, I still dislike how clues are disclosed right on the spot which leads to the solution as it takes away part of the deduction on our side. As for the dramatic moments with Ishimaru, it’s acceptable considering the circumstances, but it didn’t evoke much emotionally for me. The butter sure did.

danganronpa wallpaper kirigiri kyouko



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  • Desu

    wow , is it just me or the 16th student should be syo , but …I think it ment for someone else , as if syo was the 16th student they would have added her in the survivors list , no?

    • Disky-Chan

      I do believe that multiple personalities do not count as a person. Maybe.. I think they played with that in Umineko. I dunno. But yeah Syo isn’t the 16th since she’s also Fukawa.

      • Ian Anthony

        ah the one with *spoiler* and *spoiler* with the great *spoiler* ;D

    • Ian Anthony

      While Fukawa has disassociative personality, 2 or more personality doesn’t make it more than one person, its still the same person. So a total of 11 people alive and 4 deceased.

      • lomie

        10 alive and 5 deceased, i think?

        • Ian Anthony

          thank you for pointing it out xD I always forget about Junko Enoshima .

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    A trial ingame usually lasts between 1 to 3 hours of actual gameplay. You can imagine that fact that they couldn’t put in everything in just a single episode. It really deserved at least 24 epsisodes to be considered a proper adaptation.

    But what it lacks in pacing, it makes up for in eccentricity. The crossdreser, the split-personality, the butter (gotta have that recipe) and there’s still more to come. That’s the reason why someone who hasn’t played the game likes this anime and for good reason.

    As for the ones who did play it. Well I can say it lacks the excitement provided by the game from finding the right ammo to “shoot” at the suspect to arranging those manga pannels (yes you had to do those as well) and mostly because they’ve already played it and watching the anime is like watching somebody stream the game online.

    It has a lot of minigames which of course cannot be portraied so well in the anime. So instead of using them in a half-assed way like they did they should’ve just removed them completely. That’s why I said in a previous comment that it shouts “Go buy the game!”.

    Finding the evidence was done pretty quick in the game as well. You could finish the investigation in under 10-15 mins. So don’t expect much screen time for this part until the final trial.

    Despite all that I don’t hate this anime. It’s whacky, hilarious and downright sadistic at times and if you forget that a game ever existed you can enjoy it to it’s full potential.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Some people are saying that 24 episodes may be too long and a middle ground cannot be achieved as there are limitations to the seasons and all that. Oh well, I haven’t played the game so I can’t say either way.

      I do enjoy how every character is put into this situation and typical characters change into less typical ones as a result. It’s interesting to watch even if it didn’t have the psychological implications I thought it’d have.

      • TheDriver


        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          D: Not yet. Soon. Soon, my friend.

          • Disky-Chan

            If it’s Valvrave I’m going to have to put my anti-L-elf Raincoat on. I do not want to get mobbed. XD

      • TheDriver

        Wrong show, anyway, seriously Entrav, dude, your blog is awesome and keep up the awesome reviews!!! On another note, how come you don’t do more podcasts?

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Thank you very much!

          We’ll be doing a podcast sometime in August. I can’t be absolutely certain, but I have a lot planned for Youtube and this site once I get my images backed up and updated all my other stuff. I’m around halfway there so I should finish in a few weeks. Podcast will be hopefully coming when that’s sorted out.

    • Ian Anthony

      Hmm.. though I can’t really say it was good to compress the game into 13 episodes. Before finishing the game/getting the game during Maizono-san’s case in anime, I felt it was a bit rushed. Clues pertaining to each trial were left out (Maizono’s case sword, Oowada’s case aitsu) well they might be some minor things, the game meant it to cement the facts towards the perpetrator.

      Like Atomic Dwarf said, there were different parts in a class trial. First the one we always see.. Nonstop Debate, where in they shoot down information. Second, the newly introduced in Oowada’s case, the Epiphany Anagram, to which Naegi focuses and tries to remember what the clue is, (in the game the actual answer was DID for Disassociative Identity Disorder). Third, the Machinegun Talk Battle (with Kuwata’s aho aho aho aho aho) which was the hardest part I played in the game, I’m really not in to rhythm games alot xD. And the last is the Climax Interference, the manga panels Atomic Dwarf said where you need to arrange everything in timeline on how the murder happened.

      Yes it wasn’t really a near perfect adaptation of the game, but it’s still an awesome anime.

      • Disky-Chan

        So maybe it would have been better to have around 18 episodes? For good pacing? And I believe the opening of episode 4 had machine gun talk battle as well. Monobear style.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I have never seen a TV anime having anything like 18 episodes (though, there may be some, but very, very few). If they sign up for the timeslot, they have to do it for one season or two seasons. 1.5 seasons is… really unheard of. They could do OVAs and that could work, but then that would be different from having it on TV like most anime.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Think about Oreimo. Though it’s officially 13 eps/season there are those 3 extra eps that are unaired on TV and only streamed online making it basically a 1.5 season anime. Btw when are those 3 eps being streamed?

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            August 18th.

            Well, the problem with that is that they won’t get the proper exposure unless the series is really popular like Oreimo. That’s why we don’t have more anime doing this. Well, that and budget among other things.

        • Ian Anthony

          Lol on the Monokuma style machine gun talk battle, its on relaxed mode as well xD no need to reload your ammos

  • SHSL

    Freaking awesome! Shou revealed in just the 3rd minute!!! Woot!

    As a person who has played the game, I really felt this adaptation has done well so far, except for the “long” introduction as much more time should be spent on the AWESOME finale. Compared to Kishi’s adaptation of Persona and Devil Survivor 2, I personally liked this the most as his “best” so far.

    My problem is not with the pacing, but with the bad portrayal (Although the scene of Monokuma actually eating the pancakes with the butter is new, I liked it lol).

    BTW, on the relevant clues I mentioned previously, Oowada Mondo refer to guys as “aitsu” and girls as “ano onna”. He refered to Fujisaki as “aitsu” since the day of murder, which shows he knows his true gender. This is the only way to link him as the culprit. The clue is not an actual evidence, but is actually picked out from conversations. Besides that, they left out scenes where he protects Fujisaki for being weak a lot for before the crime, and forms a bond. Another part of bad portrayal is that Oowada’s past and motive was much more emotional, the anime makes him feel a bit empty.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Huh. Interesting information. The butter scene is… actually very disturbing at least.

      Nice to see someone who’s played the game and is liking it as almost everyone who’s played the game is complaining about how rushed it is. Nice info though, thanks again!

  • Sammy Lee

    I finally after allot of strugle, got the new channel up. Please subscribe to it, ill post up videos soon but for now ill put back up the free video. Thanks! Oh and I am gonna read this article soon , I cant wait but I gtg again thatnks!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I’ll be waiting to see what you can do!

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    This anime is such well created … i give it an 8.5 out of 10 (the second highest ranking i’ve ever given anything w/ Attack on Titan on a flat 9 out of 10 ) i just love the plot, though they coukd do better putting more suspense to it. Still the best is to come and … oh yeah, the anime is actually easier to understand in Japanese but yeah.

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    Butter – Dem plot.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      BUTTER. :(

  • Sammy Lee

    Finally caught up, I do like the series allot, I just have to pay more attention, like ALLOT MORE, but seriously that chick was a GUY! That would of helped allot, well for some people, I still probably would have got it wrong. I didn’t like how it all ended by the slip of a tongue either. I just didnt. And knowing a little more about Ohwada’s past sooner would have helped, it kinda felt like they forgot to mention that, so they forcefully put it in the end of the episode, so things would have made more sense. Sometimes I think the show itself is forgetting to put in clues, and hopes that we would just go along with the ride, so they can seem really smart, but they really just forgot. Still the episode was okay, Ishimaru was a bit over dramtic. but lol

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Haha, it was a surprise for everyone who haven’t played the game to hear that Fujisaki is a girl. You definitely have to pay attention to the little details here and there. Though, since it is an adaptation, they are “rushing” it so to speak. There are things omitted which may have been helpful, but they do give you the hints you need to solve the mystery.

      • Sammy Lee

        Ya after rewatching the episode I was like “HOW THE HECK DIDNT I GET THAT!” Lol

  • SHSL

    Great to see people loving this series. Though the throne of this genre still belongs to Umineko haha.

    Things from the next episode onward will get really interesting if the anime is done well. Not just on the murders, there will be hints coming in slowly with regards to the main plot : Why they are trapped, the mastermind, etc. The main plot and finale is the true reason why this series is so famous, it’s a twist you will never expect and will blow you away. So enjoy =D

    For those who will like to do some deduction in their free time with regards to the main plot, 2 hints have been given so far (1 is same as the game, the other is anime exclusive). The anime exclusive hint is the normal ending sequence (ep 2 & 4). As for the other, is Kuwata Leon’s execution the first we have seen?

    Next case will be really good, as it is not a simple giveaway like the first one or one with no hints like the second. It is a really great one with many elements present in detective stories. With that said, for those who are experienced in stories like Kindaichi, Conan, Sherlock Holmes, etc, it should be a really easy case that can be solved intuitively. Characters involved are great too!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I heard the next few cases are really nice and it was very difficult to solve. I’ll be looking forward to how they portray everything! If the ending is as good as you say it is, and they do it properly, then I’m sure I’ll be amazed.

      • Ian Anthony

        the next murder should be very interesting. I hope so.. that the ending would be good, since the game executed it “despairingly” awesome

  • Sammy Lee

    When does the next episode comes out entrav?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      If you mean my review, it’ll be in the next 3 hours. I was extremely tired moving furniture yesterday and didn’t have the energy to write more than 400 words at like 1:30am. I’m still really tired so I may skip Monogatari today or something, but Danganronpa will be out.

      • Sammy Lee

        AWWW Sweet, and you moved? I don’t need to know where lol But I did send you a PM on your Youtube channel if you dont mind checking it out. Man I CANT WAIT FOR THAT REVIEW! :) Thanks for putting in so much effort! :)

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I didn’t move, I was just helping some other people. Oh, okay, I’ll go check that PM. I usually don’t go on my main channel’s Youtube so if you have something really important just notify me on Facebook or here. Thanks for your support!