Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 6 – Double Double

Danganronpa Ishimaru

Getting even more confusing.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 6 Review
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“Shinseki Ginga Densetsu Futatabi! Sōkō Yūsha yo Daichi ni Tate!: (Hi-)Nichijō-hen”
(新世紀銀河伝説再び!装甲勇者よ大地に立て! (非)日常編)

As we move on from mystery to mystery, from death to death, every passing day of despair takes a toll on everyone’s minds. To add upon that, we get a shocking event where not one, but two people are brutally murdered by a seemingly funny character. But this isn’t a joke for not only do we have mysteries about the murders, it appears to be that the situation itself in this school and with the people themselves may not be as simple as we have thought.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 6 Impressions

Dangaronpa Asahina Aoi



10 BILLION YEN? That’s like $103 million. Jesus.


Dat fat man’s head is distorted as hell.

It was already bad enough for a few to fall, and as the people get more familiar with each other, the burden will become even heavier. With the third floor open and more avenues of approach for Monokuma to try to manipulate everyone into making decisions that will create a deeper pit of despair. Nonetheless, a small ray of hope shines through with Fujisaki’s computer. Now, I’m not sure how Fujisaki’s laptop got onto the third floor, but it does help cleanse some of the guilt that Ishimaru has and lessens some of the oppressive atmosphere. Even so, we all know that since this is Danganronpa that it is probably too good to last for long.

Alter Ego


Oowada Mondo



So, did they have their memories wiped?

While Ishimaru’s depression is understandable, his constant crying is taking a toll on me personally as a viewer. Still, it doesn’t go overboard and instead turns in the other way to create THE SUPER ISHIMARU THAT HAS SUPER SAYIAN GLOWY THINGS AROUND HIS BODY AND EYES. Man, that’s awesome. However, this brings up a very creepy and perhaps startling revelation at the same time. It’s the fact that everyone has been together before even though they don’t remember anything. If you go back to the first episode, Naegi steps in and blacks out to him waking up in the classroom. It could have been that they had their memories wiped after they did have school together… That, or they really are in the matrix! Well, by the end of the season, we’ll find out, but keep this in mind as I’m sure it’ll become vital in the future.


Ishimaru Kiyotaka


Kirigiri Kyouko


Togami Byakuya



Celestia Ludenberck


Justice Robo Danganronpa

JUSTICE ROBO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had time to take that picture?…

Here is where the mind games come into play more-so than ever before. To break it down, we have eight members remaining: Naegi, Asahina, Fukawa, Hagakure, Kirigiri, Celestia, Oogami, and Togami. Ishimaru and Yamada have fallen victim to the… Justice Robo?… Right, well, the HAMMER OF JUSTICE SHALL FALL UPON ALL WHO DARE- Anyways let’s recall the events in order so we get a clearer understanding of the situation. After half of the people didn’t show up for breakfast, Kirigiri, Naegi, Asahina, and Oogami left to search for them. In doing so, Asahina found Celestia lying on the ground after being struck by the Justice Hammer #1. Then, they got led to the second floor to find Yamada bleeding because of the Justice Hammer #2. Originally, he was with Celestia and the Justice Robo took him away. We can safely assume that Naegi, Oogami, Asahina, and Celestia are safe from blame.

Fukawa Touko


Ishimaru Kiyotaka dead


That’s… kind of a given… Isn’t it kind of strange that she’s saying something so obvious?

Byakuya Togami

Please, Togami, you’re just posing.

Danganronpa the animation


Rich boy.


Long before they came to this school?… Agh, and Yasuhiro so obviously? No, that can’t be right.

Furthermore, Togami and Fukawa are there when Yamada screams so we can also assume that they are same from blame as well because there’s no benefit from working together with him or her. Out of the eight, six are confirmed to be innocent so that really only leaves Kirigiri and Hagakure as the two suspects. Now, I’m not sure if we can really solve it with all the hints here or not, but it really seems like saying that Hagakure is the culprit because of his apparent want for the 10 billion yen from the start of the episode, Yamada’s disclosure, and the fact that Justice Robo is fairly large in size would be far too naive. There is no way things would be give to us like this in a show like this so there must be something I’m missing. But heck, when Yamada screams, all six of them are there… Unless, the laptop went into play here and someone stole it to mimic the cry? But would the A.I. even agree to that? It may be extremely obvious, but I have to say that I have no other answer for the killer right now other than Yasuhiro.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 6 Review

Well, that was really fast paced. I mean, really fast paced. With Ishimaru and Yamada gone with barely any characterization, I feel that there could have been a lot more developments in the ways of the characters before they die so there’ll be a more meaningful impact. Even so, the mystery itself is interesting albeit a bit too one way for it to be actually true which will hopefully be insightfully revealed. One thing I especially like is how they are disclosing the fact that they’ve been together before in the school. It adds another layer of depth which will hopefully lead up to the conclusion that I heard will blow your mind. Overall, satisfactory episode that certainly surprised me in more than a few ways, and it seems like the revelation next episode will probably surprise me in more than one way as well.

Danganronpa Wallpaper Maizono Sayaka and Naegi Makoto



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  • KillerHawke

    This anime would benefit so much from 24 episodes instead of just 12. It’s just way to few episodes to develop story AND characters at the same time, what we get in story (slighty rushed) we get less of character development. Oh well, still awesome i get to watch the anime version x) Btw, you’ve missed a HUGE hint given in this episode, not gonna tell you what cause i’d be spoiling it and no1 wants that x)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      A lot of anime suffer from the fact that it’s 24 episodes.

      Ah, I’m bound to miss something. I watched and wrote it when I was really tired. Oh well, I’ll see soon enough.

      • Tyler Hobbs

        It’s actually 13, not 24

        • lomie

          Entrav probably meant that a (hypothetical) 24-episode-danganronpa might also have its own share of problems, and possibly not fare better than the current 13-episode version.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I didn’t really make it clear but I meant what Iomie said sorry if that caused any confusion. I didn’t go into details but seeing as the pace is like this, it could have easily gone the other way if it were 24 episodes to be too slow and dragged out which may not even be that much better.

    • Ameka

      I re watched this after seeing this comment; and… everything became clear now. I also now know in instant who’s the one that killed Yamada and Ishimaru~

  • Disky-Chan

    Aw yeah! Time for some Justice Robo!!
    This case is going to be a tricky one, I’m not going to lie. And I don’t think you can solve it with the clues presented in this episode. You’re going to have to wait until the investigation and the trial.
    Just remember Entrav, Yasuhiro. That word is important.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, will do! I’m kind of suspicious of Celestia and Yamada but then I always find counterpoints that make me think otherwise. Oh well.

    • SHSL

      Hey I don’t think it’s right for you to do that. UTW already did a good job covering up a part for people to do some proper deduction. What you said is unfair to those who are serious with the crime solving aspect of the show.

      • Disky-Chan

        Waaaaaaaaaaaaah. Super Sorry about that SHSL and everyone else.
        I was never bashing UTW or anyone else. Sorry.

  • Ian Anthony

    Fujisaki’s laptop is actually on the first floor, sauna room. In this case again, there have been substantial clues that were left out, I probably shouldn’t mention them for now, as it may appear later in the class trial. But originally in the game they appeared during your investigation. I’ll add more clues if you’d like, you’ll notice the culprit even before the class trial xD

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Ah okay, I’m always confused about the locations. I think I’m good about the hints as others may not want them here. It’s not that long of a wait for the unravelling of everything so yeah. Thanks for the offer though.

  • Lodda

    I have some suspicion here, thought I have no clue
    The only thing relate with the reward is Celestia.
    She is a gambler, didn’t she?
    Well that’s my wild guessing..

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, I have my suspicions of Celestia’s actions in this episode, and they did miss out on some clues, but I don’t think that would be enough of an encouragement. Heck, if she’s a super duper gambler, shouldn’t she be able to make all that money anyways?

    • Ian Anthony

      for now the “whodunnit” is not a priority, they’ll explain the “howdunnit” on the class trial, but there are some clues left out so it’ll be a challenge to figure how it happened as things are given at this point. But I’ll say this with certainty.. the “whydunnit” is really interesting xD

    • Lodda

      I need a little enlightment.. so.. I want to ask
      How the hell do you replace corpse from 1F nurse office to 3F Art room
      Not to mention that Yamada is so fat

      • Ian Anthony

        thats part of how the murder worked, it be should revealed in the next class trial. For now just let your imaginations run on “how Yamada got to the Art Room?”

  • Lodda

    If everyone lose their memory, why Maizono and Sayaka able to recognize each other
    Sorry for asking such troublesome question, i just can’t help it

    • Lodda

      Sayaka change to Naegi.. sorry *.*

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, they met even before they went to the school. Sayaka and Naegi went to school together before, and then they went to the same high school coincidentally in which they could have lost the memories of their stay there. However, the memories from before they entered Hope Academy or whatever the place is called, still remains intact as it’s not part of their stay at the school.

      Of course, I could be completely off the mark and I think I am more than not.

  • NoReL

    This episode we didn’t get clues like the other crimes, a friend (who played the game) told me that we did get enough clues, but I don’t seem to be able to spot any right now.
    On other note: the typesetting appears to be is fucked up on some screenshots, just set the video output renderer to Enhanced Video Renderer NOT EVR (custom presenter) to force load DirectVobSub and show everything correctly.

    • Ian Anthony

      For now those clues that were left out will cement the authenticity of how the crime progressed when the class trial comes. We’ll just hope they’ll show those clues.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks for the heads up on how to fix that!

      • NoReL

        @Ian Anthony:disqus they left out some clues on the past so…. I really hope they don’t now
        @Entravity:disqus I’m glad to help! and you are more than welcome :)

  • SHSL

    After Genocider its Alter Ego! Another addition to the main cast and another of my favorites.

    I have to disagree that this episode is fast-paced. In fact it is perfectly paced. Case 3 onwards will include subplot elements with the photo of Kuwata, Chihiro and Mondo, and Alter Ego as the first. The balance will soon tip from the next case onwards where besides discovering the culprit, the cast will have to investigate the school’s mysteries as well. As you can see, the investigation portion of this case has not been touched on. It either will be included in the next case, thus shortening the trial, or they might skip the investigations. This is a big worry because the pace so far (1 ep on discovery + investigation, 1 ep on trial) has been fast but efficient and 13 episodes is just perfect. Subsequent chapters will bring in more subplot details, which contents are longer than just discovering Alter Ego. We shall see how they are going to compress all this later on.

    Now with regards to the case, the investigation portion basically is a refresh on the entire sequence (Attack on Celes -> -> -> Second Corpse Discovery Announcement), with only 1 additional scene. Hence, the case is pretty much solvable with this episode alone using circumstantial evidence.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Ishimarus’ Power Level went from 0 to over 9000 to 0 again in just one episode. Poor dude.
    Funny stuff with that Justie Robo eh? It would make the otaku the no1 suspect but with him dead who’s the actual mastermind? Dun Dun Dun!

    Now then the picture and the pacing. A pic of butter, 11037 and trap all having fun together seems a bit wierd doesn’t it? And the pacing is frantic beause it’s meant to be this way. A funny, idiotic, fast and confusing double murder. Try and watch it again in slow mo and maybe you’ll find some things you missed out.

    From here on things start to get crazier and even more confusing.

    As for charater developement. Well in the game you had some moments where you could roam freely around the academy aka Free Time. In those short time frames you could interact with any of the other students you wished and learn more about them and their past or personality.

    This way you could acquire new skills to put to good use during trials. It resembled a dating sim or a slice of life Amagami style moment a bit too much and adding them would take at least half an episode per character. The can’t afford that with the short 13 ep cap.

    • Ian Anthony

      Those free time interactions gave out alot of clues on the upcoming things to happen. I never thought what *spoiler* said was really a part of the final clue.

  • Xerv

    Ahah! I was (sorta) right about the computer! So, that’s what she was fiddling with. All current clues point to Yasuhiro, though I have it in my guts that it’s someone else. I mean, it’s too blatant to be correct.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Far too obvious. I think Yamada meant Yasuhiro as in he remembered that he met him before and not because he actually murdered him. Heck, if it were the Justice Robo, why would it reveal its identity?

  • lomie

    I’m actually more interested in the grand mystery about the school, but for now the murders are interesting enough i guess. Glad that the types of incidents happened have been varied.
    And for my guess, I don’t think one person could have done so many things in that short time frame. Especially if the culprit is not Hagakure (too obvious, no way!) or Kirigiki (main heroine aura?)…
    The only other thing I can think of is that Ishimaru or Yamada was having their own schemes and then get killed for it.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I think we’ll get a huge revelation at the end or near the end with the mystery of the school that will probably shock us greatly.

      The possibilities of there being more than one person involved is definitely there. It could have been that two people wanted to kill and well, let’s just say that one of them didn’t get very lucky.

      • lomie

        not to mention Ishimaru and Yamada was in conflict over Alter Ego… now I’m more convinced with my guess haha.

  • Sammy Lee

    I am SUPER Confused, I would say the Guy with the Weird/Tall hair I mean the guy with the crystal ball. But thats to easy, Ill watch it again and try to figure it out. Interesting…

    • SHSL

      Take a deep breath. Focus on parts where it is solvable. Kirigiri and Hagakure’s whereabouts are unknown thus suspicious, but this also meant that there are no evidences to convict them, put that aside. Why did Yamada say Yasuhiro? Is it really him, is it a clue just like the dying message, or a red herring like Genocider? Not enough clues yet so put that aside.

      How did the bodies moved? Numbering on the hammers too suspicious? Photograph of Yamada being kidnapped by Justice Robo? The entire sequence is shown to you, so all of this are indeed solvable. Analyse the situation, what everyone is doing, where they are, try to look behind the scenes of the whole thing from the culprit’s point of view. This case is really easy. In fact, none of the game’s 4 cases can be compared to the sequel’s first case lol.

      There is a major hint on how the bodies moved, but you will need to observe very closely. Treat it as a spot the difference game, like the changing rooms in the past case, but not as easy.

      Though for people who understands Japanese perfectly, there is another slip of the tongue, but is covered up slightly by UTW.