Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 7 – Yasuhiro

Danganronpa Yamada

Another game over.
Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 7 Review
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“Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand upon the Earth!: Not Normal Arc”
“Shinseki Ginga Densetsu Futatabi! Sōkō Yūsha yo Daichi ni Tate!: Hinichijō-hen”
(新世紀銀河伝説再び!装甲勇者よ大地に立て! 非日常編)

Yet another one bites the dust on a few intricate details and the overall picture of how the murder is done. Certainly, it is clever even if Yamada is downright stupid, but of course there will be holes in almost every murder that will lead to a firm conviction. But it doesn’t end there. Nope, with this anime teeming with various small mysteries, the murders and the mind-games that go on are only part of the picture.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 7 Impressions


Togami Byakuya

Are you trolling? You must be trolling.

Danganronpa justice robo

Kirigiri finding robots in her spare time.


Of course, it would have been far too obvious for Yasuhiro to have been the actual suspect at the time so almost everyone threw that idea aside. I had my suspicions on certain people, but that was gut feeling and not much in the ways of actual evidence. Finding Yasuhiro in the Justice Robo costume makes it even more apparent that he couldn’t have been the murderer. However, if anything stands out as some form of hint, it would be Celestia’s remark to Kirigiri. It’s as if Celestia were the one who hid the Robo and is impressed by Kirigiri’s wit.

And she’s going to investigate more… If you know what I mean…

Kirigiri Kyouko

“This was in his pantsu.” – Kirigiri Kyouko

Asahina Aoi

Yeah, you’re right about that.

Genocider Syo


Taking out dem lego.

Kirigiri Kyouko corpse

O_________________O Omaigawd.




Kirigiri Kyouko Pantsu


Well, yeah.

After a flurry of evidence here and there, everyone swiftly proceeds to the classroom trial. There’s not really much to comment on about the the first part of the trial as it’s just displaying random pieces of evidence here and there to make the impression of Yasuhiro’s innocence. What’s interesting is the revelation that Yamada was playing dead and moved which could be why both the corpses disappeared and reappeared. The little detail about his glasses is quite a good one and I definitely did not notice that initially. Looking back, there’s absolutely no reason why the murderer would be so faithful to the number on the hammer. I’m not even going to ask where he or she got it from, but there’s no reason why the killer would make everything so “obvious.” Indeed, the order being switched is not odd at all as it would be more surprising for it to be followed.


Naegi Makoto

Celestia Ludenberg


And here’s what a comment meant by the slip of the tongue last episode. I heard “kare” and not “karera” so… there goes my pitiful attempt, but anyways, this makes the focus on the person who matters most. Even so, for her to say that again… that’s a huge misplay on her part. She could have easily said him and not them which would betray Naegi’s memories, but those are just memories and can not be depended on as reliable evidence. Well, everything has to come apart somehow and this is just one way it could have been “solved.” And god dammit, they lose their cool far too quickly. I thought Celestia was going to be different, but after a little jab here and there, she completely loses it.



Danganronpa celestia





Naegi Makoto


Danganronpa the animation

WHAT THE FUCK?! So, does that mean Oogami is the opposite of Monokuma? :D Yeah… no.

WELL THAT’S THAT. I’m not going to talk too much more about the murder itself. Instead, I will discuss a bit about Celestia’s character. Well, it’s more like discussing what I heard from others about her character as it’s not expanded upon that much in the anime. Here’s a bit about her on TV Tropes: “She was once Taeko Yasuhiro, who was extremely plain and the plain-ness made her ostracized as an unremarkable nobody, her adopting the persona Celes and taking on every of her aspects, including the darker ones, were her only escape from such plain and suffering life. Her romanticized dream of living in a castle full of manservants makes more sense here that she came too far being the persona of ‘Celes’, if she lowered her standards, if she stops being Celes, she could fall into that plain life that made her suffer.”

Others on MAL explain it pretty well, so I’ll just summarize some of their points and add a few of my own. Basically, she built another character called Celes which is essentially a lie as she wanted to escape from her plain old self. You can probably guess that it’s partially due to her gambling skills and how she builds up such a character from having some kind of a talent. The talent itself is highlighted by the fact that she hasn’t been called a “loser” in memory. Anyways, feeling the pleasure of leading such a life, she no doubt wants to continue it at all costs for she does not want to regress into her boring self and fall back to a “plain life.” In the end, she deludes herself with this persona and believes that that is actually her and not the boring old self. She wants to live an extraordinary life and even wants to die in an extraordinary way (like how she mentions the part about Marie Antoinette). Of course, Monokuma won’t grant such a wish and finishes her off in a plain old car crash. She couldn’t even live the life of lies that she wanted to live.

Danganronpa – The Animation Episode 7 Review

Honestly, this episode is much like how the other mysteries have been solved in the past. Nothing has really changed fundamentally and the pacing is much like it has been throughout. As for the mystery itself, I must say that this is definitely my favorite one so far. It sneaks in enough material for people to solve, but more importantly, the case itself is more delicate and more difficult in the sense that it’s hard to piece all the evidence together to make a solid conclusion rather than base it on how Celes acted during all of this and so on. I’m not a huge fan of the slip of the tongue but the glasses part is definitely well done. As for the rest of the mysteries… I don’t really know how I feel about them yet and they’re just a side aspect of this episode so I won’t delve too far into it. Overall, it’s the most enjoyable case so far and looks like the trend of increasingly more intriguing scenarios will probably continue.

Danganronpa Wallpaper Kirigiri Naegi and Togami


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  • http://trunadragon.deviantart.com/ Truna

    This was actually my favorite episode so far. I really loved Celes as a character though, so hearing that she was a murderer made me quite disappointed. And that Sakura vs Monokuma thing has me so confused… Thank you for the intricate explanation of Celes’s personality. That really helped.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      No problem. Yeah, I’m more confused than ever at what’s happening. Oh well, more mysteries means more intriguing solutions.

  • Mellius

    Huh. As someone who has finished the game, that analysis of Celes’s character is not one I’d have imagined, but totally agree with. Thanks for that. :O

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Haha, just added a little detail. No problem :)

  • Ian Anthony

    Since this was an interesting murder case, I wanted to explain a bit more on how the murder occurred and why it occurred. (Warning: This post is long. Seriously long)

    I’ll leave it to you Entrav if this post might be spoiler-ish as I will try my best not to.

    Before the murder:

    1. Remember the camera Celestia had? It was actually found in the Physics Lab (3F) (game) and not in the Leisure Room (3F) (anime). It had dust on it when Makoto Naegi found it, meaning it was been there before for a long time to have dust collect on it. It had an anime design on it. Hifumi Yamada commented that he remembered bringing one as a lucky charm but sadly said that it was missing (same case as their cellphones during the first episode). The camera doesn’t have the auto capture, so you need to manually take the photo.

    After the murder / Left out clues:

    1. Byakuya Togami’s comment on Celestia’s exaggerated scream when she “think” saw the strange person (noted as Justice Robo) when she was on the 2F I think..?

    2. Ishimaru’s broken wristwatch, which stopped at the 7:00 AM. He was still wearing it.

    3. During your investigation at the Infirmary Room (1F). You would have noted that there was a fridge in there and see Blood Packs inside. (This was mentioned at the Class Trial on the anime, but would have been better if it was a part of your clue during your investigation)

    4. Another thing in the Infirmary Room (1F). There should have been a trash bin near the beds. Upon closer inspection you see something. You see a bloodstained handkerchief. With a design on it, and yes you guessed it :3 … it had the same design as the camera Celestia held.

    5. In the Storage Room of the Art Room (3F), where you found both Yamada’s and Ishimaru’s corpses. The anime displayed the trolley with the blood on the wheels right? Well there was one clue that was left out, remember what object Ishimaru was lying on? It’s the blue sheet thing called a vinyl sheet. The same ones found in the Storage Room of the Physics Room (3F) (Where Ishimaru was first discovered).

    Climax Interference / How the Murder happened / Howdunnit

    1. Celestia stole Alter ego during the night and hid it.

    2. The next morning the rest of them found that alter ego was missing.

    3. Celestia made contact with Yamada and said, Ishimaru had Alter Ego and she was “roughly” handled, she said that Ishimaru forced her to steal Alter Ego for him. They worked together from this point on.

    4. Celestia wrote a letter to Hagakure, meeting time was 1:00 AM at the Leisure Room (3F).

    5. Yamada then made Hagakure made unconscious (I dunno really know how, but I guess it had to do with putting a handkerchief w/ some chemicals covering Hagakure’s nose and mouth).

    6. The blueprints and the parts of the justice robot that was finished before hand, where left at Hagakure’s room as a “red herring”.

    7. They put on the Justice Robo on Hagakure and Yamada carried him all the way to the Pool. Celestia took a photo of it, making it look like the Justice Robo was carrying Yamada. Another “red herring”.

    8. Celestia then wrote another letter to Ishimaru, meeting time was 7:00 AM at the Storage Room of the Physics Lab (3F).

    9. Yamada waiting for Ishimaru inside the Storage Room before 7:00 AM, attacked Ishimaru with Justice Hammer #4, he accidentally broke Ishimaru’s wristwatch during this time as well. (Reference to the missing clue)

    10. Let’s fast forward to time at 9:00 AM, Kirigiri, Naegi, Asahina and Sakura-chan ;D assembled at the Cafeteria (1F). Worried that the others weren’t coming they went searching for them.

    11. They all split to different places, Kirigiri on the 2F, Asahina on the 3F, Naegi on the dorms, Sakura on the 1F.

    12. Asahina I think.. screamed or went to Naegi (I forgot this part teehee xD) and the three rushed to the Leisure Room (3F) where they found Celestia wounded and the Justice Hammer #1 beside her.

    13. Celestia saying that she was worried about Yamada since he was being carried by the strange person, she shows the camera shot of Justice Robo carrying Yamada away. At this point on we’ll note that Kirigiri is deemed missing as well as Hagakure.

    14. They start looking for Yamada where they meet up with Genocider Sho and Togami, they eventually find Yamada wounded in the Library Room (2F) with Justice Hammer #2 beside him.

    15. Sakura, Naegi and Asahina helped Yamada go to the Infirmary Room where he said he wanted to rest there.

    16. They then left and split to groups looking for the strange person as well as Kirigiri and Hagakure.

    17. Celestia screamed on the 3F, they all rushed to her aide. Togami noting that her scream was a bit exaggerated. This was actually a signal towards Yamada to start the next phase of their plan.

    18. Using the blood packs inside the refrigerator of the Infirmary Room (1F), he then put Justice Hammer #3 beside him and sprayed the blood pack on the floor and on him, covering his glasses as well. Pretending to be dead.

    19. Celestia then pointed out the strange person was going to the Physics Lab (3F) and they were gonna rush there when suddenly… Yamada screamed.

    20. Having the urgency to track down the culprit, they split into groups. Togami, Sakura and Fukawa went to the Physics Lab (3F) to catch the culprit. While Naegi, Asahina and Celestia go to Yamada’s aid on the Infirmary Room (1F)

    21. Naegi, Asahina and Celestia discover Yamada’s “corpse” lying on a pool of blood with Justice Hammer #3 beside him. It was the same as Togami, Sakura and Fukawa found Ishimaru on the Physics Lab (3F) as well.

    22. The Corpse Discovery Announcement notified them ‘once’.

    23. Grief stricken by Yamada’s loss, Naegi was to report it to Togami’s group, when he reached there he then saw Ishimaru’s final transformation.. his death. He also though that Fukawa was a victim as well, but was just unconscious because of Ishimaru’s death and blood.

    23.a. Asahina was feeling bad, Celestia escorted her to the comfort room.

    23.b. This was then Yamada’s chance to escape, he took his anime designed handkerchief, wiped them clean and threw it in the trash can in the Infirmary Room (1F) (reference to missing clues).

    23.c. He then hid somewhere in the 2F/3F

    23.d. Asahina and Celestia arrive and was shocked when Yamada was missing, they were only a minute on the comfort room. There was no way a corpse could be moved with that short amount of time, Celestia then went to report to the others.

    24. Sakura, Togami and Naegi exit the room and stumble upon Celestia outside the Physics Lab (3F) running towards them, she said that Yamada’s corpse disappeared.

    25. They all rushed there and find Asahina there shocked, as there was only a pool of blood left and Justice Hammer #3.

    25.a. This was Yamada’s chance he then went to the Storage Room of the Physics Lab (3F).

    25.b. Yamada wrapped Ishimaru with the vinyl sheet found there and put him on the trolley, accidentally making the trolley wheels wet with Ishimaru’s blood.

    25.c. Yamada then pushed Ishimaru to the Storage Room of the Art Room (3F) and set Ishimaru down.

    25.d. Unknown to her, Fukawa wasn’t aware what happened during that time when she was unconscious.

    26. Naegi remembering that Fukawa was still inside the Storage Room of the Physics Lab (3F). They all rushed there only to discover that Ishimaru’s corpse was missing.

    27. They split up again, looking for Ishimaru’s corpse. Celestia went ahead to the Storage Room of the Art Room (3F) and locked it from the inside.

    28. Celestia then met up with Yamada who was happy that he could finally be free from this school… but despairingly..

    29. Celestia planned it from the beginning, she killed Yamada while he wasn’t looking with a hammer nearby.

    30. Asahina and Sakura tried to open the Storage Room of the Art Room (3F) but it was locked. They then went to another place.

    31. Celestia then went out and looked for Naegi, she told the others as well to follow her. They ended up in the Storage Room of the Art Room (3F). Finally finding both corpses.

    32. Yamada was barely holding on, said his final words.. “…a..e.. Yasuhiro..” (from the game).

    33. Yamada finally rested and the second Corpse Discovery Announcement sounded.

    Like what Entrav posted xD but with more details on it. She wanted to live in a western style castle, being served by beautiful men (oh yes her greed) outfitted to look like vampires.

    I think this post is so long, I can’t imagine why I’m doing this in the first place xD

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Holy crap, that really is a long and very detailed post. To be honest, I didn’t really want to walk through every single step like you do here because it’s a very long process. All I can do is thank you for your post because that pretty much wraps up everything about the case extremely nicely. Thanks man!

      • Ian Anthony

        no problem xD It was fun to write, well to sum it all up, this was an interesting case.

        The next case should be the calm before the storm.

    • SHSL

      Sorry, just reread this and spot a mistake.

      The 2nd Corpse Discovery Announcement rang immediately after they found the 2 corpses together. This is to make it more difficult to deduce how the bodies moved. But in the anime, it rang only after Yamada truly died, thus it is easier for viewers to think that he hasn’t really died yet before that point.

      I honestly recommend anime viewers to go youtube to see the walkthroughs of the game. Just the trial is enough, its around 2hrs per trial, with the final one 3hrs.

      • Ian Anthony

        thanks xD I’m looking forward how they’ll handle the final trial.

    • NoReL

      Thank you for posting this Ian, it’s perfect.
      oh.. I almost forgot to thank Entrav for his post xD
      Thank you both!

      • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

        No need to thank me. Just reading and commenting is more than enough for me :)

  • Lodda

    My guessing was right -.-
    nice episode btw.
    did u guys got an video error message at 17:00 ?
    I use VLC media player and UTW subbed danganronpa

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      No, I didn’t get an error message. Did you install the proper codec packs? You can use http://www.cccp-project.net/ if you haven’t downloaded that already.

      • Lodda

        I installed CCCp and still got the same error.
        Btw the error i receive is bad file descriptor something.
        I tried using other players

        • Ian Anthony

          try re-downloading a new video, if the problem persists lets see if your player or codec is off.

          • Lodda

            Tried. Sadly this happen to all my videos ( this video never error before )
            How to turn on the codec btw? ( i don’t know what is codec )

          • Ian Anthony

            the codec is already on I think, I suggest changing codecs, uninstall CCCP and try K-Lite Mega Pack

          • Lodda

            I found that my download destination ( folder) is corrupted…
            btw thx for the codex info, maybe useful for future use

  • Xerv

    Yesh, it’s Kamen man’s turn. Celes huh. I wonder if that dream she told was just a lie or something, she herself said that she can sometimes even lie to herself. Also, Kirigiri is awfully desensitized about going into Yamada’s pantsu. :P

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Going through men’s pantsu and wanting to look at dead bodies. Yep, that’s Kirigiri for you.

  • SHSL

    I’m glad you noticed that Celes’s execution is a troll created by Monokuma. Giving her her ideal way of dying in a noble, gothic burning at a stake. And ending it with a fire truck instead for the final despair.

    Her motive is really pathetic among all cases in both games for me. It is really just all about the money to fulfill her fantasy. Her talent allowed her to make millions but as she is stuck in the school her dream’s in a stalemate. Thus being the most desperate person to exit the school is just for her to go out to make more money. Ultimately, it’s still the money.

    To add on to Ian Anthony’s post. She failed her gamble by making Yamada her accomplice. It will be good murder if it weren’t because of Yamada. She asked Yamada to make a disguise for Hagakure to throw all suspicion to him, but he went over the top and created the Justice Robo costume. Yamada’s wiped glasses is the answer to how the bodies moved. Yamada’s dying word Yasuhiro is not exactly a red herring. He calls everyone by their full name. If the culprit is Hagakure, he will be saying Hagakure Yasuhiro. But by saying Yasuhiro first means he is referring to someone else.

    However, even if there is no slip of the tongue, it is noticeable that only Celes is spotting the Justice Robo everywhere and guiding everyone to her strategized locations. Overall it is a really simple but detective-based case.

    1 more case to go before the roller coaster ride begins. And again, the case is of a different kind as before if you noticed that the 3 cases thus far is different

    • Ian Anthony

      The last part of what you said, were you referring to the final case about the incentives right? I was really suspicious of Celes during her exaggerated scream and her leading everyone.

      I’m a bit disappointed as well though, I wanted her to be there at the end though. So that we’ll have a really really interesting final group.

      • SHSL

        Nope. First case is like a tutorial with a giveaway evidence. Second case is full of red herrings and it is almost impossible to deduce the true culprit. Third is like a Conan or Kindaichi show, but the case itself have misguiding evidences like Yamada’s dying word. Next case is different as well, a simple case made overly complicated.

        Celes is the first fan-favorite character who died, Chihiro who is more popular than her, only gain his popularity after his death.

        • Ian Anthony

          I see xD though the death flag of the first case was so quick. For the second case, I agree with you with the red herrings, I think what Togami was trying to accomplish is to flush out Genocider Syo as he was interested with her (not in a you know way.. but yeah xD) Third was kinda easy though. The next case would have been.. well you know what I mean xD

          Why oh why Celes, I think during the next episodes we’ll see more Naegi x Kirigiri interactions. I was really really looking forward to it.

          • SHSL

            This is one of the great experiences with this anime. In the game, you tend to play through it in a go, but anime gives it a time gap for people to feel for the characters. Only favorites left now, except Hagakure lol, any more deaths will just sadden the viewers haha.

            Regardless, we will have the voted saddest execution next followed by the best execution.

  • shiizumi

    We never know, her motive may be one of her lies ;)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      What if her lies were lies? Omaigawd. Lululul.

  • Ketsu

    I could tell by Celes’s terrible acting skills in the last episode that she was shady as hell. I still love her though, and the feels!!! >.< I miss her already!!!

  • supervamp

    Aww yeah the final team is picked, never give up hope