Fall 2014 Anime FSN Bahamut Inou-Battle Log Horizon

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NOTE: Underneath some of the shows I’ve put some updated opinions, so please read those as well before considering my original opinions.

Firstly, sorry for not posting anything for the past three weeks. Too many things going on in real life, and the video took far longer than I thought it would take. So please, if you can, try watching it. It’s where I put most of my effort. Anyways, at least three episodes have passed for most anime airing this fall, and I thought I’d make a follow up post of my preview to give you my opinions on seventeen different anime airing this season. I’ll be talking about twelve of them in moderate detail, and five of them in far less detail. The reason why I’ll be discussing those five shows in far less detail is because I don’t really have much to say about them. But since I mentioned them in my preview, I thought I’d give my opinions anyways. That’ll be near the end of this first impressions. I am watching more than seventeen shows. I’m just not going to talk about all of them because I either haven’t caught up to the latest episode or I don’t find them worth mentioning. However, if I skipped a show that you think does deserve a mention, feel free to leave a comment as well as your reasoning. I mean, just telling me to watch a show won’t get me to watch that show. I’ll also give a roundup of my thoughts about the overall season at the very end. Oh, and don’t expect any depth in these opinions. I’m certainly not going to my usual lengths of reviewing when it comes to these first impressions. I don’t want to be too analytical in this post anyways. Okay? Okay, let’s get begin, and what better way to start things off than with some Sunrise goodness?

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Cross Ange


Oh Sunrise. Oh Sunrise. First you give us Valvrave and now you give us this booty shaking masterpiece. And as expected of Jesus Yamato. Not only can he survive nuclear explosions. He can transcend time, space, and universes to get to where he’s needed most. If Gundam Seed Destiny wasn’t enough for you, then don’t worry. Sunrise has got you covered. Okay, some of you who watched the first episode are probably thinking to yourselves, “what the fuck are you talking about, Entrav? This show is a complete piece of shit why are you even mentioning this?” Look, I think this show’s ridiculousness is fucking amazing. For those of you who don’t know why this show’s absurdity is on another level, let me list what’s in this show. Discrimination, sweet karma, massive denials, rape, lesbo rape, anal probe metallic finger rape (THAT’S FUCKING RIGHT. ANAL. PROBE. METALLIC. FINGER. RAPE.) or… maybe she lost her virginity (I’m honestly not even sure), boob grope molestation, incestuous undertones, very bloody deaths, more lesbo rape, urination, and erect nipples. That’s right, you read that right. Erect. Nipples. SASUGA SUNRISE.

Now, I’m one who greatly enjoyed Valvrave for its absurd developments and the ERU ERUFU. Even though it ended terribly making me disappointed at Sunrise for not making a third season, it seems like Cross Ange will escalate things to yet another level. If you’re someone who can turn your brain off and just enjoy the ride, you absolutely must watch this as the weekly shocking developments are only going to continue. If you find shows like Valvrave to be stupid and can’t enjoy them at all, you should definitely, definitely skip this one. This type of show is really only for people who can switch their perspective to look at things in a nonsensical way. But if you can… the weekly absurdities can be a lot of fun to watch especially when you discuss it with others who hold the same mindset. Heck, Jesus Yamato didn’t even enter the fray yet and we already have all this going on. It’s even going to be 25 episodes long so this is going to be quite a lengthy ride as well. As you can probably tell, I love these kinds of shows. It’s fantastic how we’ve been getting a decent amount of them in the past two years. Even though a large number of you may not like these kinds of shows at all, and some of you will outright hate them, hopefully a few of you will appreciate it for what it is. I’m not sure if I’ll “review” these episodes like I did with Valvrave, but I’ll be following this crazy ride from beginning to end nevertheless.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Shingeki no Bahamut Amira demon

This and Fate/Stay Night really makes this season stand out when it comes to visual quality.

Next we have the surprise of the season, Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis. So, take Jack Sparrow with a red afro, a high fantasy setting with a giant dragon, gods, heroic figures, some demon ass, an actually intriguing story, and you’ve got this anime. When I first saw the preview many months ago, I was very surprised at how good it looked. The first few episodes when it comes to animations have not disappointed me at all. In fact, I’m very, very surprised that the visual quality shown in the preview has been kept throughout the episodes so far. It’s not just the crazy action parts either. Throughout the episodes camera angels change often to suit the various scenes, and you can tell that this anime has a lot of budget behind it. You usually notice in many shows where they cut corners whether it be with still frames with just the characters’ lips moving or the camera panning across slowly while characters are talking, and other things like that. There are few, if any such moments in this anime. Everything feels incredibly fluid. Fantastic animation direction as well as visual quality. Not to mention the soundtracks as well as the opening and ending are also fairly impressive.

It doesn’t stop there. What surprises me even more is how good the fantasy setting is, how intriguing the beginning part of this story is, and the potential that lies ahead. Sure, we get plenty of anime with a fantasy setting, but how many of them have gods, dragons, and heroic figures like Joan of Arc? You simply don’t see many anime that have this sort of high fantasy setting. With the overarching story surrounding the godly figures, the potential for even more world building, and an interesting little bastard to spice things up, this is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the season. I highly recommend giving it a shot. If it progresses like this, there’s a good chance it’ll be one of the best anime of this season and maybe even of this entire year.


Shirobako Aoi frustrated


Ever wonder how your Chinese cartoons get churned out? Ever sit down and contemplate how it is even possible for some absolute abominations to be created? Ever wonder how they’re fucking up your favorite visual novels and manga by making terrible adaptations? Well, you should be keeping an eye on Shirobako. If you’re looking for a strong comedy this season, this is not the anime to watch. But if you’re looking for something a bit more informational that takes a look at the anime development process along with the troubles that it brings to staff members, this is absolutely the one to watch. There are almost no other anime about making anime, so if you’re looking for an anime of this type, Shirobako is literally the only thing you can watch. There are videos out there that contain behind the scenes footage of certain anime, but many of them are not subbed. Since a lot of the anime creation process is shrouded in mystery for many viewers, this could be a very useful show. While it doesn’t show a step by step process of how anime is made, the scattered bits and pieces should still give us a decent idea of how the industry internally works to some degree. Personally, I’m always interested in seeing the work that goes behind making anime. I mean, even for some of the crappiest shows, there is still a great deal of effort being put into them. Hopefully, those people who make those five-hundred word reviews on MyAnimeList will realize this and actually put some effort into their critique. But then again, who am I kidding? Anyways, definitely check this out if you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of the anime creation process.

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu.

Ore Twintails ni Narimasu Souji

The fourth episode is fucking amazing.
Could have definitely used more budget, but it’s still very entertaining.

If Cross Ange is stupidly absurd with its developments, then Twintails is stupidly absurd with how self-aware it is. It knows everything about itself dumb, but it embraces that fact very well. We have antagonists that are hilariously unreserved with their fetishes, the power of twintails being the most supreme power of all, a horny girl “sparkling with the filthy desire to jump on some virgin bones,” a loving mother who fantasizes about a girl from another world moving in to start a big orgy, and many other small bits and pieces that make me smile at how dumb all of it is. At first I thought the fact that it’s a gender bender would turn me off, but for some reason it actually didn’t end up being that bad. So yeah, if you think you’ll enjoy that kind of self-awareness with unreserved dumb things happening all the time, you should give this one a shot. On the other hand, some people don’t care if it’s self-aware. They simply don’t like the fact that it is dumb, period. There’s nothing wrong with either viewpoint. For me, I can appreciate how the antagonists waste a whole episode deciding who should fight only to get blown the fuck out in one second. Definitely a surprisingly enjoyable show for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it’ll go next.

UPDATE: While the first few episodes were pretty entertaining, the fourth episode went above and beyond all of that. It actually has some creative methods of tackling its absurd twintails-driven story. The way the antagonist and the protagonist see eye to eye, and how it unabashedly delivers its silliness is taken to another level in the fourth episode and I greatly enjoyed it as a result. Perhaps what’s even more impressive is how strangely coherent it is despite its absurdity. The writer definitely knows how to execute a story like this very well. Great stuff.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park Kanie Seiya


Well, if you’ve ever wanted KyoAni to animate some fanservice scenes that don’t have anything to do with fabulous swimming, Amagi Brilliant Park is the way to go. We’ve went from cute girls doing cute things to a mascot rhino saying that he has to hunch over for a while. Well, with all this KyoAni goodness, I can’t blame him. I’m actually more surprised there’s no ridiculous boob bounce in any of the fanservice scenes. Yeah… That’s the most surprising thing about this show so far. I guess KyoAni found a way. Found a way into your pants.

As for the other parts of the show… It’s been okay. Nothing has really stood out all that much. The comedy is okay, the male lead has been decent so far, and the management of the park is somewhat interesting. The male protagonist has really only started his role, but so far his strategies have been pretty good. If you’re looking for some KyoAni tits and ass flopping around, definitely watch this. Otherwise, just don’t go in expecting too much. It’s been an alright slice of life anime so far.

UPDATE: Like the fourth episode of Twintails, the fifth episode of Amagi Brilliant Park also went above and beyond what it previously did. (To a smaller extent than the fourth episode of Twintails though.) The first few episodes got me smiling and chuckling at times, but I actually laughed quite a few times in the fifth episode. It’s beginning to grow on me. I’m liking it more and more.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime

I wrote in my written fall preview that if this adaptation is to execute the climactic scenes well then this will be one of the best anime of the season. So, how does it hold up? At least for the first performance, things went very well. The camera work, animation quality, and just the general animation direction do well to emphasize the climactic nature of the performance. There was a certain panel in the manga that I would have liked to see emphasized more, and there are sacrifices made in the less important parts when it comes to animation quality, but I think these are fine trade-offs for what we got. As a manga reader, I’m happy with how they delivered the first performance, and the slice of life parts so far. However, I have to note one thing. The anime portrays the female protagonist to be this violinist who doesn’t strictly follow the score. This was one of the things I was initially worried about since I wondered how they were going to make the classical pieces radically different. They don’t. Even though the characters say that the way she plays makes the music “not Beethoven’s anymore,” the reality is far from that. But hey, don’t just believe me. You can listen to some interpretations on Youtube and compare them yourself. (I actually don’t suggest that you do this since it could make the experience in the anime worse for you. It already has for me to some extent.)

Honestly though, I don’t think this is a big problem. As long as they manipulate it so that to laymen it’ll seem like she is different from the other performers, which it does by having her performing the more energetic parts of the piece while having the others play the less energetic parts of the piece, I can accept it. I mean, otherwise they’d have to hire an actual performer who can do this which is impossible with the resources they have. Sorry for ruining your immersion. I just wanted to make this clear so people aren’t misinformed. Anyways, with this adaptation doing a fine job portraying the important parts, you should definitely give this one a shot if it looks and sounds vaguely interesting to you. It still remains to be seen if it can execute the truly climactic parts well, but if the opening is a hint of what’s ahead, I’m pretty sure it’ll do just fine.

UPDATE: Just a note, I didn’t read that many chapters of the manga, so I have no idea how well the drama is executed later on. I have heard both good and bad things. I was and still am mainly concerned about the performances since when I read them in the manga I thought it would be impressive if portrayed well in anime format. The fourth episode for the most part adapts the performance well. I’m fairly satisfied with it, but I don’t think the impact is quite there just yet. Moreover, knowing that the way they’re playing really isn’t that different from many interpretations actually ended up negatively affecting my viewing experience more than I thought. This show certainly isn’t bad. If it doesn’t become overly melodramatic and continues to execute the performance swell, I’ll be content.

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Alright, before I talk about this anime I’m just going to ask you to watch the first episode before continuing or skipping this part of the first impressions and moving onto the next anime. It’s not that this show is super fantastic or anything, but that it may be surprising, and I don’t want to ruin it for you since what I’m going to say will spoil things for you. Actually, the very fact that I’m saying this is a spoiler… but whatever. If you think you’ll watch this later and you don’t want any spoilers whatsoever, move on to the next anime in the list as well. Okay? Got it? Good, now those of you who don’t care, and those of you who watched at least the first episode, let’s continue.

So, this ended up being an interesting mix of some elements from Madoka and NGE. Thematically it’s still very different, so I won’t say that it’s similar. However, the way it is taking inspiration from those two shows has me hoping that perhaps on a thematic level it may attempt to do something different from the typical slice of life anime as well. Now, I wouldn’t exactly hope for too much here because it’s not every day that we get shows like Madoka. Hopefully, it goes beyond mahou shoujo fighting angels, and actually tries to create something more meaningful. I really, really hope it won’t just start killing people off for some cheap shock value or something like that. This is from the creator of Akame ga Kill though so… yeah… (All in all, I’m not sure where this anime will go right now. It could end up being a cheap Madoka clone, or it could end up as something that can stand on its own) Will people know it as a cheap Madoka clone or will people know it as something that can stand on its own? I’m excited, and I’m apprehensive. This is one of those shows that make following anime week to week thrilling. Whether it’ll bloom into something beautiful or if it’ll whittle and fade away, we’ll be here to witness it all.

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu Amane


Next up we have Grisaia no Kajitsu. Just to let you know, I haven’t read the source material, so this is purely an anime-only perspective. So far, this anime has been pretty decent. I was actually surprised to see one of the major obstacles for visual novel adaptations, that is, the pacing, actually become a strength for the show. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, enough time is used to give a decent introduction to the all of the female protagonists. This evenness creates a balance that makes it feel like no one is neglected which ends up making these first few episodes feel wholesome. Perhaps more importantly, when the male protagonist interacts with a certain character that single sequence of events is lengthy sometimes almost five minutes long. Even though not a lot has happened, this gradual pacing gives me a good sense of what the characters are like, and introduces me to the cast nicely. That’s not to say that it doesn’t foreshadow what’s ahead with the lives of all the characters shrouded in mystery because it does. This would give me more motivation to continue watching even if I were not interested in the slice of life moments. I am though.

The character interactions with Yuuji’s buttcheeks in charge have been enjoyable to see. They have good chemistry, and there… have been a few interesting moments. This actually turned out to be way more erotic than I thought it would thanks to Amane going down on that Yuuji butt smell and then smothering her face all over that Yuuji ass smell. Good stuff. There was even this scene. Yeah. No complaints here. Anyways, I’m actually very interested to see what backstories all these characters have, and what will transpire when the drama starts rolling since nothing has really truly begun. Also, it’s really when things start to get more dramatic that we can see whether the writing and execution are truly good or not. However, right now, there is already a fairly large problem looming over this season. The problem is time. I just don’t think Yuuji’s fat ass is going to fit in 13 episodes. One source did say that this is going to be 24 episodes long with 1 OVA, but that isn’t an official source, so don’t get your hopes up. (This is definitely not happening anymore) In the best case scenario, this is a split cour, and in the worst case scenario, they rush it heavily later on. Though, I heavily doubt the latter scenario since it doesn’t make sense that they’d pace the first part well when not too much is happening and then rush the more important parts. There is also the possibility that this season ends at a cliffhanger which I and most others won’t be happy with, but at least there’ll be the possibility of a continuation if that’s the case. Time constraint problems aside though, it’s safe to say that these have been a solid first few episodes.

UPDATE: The fourth and fifth episodes have really taken the strength of the pacing in the first few episodes and made them weaknesses. Although the pacing is not as noticeably bad for me since I am an anime only viewer, the quickening of the pacing is still very much apparent. The fourth episode is especially bad in this regard as it rushed ahead and ended with dramatic scenes without much build-up at all. This also means that the other routes are going to suffer similar fates, and this is definitely not going to have 24 episodes with an OVA. That news was totally false. I can’t say I would recommend it to others at this point. It would probably be better for them to read the visual novel and then watch the anime. Then again, I haven’t read the visual novel myself so I’m purely guessing here. It’s a bit tough for me to decide if I should still follow this since I will be spoiled of all the routes while not getting the full experience, but since I know that I won’t read the visual novel for a long, long time anyways, I’ll stick with it until the end.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

And I was looking forward to this…

If you’ve watched my preview for this season then you know that I was anticipating this one quite a bit from the few bits of the light novel and manga that I’ve read. So, how does it match up now that a few episodes have passed? Well, it hasn’t been that great. Here’s the strange thing about this adaptation. The first half of the first episode is decently paced. It’s a bit fast, but it’s still manageable. The second half skips quite a few scenes, and the general pace quickens by quite a lot. Then, in the second episode, for some reason, it becomes pretty damn slow. Uhhmm… Okay… Why? Why couldn’t they have just put the second half of the first episode into the second episode? It may have hurt the individual episodes in that the way they end may not be as smooth, but the positives of this getting more character development as well as better pacing far outweigh that single con. Some very questionable decisions here. There are also some really awkward pauses in the more dramatic scenes, and the general direction of the second episode just feels very off. This is apparent in the direction of the battle in the third episode as well. The way they skim over some of the important explanations, and how the tides change don’t make the battle feel fluid. However, the one thing I am happy with is the top down tactical view that explains the battle as it progresses. That’s very nice. Still, at this point, I honestly can’t recommend this adaptation to anime-only viewers, and I certainly won’t recommend it to people who’ve read the source material as it’s bound to disappoint them.

There are still the strategic and political elements ahead, so it may make up for its shortcomings in other areas. If these past few episodes have been an indicator of anything though, I wouldn’t count on those elements being very well done anyways. Since this anime is about larger scale battles, the animation quality suffers as well. Trying to portray hundreds of soldiers clashing into each other, the chaotic tension of these bigger battles, and the tactical maneuvers in all of this are in and of themselves not easy. Combine that with the lacking direction, and it’s not a pleasant experience. It certainly doesn’t help that some parts just look really bad. I think this anime will be a not so fleshed out, and mediocrely executed adaptation with how it skips the scenes that allow for character development, its strange pacing decisions, its lack of fluidity, and its underwhelming execution of the larger fights. To those who were perhaps looking forward to this and didn’t try it out yet, I’d say it’s safe to skip this one for now and see what people say by the halfway point. (Yes, I know it’s pretty much the halfway point right now. Just read the fucking light novel and/or manga.) Well, actually, I highly doubt it’ll be that much better so I would just suggest that you read the light novel. The manga is fine too. That way, you won’t have to jump into a not-so-great anime adaptation of something that should be quite a bit better than this and waste your time. Don’t let the adaptation fool you though if you’ve watched it and found it to be bad. I’d recommend the source material if you find certain aspects, like the strategic and tactical sides, interesting, but just found the anime’s execution to be lackluster. At least in my opinion, the source material isn’t so disappointing.

Log Horizon Season 2

Log Horizon 2 raid boss


Man oh man am I excited to see where this season is going to go. I couldn’t be more pleased with how these first few episodes have turned out. Unlike the beginning of the first season, this second season wastes absolutely no time and immediately begins emphasizing the game mechanics and Shiroe’s grand plans. Couple that with the return of the Database WOW WOW, and I can really only recommend people to watch the first season even more. Like, they’re going to go on a raid. A fucking MMORPG raid. That’s literally what the first second of the first episode shows. Kirito-kun may be fucking sugoi but he ain’t got nothing on those fucking glasses. Are you taking notes or are you too busy sucking Kirito-kun’s dual wielding wiener? This is how you make a proper anime about a MMORPG. This is how you do it. It’s great seeing an anime finally do it properly. Also, with even more characters being introduced and the world constantly expanding while finally touching upon the expansion a bit more, I am very confident that this season is going to be great. It really feels like the potential I was talking about in anticipation for this second season is being realized wonderfully. It’s fantastic being able to wake up to some Database WOW WOW every Saturday morning. It’s like I’m watching the second half of the first season all over again except it’s even better this time. Good times lie ahead. My Saturdays just got that much better.

UPDATE: I see some people complaining about how this season isn’t as “exhilarating” as the previous, and I can kind of see this. However, you have to keep in mind that it’s only the beginning of the season. At the very least, I think that these few episodes are better than the beginning few episodes of the first season. I will agree that some of the things going on in Akihabara are events I don’t care as much about compared to Shiroe’s plans and the raid. That is definitely something I have a problem with in the latest episodes. Nevertheless, as introductory episodes, I think they are far from “disappointing” unless you’re comparing them to the climactic episodes in the second half of the first season which is completely unfair as those arcs had much more time to set things up.

Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass 2 Kamui Kirito


I’m actually a bit worried about this second season. It’s not that it’s horrible in comparison to the first. It’s that it only has 11 episodes, and these first few episodes have been similar to the beginning few episodes of the first season. That is, some detective work, and then hunting down people with an antagonist taking shape. With so few episodes though, I have to wonder just how much it’s going to be accomplish. Granted, a movie is coming out that will take place after this season, but it takes place two years from this second season. That’s quite a bit of time. I’m worried that this will be a rehashed version of the first season in which we’ll be reintroduced to the setting, and some of the themes, but not much beyond that. They key for this second season is for it to improve upon the ideas set forth by the first season, and/or do things differently. I don’t want this to retread the same path in an uninspired manner. While it’s too early to tell if it will, these first two episodes don’t exactly make me too confident. Hopefully it’ll pick up the pace, and pull through soon because it really doesn’t have a lot of time left.

UPDATE: After seeing the fourth episode, I’m not as worried as I was when it comes to the amount of episodes remaining. The anime is swiftly progressing the story in a manner similar to how the middle climax progressed in the first season. (That’s a good thing for me) The monster of the week format is supporting the overarching story nicely instead of completely overshadowing it which is great. All kinds of possibilities exist if this second season continues at this pace even with only eleven episodes. I am still a bit worried about the themes it’ll touch upon, but that concern can be talked about at a later time.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night 2014 Rin


Well, I could certainly get used to 47 minute episodes. Those two episodes were certainly quite a treat. From what I’ve heard, ufotable is doing a phenomenal job adapting this. Even as an anime-only viewer, I can see this. Everything from the quality of the animations to the animation direction to the soundtracks to the sound effects… the quality of this adaptation is just something else. If you’ve watched Fate/Zero, they have also put some nice references in here and there. Things have only just begun though, so it’s difficult to say how good this anime is beyond the technical aspects which are undoubtedly superb. Yeah… I don’t really have a lot more to say which is why I haven’t done any episode reviews of this even though I’d like to. Certainly, as things get more serious, and the themes become more clear, it’ll be easier to discuss this anime in more detail. Anyways, let’s just move on to the five other shows that I’ll talk about very briefly.

UPDATE: I just wanted to emphasize how fucking incredible the animations were in the fourth episode (if you count 0). My jaw was open the whole time with just the sheer amount of quality animations. Usually, it’s just one or two fairly short sequences of fight scenes that are well animated, but with UNLIMITED BUDGET WORKS, the whole episode was filled with fantastic looking fight scenes. Can’t wait to see how everything else is going to unravel.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle


Firstly, let’s talk about Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle. So far, it’s been very similar to the previous season. The pieces of the overarching story are falling into place, so I expect things to only get better from here. However, as an adventure fantasy… it really has some strict competition this season with Shingeki no Bahamut making such a strong showing. Hopefully, it can at least end this adventure well.

Parasyte / Kiseijuu

Parasyte Kiseijuu


As for Parasyte or Kiseijuu, it’s been a solid adaptation so far. It’s been very faithful to the manga with good animations and good direction all around to back it up. As a manga reader, I’m happy with how it’s progressed so far. It’s the adaptation of the source material that I wanted to see. No real complaints so far.

Note: Just to be clear, I only read 22 chapters of the manga.

Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona

Like Parasyte, this is being adapted well. Though, there are some weird time skips here and there as well as some slight scene transition pacing issues, but those are fairly minor concerns. Overall, it’s been a solid adaptation. Plus the dozen or so chapters of the manga that I’ve read are pretty good as well. If you’re looking for a shoujo anime to watch this season, it’s definitely not a bad one to try out.

Gundam Build Fighters Try

Gundam Build Fighters Try

It’s… been okay. I don’t particularly like any of the main characters so far, and nothing has really made me go, “Holy shit, that’s fucking awesome” like the last season did just yet. I’m not really too worried about this though since the first season was more or less the same in the first three episodes. It took until episode 6 for the first season to shine, so it’s only reasonable that I give this season that amount of time as well. Hopefully it’ll try something a bit different instead of using the same formula as the first. The most important thing is that the battles will have that level of intensity this season as well or else this season will lose a major charm that the first season had.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Inou Battle Best GIrl


Finally, we have Inou-Battle. Honestly, this reminds me of Rokujouma from the previous season. It’s got the same kind of light-hearted tone that seems to have something a bit more… serious overarching all of that. So far, it’s been quite an enjoyable slice of life. The powers of the main characters are getting a decent amount of emphasis like I hoped. The comedy, the naming sense, and just the absurdity of how chuunibyou it is can be entertaining to watch. Like, for this one scene, the other chuunibyou character was on a phone call saying all this chuuni bullshit, and I’m just imagining in my head how the person talking to them would have no idea what the fuck they’re on. All for the sake of looking cool. There’s bits and pieces of enjoyable parts to this show that make the overall experience something I actually look forward to quite a bit every week. Then again these types of slice of life shows that offer a constant and steady level of entertainment throughout tend to be the ones I look forward to most from any season. If that all that sounds good to you, give this one a shot. It’s not bad.

Fall 2014 Anime (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) Roundup

I’m relieved that this season is living up to my expectations unlike every other season this year. While there is no anime that’s a real hard hitter just yet, you’ve got quite a bit of anime that will probably end up at least decent which is more than what I can say for many other shows airing in other seasons this year. We’ve got surprises like Shingeki no Bahamut, Yuuki Yuuna along with randomly absurd shows like Cross Ange and Twintails. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso holds great promise, and we have the return of older shows along with a handful of decent slice of life anime. This season has quite a bit to offer. It’s the only one this year where I didn’t drop or feel bad for following a moderate amount of shows. Strangely enough, I’d also say that this season is… weirdly erotic. You got the metallic finger anal probe rape (SUNRISEPLS), KyoAni finding a way into my pants, Amane the bitch in heat, AKA the best girl, (Yeah, that’s right. You fucking heard me.) random provocative poses in Inou-Battle, and much more. I know, I know. You can say this is the typical fanservice stuff every season has, but I know I didn’t expect this level of lewdness going into these shows. It’s not like High School DxD (SEASON 3 HYPE!) when it’s obvious that it’ll be filled with amazing amounts of tits. I mean who would have thought that a metallic finger would be shoved up a girl’s ass? Come on. Only ERU ERUFU and our Lord, The One True God Tatsuya Stu, could have fathomed such a thought. Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to seeing if this season can fill in the spots on my top 10 list for this year because there are a lot of empty spots right now. I don’t want to start throwing in anime I don’t really think are that good in my top 10. People will start bitching about how this show isn’t good or whatever when they should shut the fuck up and understand that it’s fucking relative. (No one has said that yet though. Probably since the last year’s top 10 was, at least in my opinion, very, very solid.) So yeah, I’ve had a lot of fun following this season so far. It certainly is one of the better seasons I’ve followed. Hopefully, it’ll keep it up.

Fate/Stay Night 2014 Unlimited Blade Works Berserker


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  • Karpmage

    It honestly scares me close your opinions of these shows are to mine. Just like you, by episode 4 of Amagi Brilliant Park i was getting bored, but episode 5 brought the show back. Very entertaining read as usual :D

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Wow, you sure read it fast, haha. Thanks for reading!

      • Karpmage

        Yeah, just by chance I checked your website moments after you posted it XD

  • Bam

    Very well-made impressions. In-depth were it matters (except Amagi) and concise where it needs to be. Seriously, what more can be said about Bahamut other than “go watch immediately!”? Parasyte is solid, Grisaia went from okay to worse, and Terra-Formars continued to become much more interesting. The limitation of censorship helped, since they are now killing roaches instead of people, plus the Jojo and Gantz vibes have become strong with this one.

    Now unto Psycho Pass 2 which has started to turn up the heat with ep04. The built-up towards the explosive climax was handled adequately. I’m not too sure about the violence as it felt a bit forced at times and all of it might’ve not been completely necessary, but it served its purpose. I’m sure we couldn’t have had another
    police procedural episode without things getting seriously stale. This
    can also serve as a device to further flesh out Shimotsuki’s character
    which has been annoyingly one-note so far. The whole thing started
    feeling like Psycho Pass again, which is a definitive plus. Oh and we
    have a Unit 3 now, which they they didn’t bother introducing up to this
    point …. oh well, throw Kougami back in and we got ourselves a deal.

    • SASUGA

      I still think that the dominator is predominately stupid. After all that happened you
      don’t arm your men with some non-lethal back-up weapon or something? I
      get that they were trying to take the law out of human hands to avoid
      abuse, but in that case what is the point of human agency in the police?
      HI still think that the dominator is predominately stupid. After all that happened you
      don’t arm your men with some non-lethal back-up weapon or something? I
      get that they were trying to take the law out of human hands to avoid
      abuse, but in that case what is the point of human agency in the police? Just have some droids patrol the streets with dominators then.

      I also
      remember you griping about the absence of security cameras in an
      authoritarian future (even though they have brainwave scanners EVERYWHERE) which keeps getting more prevalent. Here’s what
      transpired at Public Safety Bureau between episodes 2 and 3:

      Ginoza: “God! if there only was a way we could actually see who’s sneaking into
      the chief inspector of unit 01’s apartment. Any ideas Shion?”

      Shion: “How bout two brainwave scanners?”

      Then Tougane looks down in a displeased
      manner and says: “two brainwave scanners would never work, what we need
      is to put a rubber ducky under the floormat so if the intruder
      gets in they will step on it, alarming the cat in the process. We then proceed to
      dissect the cat to check its body for any signs of stress hormone
      secretion which will show if someone was indeed there or not”. He then
      looks away with content and light up a cigarette.

      Hinakawa: “ummmm … sorry but can’t we just check the memory of the apartment’s holographic AI which is equipped with face recognition, and obviously a form of camera, for the video log?”.

      To which they all respond: “Shut up nerd!”.

      I also remember you griping about the absence of security cameras in an authoritarian future, which keeps getting more prevalent. Here’s what transpires at Public Safety Bureau between episode 2 and 3:

      Ginoza: “God if there only was a way we could actually see who’s sneaking into
      the chief inspector of unit 01’s apartment. Any ideas Shion?”

      Shion: “How bout two brainwave scanners?”

      Then Tougane looks down in a displeased
      manner and says: “two brainwave scanners would never work, what we need
      is to put a rubber ducky under the floormat so if the intruder
      gets in they will step on it, alarming the cat in the process. We then proceed to
      dissect the cat to check its body for any signs of stress hormone
      secretion which will show if someone was indeed there or not”. He then
      looks away with content and light up a cigarette.

      Hinakawa: “ummmm … sorry but can’t we just check the memory of the apartment’s holographic AI which is equipped with face recognition, and obviously a form of camera, for the video log?”.

      To which they all respond: “Shut up nerd!”.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thank you.

      I honestly don’t even know what happened to Amagi to be honest. I should have said a lot more than I did, but for some reason I didn’t notice this at all even after writing it, recording it, and editing it. THE KYOANI TITS & ASS ARE TOO DISTRACTING.

      Don’t get your hopes up for Terraformars. As a manga reader, I’m warning you that you shouldn’t expect too much.

      I’m really glad Psycho-Pass 2 picked up the pace. Another episode like the first two would have indeed made things very stale.

      Thanks for watching and commenting!


    Cross Ange is like a taste of fresh rain for drought-ridden crops. A gift to mankind. A promise of spring. There are times where a show gets so bad it becomes good, and there are times that the same show goes so bad that it becomes bad again, and there are rare instances that the show loops past the good/bad threshold so many times that it becomes something called “pure unadulterated Sunrise gold”. SASUGA indeed!

    This is a show that only starts getting bad when it tries to redeem itself, so please, for godssakes, keep the stupid coming, or preferably make it even more unwantedly horrendous. I’m not going to bother asking why when it comes to Cross Ange, but the question of how this was actually made would never leave my mind for an instance.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


    • MgMaster

      Ange’s a candidate for my Best Girl of 2014. I’m serious,most of the entertainment that Cross Ange offer’s comes revolves around her.

      Thank you based Sunrise for this rare female protagonist.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    After such a long wait, you sure delivered mate. Your editing skills have improved a lot! Love the intro and the self-jabs. This is an amazing season and there sure are a lot of good anime to watch. Now then, let’s get this show on the road.

    Cross Ange: Mmm, delicious suffering, delicious plot.

    Bahamut: Didn’t watch it yet. Looks like I missed a goldmine.

    Shirobako: Looks interesting, especially since we get bits and pieces nowadays from ufotable about how they produce Fate/SN. I’ll put it on the backlog.

    Ore no Twintails…. nope.

    Amagi Briliant Park: KyoAni has been forgiven, but not forgotten. I still want my FMP S3 dammit! It has a great source material and I like the confident and narcissistic MC.

    Grisaia: The source material is HUGE. Don’t expect proper pacing. The story is good though and some of the characters’ pasts are pretty disturbing. I played the VN’s (The fruit is just 1 of 3 VNs) and for me this looks more like a support/advertisement series for the games rather than a stand-alone. Still, it’s better than P4 Golden.

    Database: Dayum, you sound pissed, haha. Yes, the SAO fanboys are too annoying at times. The first two arcs of this season are meant to introduce the new cast and develop some of the old ones, which were left on the side or almost forgotten during season 1. I distinctly remember you complaining last season about the lack of depth for Akatsuki. Well, Mamare delivers.

    Psycho Ghost in the Shell Pass: It’s different alright. Some of the scenes are pretty brutal, which is ok considering the whole setting of the show. I just don’t like how Akane is portrayed. She is more strong and confident which is nice, but sometimes she acts in ways completely different from how she behaved during the first season. I’m not a sexist, but the out-of-screen character development here is a bit too much.

    Unlimited Budget Works: The Hype is real and ufotable sure delivers. Splendid animation, even in non-action packed episodes. I mean, we get a 70 min introductory episode, with the best girl as a narrator. What more could you want? The UBW arc is better than the Fate arc. You’ll get your fair share of action, best girl, and plot twists. The one I’m exited about is Heaven’s feel though. I sure hope it’s going to be a long-ass movie.

    Now then let’s talk about two which you didn’t cover.

    Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete: It has an interesting story and concept with one hell of a twist, leaving most people wondering what happened between episode 1 and 2. Like any other VN adaptations, the pacing suffers a lot in the following episodes. The big problem for me though is the animation. The VN character designs are beautiful and it’s almost impossible to animate them properly without having ufotable levels of budget.

    Selector Infected WIXOSS: Season 2 of Card Games and Schoolgirls, The suffering continues. Some people say it’s a deconstruction of the TCG genre. Honestly, I’m not sure. It does fit the profile, with all the standard themes being distorted in a Madoka-esque manner, but it still has it’s happy moments though not many. The last episode of season one had a hell of an ending, leaving me begging to see what happens next. This, Entrav is my recommendation for you to watch whenever you get the chance. You may find issues with the story as the fine anime connoseuir you are, but I think you’ll find the whole series enjoyable nonetheless.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Man, finally someone commented on the intro. No one ever comments on the intros I put so much time into. ;___; Those 30 seconds took me hours to properly put together, so thanks!

      Bahamut: You did. Get on it. You won’t regret it.


      Grisaia: Not really surprised that it’s more of a promotion for the VN. That’s usually what adaptations are for. (That includes light novels and manga.)

      Database: That’s really good to hear. I’m glad they’re not just being pushed to the side. It was indeed one of my complaints.

      Unlimited Budget Works: Holy fuck, my jaw can’t drop enough at dem fight scenes. Too glorious.

      Ushiwareta Mirai wo Motomete: I actually did watch the first two episodes. The animations took a HUGE nosedive after the first episode. I usually don’t complain about bad animations too much since I’m not the type of person who’s too concerned about that, but this was really bad. The OP is one of the laziest ones I’ve ever seen as well. Good lord. The premise is interesting. I agree. Then again, so are many, many premises. Whatever the case, I just think the pacing and how the anime is directed is very poorly done. I spaced out during the second episode which is very rare for me. I never multitask (except eating) or think about anything else when watching anime. Almost all the time, I’m fully engaged. Even so, I couldn’t really stand watching this. The combination of distractingly weird CGI animations with its extremely lacking execution simply fail to captivate me at all. With me being so busy this season with real life stuff as well, there’s no way I’m going to follow it week to week with so many other better anime to follow.

      WIXOSS: Still have yet to watch it. Don’t worry. With you recommending it so heavily (don’t worry, my expectations won’t get skewed that much), I’ll definitely watch it when it ends and when I have more time. (I wouldn’t say that I’m anything even remotely close to a “fine anime connoseuir,” but thanks for the compliment.)

      Thanks a lot for watching! Oh, and if you haven’t already, I’d suggest watching Hunter X Hunter (2011). It’s really long (148 episodes), but I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for an enjoyable shounen to watch. Just spread it throughout a few months and you’ll have something to look forward to every day. I really enjoyed it. I’ll be doing a review of that next.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        This sexy season as you put it should have plenty of contenders for anyone’s Top 10 of the Year. Mushi-shi may not be there, but it deserves the honorary spot.

        Motomete: Not sure if animators were lazy, or no budget, or both. Won’t blame you for not sticking with it.

        Hunter X Hunter: Man, I am not watching to any of your recommandations for a while. I just finished watching White Album 2. My heart simply cannot handle more. That airport scene was….I just… FUCK! There goes my weekend…. Can’t write, too depressed now.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Wait, hold on. Why would Mushishi not be there? That’s like, one of the only shows I’m absolutely certain deserves a spot above the top 5 for this year. By the way, I didn’t mention it in this first impressions since I wanted to marathon it all later.

          White Album 2: Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I don’t know if you read my review ( http://www.entravity.com/white-album-2-episode-13-finale-my-heart-best-anime-2013/ ), but that is the longest episode review I ever did and I sure as hell put a lot of emotion into that. I still remember how I thought about what happened over and over and over again while on transiting. Those times man… Those times… I didn’t know something could affect me to that extent. Couldn’t even think about anything else. I think talking about it with other people really, really helps with alleviating that painful feeling. Could just be me though.

          You should watch HxH when you get the chance to do so though. It won’t rip your heart out like WA2 did. It’s just an enjoyable experience.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Yes, you’re right. Mushi-shi does deserve to be in Top 5, but I get the feeling most people will take it for granted and forget to even list it there.

            Yep, saw the review. Made a longer rant there. Some prolonged cursing and a pack of cigs usually does the trick for me. There isn’t really someone IRL I could talk anime with.

          • Bam

            Mushishi and Serial Experiment Lain are like the Ulysses of the anime world; in regards that everyone respects and honors them, but only a few have actually watched or bothered to review them.

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            I’m honestly not too sure about few people watching Mushishi though. I mean, I think there are a decent amount of people who have watched at least the first season of Mushishi. 76k on MAL isn’t good for a show like this, but it’s not that bad. Though, what’s really interesting is that so many people have it on their “Plan to Watch.” (50k) Comparing it to other similarly popular shows, this ratio is extremely high. The closest is something like Ergo Proxy. I’d still say a moderate amount of people watched it though.

            As for reviewing Mushishi, it really depends on what you view to be a real review. I sure as hell don’t count most MAL reviews as actual reviews, so I will agree that few bother to review them. I’m reluctant to review it too since it seems like something that people have talked about over and over again albeit perhaps on a superficial level. Most people think it’s fantastic and great while putting out some words like “great atmosphere, phenomenal soundtrack” or similarly general phrases. It makes me kind of sad to see these very general thoughts become so wide spread. Since Mushishi is nearing its end, I think I will properly sit down and critique it one day to go more in-depth into exactly why it’s so fantastic.

          • Bam

            I agree, Mushishi doesn’t deserve a shallow review, so better not have a review at all then some cookie-cutter praise and admiration. Although everyone expressing excitement for the show is valid, it doesn’t add anything to the critique or analysis of it.

            I wouldn’t rely on those MAL numbers too heavily, as people often misreport things. The high plan-to-watch numbers is exactly what I’m talking about tho. I also understand that these are the kind of shows that require attention and a fresh state-of-mind, so it’s not like Jojo or something that is just plain fun and you can throw on when eating or something. This might prove an obstacle and the reason why people back-burner such shows. Also reviewing Lain, Angel’s Egg, Renmei, or Toujin Kit are somewhat difficult and intimidating. These are mostly serious works of art that have transcended their mediums and are replete with symbolism and purposeful cinematography, so they require an almost expert level of critique.

  • Zerriet

    Agreed with the comments concerning the shows that I watched. One thing about Madan no ou to Vanadis is that it kinda suffers from the same problem as Grisaia no Kaijitsu, in the sense that even though the anime is enjoyable to some degree, the source material will probably still be vastly superior unless they really do something stunning in the following episodes to come.

    Some comment I would like to make about a show you did not cover, Sora no Method. I think it is basically just a slightly weaker Anohana/ Non Non Biyori, in the sense that even though some of the emotions were really heart-warming ( and that Noel is the most adorable thing on the planet), a big underlying problem is the melodrama which although makes sense, still feels hard to take in because it just seems so overblown at times. Nevertheless, it is still a good show overall.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I watched the first two episodes of Sora no Method and I could already feel the melodrama coming. I mean, when characters start crying in the beginning of the story, and it’s not a flashforward or flashback or something like that, you can sure as hell bet that things are only going to get more dramatic in upcoming episodes. Far too busy this season, so I didn’t stick with it. Unless it’s the inspiring kind of melodrama like Sakurasou, I really have difficulties dealing with that level of drama. I probably couldn’t help but roll my eyes or sigh or feel completely detached from the show. Not sure if I’ll feel that way towards Sora no Method though. I haven’t caught up, so I have no idea.

      • Zerriet

        The melodrama is actually harder to critique about because on one hand, I initially felt it was a little bit silly or at least based on a first impression, but the end result was rather heart-warming because the emotions or at least the acting complemented the melodrama very well, making me kinda feel for the characters even though I shouldnt feel for them on paper. Maybe you should continue with it provided you have the time just to see how it plays out. especially to me the best part of the show is just the amount of symbolism involved.


    Ahem. Moving on…

    HOLY WOW THAT INTRO WAS EPIC. That must’ve taken a long time to do. It really exuded the hype that is this season of anime. And the rant during Log Horizon was the best, dude! The weiners… them weiners/bananas were some great effects. :D

    I heard that quite a few people got a problem with Shigatsu wa Kimi ni Uso. Something about how it trivializes psychological trauma and how the female leads are more bullying than helping. I didn’t get that impression, but lots of people seem to have dropped the show over that. Any thoughts?

    I’m watching that, Psycho-Pass (which seems more promising now), Shirobako!!!! And Reconguista in G. BTW, what do you think about Reconguista? I’ve only seen Gundam Wing, and watching G has made it clear that although it’s stand alone, it definitely helps if you’ve seen the other Gundam series. It’s been entertaining so I plan to stick with it.

    Wow I need to see Bahamut. I will be watching it. Actually I’ll go do that right now. Seriously, gonna watch that NOW. HTF I missed that?

    I FREAKING LOVE ERU- I MEAN VALVRAVE. But I’m on edge with Cross-Ange. Haven’t seen it yet and seeing as how almost 5 minutes (when put together) consists of les-rape, I need to know: How much of it is in there anyway? How relevant is it to the story? I really want to check it out since it seems off the chains like VALVRAVE! But if it’s going into VALVRAPE territory on a weekly basis then I might pass this one up. I can only turn a blind eye (or my brain off) to so much.

    Ok. That’s my wall of text. Once again, great video. Hands down best. The audio is practically flawless in this one. Watched (and listened :D) all the way to the end so I gave that video THUMBS UP :D

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Glad to see you back. You must appreciate the interwebs a lot more now that you’ve lived without it for so long.

      Thanks man. That intro took me hours to just compile not even counting the clip rendering and cutting and whatever other nonsense I had to do. I seriously respect those guys who make 4-5 min AMVs that are fantastically edited. Going through a not even comparably difficult version myself lets me realize just how long that kind of stuff takes. Huge respect for them. (I didn’t even know what I should put when I said wieners. I mean, I was contemplating between some sausages and bananas, but since bananas are bananas, I chose bananas.)

      Interesting… I haven’t really seen too many people complain about Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso to be honest. There’s so much positivity surrounding it that it’s hard to see the negativity. I’m talking purely about the anime of course. I don’t know how people rate the manga since I don’t want to be spoiled. It’s a bit difficult to say whether the show is trivializing psychological trauma. I don’t have trauma, and I don’t know anyone that does. I don’t really think I have the right to really comment about how valid its approach is without doing more research. As such, I’ll have to avoid the question for now, but I’ll definitely consider it now that you’ve brought it to my attention.

      I only watched the first two episodes of Reconguista, so I don’t really know how I feel about it right now. I’ll catch up eventually. I’ve just been really busy. Heck, the next two weeks are still going to be busy for me. This semester is pretty brutal.

      You need to get on that Bahamut. It’s pretty great.

      Now, I’m only going to comment on the three episodes I’ve watched. Haven’t touched the recent ones for reasons I already said. There definitely is a context so you don’t have to worry about it being completely absurd for the sake of being absurd. The story is coherent and it’s not completely unreasonable that they do the things they do or that she’s… urinating. I’m not sure about recent episodes, but it’s mainly the first episode that’s really intense with the… lesbo rape and stuff. Yeah… I have to admit that it is stepping it up a notch further. Your body may not be able to handle it.

      Thanks a lot for watching, thumbing it up, and commenting! I’m glad that you liked it. I’m a bit worried about making the top 10 video since I have no idea how I’m even going to do the intro. If it were just the compilation of the clips, I’d be fine, but I have no idea what music to use. You know all the copyright issues with Youtube. I don’t want to run into any problems with that. The music I used this time is a mix of 2 different songs. I’m not sure if it’ll work out that well for the top 10. I was pretty lucky I found two songs that worked out well by mixing it with each other.

      Yeah man, those guys watch 10+ hours a day sometimes which is absolutely insane. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to cram in a great experience like that in such a short period of time anyways. In retrospect, I should have definitely paced myself a bit more.

      • MgMaster

        About Shigatsu(anime-only viewer here as well):

        Kairi on RC and Enzo on LiA worded it out pretty well in their last episodic posts(mainly 3,4 and 5 – they both dropped it now).

        The issue in question is how the show itself doesn’t treat Kousei’s trauma seriously and in a really nasty way that put’s some people off,especially those who’ve experienced similar issues or had someone close experience them. The “treatment” to his trauma is apparently “man up & just play the piano”,forced into it not by his own will,but by Tsubaki but mainly Kaori,the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of Shigatsu,which the show seems to make full use of. Now,these are middle schoolers and it makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t know how to properly deal with Kousei’s problem,thinking that what they’re doing is best and that’s perfectly fine . The problem is that the show glorifies it.

        There’s also the excessive slapstick comedy where Kousei’s always the whipping boy of the show. This of course,is a lesser problem compared to the ones I mentioned above.

        I can still enjoy the show despite all these issues so I’m definitely not dropping it. However,I can’t ignore them so if it wants to strive for greatness,then it’d better approach Kousei’s trauma seriously and cut down on the usage of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl as the cure for it.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Interesting. It’s definitely something I would have to take into consideration if I were to do an overall review of it. As I said, I don’t know much at all about psychological trauma, so it didn’t seem that big of a deal for me. I did notice the way they were going about it is… not the best, but I mostly overlooked it since I didn’t know any better.

          Well, I’ll have to read some journal articles about psychological trauma or read other things like that to get a better understanding. I doubt I will write a full critique on the show anytime soon.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Read the manga. If anything the last chapter, which came out today, will re-ignite your interest in this series. Well, if you think their way of ‘curing’ someone’s trauma is unsettling, just check out Grisaia.

      • MACHA

        I appreciate the web like nobody’s business. Didn’t know what I had
        until I needed it for >20 digital assignments~. Lesson learned. :D


        I took the time to check Cross Ange (3 eps)…
        I recognized the music style right away because it sounded very similar to that in Ar tonelico. After looking it up later, I’m very pleased becaused I was right! :D the insert music is arranged by Akiko Shikata – who FREAKING SANG BEAUTIFUL MUSIC IN AR TONELICO. If you haven’t hear her stuff then you should check it out (EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. is freaking amazing)
        So I’m definitely looking forward to the music here. Ok, now to business: (rant mode coming)

        It’s got it’s typical fanservice turned up to max. Yes, episode one was much. For an anime. My brain was like – “huh, that’s disturbing. They went all out there. Next episode.” Manga has passed, distorted and destroyed that boundary time and again. If you’ve read Wolf Guy or anything that goes into that territory for a whole freaking arc you can take anything. Doesn’t mean I liked it. That crap was messed up. Since it was the last scene then I can let it pass. Once again though, as an anime, it’s surprising.

        What is annoying is that the story is actually good, but the fanservice is so up in your face. Yes, the pilots wear skimpy clothes (I guess they don’t feel cold?) But why the F$^&* does the camera have to go into all these different shots of booty and boobs for half the episodes? It’s distracting. Yes, it’s an old complaint but if the (one) guy that will show up also wears some shirtless/skimpy suit all the time then I will shut up. The story is good, but I don’t think the people who like it now would watch it or even maintain the same opinion if the anime remained the same but had male Norma instead. It would be labeled as fujoushi-bait/gay/death of anime and all that crap. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t be complaining at all if the whole cast was male. I’d be praising it from here to the sun and back. Yes, I’m hypocrite. But it’s frustrating when all you see every year is lady parts all up in a good story, and the male characters get a free pass to stay all suited up. Where’s the equal opportunity? (end rant)

        All in all, I’m sticking around for the story and superb music. The story is good enough that I’d like to see where it’ll go.
        Also sticking around for the L’oreal long haired dude (yess) and the other princess that shows up in the ED credits.

        Music copyright stuff and Youtube don’t mix well. :( I hope it works out for you somehow. DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAY~

  • FYI Guy

    The effort and detail you put into covering anime is fantastic. I need to frequent this site! Kudos.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thank you for watching/reading!

  • zztop

    Amagi: Gatoh Shoji said that he wanted even more fanservice and boob bouncing in the anime, but the Kyoani director refused to implement many of his ideas. (This came from the LN afterwords.)
    I suppose Kyoani considers itself above such pandering.
    Chaika: Chaika’s March OVA will be a swimsuit showdown between the girls. Apparently the anime cut out a lot of LN erotic fanservice moments in favour of plot progression.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Amagi: KYOANI FINDS A WAY.

      Chaika: That’s good to hear. It really needs the plot progression to finish things up well.

  • Bakutay

    Finally, u have decided to show yourself Entrav. Not sure what to say, except. FATE STAY NIGHT/ SHINGEKI NO BAHAMUT HYPE TRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIN

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


  • Ashar Shahid

    nice job with the editting and very detailed :D.
    keep it up
    Shingeki no bahumat Hype!!!!!

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      Thank you!

  • Ashar Shahid

    yo entrav just wanted to ask your opinion on whether i should hold off on shingeki no bahumat and marathon it or watch it weekly because based on how this season is going i think this or parasyte will be the animes of this year.Shingeki no bahumat is like the SnK of this year i dont mention Fate stay night (OMG Ep3 animation) because of how the characters will limit it from reaching its true potential(its not fun when you have 4 teenagers play the holy grail war ufotable Q.Q).thoughts?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      For Shingeki no Bahamut, I don’t think it really matters if you marathon it or watch it weekly. Both should be fine. Just go with whichever one you prefer in general.

  • Yatogami

    I must say having read all the routes in Fate/stay Night the anime is following Unlimited Blade Works almost line for line and scene for scene so if this keeps up the ending will be a sight to behold hell even the upcoming battles will be a spectacle worthy of the ages. Shigatsu wa and Ore Twintails are my surprise favorites for this season though. Once again nice review and keep it up.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Seriously can’t wait to see the fights later on.

      The latest episode of Twintails man… It just gets better and better.

      Thanks for watching/reading!

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    For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet:

    Best thing to come out of Grisaia’s tl;dr adaptation.

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    just realized.. where’s garo?

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      Didn’t watch it.

      • Lim Cheng Yi

        If you enjoy watching bahamut, i think you might enjoy watching garo as well.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I’ll give it a shot when I get the chance to do so.

  • niknasr

    No magic Kaito? Oh man that series is good and if you familiar with detective conan, this is a must watch for you.. It’s quite light in drama and action, and really good as a breather after watching heavy action and drama that this season had offered.. But hands down, twintails really outdid themselves and I personally enjoyed it more than I initially thought.. Believe it or not, I think it really have a chance in becoming one of really good anime this season, it really reminds me of kenzen robo and dxd in terms of how passionate the Mc have for their own fetishes and never really shy away from it…