Free! Episode 3 – One more muscular entity

free ryuugazaki rei glasses
Calm and collected?

A FABULOUS new member.
Free! Episode 3 Review
Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 3 Review
“Theoretical Dolphin Kick!”
“Riron no Dorufinkikku!”

DELTOIDS. BICEPS. Yes, we have plenty of TRICEPS in the swim club already, but it’s not like anyone can have enough MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES. Oh, and of course they need four people to compete in competitions. Yeah, that’s just an aside though with the fabulous muscles everywhere.

Free! Episode 3 Impressions

Nanase Haruka



Free nagisa hazuki

Nagisa is so derp.


Matsuoka Gou

Kou? Gou?


Amakata Miho saying

Oh gawd.

Makoto and Nagisa free anime

Bro. That’s not what she means.

Nanase Haruka wide eyed


Free haruka menacing look


Nanase Haruka

That’s really convincing.

While Nagisa is being that airhead type of character looking for a new member, Haruka is still being the… completely obsessed swimmer that he is. In actuality, he’s not that social himself, and instead of being someone who puts himself in a room playing video games, he does that for swimming, or at least he wants to. Actually, he’s quite an airhead himself when it comes to more socially oriented business. But man, with how obsessed he is about swimming, Haruka must have really valued Rin as a friend to quit competitively. Of course, he can still swim, but… it’s still an opportunity to swim that he personally chose to forgo.

free deltoids muscles


Matsuoka Gou fascinated


Ryuugazaki Rei calculating


Ryuugazaki Rei vault


Matsuoka Kou biceps






Ryuugazaki Rei reason


Ryuugazaki Rei. The commonality between the four of them? All guys with girl names. He appears to be the calm, collected, and calculative type, especially with how he unrealistically runs formulas in his head to perform the jumps. Though, beneath that, there are flashes of quite the opposite side of those characteristics. He tries to be as logical as possible and I guess his take on swimming is quite intriguing. I do like how Rei doesn’t keep his composure all the time which leads to some unexpectedly entertaining moments.

tachibana makoto and nagisa


Sex appeal is great in this anime.

Matsuoka Rin

D: Always angry

Nagisa Hazuki blushing


Ryuugazaki rei shy blush

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. THE SHIP IS UNDERWAY.

That’s just because they’re unfabulous.

Matsouka Gou mesmerized

Not as awesome as the MUSCLES in the Iwatobi Swim Club.

Tsun tsun.

We also get to see some internal conflict in Rei and his inability to stretch farther than his technical side. It’s no doubt that track isn’t for him, or rather, it doesn’t have the right people to support him. Swimming will really let him be free so that he can reach a higher level by incorporating more than just technique. Again, his view of swimming is extremely narrow and intriguing at the same time. Oh and Rin is still being a huge tsundere.

Tachibana Makoto muscles




Tachibana Makoto pale


Ryuugazaki dejected failure


Ryuugazaki rei spazz

LOL. Derp.

Free! Iwatobi swim club


Free swimming

Man. Animation-wise, this anime is just top notch.

Nanase Haruka fabulous

Beat that.


Rei-chan vault iwatobi swim club



Rei-chan blushing


LOL. That was actually pretty funny. I guess the fact that he’s usually so composed made it much more humorous as a result. His dejected look when he failed the dive is just great. And we can’t forget his FABULOUSNESS when he tries to do pole vaulting one last time. That was unexpected cringe worthy and amazing all at the same time. I think that his character is actually the most quirky and interesting so far due to his perspective in different situations. In fact, by the looks of the next episode, I think he’s ditched his composed, calculative attitude from before to pursue a different mindset.

Free! Episode 3 Review

Wow, this has got to be my shortest impressions in quite some time words-wise. That’s just what happens in some slice of life shows in these more developmental episodes where some “normal” things are going on. Nonetheless, I found this episode to be more humorous than the previous two while still pulling off the MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES MUSCLES. Actually, there’s a bit more fujoshi-bait in this one than the previous, and if I were to compare it with the previous two episodes, this one has some guy-to-guy blushes that can totally be taken the wrong way. Even so, it’s never done to the extent that it’s distasteful for me at least as the DELTOIDS, the BICEPS, the FABULOUS display of swimming and even the plot-progression still remain the most important factors.


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  • Irenesharda

    Nice episode, they finally got Rei to join the team.

    They were pretty pushy on that, the guy told them “no” several times. And it was pretty easily seen that it was because he’s embarrassed that he can’t swim. However, you must admit that the guy is pretty dedicated to his craft. He must be amazing in math and science being able to do all those formulas in his head and be able to apply them. However, they are right in the fact that though he can do a lot of theory, he has yet to truly just experience the sport. However, even at the end we see that when he lets it all go, he falls apart. Rei really needs to find his balance. If theory is his strength, he needs to keep it but be able to apply it to his craft so that he can hone himself to the point where the calculations become unnecessary and his body will know what to do naturally.

    Haruka doesn’t need this because he’s a natural born swimmer (and a secret merman) and he forms his body in other ways. Rei needs to find his true fit and then he will be unstoppable. I know by personal experience that a person who thinks in the way Rei thinks, will not be able to “turn his brain off” and just stop being analytical. It will be almost impossible because of how his brain is now wired. However, instead of trying to simply NOT think analytically, he should employ it but not let it get in the way of his enjoyment of the sport.

    Nagisa, Makoto, and Gou are cool, however, Gou’s previous admiration of the male form is beginning to go towards the irritating side. She was just perfect last episode, I don’t know why they now what to take her to the extreme. Can’t an anime have ONE normal teenage girl?!
    Now ALL Gou talks about is the boys’ bodies and I’m saying the same as Makato: “Is that all you can think about?!” They had better fix that girl back to what she was before, or else…

    Nagisa was funny and cute in his excitableness, I still ship him and Gou, but Nagisa and Rei are a good back-up, even though to me they seem more like soon-to-be best friends than anything else. Nagisa will be to Rei, what Makoto is to Haruka.

    Other than that, Rin had a small role, but nothing really revealed, and we get an official introduction to some side characters in Rin’s swimming team captain and one of his teammates. And it looks like next week Haru-chan-san and friends will be formally teaching their new member how to swim.

    I give this episode a 7.8/10. A good episode not as good as the previous one, but good. And Haruka is so cute when he’s sick!

    • Entrav

      You see, Gou, or Kou, whatever you want to call her, her role is to be the envy of fujoshis everywhere. Being surrounded by MUSCLES of that caliber, anyone would waver.

      But seriously, I think it’s still okay because it’s one of those episodes where she can’t really contribute that much whereas in the previous she had her brother to talk about. Besides, she did give the idea of going to an indoor swimming pool and using her sex appeal to get some joint training.

  • omgITSorange

    God, I love this anime! XD

    • Entrav

      It’s keeping up the fabulousness well. I wonder what other muscular part we’re going to get next?

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    This anime is my top 6 favorites this season so far. Sorry Inu to Hasamiwa Tsukaiyou displaced to second place.
    With the intro of Rei I’m very happy. Just knew his character would be a game changer.

    • Entrav

      I didn’t like InuHasa at all actually. The humor is a huge miss for me. But hey, it’s all good if you find it entertaining.

      • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

        Really. No….But I can understand you not liking it. In the vast sea of anime there are always anime that just doesn’t work for some.

        And I can agree that InuHasa does have some strange moments.

  • Island

    Your review is just as amusing (or shall I say fabulous? XD) to read as the anime is amusing to watch. I’m glad you picked Free! to blog.

    I’m usually afraid of guys’ reviews about fanservice-heavy bishounen anime and it is just good to see that some of you do see the funny side of it and not take this whole genre as a personal offense against one’s masculinity. Just as you said, girls deserve their share of muscles just as guys deserve their share of tits. XDDD

    Keep on blogging. I will be a regular reader.

    Thank you.

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much!

      Depending on the series, I switch my viewpoint and the way I review it. There’s no reason to review everything critically like some do all the time. I just try to be a bit more critical with the “review” section at the bottom, but heck, with these types of series, just having fun may be enough. Hell, look at my Valvrave posts >.>

      This anime isn’t done to the extent that it disgusts me in the way it portrays fanservice, far from it, and it’s pretty entertaining for me as well. It’s time for girls to get some MANSERVICE. And some PLOT.

      Thanks a lot for your support!