Free! Episode 4 – How 2 swim

free ryuugazaki rei fabulous glasses

Free! Episode 4 Review
Iwatobi Swim Club episode 4 Review
“Captive Butterfly!”

So while this episode will have a lot more questionable manservice compared to previous episodes, it does advance the plot in many areas. Rei’s conflict with swimming, Haru and Rin’s rivalry, and bits of fabulousness with humor here and there make this episode an overall entertaining package.

Free! Episode 4 Impressions


SHE GIVES. GOU OR KOU. Your choice.

Rei-chan free

Got to maintain the MUSCLES.

Ryugazaki rei smiling


Matsuoka Kou biceps fascinated

Biceps? Biceps.



There are tons of arguments on the internet about whether static stretching should be done before a workout or not, so I won’t delve much into that area. Rei’s attempts at swimming are laughably terrible and let’s just say that there’s many more fails than that to come. It’s actually rather deceptive how they put Rei, someone who seems to be the calm and calculated person to be the catalyst for many humorous scenes. What’s just as nice is how Free! incorporates the other more serious side about Haruka and Rin on the side that compliment the humor quite nicely.

Matsuoka Rin swimming Matsuoka Rin angry


Being a person who I presume to have not as much talent as Haruka, Rin takes strong offence to what Nitori says. After all, to him, Haruka is the one who holds the talent and he is the one trying to catch up with hard work. It’s an unintentional scathing comment, but it hurts nonetheless. And as I suspected, Rin doesn’t count the match they had to be a true victory. Rin was serious about competitive swimming, but Haruka wasn’t. It’ll be an interminable feeling of uneasiness that’ll keep him chained. Looks like we’ll be getting a re-match.

Iwatobi-chan drawing


Rei… I think-



Dude wtf guys.

Nagisa Hazuki pizza

FAT. ASS. What the hell dude this guy.

Ryugazaki rei speedos

See, this is the other version of fanservice. Dat ass.


Nagisa Hazuki

No, not tha-

ryuugazaki rei


Nanase Haruka free anime



Matsuoka Kou pervert


Hazuki Nagisa


Tachibana Makoto


Free! anime nanase Haruka


Matsuoka Kou or Gou

What? Come on, that’s it? I guess she can’t handle the amount of BICEPS, TRICPES, AND DELTOIDS.

The humor is nice and all but… LET’S BE HONEST IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MANSERVICE. THE FABULOUS SWIMSUITS. THE FABULOUS MUSCULAR PORTRAYAL OF MEN. THIS IS WHAT THE LADIES HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Well, for me it’s uhh… THEY’RE FABULOUS. Girls have watched countless anime with girls changing into erotic bikinis, swimsuits, and the like. It’s TIME FOR A CHANGE. There’s nothing wrong with the pure display of utter shiny fabulousness. And, if you’re a guy and you’re feeling bad, well, just think of it as paying back interest for all the times you’ve seen the bewbies. But in all honesty, I don’t know why you wouldn’t find this extremely marvelous for your soul. Indeed, this is much needed for both MEN AND WOMEN.

Get. It. On.

Matsuoka Rin sad

Free Harukaxrin


Haru-chan free anime


Damn okay, that’s something a lot of people are going to love. I know a lot of people are already on-board the Rin and Haruka ship so this close friendship, that I already noted to be at a different level compared to the others, will be appreciated by many. This is the relationship that brings forth the drama, and this will be one who will give KyoAni a lot of money. It’s a clever way to let the ship sail without making it obscene for male viewers like me. As long as they don’t make everything too melodramatic or homosexual, I’m totally fine with it.



Ryuugazaki Rei completely shocked



Nanase Haruka speechless


Nagisa, Kou and Makoto

LOL. Humor done right.

Free iwatobi anime

Free harukaxrei ship




Oh. My. God. LOL. I have to admit that their facial reactions at Rei’s utter failure even after Haruka’s attempts got me laughing pretty good. Moreover, Haru’s socially awkward way of approaching Rei with a swift dismissal of his endeavor is quite entertaining in its own right. I’m not sure why Rei can’t swim until he hears the words “I’m not free either,” but I suppose it may have something to do with wanting to be free instead of actually being free. Perhaps, that’s why Haru does freestyle; to try his best to be unchained from everything by swimming in such a way. Whatever it may be, at least they have an actual swimmer and not a damn rock. Looking forward to… a beach episode next time?…

Free! Episode 4 Review

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this episode to be as funny as it is. Rei has proven once again that he is the most entertaining character in the anime in the jocular sense. However, his with his fails now over, it’ll be more difficult for him to create the same effect and that’s when the humor will really be put to the test. As for the manservice, I have to say that it’s much more blatant this time compared to the previous. Certainly, it is fabulous, but I can’t help but be a little alarmed at those… rainbow… *shudder. It was still a short period of time and can be easily ignored by those who do not wish to see such fabulousness, in which case they should drop the anime because they are not worthy, and the plot is still progressing smoothly. As long as the manservice doesn’t take precedence and is something tacked on with tasteful means, I don’t see a problem with such display of MUSCLES.

free iwatobi swim club wallpaper kyoani

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  • omgITSorange

    She couldn’t handle the FABULOUSNESS! Also, DAT RAINBOW! hahaha XD

    • Entrav

      Dude that rainbow actually startled me. It was just so random.

      • Evilnemesis

        The Rei rainbow pose? Jojo tribute in muh KyoAni? Dem contortions

  • airisu

    Hi, another fan of your reviews here! ^^ You achieved that I await your reviews almost as much as the new episodes of this epic series. ;)

    Your screenshots and your comments on them are excellent. XD

    Rei-chan definitely stole the show in this episode – both his swimming and his outfits (plus his poses, and that stretching, and and…). XD

    I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed at Gou-chan’s stamina: how come she could not handle that much?!? She needs serious exercising, too… :P

    • Entrav

      Thanks a lot for your support!

      Yeah, the fabulousness of the four is just two much for a girl like her to handle. Oh well, she’s exercising her will as she witnesses the MUSCLES anyways. She’ll build up that stamina soon enough.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    I have to say when Kou actually thought so “Now I know how guys feel when they have to go shopping with girls”. That was describing perfectly sex appeal between girls-to-guys and guys-to-girls.

    Free! is doing so many things right with the anime. But the rainbow swimsuit wasn’t what was bad!
    It was the Butterfly swimsuit. It was ,uhh, horrendous. The rainbow swimsuit at least looked good.

    • Entrav

      The rainbow swimsuit just startled me when he came out. Let’s just say my body wasn’t ready. But yes, I do have to agree that I feel Gou’s pain to some extent. KyoAni really nails it here by saying that, BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT; THE FABULOUS DISPLAY OF MUSCLES SHOULD BE OF THE HIGHEST PRIORITY.

  • Sammy Lee

    Hahaha, I loved this review the comments below each picture. The one with Nagisa and the pneguins was hilarious especially your comment! ” WTF THE PENGUINS ” I was thinking the same thing. The Rinbow Swimsuit, how do I say this, “Sam the Tucan Called he wants his SKIN BACK!” Anyway thanks for the hillarious review Ill be sure to check you out more, and I just followed you on Twitter :) By the way I do have a short Reaction video for Episode 4 of Free as well, if anyone would like to check it out.

    Thanks Again for the Hilarity and Keep it up! :)

    • Entrav

      Thanks a lot! I watched your Youtube video too. Pretty well composed, but I don’t want to go into detail about that because I can get pretty harsh with my criticism. Just be careful of copyright claims if you do intend to do more of these. KyoAni is fine with it but a lot of other studios are not.

      • Sammy Lee

        Thanks for watching! Crtis are fine, I’m looking for them so bring them on! Haha. Oh and ya, thanks for the warning I will definitely be more careful.

        • Entrav

          Because this is your first video on anime, it’s not bad to mimic other successful Youtubers, but you eventually want to find your own style from that. For example, the TeeHee is nice, however, as you get more viewers, it’s better to just differentiate yourself from the crowd. Not to mention some people will call you a “copy” of others. Overall, you want to create your own audience and the audience will come to you because of your unique style. It’s not bad for a first First Impressions video though.

          Secondly, I don’t really think you need to make it 1080p because the ones that are aired on TV and on Crunchyroll or whatever are just upscaled to 1080p. It might save you some time while rendering if you just used 720p and there won’t be too much of a difference. You definitely could if it doesn’t waste too much of your time though.

          You mirrored the video which is good, but for KyoAni anime, you don’t have to worry about it. For pretty much every other studio, mirroring and putting up borders are going to be good practice. Try to find some better fonts and know some basics about typesetting. That’ll give you more room to be creative with your videos aside from standard subtitles. (Don’t learn from my podcasts on typesetting. I was really lazy and didn’t bother with doing too much in that regard.)

          Also be careful of audio clipping. Not sure about your mic too much as I’m not an expert on that. It sounds fine for now, but definitely look for an upgrade IF you want to be serious about this. Otherwise, there’s no point to waste your money. I got a Blue Snowball and it does a fine job. (Check my Podcasts)

          Again, I have to emphasize that you have to be extremely careful of copyright claims. Search up the anime on Youtube beforehand to see if anyone has done anything similar to gauge how dangerous it is to make a video for it. Especially if you plan to make reviews, which I will eventually do, it may take 10 hours only for it to be rejected by Youtube. Be very, very careful. Other than that, it’s pretty well done. You can look to GRArkada, gigguk and the like for some ideas and inspirations. In the end, you can be funny, you can be serious, you can be a combination of the two. Just find your own style and run with it. Adjust, and build yourself up so the audience will come to you. You make the audience. The audience doesn’t make you.

          • Sammy Lee

            Wow, you wrote allot, so First I want to thank you for the crits. Your right, I do have to work on my own style, I prefer the funny route but, I also like informative stuff as well, ill be sure to slip that in and figure out a good blend of both. I can’t wait for you to upload your own reviews and I’ll be sure to mention this site and your Youtube channel, especially once you gain more popularity which I’m sure you will.

          • Entrav

            Thanks a lot for your support! It’ll be nice to work together if we can maybe at a later time. I’m actually really keen to do Youtube reviews and I hope to get at least one out before the summer ends.

          • Sammy Lee

            Im so glad you mentioned the Clipping, I just fixed it, well, looked up what that meant, than youtubed it and fixed it, but still. Ill be sure to watch out for that in my next vid! Ya I’ll do one whenever I get some more vids out.

  • Miss_Madness

    You know a lot of people have this three episode rule with anime. They’ll watch three episodes and if it really isn’t their cup of tea, they drop it. So I get the feeling the sudden increase of manservice where the creators going “Whelp weeded out the dead weight, now let’s get this party started!”

    Also you were the only one surprised by Rei’s rainbow suit. My body wasn’t ready it or anything else he wore.

    • Entrav

      I’m not sure if they do they have the three episode rule in Japan as well, but you could be right about that. People who have stuck with it this far probably won’t mind anyways.

  • Azusa

    I had never thought that I’d laugh harder than I did when I watched this episode of Free!. I was wrong. God, your comments and reviews had me clutching my stomach and crying from laughter. I’m now an official fan of your reviews! Keep up the good work ^^

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much! The situations themselves were hilarious in and of themselves so it made things easy for me :)

  • Devin DePriest

    I was laughing the whole time at the swimsuit scene. It was so much fabulousness that my mind stopped functioning. My endurance is pretty good compared to most guys because I have best friends that are female but seriously…the MANSERVICE xD I’m so incredibly entertained by how ridiculously dramatic everything ends up being. And then there was Nagisa’s voice change when he put on the glasses…wonderful. This is my favorite type of humor set up, with a hyperactive character, a scaredy-cat shy character, an obsessive about certain things character, and the general dramatic-laugh glasses-flash character.

    • Entrav

      The fabulousness and the MANSERVICE is way too much. I almost couldn’t handle it.

  • Katalosersa

    LMAO. i totally ship rin and haruka, not buts.

  • Rei

    Homophobe. Seriously, this was supposed to be a GAY swim anime! Did you even see the extras? It is SERIOUSLY called “gay swim anime”… You need to realize that some of us appreciated that not only can you have a good anime with a good plot but it can have gay themes to it as well. I don’t care what your orientation is but stop making fun of mine. Every other anime is full of heteros and I really liked that for once it was crammed down my throat. The added benefit of there being, perhaps, a gay relationship is great. Well don’t even fucking worry, nothing ever fucking happens in this show. so as for your comment on, “As long as they don’t make everything too melodramatic or homosexual, I’m totally fine with it.” go fuck yourself