Free! Episode 6 – Good times

Free iwatobi swim club stars

Very nicely done.
Free! Episode 6 Review
Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 6 Review
“Shocking No Breathing!”
“Shōgeki no Nōburījingu!”

After an unexpected intense cliffhanger, we get a complete package with beautiful visuals as usual, a nice little backstory, some endearing moments between the characters, and even some great humor to top it all off. What happens in this episode is much like what I expected as I knew that KyoAni wouldn’t take such a dreary dark turn, but that doesn’t make the episode any less beautiful.

Free! Episode 6 Impressions

Nanase Haruka

Time to go in for the rescue.

Tachibana Makoto shocked




Nanase Haruka heartbeat Makoto

All the girls want him to move a bit more up righ-

Free! kiss haruka and makoto

GET TEASED. Now you girls know how we feel when there’s cockblocking. MWAHAHA.

The rescue sequence will probably be one of the most tense moments in the entire anime and well, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the fantastic water effects. But really, I thought Rei would drift off somewhere else or at least the four of them would be separated due to the huge wave. Nonetheless, taking into account what happens later, it’s far better to have them stick together for nothing much could have been done if they were split into twos. Regardless, the highlight of this first part has to be the near CPR. KyoAni, as expected, teases all the girls just at the right time which will probably rustle some jimmies for the entirety of their lives at this cockblo- I mean, (femalebodypart)blocked, scene.



Are you the mom?

KyoAni is hinting, but are you shipping?

Free iwatobi swim club


Even so, there’s a lot of scenes in this episode that gets pretty intimate. KyoAni is treading the border very, very carefully and is trying to not make it gay while giving the girls what they all want. Well fujoshis, I think you have a few more choices to make as the “couplings” are not as clear as before just as KyoAni wants it to be. And of course, everyone gets together now to stop the intimate moment before it gets far too uncomfortable for the rest of the small population of males to watch. Did I feel uncomfortable? Not really, but if they went any further, I’m pretty sure I would have.

Scissors. Yep. HAH.

Haruka’s used to it. Why not?

Matsuoka Gou and Miho



Ryuugazaki Rei


Ryuugazaki Rei blushing

Does he still have the DELTOIDS at that age? He should have shut everyone up by showing off his amazing MUSCLES.


Free! waterfall

We all know what’s sparkling and pristine.

The damn waterfall.

Ryuugazaki Rei, Nagisa, and Makoto


Hazuki Nagisa


Okay, I have to admit that this section has some absolutely hilarious parts. The way Rei’s name is on three sides of the dice and Nagisa’s ridiculous movements sure had me laughing. There’s still a source material for this anime, but even so, I’m constantly surprised by the successful attempts at humor in this anime which makes it much more of a complete package than I initially thought. But it even gets a little deeper than that as we go back to Makoto’s past and finally develop him as a character.

Tachibana Makoto scared of ocean





You and your damn mackerels.

Tachibana Makoto smiling


WHOOPS. A bad shot of Rei. UHHMM. MY BAD?

Matsuoka Rin

You’ll join the bromance soon enough.

Nanase Haruka

The past itself isn’t really anything too surprising even if it is still a lovely small bit of a heartfelt story. Makoto being the calm, positive person of the group that holds everyone together seems to fit the standard trope. As we do go back, however, his vulnerabilities are put forward and his reliance on his friends is strongly emphasized. In the end, Makoto is a big-hearted person who has an innocent wish to be with his friends and holds them in very high regard. The simple yet extremely pleasant message seems to move me much more than I thought it would have. Perhaps, it’s the excellent voice acting. Perhaps, it’s the soundtrack. Perhaps, it’s just the brief sad story itself. Whatever combination of elements it may be, most of all, it stays away from being too tear-jerking and melodramatic to be more genuine almost as if a real person were recounting his experiences. And by the end of all of this, it feels like the group has gotten a bit more close and just in the right time as the tournament isn’t far away.

Free! Episode 6 Review

I’m impressed. Really, I am. This is the second time I’ve had to re-evaluate my expectations for this anime. At first, I thought it was just for the fabulous manservice, but then came the humor and some actual conflicts. Now, with a very nicely executed episode, it seems like I have to do that yet again. The pacing, the characters, the visuals, and the soundtrack are all beyond my initial expectations. What I liked most was just how it didn’t get overly dramatic about Makoto’s past and brings about moderation in how its portrayed. What else can I really ask for from this anime? It has flavors to the characters, the conflicts are there, the visuals are astounding, and when we see some competitions, there’ll be more MANLINESS to be had. With the competition ahead, I’m hoping that it’ll progress smoothly and won’t fall into problems I’ve experienced with other slice of life shows.

Free! Wallpaper Rin Haruka Rei Makoto Nagisa

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  • omgITSorange


    • Entrav

      Too gud.

  • zztop

    ‘Pineapple mackerel?!’

    Paraphrasing (comedian) Hitoshi Matsumoto of Gaki no Tsukai fame:

    ‘If my wife made this for me… I’d flip the (dining) table over!’ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Have you ever watched Gaki no Tsukai before?

    • Entrav

      I watched the no laughing ones. Heck, I just checked the Silent Library one and ended up watching it for 15min haha. Great stuff.

      • zztop

        The No Laughing ones are great stuff. You should check out some of their punishment(batsu) games too.
        Check out their ‘2003 Vladivostok Batsu Game- Hamada Backhand Slap’ on Youtube. I promise a lot of belly laughs for that one! ( ・ω・)
        Although I wonder if eating pineapple mackerel already constitutes a batsu game unto itself…

        That said, Nagisa’s penguin imitation reminds me of some pranks they’d pull on the Gaki cast in the No Laughing games to make them laugh. Not that I’m complaining…( ` ω ´ )

        PS. The Free! DVD release will have bonus minisode segments included, chronicling Makoto trying to stop Haruka fro stripping near bodies of water, and club member recruitment tactics. Hopefully they’ll be subbed into English!

        • Entrav

          Ah, okay, I’ll check that out if I have time.

          Yep, I know of the bonus mini-episodes. I’m pretty sure someone will sub it into English. Yep. Definitely.

  • Sammy Lee

    Hmmm I can’t say I was pleased with the episode, but I can’t say I was completely disappointed, It had funny moments, which I enjoyed quite a bit, the problem I had was with the back story, I feel like using an old man as the person Mokoto cared about didn’t carry the weight, a little brother or any other family member could have, which could have made me care a little more. Maybe having a family member pass away is a little to much, but I still think the emotion could of been a bit stronger, cause overall I was kind of well… bored. But that’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    • Entrav

      I do agree with that to an extent as there is literally no build up about the old man so it feels kind of empty. However, I do like it’s slightly different approach as we’re already used to the same old “family dying” and plot points like that. It may not appeal to the emotions too much as it’s just a small recollection back in time, but I think what sets it apart for me is that it doesn’t tread the path of being overly dramatic. It makes it a bit more believable even if it may not stir your emotions. If anything, it’s just a calm past to ratify Makoto’s character by giving a little backstory.

      I just feel that this episode is nicely done in how all the different elements are incorporated and how it’s really calming for the most part. Yes, I was kind of hoping for something more intense, but hey, the overall tone is still enjoyable at least for me. It’s fine that you’d find this episode boring as I can see why though.

  • Evilnemesis

    Teased? So it didn’t happen but he was this close to doing it?

    Or do you mean that it happens and I’ll have to watch the episode myself to see.

    Anyhow I called that shit.

    • Entrav

      It didn’t happen but he was very close to doing it. I would have actually been more surprised if he actually did do it.

  • Flaiboy

    Very fun to watch! I could hear the collective sighs and squeals of girls around the world when KyoAni trolled the mouth-to-mouth – I LOLed! Then shortly after that when Haru and Makoto were looking at each other all jiggly-eyed with emotion I actually thought there might be a bromance hug or a confession before they were interrupted. Trolled by KyoAni again!

    I’m not expecting my emotions to be stirred by this anime. There are just too many holes in the story (deep ocean-sized waves and swells that close to land in just a few minutes of wind? really?) for me to take it seriously other than for serious fun and service. I like the story a lot but it’s a fun romp, not something I will spend a lot of time thinking about.

    • Entrav

      Heh, the trolling was very well executed by KyoAni. Just at the right moment and it just stops. I kind of expected that it wouldn’t end up being anything serious, but it turns out to be actually really enjoyable which this show has done pretty well so far.

  • Miss_Madness

    You know what I liked most about this episode is that they didn’t try to fanservice up that cpr scene. It was played pretty straight for the most part even with the extreme close up.

    • Entrav

      Yep, I totally agree with you there. It certainly doesn’t pass the line that makes me feel uncomfortable.