Golden Time Episode 1 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) – Romance is in the air

Golden time kaga kouko

Time for some love.
Golden Time Episode 1 Review
“Spring Time”
“Supuringu Taimu”

Based on the light novel by the writer of Toradora!, this adaptation will be a two season long romance driven show that holds promise. How will love blossom in this anime?

Golden Time Episode 1 Impressions

Tada banri late


Yanagisawa mitsuo

Love is very awkward to deal with when you don’t love that person back.

Yanagisawa mitsuo disaster


Banri and Mitsuo


Kaga Kouko smacks Mitsuo


Kaga Kouko blows rose petal

My heart.

Looking through the eyes of Tada Banri, I was wondering if the anime misplaced the perspective when it’s clear that Mitsuo holds the common male protagonist allure that attracts females everywhere. Could this be? Could this actually be a show where the female characters aren’t all over the main protagonist right off the bat, taking a more realistic approach? It feels like we’re seeing through the eyes of a supporting character standing at the sidelines watching as the male protagonist tries to deny the beautiful girl that’s all over him. Looks like Banri is going to have a tough time in this anime world where he holds no such allure, but that makes it all the more interesting.

Yanagisawa mitsuo screaming

The audio messed up a bit here. The soundtrack/effects are overwhelming the voice.

Tada Banri roses

Well, he’s going to fall in love quick.



Kaga Koko


To be honest, she’s not even taking his feelings into consideration. Watch, there’s going to be tons of drama surrounding this soon enough.

Kaga Kouko tsundere


With Mitsuo and Kaga Kouko’s relationship like this, it makes me wonder how they both really feel about each other. Sure, Mitsuo is freaked out at her persistence, but is it certain that he really holds no attraction towards her at all? While I’d say it’s a bit of a stretch to say he’s a tsundere with the way he’s acting, it’s possible that once she gives up or goes after someone else that he realizes how he really feels. A bit of competition or adversity can really spice things up. And what about Kouko? It seems absurd to follow him to a less prestigious university in pursuit of some greater plan that could be more easily achieved in where she used to be so it’s safe to assume that she really is obsessed with Mitsuo and not including him in some ploy of hers. If she’s spurred on by words of marriage in her childhood, then she probably has a very childish outlook on love and doesn’t understand it. I’m guessing we’ll see the conflict between Mitsuo and Kaga Kouko resolve in some kind of realization.

Oka chinami

I can see the complicated relationships now.

Oh man, introducing DEM CHARACTERS.

Whoa, so straight forward. What a boss.

Golden Time Hayashida Linda

My heart.

Tada Banri life

This music. Getting emotional already.

It’s going to be Kaga.

Kaga Koko and Banri

Scarily hot.


As two other female characters are shown, I’m starting to see the beginnings of a love square. The primary focus will be between Kaga Kouko, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and Tada Banri for now, but as more characters are introduced, they’ll be added to the equation to make the relationships much more complex. Seeing the main character ready to find love with that calming and slightly sad music really hit the right spot which indicates to me that this will probably be pushing the right emotional buttons sometime later. From the small beginnings of a first year trying to find his place in the world, trying to experience something special in his life, and trying to find love, where will his innocent wishes take him? Tough moments of sadness and heartbreak will probably occur and inflict pain he has never dealt with before, but that will only make the eventual resolution all the more satisfying.

Golden Time Episode 1 Review

I can say out of all genres, romance has a special place in my heart because, well, it’s about our hearts! There’s nothing like going through a romantic journey with meaningful ups and downs and not just mindless melodrama. It’s an experience that, while exaggerated to create certain effects, can be impactful and may give us a different perspective on love, romance, and so on in our own lives. The first episode of Golden Time has just what a romance-based show needs to get started. A premise where the main character doesn’t have all the girls on him from the outset, and one where the main character knows what he wants with the passion of pursuing it. A dense protagonist can be quite the pain in these types of shows so I’m glad that it doesn’t appear to be the case here.

I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, but I honestly liked watching this episode than any other that has aired so far. That may partially be because I haven’t been exposed to many romance shows recently. Nonetheless, the prospect of a good romance, which this series is going in the direction of, is something that I have a soft spot for. A key part of a good romance is the complexity of the relationships. A person being in love is one thing, but a person falling in love is another thing entirely. The former is easy to create, and the latter is difficult to execute in that shows tend to become melodramatic instead of creating a smooth experience where the viewers to can feel the love. From this solid start, Golden Time is something I’ll be eagerly looking out for. Let’s hope J.C. Staff and Chiaki Kon can pull this promising looking show through!


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    The MC is inexperienced and easily impressed by all the girls he meets on his first day in college. Compared to him 2 of the 3 heroines seem to have some experience and will most likely play with him like a toy. And yea, you’re right he isn’t dense like most of the stereotypical MC’s in romance anime.

    The entrace of the main heroine left me speechless. Slapping her childhood friend with the rose bouquet was subtle and very well thought. She is a true Femme Fatale. Can’t wait to see what she has planned next.

    I love it! That being said, it seems a bit predictable and unless it has an unusual ending like Ichigo 100% then I’ll quote one of my favorie MC’s in anime:

    “I can see the ending.”

    • Entrav

      Well, he wasn’t really impressed byall the girls, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be impressed with some of the ones he’s gawking at?

      Just a sidenote… I went and got curious so I read the manga after I did the review. Then, seeing that they stopped translating it, I downloaded the raw and started to crawl through that. Well, I pretty much know what happens in the next two volume so probably the next 16 or so episodes. I’ll be reviewing key episodes of this series for sure, but it just won’t be every single one.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Man, with all the awesome anime coming out this season, covering every single episode is nuts. When would you have time to sleep?

        A single review covering a small arc like the ones in the Monogatari series or 2-3 eps is better in my opinion. And when the holidays come and you have more free time, perhaps you’ll reward this humble follower with a WataMore review :p

        • Entrav

          I have enough time to cover 5-6 series a week. That’s okay because it’s a source of relaxation for me in a way as it’s not all about time because energy is vital as well. Though, that does mean that if I don’t find some episodes or series too enticing that I will most likely not review it until it gets so. I’m actually planning to cover the climax of each Monogatari arc instead of wrapping the whole arc together. However, that’s not a bad suggestion so I’ll think about it.

          I am trying to get a video review of something out before the next week hits, but I’ve been overestimating my productivity severely and I’m not really doing that much in that regard. When I do get everything together, I’ll do more general reviews and Watamote may be one of them. WHO KNOWS? MAYBE.

      • NewAgeOfPower

        The girls are physically attractive, but…

        I’ve read some of the LNs. I think I’m not going to watch this series.

  • gustave154

    Can’t say i am interested in the animation but the story seems interesting.
    well lets hope it doesn’t disappoint. Linda FTWWW

    • Entrav

      I usually don’t even notice flaws in animations unless if they’re really bad so I’m almost always okay with the animations. Hopefully they adapt it properly :)

  • MgMaster

    This looks great!I’m already interested to see how things progress for these characters as they go through college.You don’t get many good seinen shows nowadays and this has the potential of being a romance story that you don’t see very often.Although I know it’s risky to do so from just seeing a single ep,I can’t help but have high hopes for this.PLEASE DON’T DISAPPOINT J.C. STAFF!

    • Entrav

      Yep. The potential is what got me reading the manga and light novel. I’ll just say that if J.C. Staff does this properly, it’ll be a good ride.

      • James Du

        Man, this kind of thinking “I want to feel like I could give my whole heart to someone” burned away about 5 years of my life.

        Golden Time is good, but probably not for me. Please consider reviewing Tsundere Battleships: The Anime, since you’ll obv be doing VVV/Liberation Sensation.

        • Entrav

          I just saw Ars Nova a few hours ago. I’m really busy until three more days pass so I may not review the first episode alone and just bunch two episodes together a week from now.

  • ashleigh

    Ahhhhhh review more.

  • Milez_Chung

    I agree with review, the first episode was good.
    But later on I felt that Tandra Bandri had become a boring and dull character and that he’d be better if he returned to the Linda devoted character he used to be, as that felt more real due to their long-term relationship with eachother. Honestly disliked this after he got Kaga, just felt like it went lifeless after that, even with the amnesia theme.