Golden Time Episode 16 – LOVEY DOVEY FIGHT

Golden Time tada banri angry

Finally some nice developments.
Golden Time Episode 16 Review
“Wake-up Call”

After going through a traumatic experience, it’s no doubt Kouko would act the way she does. Thankfully, it leads to the development of the relationship between Kouko and Banri that I thought to be lacking throughout the series. Even so, this show leaves a lot to be desired in more ways than one.

Golden Time Episode 16 Impressions

Well, shit.

Oka Chinami injured



The way all of them are acting seem pretty damn realistic. Not that I’ve been in an accident as serious as this though.

That feeling.

2DBRO’s got this.


Kaga Kouko gets slapped


Kaga Kouko shocked

Golden Time anime

That was a hard slap. SASUGA PAPA.

Kaga Koko crying


Banri frozen in fear due to the might of PAPA KAGA.

Nana hits banri with bread


Nana angry at tada banri



Oka Chinami

I wonder how she feels about Mitsuo now?

Satou Takaya


I don’t think those guys would be saying that if they nearly died.


Yanagisawa Mitsuo

I like how he just kept his hair like that.

So, first and foremost, I think your eye needs some adjustment.


Would you protect that bundle?

No sexy time?!

Lol. First time.

Thus why this is not too different from a typical high-school setting.


By bundling.

God, I almost thought they were going to break up. That would have been another awkward shitstorm.

Oh man.

Watch this guy go at it!

Kaga Koko angry

Got you out of that bundle.
Oh God, I didn’t watch this week’s episode yet so hopefully the subs are just as fantastic.

Tada banri owned by pillow



B-B-But Ghost Banri.


Hit you right where it hurts.


Sounds like a proper argument between a couple.

Tada Banri hugging kouko


To Linda’s house.

I’m just kidding. Chill out-

And then you lose all your memories and this promise means nothing.




You mean the BADASS PAPA?



Mr Kaga father

First Gundam Build Fighters and now Golden Time.

Guys, let’s put the argument of Kouko vs Linda aside and find common ground in PAPA KAGA.


You better impress the PAPA correctly.

Oh, and make sure to stay tuned for the BANRIHIGHONCRACKPREVIEW.
He totally lost it and resorted to drugs.

I’ve never been in an accident as serious as this, but the show does a great job of portraying the terror of barely getting out of the situation alive. The good thing is that all of them feel responsible in their own ways, and they do not simply brush the incident off. Instead, they try to deal with it properly. Calling everyone for a meeting is the best decision that Banri could have made for although they’re good enough friends and reasonable enough people to not push the blame on anyone, it’s important to discuss what they will do from then on because the incident may affect their relationship in the future. Well, his original intention was to just ask what to do about Kouko, but it amounted to something more than that when everyone recalled their own mistakes and reflected upon the incident. Moreover, going through an incident like this may make their friendship even stronger seeing as everyone is just blaming themselves. Still, it’s nothing compared to how Kouko feels because in the end she thinks she was the one who was at the wheel and is ultimately responsible for everything. This brings us to Kouko’s father’s smack to the face.

Not only is Kouko’s dad awesome by the end of the episode, his slap actually straightens things up very nicely. The thing is that none of her friends will just straight up say that it’s her fault as they think its insensitive to do so. She already feels bad enough, right? Well, in comes papa Kaga to make it clear that it was mostly her fault with a direct slap to the face. Some may find this quite brutal, but honestly, it’s to make this memory stick in her mind even more because we are talking about five lives that almost got lost. The only person who could have done this were her parents so it’s good that her dad decided to. While Kouko may feel absolutely horrible, it’s a good learning experience for someone who’s yet to experience much of life’s difficulties. Acknowledging the fact that she is still growing and that she’s not an adult quite yet is a strong step towards actually becoming one. Nevertheless, the way she’s reacting to all of this is still quite childish because in the end, her dad ended up dealing with the aftermath while she just cried. She still cannot face the consequences of her actions head on and until she does, she won’t be more mature than she is now.

The development between Kouko and Banri in the second half of this episode is linked to their development in episode 12. Everything traces back to Banri’s lost memories in some way. Of course Kouko would be pissed off hearing what Banri has to say about moving on because he was the one who abandoned everything. No, she’s not smacking him with the pillow just because of the dream that she had. It must be especially frustrating hearing that from him because she’s in a position where she may be the one abandoned. If Banri does lose his memories again, then there’s a good chance he may do the exact same thing to Kouko because without his memories, a lot more of the decision making comes from just his personality and how he innately is. We’ve already seen how he innately is because he’s lost his memories once already. He has the natural tendency to run away. That’s just how he is as a person. Of course, everyone having expectations of him being the old Banri doesn’t help so even if it does happen again, perhaps Kouko can somehow push through. The two already dealt with Banri’s past with Linda well enough. Yes, there are lingering feelings, and that may never disappear, but as long as he doesn’t get too close to Linda and come to a better understanding with Kouko, it will be pretty much dealt with. This time, it’s the uncertainty in Kouko’s heart that is stirred up by the accident which, by the end of this episode, is also pretty much dealt with. And yes, much like Banri’s lingering feelings for Linda, this feeling that Kouko’s heart will probably never completely disappear either.

Golden Time Episode 16 Review

I’ve had many, many problems with Golden Time, but this episode does what it tries to do quite well. What I am most impressed by is how it portrays the characters’ reactions to the accident itself. From Kouko’s horrified look to her reaction of Chinami’s injury to Banri’s shaking hand to even the fitting soundtrack, everything is done very well in that regard. It’s the most atmospheric part of this anime so far. Then there’s the argument between Kouko and Banri itself which I found to be great because they are acting more like an actual couple instead of just being lovey dovey all the time. Quite frankly, after they got together, the development was lacking. It took all the way to episode 12 for there to be actually some real development and a lot of it had to do with the pacing and the direction of this anime which are both quite messy. They spent a lot of time developing the relationship between Linda and Banri, using the flashbacks and all that, but they didn’t link that with the development between Kouko and Banri well until this episode. Not to mention how some episodes, like episode 13, has some really awkward pacing. Then there’s Ghost Banri who just messes things up to create drama. Really, that’s all he’s there for. He’s just there to create more drama when the show is running low on it. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the numerous problems, but I’ll let it play out the whole deal with Linda and Mitsuo as well as Ghost Banri before judging too harshly. This episode is a step in the right direction though so hopefully it continues along this path.

Golden Time Wallpaper


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  • MgMaster

    Ah,Golden Time…an anime I was pretty excited about but nearly dropped when it was half-way through it’s 1st cour when White Album 2 was still airing because comparing the two was inevitable and of course,the later was MUCH better in every possible way.

    Coming into the 2nd cour I was even more disappointed at the direction it was taking,especially with it’s comedic relief episodes which were,IMO,pretty back. Apparently many people enjoy the comedy aspect of GT,but I find it quite lacking.

    By my comments so far,people might think I’m being too harsh with this show and well,I kinda am because I’m just very disappointed with it. Still,I wouldn’t call it a bad anime and since I’m curious how everything will turn out in the end I’m gonna stick with it for sure. It’s just that it could’ve been so much better :(

    As for this episode,I’ll admit that it’s a step in the right direction but we’ve had a few of those before in the 1st cour,only to be disappointed yet again so I’m not holding my breath,especially with the next episode preview…

    • Entrav

      I think the comedy in Golden Time is pretty lacking too especially in recent episodes. I don’t really find the developmental episodes that great overall because it feels too much like nothing ever really happens. At least, nothing significant in that we don’t really know what the show is trying to accomplish. It dashes in the direction of developing Linda and Banri only to not fully utilize it for quite some time, and then it throws out Ghost Banri only to create more drama. Now, it’s Linda and Mitsuo. I just think this anime needs to straighten itself up and find its way before it does anything else.

      I’m not sure how much of this was due to the adaptation, but nevertheless I am also quite disappointed. My friends also lost interest in the show as it progressed. Oh well, I’ll stay with it until the end too because there aren’t that many romance shows to begin with this season.

      • MgMaster

        What also fueled the fire for me was that it was a bit hyped up in the beginning by a lot of people just because “it was a romance set in college” and everyone was pretty patient with it for a while. Although to a lesser extent,I was one of those people too but that only adds to the disappointment. I tend to come down much harder on hyped up shows that don’t meet their expectations. Especially when there are some hidden gems out there that have to be excellent just to be watched(and no,it’s not just White Album 2,Shin Sekai Yori suffered -and still does- from similar issues,although in a different way).

        Golden Time definitely has an interesting romantic story but besides going off the rails recently,it’s poorly executed too. It lost it’s chance to reach Toradora levels where even though I didn’t really like Taiga or the ending much,the show was still damn good.

        And I’m not disappointed because I simply like Linda more,it’s mainly because the show works so much better when she’s in the spotlight. I’ve been patient with Kouko for a long time now but her development both individually and as a couple with Banri is moving at a snail’s pace. Then,whenever we do get a little bit of development it’s immediately followed by a few badly placed comedy scenes(or entire episodes). And so here we are,already at episode 16 where I’m not nearly as attached to the characters as I should be which is a must in order for the drama to work.

        Heh,to think that I was hoping that OP full of Kouko was one big troll but there’s less & less chance of that with each passing episode…Oh who am I kidding,there’s no way that’s gonna happen at this point. UGH! MUST.STOP.DELUDING.MYSELF -_- The moment I do that I’m gonna expect much less from Golden Time and will probably be able to appreciate it a bit more. But I should’ve already done that by now shouldn’t I? :P

  • Blablabla

    Honestly, when PAPA KAGA came in the room with the bag of instant noodles, I thought it was a bag of condoms

    • Entrav


  • Josh Herbert

    not cool ghost banri, not cool..

    • Entrav

      He’s such an asshole.

  • Drig

    I just don’t know why but GT lost me somewhere along the way. The comedy doesn’t click. The show taking on a mature turn and trying to be like WA2 after it’s already halfway through without any decent build-up in that direction doesn’t help matters.

    Also, no Linda? I entered this show expecting something Toradora-ish except with the first crush winning out at the end. Looks like I’ll be disappointed…….

    • Entrav

      Yeah, it didn’t get that great of a build up even though a season and then some passed. I was kind of hoping for more since it’s from the author of Toradora, but I don’t know how much of it is the adaptation’s fault either.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Golden Time keeps hinting at greatness only to come up short and disappoint in the end. The dramatic beginning of the episode with the car crash and the obvious shock the characters had was completely erased by the second half of the episode and Koko’s childish personality…

    You could say the argument between Banri and Koko provided character development, but a dream… really? I’m not sure why but that single line pissed me off, perhaps a lot more than it should have. Super Dad saved the day or else I would’ve dropped the show right there. It all depends on the next episode.

    I expected a lot more from the director of Higurashi….

    Meanwhile in the DATABASE

    • Entrav

      Well, it seems ridiculous, but it’s not that far fetched from what you get when you argue with some girls. I view it as less of the dream and more of the fact that he may do the same thing to Kouko. She reacted the way she did because they almost got into an accident themselves I suppose. But yeah, this series is lacking development between the two of them overall.


  • DreamDrop♥


  • niknasr

    I’m so glad they found their way in this episode, hope it continues.. I’m also a little confused at the awkward pacing in ep 13 and 14, so this ep is a nice development.. and another ep without ghost Banri is always a good thing..