Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 12 – Just amazing

Hataraku Maou-sama sadaoxemi ship
Ship ship ship ship.

Truly an amazing episode.
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 12 Review
The Devil is a Part-Timer! Episode 12 Review
“The Devil Fulfills His Duty”
“Maō, Onore no Shokuseki o Hatasu”

So instead of trying to cover three episodes at once, I thought I’d just focus on this episode. Why? Cause it’s fucking awesome that’s why. I know, I skipped some episodes, but I’ll try my best to make up for what I’ve skipped this time! Let’s get the humor and the badassery going!

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 12 Impressions

Still caring about the money.

Shirou Ashiya trying to save money



Wtf. That bitch.


Meyer orba dirty look

Dude this guy is seriously a creepy old man.

Seriously, it’s just awesome how Ashiya cares for the family so much. Orba, and that little creep, on the other hand, are just despicable antagonists that we all want to pummel into the ground. Hey, that’s their role. To be utterly disliked by us and then watch as the fabulousness that is Alsiel and Maou completely destroy them. Well, maybe just the latter.

Archangel Sariel

He’s a pervert after all.


Sarue Mitsuki angel form


Hataraku Maou-sama! really likes to switch the roles of those who are supposedly “good” and “evil.” So much for “heaven’s decree.” Letting such a conceited little brat come down to Earth from his high place in heaven. Sure, we can just take this as it is, but in a way, the anime is hinting at bridging the gap between what we sometimes carelessly say to be “good” and “evil.” Hell, it’s the Demon Overlord that’s helping humanity and saving lives. What better way to give some of these more profound ideas than to portray it in a humorous, but at the same time serious manner? It’s intriguing, hilarious, and even thought-provoking at times.

Suzuno Kamazuki crying

Then just…

Maou sadao using magic


Ah, Suzuno. We all know she’ll come to her senses sooner or later and join the Maou soon-to-be-harem. She’ll be forever remembered as-

Dullahan R.I.P.


Maou sadao crying tears

Not just that. Maou’s soul is crushed. That’s priceless. THOSE MEMORIES. THAT DULLAHAN.

True dat.



WHAT THE FUCK SUZUNO SERIOUSLY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. DULLLLAAAHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!! Holy shit. Dullahan has been with Maou since the beginning. Why in the fucking fuck would she just descend upon it like that. Man, at least Maou is going to smack some sense into her by stripping his MgRonald clothes off so that he can take a more manly stand. Right. Also, I love how Maou Sadao basically explains that her plan was known to them all along. Urushihara’s comment about the food is just the icing that makes this so great.

Wait... you're demons so why... OH WELL UNISLO.

Wait… you’re demons so why… OH WELL UNISLO.



Maou Sadao badass

Suzuno Crestia Bell


Meyer Olba


Hataraku Maou-sama urushihara lucifer

Oh it’s going to go down alright.

Meanwhile, Maou Sadao is lecturing Suzuno about being righteous and using demons as an example is just amazing. At this point, the fact that they’re demons really only adds to the humor of the anime and just how… reversed the situations have become. Getting taught by a Maou about what’s the right thing to do. That’s just the biggest shame ever. But then again, he’s in his badass Unislo boxer briefs so… I guess no one has an edge over him when it comes to anything.

The devil is a part timer archangel sariel

Dude. Creep.


Emi Yusa will kill


Hero Emilia

Overlord at work emi and chiho

Straight up barraging him with insults LMAO.

Derp do you really expect him to not?

Emi Yusa talking about Maou


Yeah, but this is Hataraku Maou-sama.

Sasaki Chiho blushing

She falls for it every time.


Hataraku maou-sama sasaki chiho


What seems to be serious with extracting the Better Half soon turns into a condemnation fest with Chiho and Emi yelling all kinds of things towards Sariel. Not to mention, we have the size comparisons again. We can’t go without that of course. It’s always so entertaining when the antagonists think and say one thing that’s going to be completely overwhelmed by the magnificence that is Maou. You’d think that a Demon Overlord would not be so kind as to care for comrades, but oh no. This is Maou Sadao. Well… he’s… still as dense as ever..




Sarue Mitsuki Archangel


Hataraku Maou-sama alsiel demon mode


Maou sadao unislo boxer briefs

#1. Too cool.

Kamazuki Suzuno aplogizing



Orba betrayed by Urushihara

Orba always getting owned.

Orba Meyer uppercut


Urushihara Hanzou happy punch


Fantastic. Just great. Close to Moses level.

Urushihara anime lucifer

#1 NEET.

Dude. There’s just too many awesome moments in a few minutes that I don’t even know where to start. Alsiel is waking up which will no doubt lead to more amazing moments.  There’s a ton of panic with how the moon has drawn so close and the backgrounds look phenomenal. Of course, there’s the real form of Maou Sadao that we’ve all been waiting for and in Unislo boxer briefs to boot. Suzuno is even standing up to Sariel, and most importantly, Urushihara. Ohhhh damn. This guy. “Heaven is a six-tatami, one-room, second floor apartment on Earth.” Damn, that’s got to be one of the best lines this season with this context. It’s just amazing how all the characters are in this anime and how they each have their quirks that make it so entertaining to watch. Being a NEET is awesome indeed…


UHHHHHH... That's actually pretty dark.

UHHHHHH… That’s actually pretty dark.

Maou Sadao demon form


May not be the real one, but fucking badass nonetheless.

May not be the real one, but fucking badass nonetheless.







The Devil is a part timer sadao




Archangel Sariel lost lamb

Naw. You’ve fallen.

Overkill as usual.

Overkill as usual.




LOOOOOL LMAO. God. These guys are great.

LOOOOOL LMAO. God. These guys are great.

Holy crap just the little details in this anime are just great. The way Maou panics at the sight of seeing… countless humans die because he avoided an attack, the way Emi covers her front slowly unlike a lot of other female protagonists do it, and most importantly, the slap mark after that when he’s making his epic speech. Oh. And even that got interrupted. Jesus, this anime is just… it’s just great. And that broom transformation. Of course he took it for a reason. What did people think it was going to be? Just a plain old ordinary broom? Hah. Even calling her a washboard and her saying “what could be more important?!?!” is… oh my God. To think that-

Alsiel Shirou Ashiya mantle


Maou Sadao exclaims disappointment

Why are all the characters so amazing? Orba K.O. again.

OH MY GOD ROFLMAO. HOLY SHIT. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT ALSIEL WHILE WATCHING THIS ORIGINALLY. Holy crap this anime just does the humor flawlessly at times. With this cast of characters, put them through any situation and we’re bound to get a ton of laughs. Man, there better be a season 2. I’ll be happy enough knowing that there’s one even if it’s going to take more than a year. Oh and seeing Orba getting beaten up again is just great as usual.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 12 Review

What is there to really say other than that this episode is pure awesomeness? I mean, I don’t even think anyone who watches this episode will dislike it. We have fanservice, manservice, Maouservice… We have it all this episode. I haven’t watched that many comedy-based anime, but I’m sure Hataraku Maou-sama! will rank very highly for the little bits here and there that just make me smile, chuckle, and laugh. Again, I’m always amazed at how they time the seriousness and the humor so well. It never feels off and every single time a humorous bit is added, like how Chiho and Emi are screaming at Sariel and calling him perverted, has a different mix in the way it’s portrayed that’s so unlike a lot of other comedy-based anime. Man, I’ll definitely be sad to see this one go, and just seeing how we’ll just be seeing some “normal” day to day action for a last episode makes me smile already. Like episode 5, one of my favourite episodes this season. Fantastic. Extremely enjoyable. Just amazing overall. Here’s to hoping for a season 2!



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  • omgITSorange

    OH GOD, this episode is awesome! XD

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Hell yeah. This episode is amazing. Just to think that this wasn’t the last episode and the next one will be completely ordinary. That’s Hataraku Maou-sama! for you.

  • madmann135

    It is implied that Maou not only repaired the city but there were no casualties or fatalities among the masses and no one remembered the epic battle.
    “Chiho” beating up Sariel was one of my favorite parts.
    My only complaint is that Maou does not get to keep his epic OP demon self after the battle.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Crap, I missed your reply for so long. Sorry. But yeah, you’re right. It’s definitely implied that there were no casualties especially since in the 13th episode the offices were empty. Chiho’s part is certainly badass as hell though that’s not really Chiho, but whatever.

      I think Maou is better off not keeping that form. I mean, he can’t be in MgRonalds otherwise.

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    Is it expected that Emilia ends up with Maou?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Sorry for the late reply, totally missed this.
      I think that’s what most people expect from this though. Maybe it’ll be different, but it’s strongly hinting in that direction.

  • lalunafelis

    “Man, at least Maou is going to smack some sense into her by stripping his MgRonald clothes off so that he can take a more manly stand.”

    That, or the producers have taken notice of Maou’s growing female fanbase and tried to “service” them. Not to mention that human Maou has the girliest-looking pair of legs ever. Not that I’m complaining :P

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, Maou-service is good service for everyone. And I didn’t really notice that his legs are the “girliest-looking pair of legs ever” until now haha.

      • lalunafelis

        Maou-service….everyone’s been using that word ever since episode 12 :P

        http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v504/kyrie_eleison_neko/pan_up_zpsbf122b4f.jpg I can’t help but raise an eyebrow on how those hips are drawn…..

        Guess you didn’t notice since his overblown beefcake demonic form just overshadows everything(Not for me, since I’m not a fan of his demon form: too many muscles…). But I’ve been noticing dem legs eversince he started parading them in the Demon Stronghold in those shorts. XD

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          LOL. Well… now I know hahaha.

  • Ash TS

    I tweeted this, lol might lose followers