Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13 (FINALE) – Waiting for season 2

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Season 2 is needed.
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13 (FINALE) Review
The Devil is a Part-Timer! Episode 13 (FINALE) Review
“The Devil and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard Work”
“Maō to Yūsha, Mattō ni Shigoto ni Hagemu”

So it has finally drawn to a close. The humorous, serious, fascinating, and extremely enjoyable Hataraku Maou-sama! closes its doors with not the climax, but just an episode about the daily life in Tokyo with our amazing cast once more.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13 (FINALE) Impressions

Hataraku MaouxChiho

HAHAHA. Yeah right. As if that could ever happen.

Sasaki Chiho crying

Chi-chan sasaki maou anime

It’s okay, Chi-chan. He’ll one day realize.

Chi-chan anime

Ashiya owning urushihara


Come on, Chiho. Even you know that Maou Sadao wouldn’t kiss you on the forehead. The guy doesn’t even know the difference between a co-worker and someone who’s romantically interested in him. Oh well, dreams will remain as such. Personally, it might have been even more amazing to see him go back to Ente Isla because who knows what would happen then? Oh well, that’s part of the humor after all; the fact that they’re just remaining in Tokyo instead of going back to where they would gain ultimate power and… yeah…

Sarue Mitsuki


Hataraku Maou-sama Sariel Mayumi


Oh my God if Sariel comes back to be someone like Urushihara who after being defeated stays in Tokyo with Maou… I’ll lose it. I can just imagine everyone who goes through the gate to try and find Maou just ends up living with him. I don’t even think his “house” would anyone else. Well, maybe if they stacked more udon noodle boxes on top of another then they’d be able to get a few more people in. We’d need Urushihara to muster the will to make some mor- Actually no, it was probably Ashiya the best mom ever who made such a suitable living environment for him.

Maou Sadao Emi Yusa

Oh the soon-to-be (hopefully) irony.

Well, back then he had his misunderstandings.

Suzuno feeding Sadao


Urushihara the NEET


Now that’s how you maintain your harem.

Well, at least Emi’s dream of Maou is a bit more realistic. Though, that laugh probably isn’t going to happen. Like, ever. Man, Emi keeps setting herself up to be proven completely wrong in the upcoming episodes. “It’s not like MgRonalds could ever become his stronghold,” she says. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he starts taking over the world that way. Hell, it’s Maou the badass worker, Ashiya the best mom supporter, and the #1 NEET that is Urushihara with some crazy hacking abilities. There’s no way they wouldn’t stand on top of the world sooner or later. Maybe if they got their Dullahan back they’d fasten their operations. DAMN IT CRESTIA BELL.

Ashiya serious


Emi and Chiho


That can only mean one thing.

Hero emilia

Emeralda Hataraku anime

LOL. Side character FTW.

Emi Yusa anime


Sasaki Chiho mgronalds

Emi yusa sasaki chiho undercover


And he tells Maou to use his magic properly.

Hataraku Yusa Emi


Wait. They could have sold that for money-

Wow. If you look at the situation it really is like a family. The mother brings up the point of the child spending too much money and everyone has to work to pay off the debt. I guess we all knew since the beginning that the seriousness Ashiya exhibits in this episode is related to the finances and not anything else. You’d think that Emi would have learned that by now. To think that Urushihara would pay so much for those tracking devices. I mean, at least it helped them out so we can forgive him for that-

Maou Sadao angry



Urushihara scared


So he admits it.

Hataraku Maou Sadao


…….. ……… ………. Just…. Wow. REALLY URUSHIHARA!?!? YOU GOT SCAMMED? Man, that just goes to show that he’s really a kid. Though, the person behind all of this is a really huge dick. *Sigh. Such is the nature of scamming compani-

Ashiya Shirou surprised



Poor Ashiya. Working for evil.

Poor Ashiya. Working for evil.

Shad up Emilia. That's the point.

Shad up Emilia. That’s the point.

Emi Yusa sideways glance


Urushihara baka



A demon overlord just got overpowered by a human.

A demon overlord just got overpowered by a human.

Emi Yusa cooling off


I like how they're going together like they're married.

I like how they’re going together like they’re married.

Maou Sadao The devil is a part timer anime



WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. LOL. I actually didn’t even know that the person on the other side of the call is Ashiya. I seriously didn’t know. Oh my God this anime is just phenomenal. Too great. Too great. Wow, this situation… Oh my. Well, just leave it to Emilia to clean things up. But to think that the Hero is helping the Demon Overlor- Ah, who am I kidding? We’ve seen this many times now haven’t we?

And he almost did.


There can only be one thing.


Emi Yusa Tsundere umbrella

Best tsundere.


KHATSU-DUM!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLLLLLL YEAAAAAHHH. There’s no way to transition to the new ED as that. Moreover, the last few moments with Sadao and Emi harken back to the first episode where it was the same exchange but reversed. With Emi twirling her umbrella in the rain and the humorous moments, the tough moments, the random moments that they’ve both gone through have undoubtedly made them closer perhaps not romantically, but as people who see each other as people and not as Hero and Demon Overlord. It doesn’t feel like the end, and I certainly hope it won’t be the last we see of these amazing characters. So many more stories await, many more humorous moments, and many more serious ones are left to be explored. Even the backstory with Emi and Maou remains to be seen. Now, we wait for season 2!

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13 (FINALE) Review

It’s hard saying farewell to this anime when you like the show greatly and when it doesn’t seem to be really over. But anticipation of the second season aside, this season has been an amazing ride. This episode, while it may not be as action packed and climactic as the previous, it just shows why we have stayed with Hataraku Maou-sama! the whole way through. The mix of unexpectedness with humor, and the seriousness that sometimes manages to creep in are the defining elements for me which makes me enjoy, and like this show a lot more than I do other comedy shows.

Well, that and the fact that the characters are just so great and the humor is spot on at times especially with the contexts. I and many others will be waiting for a season 2 and if all things go well, we’ll get another one after a year or so. Next time, I’m sure there’ll be more stories to explore, and it may take an even more serious turn that really puts the overarching story to the test. And I’m sure that whatever it may be, there’ll be the humorous moments that makes us smile and laugh with joy at how clever some scenarios are. White Fox has done a tremendous job adapting this series, and we have to hope that they’ll be back for season 2! Until then, if you ever visit Japan and are in doubt of what to order, default to the best there is. KHATSU-DUM!!!


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  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    First of all – Nice website. Now lets get to business :D.
    First, do you know when does season 2 will be aired, I read the LN and the ending could have been better, or at least with a cliff hanger *grey hair girl* just gonna say that.
    Just wanted to ask that and yeah.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      Everything depends on the sales, and from what I’ve heard, it’s quite good for Hataraku. However, we will have to wait quite a bit because White Fox has to gauge whether it’s worth it to do a second season. That will take a few months at the very least because by the time all the volumes come out, it’ll be like half a year from now. So we’ll have to wait a few months at the very least, but who knows? If the sales are great, then they’ll announce it earlier.

  • Pure

    I need season 2

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Don’t we all?

      • M San

        just finished watching the whole season over a night. And I am very sad there ain’t any season 2 (T_T) *criiiiiii* whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’ll read the manga then.

  • lalunafelis

    Warning: walls of text

    First, thanks for your coverage of this show. This is one of those rare gems that could give me everything that I could ask for in a show. Lulz, eye-candy worthy and likable characters, and some serious bizniz that were not being beaten over my head with a giant anvil.

    I also want to give you props for not falling into the traps that most commentators/bloggers/forumers make in their assessment of this show. The first trap is the “I’m too good for this show” one. I understand that there’s no accounting for taste and that everyone has standards, but they seem to not notice that this show is not trying to fit itself into the rigid mold/pigeonhole that they seem to be desperately fitting it into. It’s not strict high fantasy, nor strict parody/comedy, it’s not even being strict in anything at all. It’s plain all-around entertainment, albeit with underlying substantial themes but all fun entertainment nonetheless.

    The other trap I’m talking about that you avoided so well is the “LOL Maou is a War Criminal” one, which is the biggest frustration I have with some of the commentators. I’m talking about that confrontation scene with Emi at episode 4. They’re reading Maou’s words as a casually dismissive “whoops my bad will do better next time” and contrasts it with Suzuno’s inner conflict over killing people, and concludes that Maou is an unrepentant sociopathic war criminal. It seems that it never crossed their minds that he might have actually suffered the same circumstances as Emi and all the “atrocities” that he wanted to avoid, he was doing to the humans because he didn’t really know they were people, and to hear firsthand of the consequence of that action made him uncomfortable, blank and lost for words(as seen in his reaction in ep 4). In hindsight, it amazes me that Maou himself is actually a good litmus test of a person’s sense of perspective: You could tell who lacks it when they give him the “Hitler” label. (though they MAY change their minds once S2 rolls in…won’t divulge details because SPOILERSS!!!)

    But there is one trap you did fall for: the “Maou is dense” one. I won’t deny that he maybe dense before Chiho’s confession, but after that, it’s already clear that he’s giving the “signals” to her that he’s just not keen on having a relationship with her. It may be argued that he’s just being cruel and he should just tell her directly, but truth to be told, this is another one of those situations that there’s no easy answer to. He has three choices: tell her directly and end up breaking her heart and losing her friendship(Chi’s just a hormonal teenager, after all), drive her away(highly unlikely, considering his character), or continue playing the oblivious card in hopes that she’ll get the message, which is what he’s doing now.

    That being said, there may be hope for a season 2: Heard that the DVD/BDs went out of stock as of writing. How’s that? But if S2 does roll in, I hope you’ll still be blogging it. Will be looking forward to your coverage!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      You are very welcome!

      Yeah, after looking at it a bit more and watching a bit of Yahari ore no Seishun as it has a bit of this as well, it’s not so much that he’s dense as there’s no real easy way out of his situation with Chiho. A lot of the time the writer(s) are trying to make it seem like he’s actually dense to create some humorous faces and situations, but in actuality, when one considers the fact that he can figure things out easily with Orba in episode 5, and Suzuno, it’s pretty certain that he understands. So yeah, my bad for that.

      I heard that the DVD/BDs were out of stock a while back and that’s just fantastic news. The earliest we’ll hear from them about season 2 if there is one is probably half a year. A more reasonable time would be 9 months. I’ll definitely try my best to be able to cover it if I can if it does come out in the future as I had a great time watching this season. Thanks a lot for your support!

  • Darkion

    I really liked this anime, as an another commentor in another website(in which people hated this anime D:) He says that this anime is like a slice of life(i dont like them at all) but mixing with comedy and fantasy+action, and that makes a combination that is very likeable.

  • A


  • GingerNinja

    I really enjoyed reading this as I’ve just recently finished watching the series myself and think it is amazing! From the get go I was in love with the story and characters. Refreshing seeing things from the ‘bad guys’ point of view :D Great sum up of the events and very well writing in all. Can’t wait for a season 2 and I shall be sure to come back to read what more you have to say on it :)

  • nik

    This anime is beyond my imagination!!!
    We NEED Season 2 and make it like naruto and bleach episode…IM DYING

  • eRzaBer

    season 2 please :)

  • Defri Melfandi

    season 2 nya kapan gan???pengen nonton ane

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  • kuroyuuki

    khatsu-doom :3 demon style

  • seniorita

    Waitting for season 2 !!

  • RS456

    Really entertaining till the end. This anime really deserves a sequel. I want to see more.

  • e

    yes we need season 2 to 100 badly..hehehe..

  • Thatguy

    Season 2 needs to happen!

  • kris

    yes we need season 2 and more season

  • Nathan Treason

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    Season two needs to come now

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  • Mao ❤️ Emi

    I wish it’ll go forever and ever and ever! Just like Naruto, Bleach, Gintama, etc.

  • IcareSun

    I proudly loved this manga quite a lot, and to think that there is no season 2 with such a famous manga in Japan or France is idiot

  • Aline Nieza

    we WANT and NEED the SEASON 2!!! ow, Please!!!!

    • Cormag

      Totally agree with you on that.

  • LuciferLover

    Season 2 please. i really enjoyed this anime a lot! :) crossing fingers here O:

  • oBeMo


    • oBeMo

      Need a season 2

  • Treyvalyan

    How long to go for season 2? its been a year already.
    Also i hope its in English Dubbed.

    • Velmex (Vezeko)

      I have no idea, I am wondering if there will be a second season 2 this year. T_T

  • Francois Perrin-Wenger

    yup we need season 2 the reasons are obvious

  • Matic69

    I love this PLEASE MAKE like 5 SEASONS! lol has the potential for mass production the Character Animation/Quality the personality of each character fits the roles its extremely funny and the fight Scenes are Extreme with impact O_O LOVE THIS anime!

  • bobo

    wtf xD i didn’t get why episode 13 is the last wtf do they mean

  • King killer

    I bet it’s gonna be like kaichou wa maid sama no season 2 it’s gonna be left aborted but there is still some hope for season 2 to be released

  • McDerpyDerp

    Fucking development team….make Season 2 already!!!


    WE NEED SEASON 2!!!!!! FOR REAL !!!! I CANT WAIT !!!!!

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    I’m guessing 2017. I REAAAAAAALLY hope I’m wrong

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  • Moon

    Season 2 now I demand it
    *turns into an angry demon* DO ITTTTT
    *starts wars*
    *starts protests*

  • その一

    Season 2!!! They haven’t told us the connection of the landlady to Ente Isla. At around, I think, ep 4, the landlady knew that they were demons and all. We, only the anime viewers, need to know this, assuming you guys remember that detail which they never tied up.

  • Cold-hearted

    (To people who will have bad comments, DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT!)

    Hey…if season 2 does not come… the author probably …you know…and his dream was to, like, publsh his “fantasy anime thing” but couldn’t so his relative/s did it for him. And episode 13 was it’s last. X.X noooooooooo! But this is just a theore and i am only 0.00001% about it so, no hard feelings guys! (Btw, i don’t even want this to happen! (So to you guys who have negative suggestions, keep it to yourselves!) and besides, this is just 0.00001% true!) So guys no hard feelings.

  • Cold-hearted

    And to those who don’t know what i am talking about, better on if u do not know.

  • Cherry

    Well as u guys know now that season 2 isn’t coming out, since its been what 2 years at least, yes I agree they needed to make another one, but they couldn’t because not enough people liked it so it was shut down, which I’m completely surprised how it wasn’t popular, but people aren’t into these kinds of TV series unless ur a child, yes some adults like this but not as much. It mad verry disappointed and angry, as well as sad that I almost through my TV, and don’t think I have anger issues or anything because I don’t, but this was something I wasn’t able to watch because my WiFi went down for a bit and I got too excited to watch it, but I hope they could start making more things like this series.

  • Chris

    There was a four year gap between Working’s second and third season. Three years is nothing!
    There might still be hope. The light novel has so much more story to cover.

  • lucifer

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    Hataraku Maou-sama best anime ever!!!!!!!

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