Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 2 – Yusa Emi and Maou Sadao

Hataraku maou-sama Yusa
So much for killing him.

The conflict between the two.
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 2 Review:
“The Hero Prioritizes Work and Stays at the Devil King’s Castle”
“Yūsha, Shigoto Yūsen de Maōjō ni tomaru”

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 2 Impressions

The humor with a mix of seriousness continues in episode 2 as Maou Sadao faces Yusa Emi for the first time in the human realm. Will White Fox be able to manage to blend comedy and seriousness together?

Emi Yusa knife

Hataraku Maou Sadao Emi


Like the last episode, the episode starts off, at least in the first minute or so, with a heavy atmosphere. But we all know how things will end up as the Hataraku Maou-sama! reverts to a comedy as quickly as it became serious. People sure change when the environment and the situation around them change. I mean, Sadao is resorting to appeasing human customers of all things and even the once almighty Hero is using a probably not very dependable and possibly bendy knife that costs 100-yen. Well, at least things are even. They’ve both fallen from their previous heights.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Tsundere alert.

Maou Sadao anime


While Yusa Emi’s hatred for Maou is clear, it’s also obvious that it’s been downplayed for the comedy to move along. I mean, if Yusa Emi really wanted to kill him, she would have used any opportunity given to her. Instead, she got mistaken as a girlfriend which, by the end of this season, might not be such a stretch. But let’s not forget about Ashiya/Alsiel. Locking up the door in the face of adversary is far too noble to be ignored. Leaving the girl outside for her to yell, complain, and… is she crying?

Yusa emi crying


Hataraku Hero Emilia

Well, I guess she’s still a tsundere girl underneath all of that haughtiness. But more importantly, it’s really nice for the anime to implement Maou’s method of world domination in a comedic light, but still retain some of the seriousness as we’re not absolutely certain as to exactly what will happen. Though, at first glance, it’s nothing than a non-lofty non-maou-like outburst that, while it makes sense, seems ridiculous. Even so, Maou is living his life as any human would and I’m honestly surprised at his lack of pride from Ente Isla since he used to have so much power. I guess he’s really serious about getting status and money in this society.

Sasaki Chiho Emi on top of Sadao

Sasaki Chiho is obviously the person who naturally likes Maou that is quite the opposite from Yusa Emi. Nonetheless, at this point, especially with the weird earthquakes and the messages at the end of the episode, I’m not exactly sure what else she can bring to the anime. Moreover, to add to the mix of the strange earthquake, it seems like there are people from Ente Isla after both Sadao and Emi. This makes me wonder why the person would even attack them both as you would think they are on one side or the other. However, a third party may be an interesting addition that might add some seriousness to the anime. That, and we get to see Maou and Emi on top of each other.

Emi Yusa The devil is a part timer Yusa Emi anime

Dere dere dere dere dere? Maou’s laid back reaction regarding everything is throwing me off, but then again, it’s not like she’s killing him, but he’s awfully relaxed given the situation he’s in. Emi as well, how can she feel safe being in Maou’s home? That only means one thing… she has developed feelings for him. Yep, the hero, the brave Emilia has fallen for the enemy that she was once destined to defeat. Oh well. It’s entertaining.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 2 Review

Much like the first episode, I really like this one as well. It has the mix of humor and story/seriousness that adds a nice spice to my week of anime. While I don’t find their relationship realistic, it’s probably unreasonable to try and be completely realistic with the scenarios. If that were the case, the comedy would be less effective and we’d be left with something more serious, rather than comedic. The romance, while it consists of nothing more than tsun and dere right now, will hopefully bear fruit in future episodes. For now, however, it’s not like Maou Sadao and Yusa Emilia’s relationship is all that fantastic. Though, it is interesting because of the way the story is written. I’m also interested to see where the more serious aspects of this episode, the magic bullets, and the earthquakes will go. So far, White Fox is doing a great job mixing different elements up, but it will be hard keeping this up for a whole season.

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  • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

    Loving the anime in general as well. I’m glad that you like the review :)

  • http://twitter.com/the_dead_poetic mark jayson

    Hmm. I never thought that this was this well executed in anime. I’ve been reading the manga, and I wouldn’t want to [at first] have an anime adaptation, but i was wrong.

    +1 for this anime [and this review]

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      White Fox is really doing well with this adaptation. +1 to them.