Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4 – Taking a turn

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Emilia and Maou seeing eye to eye?
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4 Review
The Devil is a Part-Timer! Episode 4 Review
“The Hero Feels the Warmth of the Heart”

As I said last episode, and on various other occasions, Hataraku Maou-sama! mixes humor and seriousness to give something unique and interesting. With this episode, I’m convinced that White Fox is brilliant in this regard.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4 Impressions

Maou Sadao overlord


As if his demeanor after the first scene in the first episode isn’t enough of an indicator, Sadao isn’t necessarily living up to the “Maou” name as he’s not wreaking havoc everywhere and is instead saving people of all things. Even when his demon powers returned, he still maintains this attitude, and as a result, Yusa Emi is conflicted as to what she should do. Should she kill Sadao and be done with it? But if he’s saving all these people, she would be the one that is “evil” if she were to do so.

Yuusha Emilia child

Hero Emilia taken away


Is it all Lucifer’s fault?

Even the backstory that Emilia has is run by sadness and hatred. Being the daughter of a man and an angel, only she has the power to bring Sadao to his knees. Even after his father is presumably dead, her village razed, and her peaceful life ruined, she pressed forward to defeat Maou. Then what about now? It may almost be humorous if you look at it in one way, but this episode is clearly trying to make the serious side more prevalent this time around. Still, if her father died because of Maou, I’m extremely surprised that she hasn’t outright killed him out of hate yet.

Ashiya Shirou failure Yusa Emi bath

Hataraku Ashiya


Just as things are serious, Alsi- Ashiya shows up to break the serious barrier and be his usual self. It’s no doubt that they have both changed quite a bit since coming here. Although, I’m not exactly sure how they were like before. Anyways, Emi’s friend highlights the fact that anyone can be an angel or a demon if he or she so wishes. Basically, it’s foreshadowing the fact that Maou Sadao doesn’t have to have the tag of being a demon all the time. Of course, that’s the stereotypical trait that makes the various engagements between them so entertaining, but even he can be nice at times. But to think that he could change his demeanor so quickly… why is that?


Yusa Emi angry outburst

O.o what does that have to…

Hataraku Maou-sama The devil is a part timer sadao

Sadao apologizing

Whoa whoa.

Turning into a Titan.

Yusa Emi gets even more confused with her sudden outburst when Sadao is trying to be nice to her. But seriously, everything she says is spot on. Why is he even helping everyone? Why is he trying so hard to be “good?” She can’t possibly kill him after he has done all these deeds that go against what he was before in Ente Isla. As Emi is run on hate towards Maou for killing her father, since she has lost those values, she doesn’t know what she should do anymore. Even Maou’s reaction is just… agh. I don’t even know anymore. Is it just because he didn’t realize that humans were like this in the past? Did others manipulate him into doing this? What about being born a demon? Does that make you “evil” right off the bat? Is it because he has gained a human heart that he is doing what he does now?

Really? Really Alsiel?

Sasaki Chiho misunderstanding Hataraku anime ashiya

Mikity leviathan

Oh great leviathan.

Right. That’s so like you, Alsiel. What is wrong with him. Jesus, just bring Chiho into an awkward situation and think nothing of it. *Sigh. But I must say, his face when the leviathan Mikity shows up is priceless. Not to mention, what the… she knows everything? Jesus, was she actually a leviathan back in the other world? What is even…

More Ente Isla language!

Oh my god more characters. YES THE OTHER LANGUAGE IS BACK. I’m waiting for them to talk with each other again in that language. It’s too amazing. But from the looks of things, the story is going to get messy with the amount of characters coming into the fray. Not to mention, in one short episode, things are developing quite fast.

Urushihara Lucifer wings

Remember that Demon General Lucifer set fire to Emilia’s village? Is he truly the “evil” one here? Not to mention, Maou isn’t really surprised by it either which makes me think that he knew Lucifer’s true intentions from the start. It’ll be interesting to see if Emilia and Maou work together to defeat a common enemy which will then reveal the truth behind who is really pulling all the strings.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4 Review

I definitely didn’t expect such a development in the span of one episode, and I must say, I am very impressed with how everything is presented. The humor is consistently well placed in various parts of the episode which still reminds us that this is a comedy anime, but it’s serious enough to make us feel something for the characters and their situation. The clever manipulation and contrast between humor and seriousness is definitely not easy to pull off, but it’s done very well so far. The character conflicts and the engaging story give a lot more entertainment than pure comedy so long as the comedy still exists in ripe form. I’m loving the direction that Hataraku Maou-sama! is going and I’m hoping for the anime to be a paradigm of how humor and seriousness are supposed to be mixed.

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  • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

    Loving the direction the plot is going. Did not expect it and I want moar :)

  • Daniel

    This show is just amazing!

    Great comedy, great drama, GREAT action!

    This show has it all!