Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5 – This anime is seriously great

Hataraku maou satan angry

Badass, humorous, this anime is great.
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5 Review
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“The Dark Lord and the Hero”

Just when I thought Hataraku Maou-sama! couldn’t get any more entertaining, it does with exemplary finesse. This episode would be one of the best in this season if it just had Maou Sadao and Alsiel¬†speaking more of their impactful language.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5 Impressions

LOL. I actually thought it was an emergency.

Orba Meyer Maou Sadao calling cueball

Emi Yusa smile

LOL. She laughed.

Hataraku Orba Meyer

Ashiya mad about movies


What better way to begin the conflict than… gate sickness?… Right, we have some more Ente Isla language, but if it isn’t Satan or Alsiel speaking it, then it’s not as great. Still, I still have a hard time understanding how great the mix of humor and the more austere side of the story really is. One moment it’s about a plan that puts Emi to tears, and the next moment it’s about Ashiya complaining about Sadao spending their hard-earned money on B-movies. It never even feels too distorted as the humorless side and the humorous side combines with each other effortlessly and it feels like we’re being taken through two rides at once.


Best. Demon. General. Ever.

?!?!?!? Am I watching the right anime?!?!

Emi Yusa completely shocked

Wow, that’s… not what I expected from a show like this. I seriously didn’t expect Ashiya to fall, and much less Maou Sadao. I mean, a shot to the heart? Jesus, when has that happened in a comedy-based anime? It’s more likely for it to be in Code Geass or something. Even Emi’s crushing (literally) landing and the desperate situation at hand makes me at a loss for expressions. Of course we know that Maou Sadao isn’t really dead, but just the execution and the plot is… quite shocking.

Hataraku maou satan badass

Awwww yeaaahhhh.

maou sadao help Hero emilia sacred powers Hataraku Hero Emilia Hataraku maou-sama funny ball of energy

Well, here comes some major badassery, but I’m afraid that that alone may not be enough to justify what happens from hereon out. Not only does the real demon Maou return, but even Emilia pulls out her Sacred Powers. And let’s face it, we can’t go without a bit of humor here and there so Emilia blocking Lucifer’s attack which subsequently hits Maou in the face must be done. Annnndd…

Alsiel-Ashiya helping Emilia


ALSIEL!!! Yessss the man… wait, he didn’t participate because he had to get his cape first? -__- Anyways, even Orba, the priest who betrayed Emilia is throwing lightning everywhere. While I can’t say I like the magic barrier all that much as it dampens the colors, the action is a welcome sight. Indeed.

Maou satan ripped body

Oh damn.

Hataraku maou-sama! anime

He’s pissed.

Demon general punch amazing

That’s… pretty far…

Lucifer and orba beaten up

Ohhh yeah. Maou Satan going absolutely badass here. I don’t even think that justifies it. I mean, Ichigo in Bleach is pretty badass and so are a lot of characters in that anime, but when Maou suddenly teleports right in front of Lucifer and punches him with a kilometer long power-up punch, I don’t think it’s a contest as to who wins the badass award. Well, that’s the end of the conflict, but I do hope that we see more action in the future.

Ashiya and Maou sadao screaming funny


Chiho MgRonalds

MgRonalds FTW.

In the end, Maou Sadao returns everything back to the way it was supposed to be and ends up… not going to Ente Isla? Huh. Even Ashiya is confused as to why he’s making such a decision. If he’s so nice to begin with, why did he even do what he did to Emi and the humans? It’s not even quite strange, it’s really strange. It makes me wonder if he was even responsible for bringing about all those cruel events back when he reigned in Ente Isla. At least we can safely say that there will be more MgRonalds action in the future!

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5 Review

What an episode. I think this episode is one of my favourite so far in this Spring 2013 Season. It has great action, amazingly timed humor, and just overall badassery to compliment everything. It’s not often that a comedy-based anime makes me feel the same feelings as I do while watching a more seriously-themed anime. And once again, I must say that this blending that White Fox is doing is absolutely wonderful, and a complete joy to watch every week. I’m just a bit worried about what will happen from now as things will probably take a more slice of life direction, but with the way the humor is done so far in Hataraku Maou-sama! those worries are probably going to be put to rest very quickly. Fantastic episode.

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