Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6 – Back to normal

Hataraku maou sama sadao anime
Maou Sadao scarred for life.

The humor continues.
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6 Review
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After a chaotic and somewhat more serious episode, we reach a calm point where the daily life of Maou Sadao, Ashiya, Emi, and the new NEET, Lucifer continues at its normal pace. Well, whatever that normal is to those people is probably not quite normal for us.
Be careful of the Mikity (Miki-T).

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6 Impressions


Ashiya Shirou eating bbq

YES. INNARDS. MWAHAHAHAHA. EAAATT. Man, just imagine how awkward it must be to be across from a person who says the most chuunibyou of things. Actually, for us who watch the anime, it would be something seeing what we watch in anime be recreated in real life. But I can’t deny the fact that once in a while my friends and I say some fairly awkward chuunibyou things. Sometimes, the situation calls for it! Eh, it’s extremely embarrassing if someone else catches you and gets a misunderstanding, but I digress. Back to eating innards.

Wow, things are so serious back in Ente Isla. Listening to the not-so-pithy language is still nice, but there’s always something missing when Maou Sadao isn’t there to make his brilliant remarks. We all know that the seriousness will turn to humor sooner or later. But anyways, it’s back to the castle where Maou dwells where… Lucifer Urushihara is seriously being a total NEET. To think that just a while ago he was shooting a beam of energy through Maou’s heart. How the times have changed.

Urushihara or Lucifer hacking computer Emi Yusa funny


Yuusha emilia pointing

Sure, keep telling yourself that Emilia.

LOL. WAIT WHAT? Urushihara hacked the… Those are some pro skills right there. I have no doubts about his competence. Yes yes, annoy Emi and make sure she makes more interesting faces. That’s your job Maou Sadao. I mean, what kind of Maou doesn’t cause trouble for a Hero? It’s interesting to see the two opposite methods of trying to find some connection to magic with Alsiel taking the traditional way while Urushih-


Alsiel hataraku scarred for life


Alsiel Ashiya anime

Warning 1.

Urushihara lucifer imagery

Warning 2.

Hataraku Mikity shiba horrifying bikini

Well, you’ve been warned. At least they didn’t show everything or else I’d have to censor the whole thing if I am still alive after seeing that picture.

OH MAI GAWD THAT’S TERRIFYING. PLEASE STOP. Now, let’s all have a moment of silence for all those who where there at Waikiki beach when Miki-T made her sudden appearance. May they rest in peace. AMEN.

Sasaki Chiho happy and blushing


Emi Yusa long ponytail hair

Yuusha Emilia going shingeki no kyojin

LOL. Too much SnK.

Maou sadao completely angry moron

Rumors! Too bad the school I went to didn’t have any. *Sigh. The one I went to is just a boring- Anyways, it’s quite surprising for Emi to take out her sacred sword and start slashing things when she previously conserved it only in desperate times. She even feels proud doing it. Oh how the times have changed. Also, you have to admire Ashiya’s sideways glances here and there that tell a lot almost like how the facial expressions matter in Oreimo. And his remark about the human heart. Oh man, he’s too good.

Urushihara may have changed his name, but he was still once Lucifer. His mind has not changed even though his name has! It was foolish of Maou to have tried to listen to him in the first place, but they’re not stupid. Lucifer should have gone with them and played it out better. Oh well, this is why he’s still an underling. I’m extremely surprised that Emi, and Ashiya for that matter, hasn’t used this as an excuse to slice up his guts and roast some human innards. MWAHAHAHA. Uhh… whatever.

Crestia Bell

YES. One more member to his harem! Maou Sadao is going to be riding the harem wave soon enough. Though, who knows. Maybe this anime will make do with something not harem related. It’s not that far fetched… right?

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6 Review

I expected a bit of a slump after the amazing episode last week. However, Hataraku Maou-sama! still brings plenty of humor which are consistently spot-on and character interactions, most notably the faces, that are quite something in their own right. Urushihara is quite an interesting character to be added to the mix and is definitely not a liability to the already interesting cast, but with yet another one, things can only get more chaotic. There’s nothing wrong with adding another character and if any anime can pull of yet another interesting character, it has to be this one.

Before, we had scenarios where it’s humor mixed with seriousness. It ended up working extremely well, and it looks like we’ll be having that yet again with the new girl’s appearance. Personally, such a mix is one of the major reasons why it’s so entertaining as the humor alone would not supply nearly as much. I’m just hoping that this mix will continue to exist and will not be downplayed in the course of the whole anime. Who knows? Maybe we can get some even more engaging conflicts between the two different worlds.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/alexei.lerner Alexei Lerner

    This was amazing episode. And if you ever download, you are with FFF better served.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Hilarious episode. FFF is great, but other subbers, such as Commie, aren’t that bad either. :)