Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7 – A neighbor

Hataraku ashiya alsiel sick
Best mom.

Friendly neighbor?
Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7 Review
The Devil’s a Part-Timer! Episode 7 Review
“The Devil’s Finances are Saved By His Neighbors”
“Maō, Kinjozukiai de Kakei o Tasukerareru”

After a somewhat more calming episode, we reach a bit more of a serious level with some interesting prospects that may lead to what we got back in episode 5. With that said, I’m thinking that the best character in this anime is going more and more in favor of the mother Ashiya with every passing episode.
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Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7 Impressions

Kamazuki Suzuno introduction

More exercise, Maou!

Sadao and Ashiya scared face


Urushihara lucifer

From my experience, you either have loud and annoying neighbors, ones that don’t really do anything, or more talkative and interactive ones that are more open to others. After magnificently falling down the stairs, Kamazuki Suzuno only does the right thing by giving her savior, Maou Sadao some extremely heavy noodles. Well, Ashiya is taking care of the whole family so it’s okay, but Maou should really shapen up a bit more if he can’t even carry those. What is Ashiya raising you for?!?!

Holy Vitamin Beta or B

Thanks, doc.

Holy Vitamin Beta. It’s funny how everything is like… totally human and not even something from another world. Doctor’s recommended dosage, and the really informative backside that would only be a product of something that got through severe health regulations would have. Something so normal, under these circumstances, is actually fairly entertaining just because of the state of affairs.

Emilia yuusha struggling in the heat


Urushihara and Suzuno clothing

So, why is Emi still here? She’s actually suffering more than the Maou that she’s supposed to slay waiting in the heat and all. Not to mention, she’s pretty much the “bad guy” now. Stalking others and having to use their homes for some purpose that-

Emi Yusa falling down stairs

Her face.

Maou Sadao kneed in the face

What a dick.

Maou sadao dead bloody

Emi Yusa anime funny


WOW. Seriously Emilia? Come on, Maou Sadao is being really considerate even helping you at all. Punching him in the face and then brutally beating him so blood squirts out of his nose is not how you repay kindness. Jeez, how can people even consider you a protagonist with this kind of attitude? AHHH everyone is acting so normal when they were just killing each other a few episodes ago is just totally awkward, but funny at the same time.

Poor Ashiya :(

Ashiya Shirou sick and sleeping

So proud.

Hero emilia really angry


Dammit, Ashiya is sick while Maou Sadao and Emilia is going at it again. It feels like he’s the mom and they’re little kids arguing over who is superior and who isn’t. Moreover, isn’t this the same situation that we had before with Chiho? Everyone thinks that Maou Sadao and Emi are so close. Well, they are, but not in that way… yet. Even her reactions towards everything is similar. Saying that he should just drop dead when she’s standing next to him with the power to kill him right then and there. *Sigh. Emi being Emi.

Kamazuki Suzuno unsettled

Sadao magazine laughing with alsiel


Then… then… why are you…

Wow. Another misunderstanding. Previously, we had Chiho arguing with Emi about their relationship with Sadao. Now, we have a complete misunderstanding of assassination and love. I can’t even imagine what kind of event will happen next that will only round back to this. And oh god. The way they insert that scene with Ashiya smiling up at Sadao looking at something funny. How motherly. Amazing.

True that.

Emeralda Etuva hataraku anime

Working hard as usual and climbing up the ladder.

So much for being concerned over Maou when her primary objective is to work as a normal human being. Her attitude makes me think that she’s going to fall for Maou, but we’re never really sure how this is going to end up as it is Hataraku Maou-sama! after all. I’m tired of the same formula, but if the plot can be executed well, I wouldn’t mind the story staying on the same path. More badassery with the fantasy elements will definitely help with that regard.

Sasaki Chiho opening lunchbox


I’m just waiting until Chiho and Kamazuki butt heads with each other. Well, that’ll probably result in yet another misunderstanding, but on a different level from one she had with Emi. Still, this is like the weirdest harem ever. We have one person that swore she’d kill him, another normal person that’s fallen for him, and an assassin ready to strike. Not sure if I’d want to be at the center of this one if I have the opportunity to. It sounds dangerous and a slight step in the wrong direction could mean death.

Hataraku funny lmao


Sasaki Chiho bento crying

In this anime, anyone can be badass, and the store clerk throwing… (are those oranges?) at the random presumable Ente Isla minion is no exception. We can already see the seriousness returning, and as usual, I’m glad to see the mix. It’s interesting how Emi’s abilities are useless against him or her. Though, I’m not sure if it’s related to anything other than the church wanting to take her down.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7 Review

The new characters that are coming into the fray have the potential to be as great as the other characters. Kamazuki Suzuno is not really explored right now so it’s difficult to tell how she’ll do humor-wise in this anime as she plays a fairly serious role right now. Perhaps she may be needed to balance all the other characters who are based mostly off of humor. Romance isn’t out of the question either, but it hasn’t really been a highlight in this anime so far, and it’s hard to picture it taking a higher priority for the rest of the season. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it, but with the formula they’re using so well, there is probably not a need for them to do something else as there’s always a danger of it not working out. Again, the mix of seriousness and humor is great as always, and the anime isn’t letting everything die down from the previous high in episode 5. Not much to say otherwise than that it’s great as always. Great job White Fox.



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