High School DxD NEW Episode 2 – Confrontation

high school dxd xenovia hot

Erotic new character Xenovia incoming.
High School DxD NEW Episode 2 Review
High School DxD season 2 Episode 2 Review
“The Holy Sword Has Arrived”
“Seiken, Kimashita!”

While pervertedness is around every corner, there’s the bit of humor added to various situations that, because of the perverted nature of Issei, makes it that much more entertaining. Well, that and the fact that we’ll be seeing some ACTION next episode. And this is your somewhat regular action and not… you know…

High School DxD NEW Episode 2 Impressions


Kiba Yuuto stabbed


Kiba Yuuto rain

Hyoudou Issei


Vanishing Dragon

High School DxD Hyoudou Issei Ddraig Sacred Gear


You’d think that Ddraig would be more… Godly or something along those lines, but he acts like a somewhat understanding human being. While Issei is dishing out his wishes and is complaining, he really is going out of his way to assist him. I guess, even after all the hosts that he’s come across, this one is a unique one to say the least. A change of pace after so long is much appreciated even by such an entity. I just enjoy how none of this is plain super-serious, and it always has an air of character that is very enjoyable. You’d mistaken Issei for a wimpy individual at first, but as we all know, he’ll aspire and do whatever he can.

2 super suspicious people in broad daylight.


Kiba Yuuto vengeance

LOL. I just love how it’s such a dramatic moment, and all of a sudden it zooms in on fucking OPPAI. Oh and finally we get to see some Akeno oppai. Many of us have been waiting for this moment. HEHEHEHE. Uhh.. Yeah, and there was some backstory about Yuuto’s past and him getting experimented on. Rias saves him and uhh… more plot. Okay, that’s great. Still, we know that Kiba is just going to go batshit crazy against anyone who has a Holy Sword. Oh yeah, I’m waiting for things to happen.

Shidou and Xenovia

Shidou Irinia shocked



Asia Argento cockblock

… Uhm. Dude. No.

LOL. That’s fucking hilarious. Usually when the girl hugs the guy and the guy notifies the girl about that fact, she either pushes him away and blushes, or goes full out tsundere or something. But in this anime, she starts stripping instead. OH MAN THAT’S TOO GOOD. *Sigh. But they still had to get totally cockblocked by Asia. Look Asia, I don’t dislike you, but you need to let the man get the oppai when he needs the oppai. You just can’t stop a guy from having that shit okay? It’s just, rude.

Azazel DxD

Some say they’d be gay for him.

Xenovia menacing look

DxD Rias Gremory anime



Okay, back to the actual story, a lot of people are happy to see Xenovia animated, but for me, since I have not read the rest of the LN, I have no idea what to expect. It’s obvious that she’ll play a key role this season with how she’s in plenty of pictures with Rias and the others before the season even started (wearing a school uniform no less). Issei’s childhood friend, Shidou Irina is quite the normal cute girl herself. Yeah, the two seems okay, until they start fucking with the devils.

Behold Asia, your new God.



Xenovia combat gear

Can’t wait to see her naked. HEHEHEEHEFHSDFADP

Shidou Irina


Kiba Yuuto swords

Holy crap, everyone get away.

Shidou Irina eyes


Shidou Irina erotic movements

What was that about the Lord? Your erotic moans were kind of distracting.

Never fuck with Issei and his harem. Fucking seriously. He’ll destroy you like he destroyed Phenex. But anyways, it’s clear since the start that there’s no “good side” or “bad side.” They’re both just two sides with different viewpoints which naturally creates conflict for the anime. But man, if they were trying to make people rage about what Xenovia is saying, then they did a pretty good job. Seriously, they need to get a whopping and IT’S TIME FOR THE TWO MALE LEAD BADASSES TO DO THE JOB (and Issei to rip their clothes off so we can see DEM OPPAI hehehehehe). God, I swear the childhood friend is so horny for her Lord or whatever that she’s bound to convert to Issei’s harem. AND XENOVIA TOO because… she’s quite well-endowed herself.

High School DxD NEW Episode 2 Review

All in all, it’s a decent episode that actually surprised me with how much I laughed. The perverted antics are in a multitude of different anime, but with the nice voice acting and just the scenarios, like how the floor is shining and he’s looking at her panties with that, just make it that much better than the average harem anime. I’m also going to be a bit more harsh on when I give stars now, and I’ll change all of the previous ones when I change my image styling a bit, so… Wow, that’s off-topic, but I really don’t have much more to “review.” Oh and I hope I see why people are excited to see Xenovia animated soon. Is it her boobs? It better be her boobs.



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  • Hakuren

    Entrav, you know, the last picture (the wallpaper one) is the biggest spoiler of itself.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Not really. But then again these kinda shows spoil most of their contents in the OP and ED. Just one wall doesn’t count. You can consider it a non-canon.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      The fact that you said it was a spoiler makes it a spoiler >.>

      The main picture of the anime on MAL, the wallpaper I used last episode, is actually more of a spoiler than this one. I used these kinds of pictures because they were already on summer previews, forums, and various other websites. I was kind of hoping you guys wouldn’t make this kind of comment and just let the wallpaper slide because you could argue it’s fan-made or something. I guess I’ll just make sure there’s absolutely nothing you can infer from it from this point onwards.

      • Hakuren

        No-no-no. Let me correct myself.
        The wallpaper after your post about the first episode is pretty much like what The Atomic Dwarf says. OP-ED-like spoilers, nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, the picture you decided to change (I personally think it was the right decision) contained something much more spoiler-ish.
        If you want me to point you in the direction of the ACTUAL spoiler on that picture, write me an e-mail. I think due to DISQUS you must have my address.

        P.S. @ The Atomic Dwarf: that wall IS cannon because it is one of the volume covers (not telling which exactly due to no-spoiler policy).

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I have to admit that I posted the wallpaper very half-mindedly this time. Not sure why, but it seemed okay at the time of posting it, but looking at it a bit more I found it a bit too spoilerish like you said. Thankfully not too many people viewed this post before I changed it. Oh and I’m good about the actual spoilers :)

          I’ll avoid this in the future, sorry guys.

          P.S. I think The Atomic Dwarf is just saying that you could argue that it’s non-canon even if it is canon because a person who hasn’t read the LN wouldn’t know that it’s actually canon.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            They’re LN’s? Ok will check those out. Regarding that wallpaper, well you took the words right out of my mouth Entrav.

            Usually in 2-3 weeks tops from the time a new anime is aired you can already find a whole bunch of wallpapers on the internet which either spoil or show non-canon adaptations of the characters. Sometimes the studio itself provides the material in one of those monthly magazines.

            But let’s be serious we’re all here for the PLOT, so seeing the show be torn to shreds (ufufu) isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Evilnemesis

    Fuck you Asia. All this cockblock that she does ( and that she will do in the future ) .

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Oh gawd. There’s MOAR?!?!