High School DxD NEW Episode 5 – Let the badassery commence

Kiba Yuuto
Balance breaker time.

High School DxD NEW Episode 5 Review
High School DxD Season 2 Episode 5 Review
“Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!”
“Kessen, Kuō Gakuen!”

Okay, okay, some moments were melodramatic, some moments were cringe-worthy, some nice moments are missed from the light novel (or so I hear), but all that are small complaints in the face of Kiba and Xenovia’s badass maneuvers that leave me wanting more.

High School DxD NEW Episode 5 Impressions

Good. Have to see more of her oppai.


Hyoudou Issei Queen

That was fast.






Himejima Akeno devil


Toujou Koneko kick

Kokabiel, that ugly son of a bitch, wields an incredible amount of power that Rias can’t take on alone. Heck, he fires off “small” magic missiles with a flick of a finger that probably surmounts an average devil’s abilities. As much as Akeno’s disobedience to get Sirzech’s gets my hopes up, we probably won’t be seeing much in the ways of his actual power as much as I want to witness it personally. Well, hopefully at least his troops can display some flashy magic that’s a tad different from what Rias and Akeno have.



Xenovia DxD

Was hoping for a pantie shot but okay.

Rias Gremory

I wonder how the voice actors feel while voicing this.


Himejima Akeno lightning

Lucifer Vali

Incoming badass.

This guy may be ugly, but he’s got the powa.

Rias Gremory and Akeno


Falling harder.

What I just noticed is that Xenovia’s voice actor is Taneda Risa who voiced Saki in Shin Sekai Yori. Though, there were two voice actors for that character and her voice is giving off more of a sexy vibe which may be partially attributed to her… assets. It is a fitting voice- Anyways, enough of that, we do get some more Xenovia goodness with some standard small battles here and there. But dude, that guy is seriously looks really disturbing. It’s not even his attitude, just his facial features… God, it’s so awkward when there are hot girls and all of a sudden it zooms to his face. Way to destroy the ere- Alright, I think I’m drunk or something, TIME FOR MORE DRAMATIC MOMENTS OF KIBA’S PAST THAT I REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT ALL TOO MUCH.


Kiba Yuuto

That support.

Hyoudou Issei crying

LMAO. I found this really funny.

Argento Asia

Agh. This again…


Light novel readers are saying that they omitted parts where it makes the scene of Kiba and his fellow dead comrades actually emotional. There’s nothing “wrong” with the scene, but it’s just extremely generic especially with how Rias, Issei, Akeno, Koneko, and Asia cheer him on one by one. I’ve seen that way too many times to be even mildly impressed. And the problem is that even if you were emotional, a bit of eye-rolling here and there really takes you out of the experience. At least Issei’s crying is funny. Oh, and BALANCE BREAKER!!!


Kiba Yuuto balance breaker


Durandal holy sword


High School DxD New Xenovia

Xenovia too hot and awesome.


XENOVIA TOO HAW- I mean, too cool.

Freed Sellzen Kiba Yuuto



YES. THAT MAKES THINGS BETTER. A holy and cursed sword, and Xenovia whipping out her DURENDAL with some intense innuendo to boot. All we need is more screen-time for her and her clothes stripped by Issei’s dress break. But this episode is more of a set-up for future encounters than anything else. With that fat loser out of the way, intense hand-holding into what will hopefully be a stunning battle will commence. Well, that, and probably Vali will appear to stir more things up. All I’m wondering is how far things will go. The obvious route is for everything to return to normality after this, but will a war really erupt from this microscopic conflict? We’ll have to wait yet another week for some more serious action and hopefully more OPPAI (preferably Xenovia’s) because it’s severely lacking in this episode.

High School DxD NEW Episode 5 Review

It’s clear from the outset that this anime isn’t meant to be one that’s supposed to evoke heavy emotions or dazzle us with its profoundness. High School DxD is a fun ride that incorporates some decent plot progression with the much needed fanservice. Heck, who doesn’t like seeing the girls of DxD? I mean sure anime girls have almost always been attractive, but to see them bare especially when they’re actually likable and strong characters in and of themselves is great. It’s just that, when it comes to dramatic moments, it sometimes falls into the same pitfalls as other mediocre anime out there. Granted, we did get the appropriate amount of badassery in terms of new abilities and power ups that shounen anime are so well known for.  Gigantic swords, a fallen angel about to start a war, and a probably stereotypical antagonist about to jump in to cause more chaos, and fucking dragons? Come on, GIVE ME MORE!



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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Seriously those sword names. Who makes up those? :)) It’s just… getting in the way of the PLOT. Which was pretty weak for this episode btw.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Not sure if they’re naming it after Durendal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durendal or not, but they probably are. I have to admit that there just isn’t enough BEWBIES this episode. Well, hopefully we get to see some more Xenovia next time.

  • Sammy Lee

    Im not a big fan of the echhi genere at all, to be honest its quite destracting, but im willing to forgive it, if it does have a “decent” story. Does it? I hope its not straight hentai….

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Well if by story you mean HUGE PLOT, yes it does. The regular type of story with words and actions… naaah. This show is like a side dish after the main course: Free! I watch this anime just to keep my sanity level up to normal.

      Oh and to answer your question it’s borderline.