High School DxD NEW Episode 6 – Rivalry and revelations

Highschool dxd albion
Albion time.

Intensity increases.
High School DxD NEW Episode 6
High School DxD Season 2 Episode 6
“Go! Occult Research Club”
“Ike! Okaruto Kenkyū-bu!”
(行け! オカルト研究部!)
Warning: NSFW below!

One of the most, if not the most intense arc draws to a close, but just as it does, startling revelations are put forth and rivalries are made. While there may not have been enough oppai for us much less Issei, the plot points to an interesting direction that will undoubtedly draw an even greater conflict that may impress us even more.

High School DxD NEW Episode 6 Impressions




Xenovia sword slash

Can we just see your boobs?

Rias Gremory’s tastes are certainly intriguing. A Welsh Dragon, a remnant of a Holy Sword experiment, a Fallen Angel’s daughter, and a nun who no longer serves her God. If anything, Rias can be considered to be their savior from their past so they can lead a new path of life with her. Even so, their origins won’t simply fade because of the present and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we hear of the name “Baraquiel.” And while definitely a strange group, all of them hold immense power within them and has a history unlike most to back it up. It will hopefully also lead to even more engaging conflicts in the future with how each of their backgrounds can be explored.

Kiba Yuuto

Taking one from Zoro.


DxD anime characters



Hyoudou Issei harem king


Almost bribed.


Rias Gremory

All kinds of things… all kinds of things… all kinds of things………………………………


Hyoudou Issei boosted gear


Kokabiel owned by sacred gear


This harem protag.

Can Hyoudou Issei be any more fucking awesome? From being led by Kokabiel into almost accepting the offer with his shivering voice to the explosion of power, this guy never ceases to amuse me. See, this harem protagonist is an acceptable one unlike a lot of those sissy can-do-absolutely-nothing-but-cry ones. There is even some interesting dialogue with how God is dead. Hah. Oh, speaking of that, I expect this to come up again in the distant future as for now, I doubt the secret will be out. It’s far too risky for anyone else to catch the news, and even if they did, who would believe the person delivering the message unless if it were from an extremely influential one?

High School DxD NEW Albion

Badass Albion is here!

Lucifer Vali destroys Kokabiel

DESTROYED. Please, just leave.

So what happens when they go head to head?

Lucifer Vali

They’re… BROS?

So friendly?!

Well, the opening hinted him, a lot of people hinted him, we saw him, and now he’s finally here. Albion is truly a sight to behold with his full dragon form and with his contrasting power of Divine Dividing. In what I suppose to be full dragon form or at least a high level of expertise with the form, he’s not anyone anyone should be messing with. What did surprise me a little is that both dragons are actually quite… friendly with each other. It’s more of a friendly rivalry rather than one filled with hatred which is quite unexpected. Even Vali isn’t aggressive against Issei and is at least being passive towards him, waiting until he grows stronger so they can finally fight. Still, seeing the way things are now, it’ll be a long way before Issei gets anywhere close to Albion’s power, but that should be one of the most climactic moments of this anime if it were to happen. Heck, how can’t I not look forward to two dragons battling it out with the power to tip the balance of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels?

Kiba Yuuto hugged



YES. YES. YES. YES. Well, we knew it would happen, but still.

DxD High Xenovia

But it was pretty cute :)

Azazel fallen angel

Well, that was random.

YES. IT’S ABOUT TIME XENOVIA JOINS THE DEVILS. MWAHAHAHA NOW HER OPPAI IS FOR THE TAKING. GO FOR IT ISSEI. NEXT EPISODE IS YOUR CHANCE. USE YOUR DRESS BREAK AND SUCCEED unlike last time which was quite pathetic. Did she make the right choice? Uhhh… Hell yeah… I mean, what’s good about being an Angel when God isn’t even there right? Might as well just work with the devils and moan erotically while having your boobs revealed in random episodes. But to be a bit more serious, Azazel reveals to Issei that he’s the leader of all the Fallen Angels. No doubt he wants to collect Issei’s boosted gear so what’s going to happen from here? Is he going to forcibly take it from him?… Is he going to let Issei work with him? Seeing that Albion is working with him as well proves just how influential Azazel really is. Well, whatever tricks he has up his sleeve it’ll be interesting to see what role he’ll play.

High School DxD NEW Episode 6 Review

Phew, yet another episode that ratifies my feeling that this season is far better than the first. Revelation after revelation, it keeps things coming at a fast pace so we can always hope for more action and more subplot elements. This episode progresses the plot greatly and adds much more on the character side of things the biggest being Albion and Azazel’s revelation. It’s impressive how they relentlessly keep everything going without resorting too much to fanservice or too much to plot. The balance is truly something that many shows like this should strive for. Just when we might be getting a bit ticked off at the fact that there’s not enough boobs around, we’ll be getting one which makes the pacing quite amazing. Even the soundtrack is not bad though I hope they make it a tad louder at certain moments as it’s a bit difficult to hear it. Though, I would say that what make the conflicts good is just the context of it being between dragons, devils, angels as well as the characters themselves because the animations of the action sequences are quite average. But Issei’s moments of oppai glory is just incredibly entertaining to watch and he, as well as we, will get our “reward” next time around. ON TO OPPAI!



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  • Hakuren

    Albion’s full dragon form is an ENORMOUS homage to Code Geass’s Lancelot Albion. Pretty cleverly done!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, that’s the first thing it reminded me of.

  • zztop

    ‘Where is your god now, foreign infidels?!’
    Sorry, I just had to say it. :)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I’m pretty sure everyone thought something along those lines when that was revealed. :D