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High School DxD NEW Episode 7 Review
High School DxD Season 2 Episode 7 Review
“It’s Summer! It’s Swimsuit! It’s a Pinch!”
“Natsu-desu! Mizugi-desu! Pinchi-desu!”

By fanservice standards, I think this has got to be one of the most enjoyable episodes I’ve seen. It may be the wacky humor, the rivalry between Rias and Akeno, or the amazing Xenovia moments, but I had a lot of fun watching this episode with how it’s all mixed up. And dammit Sirzechs, can you be any more awesome?


High School DxD NEW Episode 7 Impressions


Shit is going to go down there.

Issei and Rias


DxD NEW Opening 2

Badass OP.

Alright, Azazel is fucking badass and all, but I WASN’T EXPECTING A NEW OPENING. It’s even sung by ZAQ. I guess I should have expected something different because it is a new arc that will entail the introduction of some new characters and probably an elevation in difficulty for Issei to overcome. Azazel isn’t your average fallen angel who is only a collector of sacred gears. He’s probably interested in something else about Issei as well not to mention that he already holds a somewhat friendly relationship with Vali.

Kiba Yuuto

He says with his chest exposed.

Akeno and Rias



But we all know they’re not going to.

Aww… Jelly Rias.


It’s not a fanservice episode without some GLORIOUS OPPAI ON VARIOUS LEVELS YEEEAAAAAHHH!! They’re stripping naked and then- OMAIGAWD AKENO’S FINGERSERVICE TOO STRONG. Remember guys, this isn’t the same old Akeno as before; she’s fallen for Issei and damn she goes aggressive. But damn, we even get to see a cute jealous side to Rias. Oh man, this harem is great. What’s even better than the swimsuits may be the new contention between the two. Flinging magic missiles and bickering over Issei while being completely contrary to their past. OH MIGHTY DRAGON IS THIS YOUR DOING?!


Highschool dxd rias akeno



WHAT. LOL. I was not expecting Xenovia to make such a sudden declaration of baby making. Oh man, Issei, if you’re a man, just “plant your seed.” I mean, dude, look at her. She’s ripe for the taking. MWAHHAHAAH. Ahem. Anyways, at least we finally see her boobs. Seriously, they’ve been a bit stingy on that and all of a sudden she wants to have sex to make a baby. Still, I’m not one for relationships going to that extent without some kind of development between the two so… a few cooperative battles and some oppai grabbing with some Xenovia dere will do. Yep, that sounds great. Oh, and some “transfer” ability moaning too.


Yeah, it’s called, “Everyone tries to fuck Issei event.”

Rias Gremory

Sirzech lucifer

O_____________________________O WHY YES HE DOES.

FUCKING GENIUS OMAIGAWD. Probably some hidden meaning in what he’s saying though.

Hyoudou Issei

Next level.

Lucifer Vali


I just can’t get enough of Sirzech’s voice (voiced by Suwabe Junichi). It just complements his elegant and modest demeanor to make him feel like he’s truly a kind overlord. That… actually sounds pretty weird as you’d usually say “king” instead of “overlord,” but anyways, it’s something to be gentle, nice, and be extremely supportive. It’s another to talk about oppai with Issei and make a suggestion to make Rias’ boobs even more… amazing?… Indeed, “his thought process functions at a level far above our own.” And what’s even better is Vali shows up as well which will probably mean something is going to happen at the summit to cause more havoc. A war? I doubt it, but it’ll be interesting to see what the relationship between Vali and Issei will be now.

High School DxD NEW Episode 7 Review

I found this episode funny, entertaining, awesome due to the fanservice and random character quirks, as well as some actual plot progression and the reintroduction of some characters that have kind of faded away since the last season. The humor is especially on spot at least for me, and Rias’ jealousy compounded with Akeno’s longing for Issei marks yet another layer of conflict that I’ll be happy to watch. Heck, that would be amazing to see both of them fight it out seriously. That, along with the new OP and ED which is actually much better than the first ED we got and more similar to the ED of the first season makes this truly an enjoyable episode. The Xenovia oppai sure helps. A lot. Now, some erotic moaning please!



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  • Evilnemesis

    Xenovia SO FUCKING HOT I WAS WAITING FOR THAT MOMENT. I got to say I love how they are at the school pool and girls all have their chest exposed. Where can I get that in Japan? Man if some crazy stuff happened like this anywhere you’d see heads flying and someone losing their job.

    Xanovia’s breast size changed in the span of 2 images as well, DAT ANGLE.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I KNOW RIGHT XENOVIA IS SO AMAZING JESUS CHRIST SHE NEEDS NO “TRANSFER” OF POWER. Haha, if this actually happened in real life…


  • Lodda

    excuse me, this may be not the right place..
    do you guys know any anime with action/fighting genre ( graphic/animation ) like SAO, Date a Live, mondaiji or some magic and sword stuff ?

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Full Metal Alchemist might be what you’re searching for, especially the remake FMA Brotherhood.

      • Lodda

        I already watched it… Any other good 1 cour or 2 cour anime with that specification?

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          There are a couple of oldies which I really liked and recommend.

          One is RahXephon which is pretty similar to Evangelion and in my opinion far better and the other is Bounen no Xamdou from the same director that brought us Eureka Seven.

          They’re both Sci-fi, action filled, not a lot of magic though, I’m not really into that whole magic genre.

          • Lodda

            Thanks ! I’ll give it a try

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s not magic and sword stuff per se, but I had a great time watching Accel World. The setting, the premise, and just the story itself are all quite enjoyable. Made by the same creator as SAO.

      There’s the obvious Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyoukai, and maybe Claymore (I haven’t watched it).

  • zztop

    I wonder whether Xenovia always had such naughty taste in swimwear even in the Church, or if she only acquired this after joining the devils…Hmmmmm…..

  • Anonymous

    If only I could find a place to watch these episodes without clouds and logos covering everything!