High School DxD NEW Episode 8 – I’m really enjoying this

DxD High leviathan

Quality enjoyment.
High School DxD NEW Episode 8 Review
High School DxD Season 2 Episode 8 Review
“The Class Observation Begins!”
“Jugyō Sankan, Hajimarimasu!”

It may be the better executed humor or just the vast array of characters entering the fray, but this season is a huge step up from the last one. Scale, conflicts, heck, even the fanservice are all reaching a new height that the first season couldn’t have.

High School DxD NEW Episode 8 Impressions

Vanishing Dragon

Gary Stu, in other words.

Vali Lucifer


Vali DxD

And they’re in public holding giant swords.

Not as bad as I thought to be honest.



Ddraig vs Albion

Dumb. Hah.

That’s pretty badass.

It’s no surprise that even Rias is sweating under the pressure of the English Dragon. Vali’s no joke and although I’m not well tuned with the light novel and how powerful he really is, if we were to put him in a position of his “power rankings,” I’m sure he’d be within the two digit mark. His exceptional power is the polar opposite of Issei’s and so is his character. Gary Stu, anyone? Issei is a low ranking demon and one who is not gifted with any powerful traits. Of course, that’s not taking into account the Welsh Dragon, but just Issei as a character is quite underwhelming when compared to other male protagonists. However, he does hold the necessary courage to make up for that and the determination that may one day bridge the gap between the two. Heck, getting the Welsh Dragon is enough of a gift even though it seems that Vali is in another world in terms of power.

Xenovia condom


Argento Asia

She wants the D.

Xenovia copulation


Xenovia and Asia


Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Issei’s first time is like a 6-some. Xenovia pulling out those condoms as if it were a magic trick was a bit unexpected. Even though Issei may be screaming his complaints, I’m more surprised that she didn’t say what she said in the previous episode where she literally wanted his babies. Now, I’ve heard some things about the author having trouble getting things past the editor with regards to actually getting Issei laid which is truly saddening. I mean, both for him and for us. Forever being taunted and never experiencing what he’s imagining, and we, who are unable to read what would be a milestone in Issei’s dream to be the Harem King. It kind of goes back to Oreimo and how the author had to end it there; the rules are strict on the method of publishing these sensitive areas. A shame really if this is the case. Well Ichiei Ishibumi, time to make it 18+. (Please, another reminder that there is a no spoilers policy so please do not reveal anything if you wish to correct or confirm my statements)

O_________________________O And I would have gladly watched.

Rias Gremory school uniform


Yeah, it was his libido that made him capable of doing such things. That’s how strong it is.

Akeno teasing

Serafall Leviathan cosplay


Serafall DxD wink

Shitori Sona


Why is she so moe?

Why is she so moe?


No joke.


Please, more Rias versus Akeno. I’m still waiting for some real heated jealousy battles between the two. But seriously, Issei’s perverted powers may actually be greater than we have thought. To be able to sculpt something like that with just his burning perverted nature is quite something in and of itself. Who knows, maybe that’s what will save the world one day, and if anyone can do it, it’d be him. The other interesting side to this episode is the introduction of yet another character, Serafall Leviathan. Cheerful, playful, siscon, cosplaying, and threatening to attack heaven, what else could you want from a character that is introduced in a few minutes? I just have to add that her movements and poses are quite… provocatively intriguing. Yes, I’ll be glad to see more of her. Damn, DxD really just brings out one entertaining character after another. Impressive.

Issei’s dad is seriously badass.

Gremory family

They sure are friendly.

Rias sad

But it’s fun to watch :)


DxD Rias Kiss Issei



Asia, just, seriously. Private time with Rias here. Get your D somewhere else.





Sirzechs gremory

OH MAN I WAS NOT EXPECTING A HOT KISS BY RIAS. It’s been quite some time since their last one, but seeing their relationship strengthen under the pressure of Akeno is very nice. It’s just that, Issei needs to stop degrading himself and start being less naive. He’s the one who stopped her from being forcefully married and he’s talking about being sad over her potentially getting a boyfriend? Look Issei, just train and be stronger so you’re powerful enough to jump out of the world of DxD and destroy the editors and make the sexy time happen. You can do it. I know your will to be the Harem King will triumph in the end. YEEEEESSS. MARVELOUS… I’LL BE WAITING FOR THE DAY. MWAHAHAHAHAAHA. And of course, that’s not all. This anime just has to go yet another step and set up the introduction to a very dangerous ally who will undoubtedly be a centerpiece of importance in this new arc. Phew, that is a lot in one episode that is really only setting the story up for what will really come. I’m impressed yet again.

High School DxD NEW Episode 8 Review

I think it’s at the point where I can actually give proper credit to High School DxD like I did for Hataraku Maou-sama!. What do I mean by that? If you’ve seen my reviews of Hataraku, then you know I always talked about mixing seriousness and humor to make a truly wonderful combo that I enjoyed greatly. While it would be absurd to say that High School DxD is the same in that regard, it has proven to be entertaining in a different way, that is, in how it mixes ecchi/fanservice with seriousness. The reason why I think the mix works well in this case is the pacing of this anime. For a lot of light novels, the pacing is quite fast; one season can take up even five to six volumes for some adaptations.

High School DxD, on the other hand, takes a much slower two volume per season pacing to properly flesh out the characters who I have come to appreciate much more than I thought I would have initially. They may not be as profound or thought-provoking as characters in more serious stories, but they do hold their weight in the show which is extremely important for a show like this. People won’t appreciate blatant fanservice as much nowadays for there have been just so many in recent years. Characterization or giving the women some presence and importance aside from showing OPPAI is quite nice even.

Without treading too much further or else I’d be repeating myself in my eventual review, the seriousness is more accentuated this time to give a more incendiary feel to the conflicts within the story. My memory of past anime before I really became serious with them is poor and I honestly don’t remember how well the humor was done back then. Nonetheless, the way its done this season is quite good although nothing extraordinary. There’s always something entertaining in the perverted remarks of a self-proclaimed loser and someone who, objectively speaking, has more balls than many other harem protagonists. Now that it has gotten to this point, it can only get better from here with the addition of these new characters. This show almost seems to parody the typical Gary Stu. Anyways, I’ll save the rest for the general review, but I just felt like I need to say what I needed to say. Oh, and the ending is damn awesome. I’m very glad that they decided an approach similar to what they did in the first season. Marvelous.


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Holy Sh8t! This show has a plot! And pretty decent one too!

    A lot of stuff happened this ep. That random character introduction, them condoms, that clay statue (he has a lof of talent with his hands if you know what i mean :D ), them epic fathers, the super moe mahou shoujo and in the end THAT KISS. It’s long overdue! Now if only he could use the sacred gear to boost up his confidence his days of Harem King wouldn’t be that far away.

    As for that mysterious new bishop. I think the ED already spoiled the character and the keyboard noise behind those locked doors can only mean one thing. Otaku or maybe Hacker girl. It’s the only stereotype missing.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I knew this anime is one of those anime that is an ecchi one with plot, but I think this season takes it to a whole new level which I wasn’t expecting and is totally awesome.

      I agree with you on the hacker/otaku girl as it is one of those stereotypes yet to be done in this show. Can’t wait to see what badass skills she has.

  • Jacob

    Hey I just started watching girls und panzer. I was wondering is there supposed to be German words with the subs or is the website I watch it on just messing with me?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      LOL. That’s Commie’s subs. They went pretty hardcore with that. It was pretty funny. If you want to watch a pure English version, you’d best go somewhere else.

      • Jacob

        Yeah I know some basic japenese so it isn’t too hard. It’s just kinda distracting lol