How I will do episodic reviews from now on

Touma Kazusa
My bad.

Took me some time to truly realize.
Any suggestions are welcome.

So, 2013 has passed and that was the year that I churned out 200+ “reviews” of various anime. Looking back to my earlier posts, I cannot help but cringe at what I wrote before because I have improved in both my analysis and critique which makes those reviews quite horrendous. For example, compare my recent finale reviews (SPOILERS!!!) of Kyoukai no Kanata, Valvrave, White Album 2 with even those even just a season before those shows such as Free, Danganronpa and so on and you’ll find a fairly big difference. That’s not even going back that far. Heck, every single one of my general reviews especially the Shin Sekai Yori one is just… Holy crap, they’re bad. Looking back makes me realize just how much I have improved and more importantly, how much more I have to improve.

Log horizon akatsuki

I’ll get to this soon enough.
Can’t miss the AKATSUKI.

Aside from those finale reviews and a few other posts, I have to say that I am quite ashamed at most of the posts I have churned out throughout 2013. While I have improved, there are simply posts where I summarize and don’t analyze much at all. A part of that is due to the nature of some episodes and how they don’t let me go too deep, but the majority of the fault lies within me who even tries to write episodically when there is nothing much to write about other than fluff that adds contributes nothing. I want to change that. I really, really do. After reading some other sites, and after writing what I think to be my best review right now (White Album 2 Finale. Spoilers of course.), I find what I was doing in the past year unacceptable. I am smacking myself in the face for taking so long to realize this because I’ve just been so distracted by my enthusiasm of various shows that I didn’t truly realize some of the shallow “reviews” I was throwing out there. For that, I greatly apologize to you readers for not making my reviews as worthwhile as possible and I want to thank you for sticking with me throughout my progression.

Log Horizon megane shiroe and krusty


strike the blood la folia

I’ll probably just end up doing a general review of this show or a post on why the fuck this harem is so fantastic.
Because this harem…

How am I going to fix all of this? Well, the thing is that I’ve been reviewing almost every single episode for certain shows, and that’s one of the primary reasons why I failed to make posts as insightful as I want them to be. From now on, I’m going to only stick to episodes that I can dig deep into and give some proper analysis and/or critique. Yes, that will mean that my reviews will have gaps, and yes, I will probably end up reviewing a larger variety of shows. I will not be able to reliably give you reviews on a weekly basis for any single show. Some weeks I may even make 6-7 reviews while other weeks I may make 1-2. This is not because I am lazy. I have done this for a year straight, and each post ever since I got addicted to adding in a whole bunch of pictures takes at least 3 hours to make. You can imagine the time I’ve spent. My goal is to just make my reviews better. I want to make my reviews more worthwhile for you readers. I want to make you think more deeply about the episode or the show after you read my reviews. I do not only want you to be entertained. That’s only part of my goal.

Touma Kazusa moe


Now I’m feeling it again. ;____;

You know, I view many reviews on MAL for being shallow, and I’ve talked to my friends about how some people just criticize on a surface level. While my stance remains, it would be hypocritical of me to want others to do better when I don’t. Looking back to my previous reviews, I can’t even say that I’m doing much better. I want to set a good example by criticizing rationally with sound logic and I also want to analyze shows to a greater degree so that people can appreciate the shows more and so they think on a deeper level about certain shows. Of course, if I try to write more insightful posts, I will naturally progress to make even more insightful reviews. My most recent review of the fourteenth episode of Nagi no Asukara is a standard I wish to set for myself now. If you read it, you probably can notice that I went more in-depth than I usually do. I’ll continue to do all the pictures as usual, but I’ll analyze things to a greater degree and try my best to improve my critique as well. As for weeks that are slower, I’ll try to work on some general reviews and some Youtube videos so that the amount of content will be fairly consistent. Anyways, I hope you understand why I am changing my approach to reviewing shows episodically. There may be exceptions if the show is extremely exciting, but generally speaking this is my approach to reviewing from now on. Feel free to recommend me shows and specific episodes to review if you think there is something worthwhile to talk about as I may not watch certain shows on the day that they are released. Thank you for your understanding, thank you for reading, and a huge thanks to those readers who have stuck with me. Here’s to moving forward!

TL;DR: I want my reviews to be more insightful so I will be focusing on episodes of shows that are worthwhile to write about instead of trying to do reviews for every single episode. Yes, I will most likely end up reviewing a larger variety of shows. I will try to do general reviews and hopefully some Youtube videos in order to have consistent content weekly.

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  • Crackin355

    Well said! I’m looking forward to the reviews you’re going to be making now that you’re going to be reviewing like this. I’m also glad that this means a wider variety of shows, I like seeing reviews of plenty of different shows so I can decide which ones I will follow this season. For now, I’m following Noragami & Nagi no Asukara closely but I want to catch up with another of the 2nd-cour shows and one from this season, so hopefully I might find those while reading your reviews.

    • Entrav

      Just keep in mind that these will still be reviews which will have spoilers of the episode I’m reviewing about so as long as you don’t mind the spoilers, then you can use those posts as suggestions. Keep in mind also that I will mostly be focused on that single episode though if I haven’t gone over it before, I’ll probably talk a bit about how I feel about it in general. I’ll definitely try to do more general reviews in the future recommending people of shows that have finished though.

      Anyways, thanks for your support!

      • Crackin355

        No problem, keep up the great work!

        Also I don’t mind spoilers, I usually end up spoiling myself which causes me to go watch an anime (WA2 oops…) immediately. The screens show me what the show looks like and the review shows me what it’s about or should be expecting so these are perfect for me.

  • Akizaki Ranho

    I wanted to post this on your episode review of the White Album 2 Finale but this blog post seems very appropriate:
    It’s anime bloggers like you that make me realize why I go looking for blog reviews after watching an episode.
    (Also damn you for eventually getting around to blogging that show so late when every time an episode finished your blog was the only one that didn’t do White Album 2…oh how awesome it would have been to read your thoughts as each episode aired sniff sniff).
    Let me tell you a little story: I recently made a username on another anime blog called XXXXXthstyle (won’t rat it out fully).
    On that blog the reviewers were so opinionated as opposed to objective and were very, VERY rude when commenters (both anonymous and otherwise) liked a show that they didn’t/had panned critically. In short it was not a fun blog where opinions outside of the webmaster’s own were welcomed as valid. I got my account cancelled/blocked because I expressly told the blog owner I wouldn’t read the comment etiquette section of the site when he told me to. I did this jokingly of course.
    Apparently, I’d been known to comment off topic i.e. in an anime post about Valvrave i’d comment about Gundam or any other related anime… you’d think on a post about one anime, other anime would eventually pop up but hey.
    Long story short, that was not a fun place to be and the people running it were on a power trip. Oh, and they hated White Album 2 (unlike you and so many other people who had a ship but enjoyed the story for what it was, those guys got annoyed at the show because their “best girl” wasn’t “winning”.
    So in summary, keep up the DAMN fine work (abso-fucking-lutely hilarious, insightful and objective posts).
    If you think your blog needs improvement go check out that blog I mentioned (hint the x’s spell a number).
    Arara… Long post. Gomen.

    • Entrav

      First of all, big thanks to you.

      Secondly, I actually went to that site yesterday because I was looking at some top 10 lists of this year’s anime on other sites. I thought their post was just trolling or something, but after reading some of the comments and seeing what you have to say, I guess they were serious at least for the most part which is just… ridiculous. They placed Monogatari S2 in the “failure” category which is just… a huge what the fuck. Not to mention the reason why they put White Album 2 in the “Guilty Crown” category is just ludicrous. NOT TO MENTION HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

      Anyways, it’s best to just ignore those sites that don’t find your opinion as a reader valuable. It’s also best to ignore those sites who don’t give out logical reasoning behind why they don’t like a show and ignore your comments about that fact as well. They are not worth your time and hopefully their other readers realize this too. There’s no need to compare to something worse. We should compare ourselves to something better to constantly improve. :)

      Thanks a lot for your support! :D

      • niknasr

        I already watched that troll of a blog, yeah, that kind of blog is not meant to take seriously.. LOL..

        Well, back to the topic, does that mean you will only review an episode that you think deserve a star?? If that the case, I will miss your rant like what you did on kyoukana D:

        But I found some interesting subject in your comment Entrav, I actually wanted to know this for a while too, I want to know your top ten or twenty of the best anime of 2013?? Hope you will consider it.. :)

        • Entrav

          Nope, I will try to review worthwhile episodes and that means as long as I have something good to say about it, I’ll try my best to do it. This includes episodes that are bad, terrible, mediocre, great and everything in-between. I would have done many episodes of KnK because I have a lot to say about how badly done some parts are. I can’t just do reviews of anime that are good or that’d get stale, but some episodes… there’s just not a lot to talk about. I’m just being more selective is all.

          • niknasr

            ^Yes, this is why I’m really glad I found your blog.. :D

          • Entrav

            Oh, I forgot to reply to you about the top 10. Let’s just say it’s a secret. :) You’ll find out later.

    • MgMaster

      7th style is considered a troll blog by many(*raises hand*). Granted,I only checked it a few times a while ago when Guilty Crown ended and then a bit a few months ago but that’s the impression I got.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    As the resident skumbag of the comment section let me congratulate you on a great year of reviews.

    Now here’s my opinion: It’s hard to keep up with all the good Anime, especially this Fall’s Season and you’re just one dude. You don’t really have to do episodic reviews like other sites. Just go at it your own way. As long as they’re good, people will come regardless of the content. And they’ve been great reviews!

    Add to that the freedom we have to comment about other shows and the fact that you try your best to answer to everyone no matter how offensive they may be and that makes you one of the most tolerant reviewers on the web. No easy feat!

    Keep on improving and don’t let anyone tell you that you suck.

    P.S. Are we going in the DATABASE now?

    • Entrav

      Thanks a lot, Atomic Dwarf! You’ve been a long-term resident of the comment section. I don’t see any skumbags. :)

      I do always go about it my own way, but it’s just that I didn’t realize how shallow most of my reviews were until I got better at reviewing. This new approach definitely fits me more though because, as you say, I am just one person and I do put a lot of time in each post. I definitely feel more free now. :D


      Thanks a lot for your support! :)

  • its me

    This sounds cool, we have to wait and see this new style of yours, and I’m sure you wont disappoint us.

    • Entrav

      Don’t expect too much. It’s not like I’m radically changing everything. I’m just being more selective with episodes so it’ll be more informative and insightful.

  • Christemo

    As long as you do something on Strike the Blood i’m happy. Because for real, La Folia is saving animu.

    • Entrav

      Don’t worry, La Folia is enough of a reason to do something on Strike the Blood and that’s not adding in all the other best girls.

      • Josh Herbert

        i have enjoyed strike the blood thus far (i just watched episode 13 last night). i think STB has potential as long as they don’t rush through it at the end *cough cough valvrave…..*

        • Entrav

          To me, the potential is just in the harem itself. The rest of the show is very mediocre, but the girls are enough to keep me watching.

        • Christemo

          There’s 8 volumes of the light novel out so far, they are only starting the 4th in the anime now. At worst there’s gonna be a long break between seasons to get some material.

    • Josh Herbert

      LA FOLIA!

  • calagon1

    Ok, does that mean you’ll be skipping episode 13 of Kill la kill?

    • Entrav

      Yep, it’s a build-up episode. Not that much to talk about it this week. There’ll undoubtedly be something to talk about at episode 15 though because apparently that’s a climax episode or something?

  • Dycize

    Aw, and I always look forward to your episodic reviews D=
    Guess I’ll have to look -harder- now.

    More seriously I’m not bothered, we only have so much time and if you feel that it’ll be better that way, then more power to you!
    And it’s true, after all, that some series require more episodes to get a proper feel of it. Some shows are just slower paced than others (not everything can be Valvrave…). Which reminds me of your review of Gargantia and how the pace was killing us.

    Also Gundam Build Fighters review where?! (kidding, as awesome as it is, there’s not much to review outside of how fun it is)

    …Somehow I’m gonna turn this comment in a recommendation and tell you that Kamen Rider Gaim is worth checking out. Yes, it’s not anime, yes, it’s a year long serie (only up to ep12 right now though), and yes, it’s written by Urobuchi despite being mainly a kid’s show, and it shows. Which is the point, don’t let the fruits fool you.

    Though hey, you do what you do! I’m sure we’ll keep on enjoying your reviews even if there’s less of them (quality over quantity, as they say).

    • Entrav

      It’s just that some episodes are really difficult to talk about because not too much happens and I always try to dig deeper, but I can’t because the source material just isn’t there which makes the review itself not that interesting for you readers. I don’t expect the site to dramatically change or anything. There’s probably still 4-5 episodes a week that are worth reviewing when the season gets going, but sometimes there may be less reviews.

      Written by Urobuchi? Holy crap, I do have to check that out then. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

      • Dycize

        Oh I understand, I just wanted to say something and I guess I said too much and it got a bit confusing! Or maybe I’m just confused. Either way I’m just being okay with what you’re doing like everyone else here!

        And no problems =3 I’ve been enjoying Kamen Rider Gaim a lot personally and the general opinion of this show by tokusatsu enthusiasts has been pretty positive so far, despite a 1st episode that many found chaotic and the suits’ design not being up to everyone’s taste (samurai/knight themed armor mixed in with fruits!.. the main character is essentially a cross between an orange and a samurai).
        As for subs, there’s essentially 2 groups : Aesir and TV-Nihon. Aesir comes out faster and generally translate everything (which, on two case, has caused internet battles), TV-Nihon is much more… Japanese-ey (for which they tend to be made fun because it can lead to some weird lines) and slower, but they tend to put in tidbits of extra work here and there (such as 1080p, ads, and more colorful subs).
        Hope you’ll like it!

  • MgMaster

    I do like the improvements Entrav(granted,I haven’t been following this site for too long to compare too much – almost 2 seasons if I remember correctly). I just hope for one thing: that you’ll never loose your sense of humor no matter what. That is,IMO,probably the main appeal of your reviews – something that you seem to do better than anyone else.

    • Entrav

      Don’t worry about the images and all that, I’ll do the exact same thing as I’ve been doing because it’s fun for me and apparently it’s pretty interesting to look at for you guys too. I do think it’s one of my selling points because no other site puts up 50-70 pictures per episode with comments on nearly every single one. I think I’ve improved on that front too as it’s been getting easier for me to make some witty comments. :)

      • MgMaster

        “interesting” is putting it lightly. I’ve made a mental note not to drink anything while reading your reviews. My keyboard & monitor screen got “washed” a few times already but that was probably just according to keikaku on your part.

        • Entrav


      • Josh Herbert

        you are very correct that most other anime-centric sites DO NOT include enough pictures with the review. it sets your site apart from others, and the captions you write crack me up so thanks buddy!

        • Entrav

          :) No problem!

  • Ian Porterfield

    Can’t wait for Nisekoi!

    Sorry about yesterday.

    • Entrav

      It’s alright, as long as you understand.

      Just don’t expect me to be as consistent with what shows I review from now on. I will probably skip plenty of episodes.

  • James Du

    I consider your content to be not so shallow at all. And if YOU recommend Strike The Blood, then I’ll give it a shot.

    • Entrav

      Thanks man. Well, just watch Strike the Blood for the harem antics. Everything else is really, really mediocre, but the girls are always fun to watch. :)

  • Flaiboy

    Entrav, I’ve always found your blogs to be interesting and found your style to be unique. Being a reader of one or two other specific blogs for specific slows I’ve enjoyed the differences in style and considered that element to be a positive and not something of which to be critical.

    As you grow in your craft I will continue to follow your reviews and critiques of the shows I’m watching cuz in many ways we disagree about the various aspects of the shows and I enjoy finding a new take to consider and contemplate . . . before I comment and tell you that you’re ABSOLUTELY WRONG! #B^)

    Btw, I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t read through the captions on your pics; I usually just scroll through them to reach the text blocks. I’ve already seen the episode and don’t need to re-watch it frame by frame. To each his own . . .

    Entravity. DESU!

    • Entrav

      Thanks, Flaiboy! It’s definitely nice to have comments that take a different perspective as well. BUT CLEARLY I AM ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.


  • elfy

    aww don’t be too hard on yourself. You single-handedly made Valvrave more fun to watch especially during the second season when it got worse.

    • Entrav

      Haha, many people think that the second season is better, except the final episode of course, but I can see where you’re coming from. Valvrave is an easy show to make fun reviews though so it’s not so much me and more of the show itself.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    I think your doing a good job and that includes in the past. You truly analyzed well to the best of your ability.

    Still it is nice to hear you want to continue to improve the content of your anime reviews.
    I’m continue to read.

    Also I really recommend Noragami. Really enjoying it.

    • Entrav

      Thanks! I am watching Noragami, but I did read the manga and that does take away some of my enjoyment of the series. It’s still one of the better shows of the Winter season though.

      • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

        You are. Good. Glad you can still manage to enjoy it.

  • Daniel

    This may be asking to much but what about a compromise. Make the weekly picture things for whatever shows you wanna follow but cut out the more in depth review segments. You could then do a proper review of 3-4 episodes at a time as they come out.

    • Entrav

      Hmm… that’s actually an interesting idea. I really do want to keep the written section though because I don’t want my site to turn into those blogs that only cover anime for entertainment. Not a bad suggestion at all though, so thanks. I’ll think more about it and maybe I’ll find something that’ll work even better for me!

  • KingArthur13th

    I’m looking to improve myself, if you ever have any tips, I’m all ears.

    • Entrav

      One major, major, major thing I will say right now is to change the colors on your site. White text on black background is very hard on the eyes. Try reading some of your posts for a bit and then close your eyes. You can still see the outlines. As for the content, honestly, I would say avoid summaries and try to dig deeper. I am not a good example because I still do only scratch the surface a lot of the time. However, sometimes you really can’t help it because the material you are given is only so much which is why I am changing how I am reviewing. The most important tip I can give you is that you must read over your work. Obviously, you’d read over it before you publish it, but you should review what you’ve done in the past. After a week, review your posts. After a month, review those posts from a month ago. After a season, review your posts from a season ago. You should notice change. If you don’t, you have to push yourself harder and dig deeper or think about changing how you do reviews.

      • KingArthur13th

        I’m not sure what you mean by the “outline” comment. When it comes to writing summaries, I thought about getting rid of it but a I did a poll on it with about 35 out of 42 people voting in favor of episodic summaries. I’m looking into new templates.

        • Entrav

          What I mean by outline is that if you read for a few minutes and then you close your eyes, there is an afterimage of white lines because of the contrast of white text on the black background. But yeah, basically it’s probably best you change that.

          Well, if you enjoy writing summaries then I guess it’s okay. As long as your summaries are brief and your analysis is thorough it should be fine to keep the summaries.