Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 10

Jormungand Koko Hekmatyar being crazy and loco
Koko's loco.

Jormungand is now revealed in its full glory.
Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 10: New World phase.3

I’m just going to say it out right now. SHIT. JUST. GOT. REAL. This is by far, the best episode in Jormungand so far (that includes the last season). The amount of suspense and the amount of utter awesomeness of this just made me smile and at the end of the episode, laugh at it’s extremity (in a good way). However, some lingering questions remain in my mind as I go deeper into this episode.

Finally, Koko’s team finds some adversity when it comes the the Night Nine. These guys are the elite of the elite; comprised of a Navy Seal platoon that specialize in night operations, they are out for Koko’s team. For perhaps the first time ever, these troops are formidable foes that not even Lehm and the others can hit.

Perfect order koko


However, it’s not as if Koko’s just going to stand by and let things happen; she’s going to strike down the enemy Predator which provides GPS for the Night Nine. The constant action and the music in the background all make this an intense conflict even with the absence of death.

Koko Hekmatyar


What can I say? Jormungand, the satellites in space (yes those are named that as well), change the maps that the Night Nine uses. They end up being redirected to the Cuban border. Lutz from last episode, did question Koko’s actions. However, with this incident, he no longer feels the need to. After all, she kept them all safe and they completed their mission without much of a hitch even against such tough adversity.

Jormungand Jonah and Koko kiss

Whoa, didn’t expect that kiss!

“Despite everything,” Jonah still loves this world. Even after all of the bloodshed and his past, Jonah still loves their world! I admire him for saying such a thing; most people would say how unfair or how foul the world actually is and how much they hate it. And yet, being through more than most others, he still has the heart to say that he loves the world that he’s in. As for the kiss, I’m not really sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I like the fact that Koko is getting more intimate with her emotional support. However, it still strikes me as a bit odd because she always acts like his older sister.

Whatever Bookman and Scarecrow do now, they can’t stop the plan that’s already in action. Quoting a law from Clarke’s three laws, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I love this quote because of just how true it really is. For example, if I were to bring an iPhone back in time to the medieval ages, they would call it witchcraft! Anyways, as for Dr. Leila Faisal, there’s not much to say other than that she’s a total geek when it comes to quantum mechanics.

Jormungand: The plan revealed?

Koko Hekmatyar loco

Jormungand perfect order koko


Koko Hekmatyar

First, I shall close the skies. Military aircrafts. Civilian aircrafts. Spaceships. Missiles. Rockets. I forbid all use of the skies across the entire world. Mankind will lose a means of travel, and the skies will be back to how they were before 1910. The 126 satellites comprising the GPS support system that HCLI launched, and the quantum computer that Dr. Amada Minami and I developed form “Jormungand”: a means to limit humanity’s actions across ground, air and sea as well as complete control over all logistics in the world. The new, compulsory world peace I have built!

Finally, the plan is revealed in full. What can I say? I’m impressed but… somehow disappointed. Yes, the quantum computer is amazing and so is the GPS system. Still, limiting humanities actions? In hindsight, this is absolutely ludicrous! There is no way this could halt humanity’s conflicts and in fact, it may fuel it. Quantum computers may be ahead of their time but as long as it’s reachable, someone will be out there to stop her. Even if she does prevent future wars and she may have surveillance all over the world but what about internal conflicts? People will not be able to travel and do various other activities which will entail panic. Perhaps, the chaos that is caused by this event will have more deaths than any war would have!

In the end, Koko wishes to stop all future wars which will theoretically spare millions of lives. Not only that, Koko proclaims that she is greater than God in that at least, she did not kill 185,000 Assyrian troops like a soldier. However, she’s quite malevolent when it comes to executing her plan; Koko is willing to kill around 700,000 people when she does “close the skies.” Okay, why can’t she navigate the people to their destinations if she has the ability to close the skies anyways? Then, at least the initial casualties would be avoided.

Jormungand Jonah

At least Jonah has the guts to stand up and say no to this plan. Although I don’t think Jonah is thinking of all the consequences, he’s being considerate of the 700,000 people who will die. It’s interesting to see her trusted friend and potential lover be against her.

Closing thoughts:

This episode is definitely the most intense so far; it made me smile and it made me laugh maniacally at Koko’s somewhat devious plan. I can’t help but feel that Koko is trolling all of us and making it seem like this is all part of her plan. Then again, her craziness really makes it seem like this is her true intention. Honestly, I hope this isn’t the actual plan because I don’t see it working out that well. Also, in the preview, helicopters are flying around so it doesn’t seem like she executed her plan. Jonah also calms down and Koko talks to Miami about something important. What is really going on? Is this really her plan? We’ll just have to find out in the few remaining episodes.

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  • openend

    THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THIS PLAN WOULD WORK. Period. quantum computers, you think her friend is the ONLY one out there that would ever be able to make one? You think that no one will figure out how to bypass the system and sneak there own GPS system up? In WWII they flew the atomic bomb without GPS or any of that nature why couldn’t they just do the same thing? and GPS isn’t the only available means to get pinpoint accuracy. Actually it’s not even the best means to get it. Frankly what she did will have no real effect on war in the real universe in hers it may just stop it. But if it was true to it’s realistic nature that it had in the beginning maybe it would show her just how fruitless her efforts are. War is inevitable and mass killing will continue, her plan maybe slowed WWIII down for a few years MAYBE, but it ultimately didn’t stop it.

    • Entrav

      The thing is, she doesn’t know either. Koko never said this was going to work 100%. In fact, in the last few episodes, if I remember correctly, she says she has no idea how everything will turn out. But if you were in her position and wanted to do something like stopping wars, how would you do it? What would you do? It’s nearly impossible to come up with something that will prevent wars forever. It’ll work for a while and then it probably won’t. She knows that, but what else is she really going to do? Sit idly?