Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 11

Jormungand Koko Hekmatyar in despair

Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 11: “Warmonger”

What will Jonah choose? Will Jormungand really be put into action? How will everyone else react?

Jonah’s Escape:

Jormungand perfect order Mar jonathan

World peace. Such a thought is considered ludicrous by many as conflict is a central part of human nature. However, Koko proclaims that she is going to obtain it and that it’s almost upon them whether she lives or dies. Now a decision arises for Jonah; either obey Koko’s will or fight against it. Which one is truly “right?” Is losing 700,000 lives an acceptable sacrifice if another war is to be avoided?

Kasper Hekmatyar


If I were in Jonah’s shoes I would be asking questions such as, “What would happen to the internal struggles that people will have due to the lack of air accessibility” or “How do you know this peace will last?” Nonetheless, being young, he makes decisions more on his instincts than anything else. With nowhere else to go, he gets picked up by Kasper and works for him for probably a short period of time.

Quantum Computer:

It turns out that the “toy robot factory” is actually the quantum computer. Literally, the whole building is the quantum computer. Shrinking it into a 10 feet container will be no easy task. This is no different than what our society went through not long ago. The first general purpose computer, ENIAC, was built from 1943-1946. Amazing for its time but incredibly slow by today’s standards. Moore’s law demonstrates this the best. Anyways, our cellphones have more computing power than computers that were the sizes of giant rooms and by thousands of times.


While all of the rest of Koko’s followers all have their reasons, they don’t diverge from the team like Jonah did. It’s interesting that some see this as a business while others follow because of professionalism. It made sense? Eh, many viewers would argue that it made even less sense. Sure, the quantum computer is convincing in its powers but will it really stop conflict? Although future conflict is apparently inevitable if Koko doesn’t step in, what’s the guarantee that it wouldn’t happen at an even greater scale later?

“God” of Information:

George Black Bookman Jormungand Bookman

Koko perfectly manipulates everything and Bookman realizes that the Quantum Computer does indeed exist. With information at her disposal, she has essentially become the “God” of the world. Information in our day and age is invaluable. Hence the name, Information Age. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and various other companies have risen due to information. It is their goal to control information and for it to flow the way they would like. Information can almost be seen as a currency. Being in control of all the information in the world, Koko is capable of creating this “new world” that everyone is waiting to see.


The uncertainty of whether the plan will succeed or not definitely makes watching this even more exciting. If the plan were so perfect and flawless, it would be quite boring to watch. I could still see things working out and everyone calming down but the absence of air travel and various other implications will create a time of disorder. Koko must be able to control that disarray and continue to exert influence all over the world in order to keep peace.

Well, I just found out that next episode is the last one. Really? Wow, it’s going to be rushed then. I’m hoping for the best as the subs will be coming out later this week.

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