Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 12 (FINALE)

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It's time.

Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 12 (FINALE): “Century of Shame”
“Haji no Seiki”

The end is finally here for Jormungand. There’s been a long gap in between the two season but we have finally made it to see it finish. Yes, this is how the manga ended and this is how the anime ends.


Koko Hekmatyar Hekmatyar koko and kasper

The world is on the brink of war. People and nations are fighting over resources and land. It has been two years since the last episode and what about Jormungand? Well, Koko still didn’t fully execute her plan yet but is going to soon with the launching of Jormungand’s second brain. She will make the quantum computer unreachable by human hands by sending it into space. Yeah… unreachable to everyone except Koko. That’s not really unreachable by human hands now is it?

Kasper’s Viewpoint:

Jormungand kasper and Koko


Koko Hekmatyar

Finally, Kasper brings up a point that I’ve been bringing up for a while. People will always find ways to attain weaponry and will continue to fight. Just because Jormungand is there doesn’t mean that Koko is God. Human beings will find a way to attain what they want as they adapt to their environment very well. For once, Koko displays body language that suggests that she is nervous. I’m sure that Koko realizes fully that the plan may not bring the everlasting peace that she so wants it to bring. But, what other option does she have?

Jonah’s Call:

Jonah cannot separate himself from weapons. They’ve been part of his life and known him longer than anyone or anything else. He depends on guns to live even if they are the bane of his existence. Unable to take it any longer, Jonah shouts to the sky asking for help. If God won’t help then Koko will.

Supporting Characters’ Closure:

Is this a conspiracy theory? New World Order? Really? This is the Illuminati all over again. Well, if Koko is responsible for the New World Order then I wouldn’t mind as much. Anyways, Everyone in this season gets a little piece of this episode. They feel the wind of change that is running through the air. This lovely portrayal gives us closure on the other fantastic supporting characters.

Welcome Back Jonah:

Lutz Ugo William Nelson Tojo Akihiko Mao Brick Lehm Valmer Sofia

Of course, the reunion is nothing but heartwarming. They accept Jonah back and they each have their own reasons. Honestly, this anime isn’t like other ones where you don’t really care what some of these characters are saying. A lot of them have gotten the proper development and we’ve been given the necessary amount of exposure to care.


Hekmatyar Koko


Koko bases her plan on humanity’s inability to take humiliation. Although I agree to a certain extent, there will undoubtedly be some people who will be able to. Nevertheless, Koko understands that she doesn’t know what will happen in the future. In the end, Jonah chooses Koko and the ending narration suggests that even with the “New World” they still have to travel around the world and continue their duties. Moreover, they’re still wearing combat gear. Kind of ironic for a team that’s supposed to bring peace to the world eh?

Thoughts on the Ending:

At first, I didn’t believe that this was the end; there were so many open ends and much more to discover. What will happen to the world now? Who will stop Koko if any at all? Those are the questions that were ringing through my head as I finished the episode. However, upon thinking some more, I reached the conclusion that it may have been better for it to be so open ended.

Firstly, this is a hypothetical situation of peace and no one knows if it will work and most importantly, neither does the author. Therefore, it’s up to us as viewers to create our own conclusion and to ratify our points with proper evidence. Each of us probably has a different perspective on how Jormungand will affect the world; some say that this is a dumb plan that would never work, while others explain the implications and come up with a more balanced conclusion. By the end of it, the viewers may have more enjoyment debating and making intelligent guesses rather than having a one-and-only end which many may disagree with.

Honestly, I find the plan quite interesting in that it’s not fool proof. With this ending, I may have to make a post on what I think the world will be like after the plan. That’s the beauty of this ending; people can create their own versions and manifest their version based on the source material much more than if it had a clear ending. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some very well thought out fan fiction soon.

I will save my thoughts about the overall anime in my review (if I ever get around to it. Ffff customization). I’ll just say that the characters are incredible, the setting is great, the story is intriguing, and the plot is even better. Would I recommend Jormungand? Hell yeah.

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  • Mmm…

    I was speechless after I’d finished the last episode!! It really was amazing in its own way and I think it’s much more profound than you would imagine. I couldn’t stop thinking about what would have happened next if it had not stopped so abruptly.

    • Entrav

      Some people may hate it but personally, I find this ending to be thought provoking enough that it makes up for the lack of an actual “ending.” Like I said, the possibilities for us to make our own endings are endless and that’s what makes this ending special in its own way.