Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 2

Jormungand George Black, Saw, Bookman
He means business.

The deception continues in Jormungand 2: Perfect Order Episode 2.
Dance with Undershaft phase.1

Deception and characterization, the two focal points which surrounds Jormungand in general is the focus of this episode. Unlike many other shows that have a lack of back-story for important supporting characters, Jormungand does a marvelous job of portraying the antagonists and the protagonists in a way that is not just an information bomb. Instead, the inner monologues show a great deal about each of the characters that are focused on. And for this episode it is mainly R, Hex and Bookman, AKA George Black.

The massive amount of nicknames for George Black (I’ll call him “Saw” for now) is quite fitting because of his illusory and almost ethereal personality. He carries out his missions with great care and always thinks ahead pulling the strings in the background. As expected of one of the Case Officers in the CIA, Saw is ingenious in his methods of gathering intel. Using his wit and innate skills, he quickly rose to power. People like Saw is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Without revealing his face in battle he is capable of influencing entire conflicts. However, from the looks of what’s happened so far, Saw doesn’t seem to be an individual with severely twisted morals. At the very least, he saves lives and upholds his own justice. “The life of intel is its speed! If you’re a second behind your enemy, you let your comrades die, and if you’re a second ahead, you can save lives.” Along with his intelligence he also possesses charisma; there is, after all, a reason why people would follow him in the first place. It does interest me that R does contemplate, at least minimally, betraying Saw. Supposedly, R has been living with Koko and killing people along with her for quite some time, and yet, he is adamant in his loyalty to Saw.

Hex the witch

Hot boobies.

Hex, the witch, has an intriguing history as well. Her strength as a soldier is even superior to that of the Green Berets, and she is no weaker when compared to males. Still, the platoon she belonged to soon disbanded due to, what is rumored to be, discrimination against women. Hex is also a radical patriot, and although she serves and loves her country, is betrayed by it every time. Her hatred for terrorists can be explained by 9/11 in which she lost her fiance. Although her reasons for hating Koko are not explicitly stated, I’m guessing that it’s related to her depicting terrorism and arms dealing as related. But still, even her heartless soul still shivers when she is reminded by the horrors of combat.

Even Koko has thoughts that keep her awake at night. With her suave and cheerful demeanor she hides a mound of pain and suffering. Before she started turning into a “monster”, Koko was a person like any other on a battlefield, panicked and scared. But Echo reassured her, and that’s when she started to wear the smile always like a boss should.

R, being the double agent that he is, is adept at putting up the mask necessary to avoid drawing attention to himself. Meanwhile, he thinks of exactly who Hex is because just as R is Saw’s right-hand man, Hex is Saw’s left-hand. He also has an impatient side to him that is surprising to say the least. I always thought of him as more of a calm and collected individual. But then again, his life is in danger if someone ruins their plan and being afraid for one’s safety is only natural.

By the end, Hex is portrayed as no less than a psychopathic individual bent on killing people so that she can sate her thirst for combat. It’s no surprise that she orders 9000 bullets in preparation for battle. Her target, Jonah. Saw is going to let this happen and R has no choice but to let it happen… or does he? No matter what the outcome, someone is going to die and one side is going to suffer dire losses. Saw is nonetheless quite frightening when he’s talking business. His eyes that are always hiding behind his reflective glasses reveals eyes that are merciless. How will R react to this change in plan? Will he finally be discovered? Will Hex get what she wants? Someone will die next episode but who?…

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